Trump Personally Vouches For A$AP Rocky

We’ve got a national crisis on our hands.

A$AP Rocky has been detained by the Swedish government. Check out this national treasure. He will make a fine addition to the American conservative movement!

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  1. Trumpenberstein knows what’s important. Who are we to question The Great Man’s decisions? We are nothing, Mere White Americans. Our ENTIRE existence revolves around denying we even exist, taking the blame for things we had nothing to do with, because Our Race and Our Race ALONE is collectively guilty for EVERYTHING, we must pay for everything in our time and resources, never ask for ANYTHING for ourselves, clean up the messes that every-one else makes, and die healthy so the Tribe can harvest our organs.

  2. So this A$AP figure knocked about a few Afghan sand-niggers that bothered him…On the upside, no actual human were harmed in the incident. Naturally Trump sees a chance to virtue signal, but come on! This is hardly a matter for a president to involve himself with. Could it be that Trump wishes to shift the media focus from his good buddy Epstein…

      • Good buddy epstein indeed kate, wanglin recently has still trying to cover for trump for some weird reason and said he probably didn’t molest any young girls despite all the times trump has covered up for epstein in one of his recent articles potato trump is being a virtue signaling democrat kowtowing to celebrity whore demands

        Why isn’t blumpf supporting RAM who literally defended themselves against antifa an supported trump and what thanks do they get? Trumped up bullshit charges and lies leveled against them by the jewdicial arm of his administration. Some of the RAM boys will be lucky to get out in 5 years if that

  3. POS Blompf invited mudshark Kim Lardassian and her queer as a three dollar bill negro husband to the White House, but Ben Garrison, Peter Brimelow, Jared Taylor, and Patrick Casey are persona non-grata at the Social Media Summit.

    Now Blompf at the supposed urging of his wife is using the power of his office to get a “grill” wearing and violent spook released from jail in Sweden because the jiggaboo-american community supports asshat rocky.

    Kim Jung Un would be an improvement as POTUS over Blompf and his merry jews and shabbos goyim.

  4. Boy I tell you what. I am so tired of winning with Trump I do not know what to do! He is right! He promised us under his administration we would constantly win until we even got sick of winning!. If this is winning I would hate to see what losing is!

  5. Blompf is by far the worst president in my millennial lifetime.

    It’s like some sort of early 90s comedy where a celebrity becomes President and there is a joke in there where he’s hanging out in the White House discussing policy and sharing a martini with Pamela Anderson, Bill Murray, and Danny Glover while Elton John or Billy Joel are performing live just for them.

    That’s what these moments with Kanye West and ASAP rocky are like. It’s bad optics when you’re doing nothing for the people who voted for you but spend your spare time doing whatever fucking petty request a minor celebrity asks for.

    It looks detached from reality. The whole Trump presidency feels surreal because he seems way more out of touch with the common man than even Obama or Bush. At least with Bush or Obama they would lie and say they’re doing things in your best interests. Trump just outright hangs around the rich and famous and when they tell them he’s doing good, his brain bathes in dopamine and when they tell him he’s doing bad, he rages and then tries to win them back over.

    He’s really turned into the meme of the out of touch billionaire the left were memeing about in the 2016 election. At least Bush would parachute in with a cowboy hat to tell you he loves you. Trump tells you to shush when you chant “send them back” at one of his rallies.

  6. You wanna know whats funny?! asap rocky said trump should get jfk’d in one of his rap songs this is what blumpf gets for supporting his enemies and turning on his voters and most ardent supporters

  7. all dis winning be exciting and sheeit, drumpf be doing De Right Thing , orange hymie from hymietown even be mo’ of a nigga prezzident than obama was and dat be making me happy …. dat means we be winning with de orange hymie drumpf in whitey’s honkytonk white house sheeeiittt….

  8. Sometimes I wonder if Trump is being blackmailed. I can’t understand his behavior any other way unless, of course, he was a complete fraud from day one. The latter explanation seems much more probable.

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