Low Carb Pizza Recipe

Rem is a whigger from Ohio.

I’ve learned a lot from his channel though about fitness and nutrition. Sometimes we all feel like breaking our low-carb or Keto diet and just eating for sheer comfort like normal people. It’s no fun to be a gym bro who eats nothing but chicken breast, broccoli and sweet potatoes like every single day. Scrolling through my subs, I noticed he has uploaded a new low-carb pizza recipe.

We’ve been eating these low-carb pizzas off and on for a year now. It is fun to experiment with all the variations. The key change is the crust which you can make out of cheese, bacon, cauliflower or coconut flour and cook like a normal pizza with the toppings of your choice.

I prefer the meatlover’s version with ground Italian sausage.

If you eat one of these low-carb pizzas loaded with cheese, bacon, sausage and all the toppings of a supreme pizza, I can promise you it will be tasty and filling. You won’t even feel like you are on a diet. This is one of the best recipes to start easing into a low-carb or Keto diet.

We don’t need the average American to look like a shredded gym bro. Most people don’t have the time to be a gym rat. We just don’t want them to look like a scene out of WALL-E:

The cause of this disaster is three-fold: the lack of physical exercise due to the changing nature of work and transportation in the 20th century, the conucopia of garbage food available at the American supermarket and fast food restaurants and a lack of education about nutrition. You won’t find many morbidly obese Southerners in the Dixie of a century ago. Quite the opposite.

Here are some of the worst culprits in your diet:

  • Sugar
  • Soda
  • Seed oils
  • Alcohol
  • High carb foods

The extent to which you will look like a blimp rather than a normal human being is largely a function of this short list in your diet times your physical activity level. Drive through your town and look at the sheer number of fast food joints which offer combos of 850 calorie burgers, 500 calorie french fries and 600 calorie Big Gulp sodas. They also have salads on their menus!

American capitalism has created this problem in the South. It rose in a straight line in the 20th century with the automobile, the interstates and the supermarket. The second fattest country in the world is our neighbor Mexico. Obesity is a recent plague in both the South and Mexico. It is easy to imagine it disappearing along with McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and Walmart.

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    • November,

      Yes, Mexicans are getting fatter as well. The life expectancy is now around the same as the USA. We continue to improve on that but our weight? Very bad.

      The average man in Mexico is around 5 feet 4 and a half inches and weighs 165 pounds. The average woman is 5 feet 2 inches and weighs 151 pounds.

      Mexican-Americans are even fatter than Mexicans. Mexico continues to increase life expectancy due to socialist Health Care but the drug wars take a toll. And the increased easier way of living and food do their negative part as well.

      Food varies in Mexico by each State or Region. The north has more cattle therefore more beef is eaten. Less cheese is eaten with more rice depending on the locale as well. Part of my family is from Sonora and part from Durango (one of the places where I was stung by an evil

      The solution? Same as anywhere. More exercise, less fatty foods.

      I will add that the Mexican girls I go to school with are not fat in the slightest. Neither are the few South American girls there. The one Central american girl at our school has brown hair and looks anglo. Only way you can tell is her accent which is thicker than mine. She is average weight.

      Exact figures taken from Latin American Herald Tribune

      • Another challenge is to eat healthy on a limited budget.

        Foods with high nutritional value are more expensive than foods that will clog your arteries, lead to obesity and complications there of.

        • November,

          Beans and brown rice are cheap when bought in bulk as is whole grain flour. Vegetables are way cheaper than meat. Seems to me that is less expensive than eating fast food. And more vegetables and less meat is desirable.

          • True.

            I need to get some better seasonings and spices.

            Beans and rice have been food staples for humanity since antiquity. It would be difficult to argue against them.

            The trouble with vegetables is that they’re so low in calories that you’re hungry again quite quickly. Kinda like the stereotype of Chinese food.

            Poultry is relatively cheap. Depending on the type of fish, it can be reasonable or expensive. I stay far away from “farmed ” fish.

            For the past two and a half years, I’ve walked at least two miles a day in all weather thanks to my super intelligent and high energy dog.

        • November,

          I forgot fish. Yes you are right. Alaskan salmon is very healthy. Sardines as well. Walking every day sure helps. Avocados are a very healthy vegetable. They are heavy in calories. Used in guacamole with onions and tomatoes and light on the salsa.

          One key is to make sure the healthy food is tasty. Otherwise only the most disciplined person will eat healthy food if it does not taste good to them.

          • Avacados are great christina, no wonder its such a popular export from Mexico I don’t care much for your tequila kind of nasty then again I prefer beer and wine when drinking alcohol but I buy a bag of Avacados every single week. They are loaded with healthy fats and vitamins usually make Avacado toast or guacamole when i make tacos

  1. I’m on the Fatty Arbuckle diet, popularized by John Candy and strictly adhered to by Chris Farley. It consists mainly of Little Debbie Snack Cakes, Ding Dongs or Pudding – One of my personal slogans is “Nuthin’s more good n’ a spoon full of puddin’ ” (Circle C).

    I also consume a wide variety of T.V. Dinners (now known as Convenience Meals). So, I will not require embalming when I pass away, as I have already absorbed enough preservatives to ensure that my remains will endure as long as those of Tutankhamun.

    The funny thing is, for someone approaching the 1/2 century mark with the lifestyle of a teenager, I have maintained a fairly consistent height/weight proportionate ratio. I don’t know if it’s because I usually don’t eat more than once or twice a day, with a snack or two during the interim. Or, because I rarely remain seated at work, although I am certainly afforded the opportunity. I am rather sedentary at home. But, I can march in parades that are a couple of miles in length during the summer months when the temperature is almost, or over, 100 degrees, while wearing a wool uniform.

    Still, I am certain that my sad excuse for a diet will eventually catch up to me.

    • Cowtown,

      My grandmother says TV dinners taste better than they did 50 years ago. May I suggest to you Alaskan salmon, avocados, vegetables, and light on the chicken and meat.

      I eat lots of beans (hence the nickname beaners for us) as well as fish but I love ribs, Texas brisket, and goat. Luckily I hate candy except pure chocolate once in a while. Too many unhealthy foods are so tasty.

  2. Oh come on now bacon pizza crust how is that still low carb?! I mean even if its technicaly keto friendly is all that fat, salt and grease from the bacon good for you? The coconut flour crust one seems interesting tho i’ll probably give that one a shot

    • Thom,

      Well done. Red wine is tasty and healthy. I was pleasantly surprised that in many states in the USA a minor can drink at home and in restaurants with their parents.

      I will be given a little tequila with Mexican food at times. Since it is very cold I can tolerate it. I went to a German restaurant and to my surprise I like German beer. Dunkel I think it was called.

      • Red wine is as bout as close as ‘healthy’ alcohol gets Christina but yeah I enjoy a glass every now an then especially with the way the worlds headed lately. Tequila is too strong for me its fine in cocktails but i don’t like drinking it straight like brandy or whisky. Also tequila is more expensive now then ever thanks to Trump tariffs. Dunkel beer is pretty good but theres many kinds of Dunkel which just means dark lager in german

        I just got some german beer the other day actually that you mention it but haven’t had the chance to try it yet, the brand is paulaner its one of germanys oldest breweries which was founded by friars apparently its a wheatbeer or ‘Weissbier’

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