MIGA: Trump Disavows “Send Them Back” Chants From Supporters

Meanwhile, in China:

Back in the United States:

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  1. Just cuck my shit up fam , so trump disavows his own ideas and opinions now? Send them back was literally his fucking idea! This delusional boomer man wow just wow

    Alright kikes just take this trump potatus potato out of the oven now he’s clearly cooked. Its time to do the gay and fake epstein hearings or you could save us all time and romanov the trump family

  2. Put a $1000 bounty dead or alive on the heads of all illegals and on the heads of those aiding/hiding them which includes most of the Democrats it seems. (It is already a civil war. These Leftists are opening the borders to kill all the rest of us.)

    • They’ll know nothing until it’s way too late. Of course, it’s too late already, but they’ve pulled the wool over their own eyes and they’re not going to take it off. Cattle know nothing until they arrive at the slaughterhouse and smell the blood. Basing everything you believe on Rush, Hannity, and Church on Sunday is a bad way to be.

  3. Isaiah 13:13-15 Therefore I will make the heavens tremble, and the earth will be shaken out of its place, at the wrath of the Lord of hosts in the day of his fierce anger.

    Like a hunted gazelle, or like sheep with no one to gather them, all will turn to their own people, and all will flee to their own lands.

    Whoever is found will be thrust through, and whoever is caught will fall by the sword.

  4. Has anyone noticed how utterly and methodically our ‘betters’ are hunting down the dissident non-whites?


    That’s some indian/’native american’ person, apparently (I can’t read all of it because a person can take just so much at a time) and they just ran with a hit piece on H.K. Edgerton of Asheville, NC, the black former NAACP president of the city and ‘neo-Confederate:’


    They’ve been hounding him on and off for awhile now, but are turning on the pressure now as things boil over in general.

    It’s never appropriation of a non-white’s voice when some white liberal does it apparently.

  5. LOL, Trump’s heart may not be in it but his rhetoric has opened the door for the next guy to come in.

    I mean, really, what’s to stop some “demagogue” from saying the same things Trump says and then taking some extra-Constitutional measures. What if a future POTUS issued an executive order stripping Ilhan Omar of citizenship and deporting her? Anybody gonna stand up and stop him? With what army?

    Polarization ensues.

  6. By disavowing his supporters — by disavowing his own words — Trump just handed his supporters over to Antifa and Antifa is pure murderous towards White Americans. And Antifa was pure murderous towards White Americans before Trump was president. Trump just played into the hands of Antifa. Trump hands us White Americans over to our racial enemies the die-hard Leftists/Communists who want to genocide us White Americans.

    Just because 4 NON-White brown congresswomen aren’t totally subservient to the Jews and to Jew Israel and to the Jew Zionist agenda Trump hands his supporters over to the die-hard Leftists/Communists who want to kill all of his supporters. Some white Americans are going to suffer some really horrific violent attacks now, maybe some White Americans will get killed, and all this because 4 NON-White brown Congresswomen aren’t totally subservient to the Jew Zionist agenda.

    Trump is angry with the NON-White brown Squad so he hands his White American supporters over to The Squad and their virulently Anti-White murderous henchmen Antifa.

    The Jews should give Trump The Oscar Award for BEST LEADING ACTOR in a presidential campaign year. We find out now that he was acting throughout the whole presidential campaign. He was only serious about what he said about supporting Jew Israel. That’s it, everything else he said was a LIE. He greatly misrepresented himself, he LIED ALOT, in order to win the presidency.

  7. Trump was a “real estate tycoon” for something like 40 years, yet none of the thousands of people who worked for him or with him apparently have anything good to say about that bum. The Fuhrer had three private secretaries and they spent the rest of their lives telling people what a great boss he was.

  8. Has anyone referred to Spicaso-Cortez’s gang yet as the Mud Squad? You know, like the Mod Squad, but without Peggy Lipton.

    • Spahn, that’s two great references to 1960s tv shows in one week.

      Did your jaw hit the pavement when you found out that pretty and blonde Peggy Lipton was a jewess? Mine did.

      • @November: I was pretty upset that she married the Negro composer Quincy Jones, until I learned that her real name was Lipshitz.

      • Those scum seem to be the perfect parasites. They make a conscious effort to incorporate DNA from the host population into their own. Highly successful kike males get shiksa trophy wives. That’s how you get some jews with blonde hair or blue eyes.

        • Even if a kid is half or quarter jew he will be raised as a full-fledged member of the Tribe. That’s what Roman Polanksi’s film “Rosemary’s Baby” is really about.

  9. That’s what it is….Fake Nationalism. Trump is in full Campaign Mode. He’s running his mouth more than ever. He’s saying the words but delivering on nothing. He backtracked on Send Them Back….that pretty much describes his Presidency. He talked but never delivered on anything. He was fake from the very beginning. I knew in the primary when he said the Confederate Flag should have been removed in SC….that he was nothing but a Fake Nationalist and would never do anything for the Southern People and White Christian Civilization. Deo Vindice !

