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  1. Being the lazy cook that I am, I’ll probably try that in my slow cooker next weekend. I saw an interesting recipe that calls for pouring in a bottle of beer and some brown sugar with the sausage and kraut. Might leave out the sugar and just pour a Sam Adams in there. Maybe a little more carb intake than you’d prefer, but it’ll suit me fine i think.

  2. The German and Czech settlers to Texas had a strong influence on the cooking, here, Especially with Texas BBQ and smoked sausage.

    Elgin Smoked Sausage is well known all over Texas.
    That whole town is dominated by hog pens, slaughterhouses and BBQ pits dedicated to pork sausage and ribs.

    Here are a couple of them;

    Meyer’s Sausage Company, Elgin, Tx.


    Southside Market and BBQ, Elgin, Texas


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