Page Six: Chris Pratt Under Fire For Wearing “Controversial” T-Shirt

Page Six:

“Marvel star Chris Pratt is under fire after he stepped out in a controversial T-shirt.

The “Avengers: Endgame” actor, 39, was snapped on Sunday wearing a top that is a mash-up of the Gadsden flag, which was designed during the American Revolution, and a modern US flag.

The Gadsden flag — which was created by Continental Army Brig. Gen. Christopher Gadsden — involves a coiled rattlesnake over a message that reads, “Don’t Tread on Me.” …”

First they came for the Confederates … and I went to Charlottesville to support the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments because I am a proud Southerner who identifies with our traditional heroes.

Then they came for Thomas Jefferson and said he was burning in hell … and I supported his monument too because I saw where this was going.

Now it is the Christopher Gadsden, the “Sam Adams of the South,” and the Gadsden Flag and the Southern Patriots. Actually, nothing will change on my end because I have opposed these people all along and have confronted them in the streets while conservatives threw us under the bus.

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    • MIGA whores* there fixed that for you and no hes too much of a nazi white supremacist but hey black and Hispanic unemployment all time low, winning!

  1. I’m only surprised his wife’s noticeable cross wasn’t also termed racist hate speech. She is a Schwarzenegger, so she’s obviously connected to something vaguely Naziesque, right? C’mon, corporate press! Where’s the PC mudslinging, you lazy bastards?

  2. There was a time when Sid Vicious wore a red, white and black swazi t-shirt while hanging out in NYC. It was considered outrageous but part of his persona. I wear a t-shirt with a Nazi eagle on it, but the Roman letters SPQR under it instead of the swazi.

  3. So the gadsden flag is now the swastika basically? Is this what our fathers, grandfathers and uncles fought Germany to save the jews for?

  4. I hate the marvel film universe mostly but the guardian of the galaxy films were pretty entertaining in my opinion It was mostly do to the characters and Pratts performance. Hollywood obviously hates Pratt for being a professed christian so they are trying to rock the boat on him to get him to stop being a christian is what I assume

    Would they have the same outrage if he wore a tshirt that humilited or blasphemed Jesus christ? Yeah i doubt it this is feigned outrage

  5. For some reason, Neo-Yankees, as well as SJWs and Jews, seem to hate this flag.

    I don’t see much in the way of hostility towards the Northern founders.

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