Send Them Back: Trump Incites His MIGApedes Against The Squad

The Blompf rally in North Carolina tonight was disturbing to watch.

The mainstream media is going to try to run with the narrative that he is a White Nationalist who wants to deport “women of color.” In fact, his real beef with them is their lack of support for Israel. If they were only bashing White people, he wouldn’t have a problem with them.


Blompf whips up the MIGApedes after accusing Ilhan Omar of having “a history of launching vicious anti-Semitic screeds.” The MIGApedes respond by chanting “send them back.”

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  1. The question is whether it has unintended consequences.

    Sure, he may be a jew-kissing scumbag, but is this throwing more chaos into their previous iron control of the narrative? And are these four brown females going to be so repulsive that they help reawaken a White sense of identity and desire for survival?

    Still despise the orange clod, but he could potentially still do something helpful once in a while, like an enemy setting off a booby trap left by his own side before you stumble into it.

    • Trump is the God Emperor of the MIGA Zionazis. This time the master race is the Ashkenazis and the ones going to zee gas chambers are Mooslims and other shitholers. The cannon fodder in Trump’s genocidal are low IQ Whites who keep voting for him, while he floods the USA with millions of shitholers to take all their jerbs.

    • This. Trump is a compromised Jew slave, but he inadvertently shined the light on what it truly means to be American (hint: white).

    • I see it as well, except for your third sentence every other one is spot on.

      By forcing to the surface the dichotomy that whites only merit rights as servants of the jews, both Trump and the Squad are crystallizing this to the un’woke.’ They are creating space for us to articulate that we do in fact have rights independent of jewish domination.

      I also believe, since so many POC conceive of their rights as contingent on some relationship to ours, that some will begin to see the light for their own destinies.

      I credit Matt Parrott for laying a lot of ground and net work to facilitate that realization. It’s one I’ve always hoped the various shades of goyim would see, since I believe in freedom and dignity for all who deserve it.

      • I should add that Matt isn’t the only one who has endeavored to draw this connection, between our subjugation by the Jewish Nation and that of other races and peoples. There are a few others that come to mind.

        It would be great if Renegade Tribune would run or re-run some articles on the Talmud and other relevant exposes of jewish tyranny.

        Who knows who is taking stock of all that gets discussed in these circles. We often see only the cost without tallying the dividends.

  2. It is the nature of the eternal boomer to build a legacy of unintended consequences that result from their caved in head worldviews.

    If this fake feud with the squad does get whites upset, its incidental.

    Because we can’t control Trump, we can’t trust Trump to do anything but be a boomer. We have no dog in this fight that I can see.

    The squad has given Trump exactly what he’s been missing, a foil that he can strawman against.

    This is the part he is good at, but its not something i care about.

    If I had to pick which one went in the oven first, I’d build a bigger oven.

  3. Hardcore MAGAtards are in terminal denial that Trump has conned them. The “send them back” scam just reinforces their denial.

  4. It is nauseating that Trump uses this opportunity to shill, once again, for G-d’s Chosen in Israel.
    Still I can’t help but enjoy the chimp-out in Congress over “racist tweets.”

  5. I hate to say it, but a lot of whites are going to get exactly what they deserve at the hands of machete-wielding mobs of niggers and their jew owners.

  6. MIGA sentiment among conservatives was on the decline before blump brought it back. If Trump had stuck to his original foreign policy of neutrality on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, most boomers would be red pilled on Jews by now.

    Remember, foreign policy IS the JQ. If we can get a conservative to be an isolationist, they will inevitably get red pilled on the JQ quick, simply from noticing who is pushing for war. Over the last 20 years, isolationism has by far been the biggest gateway to the real alt-right, much more than immigration. Lots of conservatives agree with us on immigration, but stay on the neocon plantation happily, even if they don’t like the articles on immigration in the conservative media they read(NR, WSJ etc.).

    But once they “go wobbly” on foreign policy, they come over to us.

  7. Yea the Democrats and Republicans are professionals at taking “Populist” and “Nationalist” movements and getting Votes. The 2 Party system will support that populist or nationalist opinion and do nothing for the cause while in office. The Anti War Movement, Tea Party, Alt-Right, the Christian Right, and the list goes on and on. I figured it out year ago. It was good seeing the Tea Party being organized at the local level. However I saw Republicans come and go looking for Votes. I knew the Tea Party would be gone when Republicans got back in control. That’s what happened. I think the Alt-Right is smart now (many of them young people) and know that Trump is a fake nationalist. People are figuring it out. That being Alt-Right, Nationalist, Pro South, and White Nationalist Leaders, Members, and Supporters. However the average White Person is brainwashed about Trump. All the Liberal media is doing is helping Trump by calling him a White Nationalist. It will get the average Conservative 100% supporting Trump regardless of what he didn’t do in office. It’s the classic game of D vs R. The Republicans actually help Democrats by calling the Squad socialists and things like that. Neither party will ever represent the Southern People and save our White Civilization. Deo Vindice !

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