ADL Accuses Sen. Josh Hawley of “Anti-Semitic Dog Whistles”


Kansas City Star:

“The Anti-Defamation League in Missouri is calling on U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley to apologize for a speech he delivered this week slamming the “cosmopolitan elite” who “look down on the common affections that once bound this nation together—things like place and national feeling and religious faith.”

Hawley, during a keynote address at the National Conservatism Conference on Tuesday, said the “cosmopolitan agenda” drives politics on both the left and right.

“The left champions multiculturalism and degrades our common identity,” he said. “The right celebrates hyper-globalization and promises that the market will make everything right in the end, eventually … perhaps.”

He decried the “cosmopolitan consensus,” “cosmopolitan elite,” “cosmopolitan class,” and “cosmopolitan economy,” and argued that the “cosmopolitan agenda” has broken America’s national solidarity.

Karen Aroesty, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League in St. Louis, said Hawley may not have intended to offend anyone with his speech. But terms like “cosmopolitan” and “globalist” have a sinister history as anti-Semitic dog whistles, and she said Hawley should apologize. …”

Does Sen. Josh Hawley have what it takes to stand up to these people? I will let you be the judge. I think he was tested and found wanting:


It is better to know today rather than tomorrow.

Here is the speech that has the Jews so upset with him. I haven’t listened to it yet. It probably was a good speech. Nothing that he says about any subject will matter in the slightest though as long as these people are allowed to continue to run roughshod over the conservative base.

Give the Jews some credit here: they aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they are the globalists and the cosmopolitan elite. They just assumed he was talking about them. They are openly campaigning now to dissolve our national borders as Jews. They are doing this openly now because “conservatives” are so in the pocket of Jewish donors that they won’t put up any resistance to it. They can’t even bring themselves to acknowledge that we have a Jewish problem that has spiraled out of control.

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  1. Josh Hawley is a “national conservative” which simply means that he is Israel-first just like Steve Bannon & Trump. All this sound-bite rhetoric and all these fake bills which are meant to go nowhere is just red meat that they have no intention of seeing through. All the stuff for Israel will get done yesterday though.

    It’s just another scam.

  2. I see the two kikes over at The Atlantic are doing another hit piece of the great General Robert E. Lee.

  3. Maybe losing another generation in the sands of Arabia, fighting on behalf of jew, will turn Generation Zyklon full natzy.

    Boomers and their Gen X hand maidens like Hawley and all of the other murican politicians won’t do anything to stand up to GloboShlomo and defend the white people unlucky enough to be born muricans in the Current Year.

  4. Just looking at that guy I could tell he was a cuck and a coward. His tweets simply confirmed it.

    • His tweets is pure cuckoldly of the chosen, if he had any backbone he’d tell these adl scammers to shove it

  5. I have had it.

    I will never again vote for a candidate who pledges allegiance to a foreign country and is therefore a traitor.

    Hawley’s abject apology is embarrassing. Only one half-step away from praying to Jews and Israel.

    Say what you will about them but Iran does not bow and scrape to those shitheads.

  6. Yeah not surprising. I thought he looked plastic like a Ken doll.

    He is running same scam as Trump when he ran. Talk vaguely about a group that is responsible for ‘Mericas woes, but never say who they are. Let the audience fill in the details and then pick up their votes. For WN its the Jews. For the Alex Jones crowd, its the Illuminati. For the garden variety Republican, its liberals.

  7. No charge——

    Christ was the biggest anti-Shem there ever was. I am proud to stand with Christ against any and all who oppose him.

  8. As a direct descendant of settlers at Jamestown I resent any group (Jews, Blacks, etc) from punching Right and calling for others to punch Right. The Jewish nationalists want the Right to just keep punching their own people on the Right and of course the JN want to keep promoting their Jewish causes which are not Christian since the Bible clearly shows that it will be Christ Himself who returns to this earth and straightens out the Middle East and the whole world. And somehow punching Left is not allowed.

    Trump needs to remember to dance with the one who brung him and go hard, I do mean hard Right and turn on all these Jewish nationalists and the other pro-Left organizations and get completely out of world affairs and take care of the home front.