  10. I think Andrew Anglin has a take that is worth looking at:

    “So, if we accept that view of Trump – and we don’t really have any choice but to accept that view of Trump, because it is obviously the facts of life – then we should instead want him to start the best conversations.
    And the best conversation he is capable of starting is: why are all of these brown people in our country?
    He is doing that.
    At Wednesday night’s rally in Greenville, North Carolina, the people chanted “send her back” when he mentioned Ilhan Omar.
    They then broke into a “U-S-A” chant.
    And it was all just blonde people behind the large blonde man when it happened.
    The optics of this are fantastic.’

    ‘It’s like Nazi Germany, American edition.
    In 2016, there were chants of “build the wall,” and people wanted to eject all Mexicans.
    We’re now talking about sending back black people to Africa.’

    ‘Ultimately, there is nothing in the world more powerful than the mob, and anything that is done in this country can only be done with the implicit or explicit approval of the mob. The entire problem with this country is that good people who want to get things done do not have the ability to do anything because we do not have the support of the mob, because the mob is dazzled by Jews.’

    But if the mob is incited to rise up, then the details can all be worked out later.
    Trump is inciting the mob.”


    • I could respond to Anglin.

      I’m not going to do so. I will just say that no one else agrees with him on supporting Blompf in 2020 or patronizing non-White teenage prostitutes over marriage and family or posting crude fliers on synagogues and mosques or celebrating mass shooters as “good optics” or the dozens of other points these days. Daily Stormer is pretty much its own universe now.

      • The only thing I agree with Anglin about is his promise to clear Uncle Charlie’s name if he (Anglin) ever becomes president, HW. BTW, Uncle Charlie’s ma came from West Virginia and his pa was from Kentucky.

        • Good old Uncle Charlie. For some reason, I always have soft spot for him. I hope he’s found peace and comfort in the Other World.

  11. A commenter (C. Macgillicutty) over at DS, noted this obvious point (which should be stated every time it needs to be):

    “Case in point, the j-left and brown-left do not take responsibility for slavery, or the indian wars, or jim crow, Japanese internment, etc. They apportion all the responsibility for the vast majority of American history exclusively onto Whites and attempt to extricate themselves from a full sense of American identity until the dark ages of the 1960s. They try to eat their cake and have it too, but in doing so they themselves subconsciously admit how tenuous their “Americaness” is, and that our claim to being American is stronger than theirs, we’re responsible for all that history in their eyes, because we were the people who identified as “American” and did that stuff while they were still living in Mexico/Africa/Asia/ (((or as Parasites in Europe))). They even derisively refer to the founders as “a bunch of old White men who owned slaves,” much of the time.

    If they were genuinely American they would be able to take ownership for the first 200 years of American history as we can. But they can’t. Chinese citizens don’t have this issue. Japanese citizens don’t have this issue. Vietnamese citizens and niggers in Africa don’t have that issue. They can point centuries back into their history and know they have a blood connection to the major wars and revolutions in that timeline, as only Whites can in America. We’re the real Americans, and even the j-left knows it when they belittle American history…

  12. Q: Will Trump pull an LBJ 1968 move and withdraw from the 2020 race when he sees there simply aren’t enough white people who are willing to vote for him again in the 2020 election? He is not stupid and he knows there are many people like Richard Spencer who took a chance in 2016 but are all done with him now. It’s transparently obvious that his rallies are meant to deceive these white nationalist voters in to giving him one more chance but it isn’t working.

    It’s ironic that CNN had to turn to Richard Spencer for a reasoned critique of Trump. CNN took a beating from the Left for that too. The best arguments for the Left in 2020 are the arguments that Richard Spencer made on CNN, that Trump failed on the promises that got him elected.

    What a dilemma for the Left. Do they reinforce Richard Spencer’s white nationalist critique to discourage white turnout but enrage their hideous base or go full tilt ‘hate whitey’ to excite their base but frighten white people (AKA real Americans) into voting Trump? Probably candidate CamelToe Harris or candidate Pete Buttplug will try both aproaches.

    They want us dead, six feet under. That is the fundamental issue, it’s isn’t difficult to figure out.

    • Anglin is doing another caved in head take with his herp derp yeah he’s accomplishing nothing and doing everything in the book to screw us over but hey the mob rules we can get a civil war going lol. Seriously that article he wrote is pure retardation

      • I now spend no more than a few minutes every week visiting the Daily Sperger – if that much.

  13. any White who was stupid enough to vote for Trump once

    is stupid enough to do it again. But

    the 2020 electorate will be about 2% less White than 2016

    and the Dems won’t throw away PA and Wisc like they did in 2016.

    which puts Trump @ max 278 EV.

    the bloated orange baboon is in a lot of trouble and knows it.

    • I hope you’re right about that big-mouthed con-artist from Queens being in trouble. Too bad the DEMON-CRAPS (isn’t that the cleverest thing you’ve ever heard?) don’t have any strong, charismatic candidate with broad-based appeal to offer up as an alternative.

  14. If he is stupid enough to get into a war with Iran he loses! If he can avoid war and the Democrats continue to spout insane rhetoric he will win. Regardless we are living on borrowed time because when Florida and Texas turn blue its all over. No Tricentennial! History will show it was not climate change tat doomed the modern world but demographic change!

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