Richard Spencer: Donald Trump Is a Con Artist


The mainstream media is trying to rope us into the 2020 presidential election. It desperately wants to run with the narrative that “White Nationalists are supporting Trump” and “Donald Trump’s tweets are fueling the growth of White Nationalism in America.”

We’re not going to make the same mistake again. Blompf is unworthy of our support. He is a con-artist who bullshitted his way to the presidency. The GOP took us for a ride in 2016 and 2018. It campaigned on one agenda for populist voters and governed on the donor class agenda.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, no one should ever take me seriously again.

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  1. Likewise They want Spencer to be the face of White Nationalism for the same reasons, so that we can never win.

    • Excellent observation, Afterbirth. Like Zion Don, the 17th Earl of Spencer is also a con-artist who lacks even the most rudimentary leadership skills.

      Look, if no one else wants the damn job then I’ll be the face of white nationalism. But if I’m in charge I promise you it won’t be pleasant.

      • You got my vote, Spahn, I’ll help oil the hinges and sharpen the spikes on all the iron maidens.

  2. Trump makes SJW’s cry. I wouldn’t mind seeing that again, one more time. Maybe they’ll go completely off the rails next time. This country is done for anyway, doesn’t matter who you vote for.

    • THIS country. Yes. Done for. As it’s presently structured that is. Sell the public on a restructure. 4 to 5 new Republics. Each group / side gets their own Utopia. Ours of course is Confederacy 2.0

      Now 🙂 … why it won’t work ?!

      Because instead of saying, “yeah, that general concept is great, let’s talk about it,” losers idiots and zeros who have no ideas of their own, will attack it !!!! See, creating takes effort and thought. Attacking takes away the guilt of flunkies letting their inner lazy voices rule their lives.

      Go ahead lazy voice lead no life having empty heads. Attack. There’s a black out / FEMA camp / gang of 3rd world Antifa / and card board box house on a sidewalk somewhere in your future.

      You get the country and government you deserve.

      Between ALL the alt light, alt right and alt hard right … has anyone even launched a WHO TO VOTE FOR campaign ? Anything remotely like that ? [ enter zip code here and click to see who we recommend voting for ] Not anything huh ? We are superior, but we don’t act like it. We act like children … complaining about what’s not DONE FOR US BY SOME SUPERMAN.

      We the people are the superman. Laziness is our Kryptonite.

    • The earnest ADL chick had me in stitches! And yet, this inverted reality is legitimized and reported as fact, to be used as a weapon against us.
      How much more….insane…can this get??

      • I liked her little bulletin board collage of white racist symbols on her back wall.

    • You got that right. It’s inevitable anyway, to put off the confrontation only endangers us further.

      The video of Trump with Epstein is the last nail on his coffin, and rightly so.

      Stock up, network locally and carefully.

  3. Always an alleged connection with Trump, White Nationalism and the Republican Party. Never an acknowledgement of the much greater reality of a connection between Antifa, Communists, and the Democratic Party. My God the CPUSA website is almost indistinguishable from the Democratic Party in ideology!

  4. Why is Dick Spencer allowed to appear on CNN? The only possible answer is: He is an agent for the system in the David Duke mold: the household name White Nationalist who will allways accept the framinig of the media and thus works for the success of the psyop.

    Interesting as well: In the above video CNN cites Andrew Anglin who pretends to fall completely for this stupid twitter psyop. Anglin is too intelligent to do so. So he is clearly an agent. No surprise of course.

    • Wigger Anglin is bad news, no doubt about that.

      Consider: If Dick Spencer was born a few decades earlier he would have played “Darren Stevens” on Bewitched.

    • As I said above, the ultimate threat is total disengagement, particularly while there’s still some degree of internet freedom. Spencer was definitely allowed on to keep younger Boomers and X’ers watching, thinking there’s still some relevance to the MSM.

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