    Declare martial law and declare the DNC a terrorist organization (which they really are!) and start executing all of them from the top on down. We stand at the crossroads of being a nation. We are already divided into political camps whose only way forward is war to destroy their political enemies. Compromises are now gone. If Trumps springs on the Left like a tiger now, the Right right will be operating from strength and not weakness. We now have control of all the federal guns. If he waits until after he is impeached/leaves office etc we have lost the advantage we now have and many of our lives.

    Make your move to save the real America Donald Trump and destroy all our liberal enemies before they come to power and kill/replace all of us.

    May God Save the South!

    • As a direct descendant of settlers at Jamestown … my backside. You are either a fed shitposting or a blowhard Boomer shitposting. Either way, your opinion is just hot air and/or designed to cause the easily manipulated incels to do something stupid. Blompf isn’t going do anything except toss more jewish salad, be it Sheldon, Jared or Ivanka, or all three back in the hotel suite, after another BS red state fundraiser.

      Assuming you’re a fed, how many shekels you gettin’ per post?

      • Get lost you demonic liar. What are you, a Jew with 3 opinions? He probably will not do anything but he at least was told what to do while he had the chance to do it. God will be his judge.

      • “Assuming you’re a fed, how many shekels you gettin’ per post?”

        Actually, it that were true then If I would be a “confed”.

        Since I am pro-Confederate, pro-slavery and pro-secession all my private “donors” died out a long time ago. I guess I have lost all my Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, etc sponsorships as well.

        How about you? Is Soros paying you by the post? How much?

        You are not that Yankee troll from PA, are you?

      • I was going to write a response to his claim that Christ is going to return to straighten out the Mid-East and the world, but figured it wasn’t worth the time.

  9. We need to go after the ADL hard. Make them the go to whipping boy like Soros is now. We need to be making conservatives rage at the ADL like they rage at Soros. Make bashing the ADL a standard conservative talking point. If we can do that, fully red pilling conservatives on the JQ will be very close.

    We want to make everyone on the right go on record against the ADL. Start memeing against the ADL hard and bullycide everyone on the right into going a long. This is a great way to isolate and discredit the neocon2.0 infiltrators.

    Let’s get back to pushing our issues and stop the lame yangtard style tantrums and despairing.

    There is no one or no thing encapsulates Jewish anti-white double standards better than the ADL. Let’s put them on blast. There own words will wake up millions of whites if we can only amplify them.

    • Ain’t gonna happen. “Make bashing the ADL a standard conservative talking point.” where do you think you are going to find murican conservative with the stones to take on the ADL? They ain’t in Mordor on the Potomac.

      Damn us whiteys are a one trick pony; straight attack into sure defeat. You have to learn to play the jews game … honor no oath with them, never give them a fair deal and never talk or interact with them if at all possible, which includes all of their bought and paid for goyim law enforcement.

      IMO right now, we need to make sure the ADL and murican jewry own the fact that their very own sons and shabbos goyim Epstein, Blompf, Clinton and Dershit like molesting and raping little kids.

  10. “… carry me out on a slab…”

    Josh Hawley: I would rather be dead than stop praising, worshiping and fighting for jews and Israel.


  11. Michelle Malkin exposes the graft behind the refugee campaign –

    According to her column tax monies make up most of the funding, and Michele Obama’s appointee is managing the Lutheran organization.

    This should probably be under the David French article about ‘religious healing’ but I’m posting it here to make sure everyone sees it. We should be attacking this entire front of religious activism.

  12. The problem is white Americans think in terms of liberal left or reactionary right. Jews don’t think like that. They evaluate every policy as to whither it is beneficial or detrimental to the Jewish people. That is why they support Trump in his endeavors toward Israel and yet show up in mass number to protest ICE deportations. This seem like political schizophrenia to white Americans who cannot think in racial terms. How can they be pro-Trump and then oppose Trump’s policies on immigration? Because they have a higher loyalty!

  13. The number one problem we have in Dixie. Cucked and Scalawaged politicians, instead of true statesmen and Southern Nationalists.

  14. The First Amendment is anti-Semitic because it allows one to criticize the jews and their underhanded and pernicious ways.

  15. Hawley is as pro-Israel as most of the rest. Nobody but nobody ever thought he’d hire Kevin MacDonald as a staffer, for instance. It’s just that he goes off Republican and lamercon res to be populist on occasion, which means the ADL is scared that this will hurt Jewish billionaires.

    But it goes back to my point, and in fact, kind of demonstrates it, that the Jews will throw Israel under the bus to save their domestic-egalitarian project.

  16. A fat black woman in Georgia named Erica Thomas made up a story of some ‘white guy’ telling her to ‘go back to where she came from.’ The guy is now getting in front of cameras and clarifying that he said no such thing to her when she got in the express grocery line with 20 items.

    So now her fake victimhood rests on being pregnant, but how would the average person recognize pregnancy under that much fat? Even ‘9 months’ (which I sort of doubt)?

  17. European Americans didn’t vote to go to war and kill their own people.

    European Americans didn’t vote for forced integration.

    European Americans didn’t vote to change our immigration laws that would result in making White people a minority in their own Nation.

    But the Jewish ADL did what?

    The November 1965 issue of the ADL Bulletin:

    Under the heading “The restrictive national origins quota system is finally abolished — after a forty year fight,” Rabkin boasted: “The Anti Defamation League is proud of the educational role it played in helping to bring this about.”

    The same issue of the ADL Bulletin had a notice of the appointment of
    the director of the ADL’s Washington office, Herman Edelsberg, to the government post of executive director of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, where he could work more effectively to force the racial mixing of employees in shops and offices all across America.

    Moverover it still was moving aggressively on a dozen other fronts: introducing resolutions to require “Holocaust” indoctrination for Caucasian children in the public schools; demanding the rewriting of school textbooks and the reworking of school curricula to make them appropriately “multi-racial”

    and eliminate what the ADL complained was the “principally White, Protestant, Anglo-Saxon view of America” presented by older texts and curricula;

    pushing Christian churches, both Protestant and Catholic, to make even further changes in their doctrines, so that their teachings about Jews would consist of nothing but the most fulsome praise;

    lobbying the government to punish American companies refusing to trade with the Israeli State.

    And why were European Americans forced into WWII?

    The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of

    The Chicago Jewish Sentinel 1942

    • Good information. Thank you for the post. All the Right should condemn this organization.

  18. I take it “cosmopolitan” is the latest code word for Jew. This POS Senator is hardly an anti-Semite. As I’ve heard it said before the only time a Jew is offended is when he’s identified.

  19. A comment over at Counter-Currents got my attention: “There are only two paths, which are complimentary and indeed maybe even mutually inclusive. One is WN territorial ingathering and eventual ethnostatist secession. This should be the great goal anyway. It’s not enough to form an all-White apartheid state. It must be majority White Nationalist. So basically pro-White Whites need to do what queers started doing en masse following WW2: choose a few viable areas, and then relocate to them in the hundreds of thousands or millions, in the hopes of eventually having the critical mass to secede from the controlling nation-state and form a new sovereign country. I happen to believe that this is the last and only hope to prevent White extinction (I hope I’m wrong, but nothing in the past 20 years or more has caused me to change my mind).”

    It’s basically what I’ve been thinking. We need to gather in our own little enclaves, and just build our own separate culture. Even whites around me, that quietly say they don’t want to live around non-whites, are too afraid to say so above a whisper. We’re too programmed, cucked, and controlled as a whole. Gather the remnant of us not suicidal. Start relocating to be with other like-minded folk, and quietly rebuild the society mainly lost. We won’t have broad-based support, and violence will only work in a society completely broken down; one that has no law and order to speak of anywhere. That would be an unholy mess. We only have each other to look to for ideas and support.

  20. Marshall Stalin bid his time and then finally struck at ZOG and called them “rootless cosmopolitans’ and then ran the Jews out of the USSR after the Prague Trials.

    Maybe Hawley is using a Stalinist strategy here? Just trying to remain hopeful.

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