J.D. Vance: It’s Disgusting To Equate “American” With “White”


My god … these people.

For a minute there, I was intrigued that maybe these people were trying to turn over a new leaf, but clearly that is not the case. Don’t talk to me or my black son ever again! Don’t ever say this is a White country!

Note: If you really want change in this country, it is going to have to come from outside the world of professional conservatism.

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  1. I’ve never trusted J. D. Vance despite Tucker Carlson having him on his program. Now I know why.

  2. An incredibly bloody and vicious civil war is inevitable in this country. I only wonder how far off it is. After all, you can’t have the divisions we have– not just political, but more significantly racial and ethnic– and not see conflict on the horizon. This war might actually be necessary.

    As CH often wrote: Diversity + proximity = war.

    • I suspect it’s waiting in the wings closer than people think.

      Wait until 2020 and either Drimpf gets reelected, throwing these “people” on the left into paroxysms of insanity, or one of their detestable candidates wins, throwing them into paroxysms of insanity.

    • @Mestigoit – the war is well underway. We are losing badly. We are literally being exterminated. Most Whites don’t have a clue.

  3. Another race traitor that condemns poor White Americans rather than seeking to reveal the International Cabal that oppresses and exploits them.

    • @Oskar Dirlewanger:

      I’m going to be the one to say it: Most White Americans, poor or otherwise, openly reject what the Pro-White Movement sells them, which means they are loudly declaring to the world that they won’t defend themselves or their loved ones, which means they deserve to be condemned by the Pro-White Movement and left to die.

      I can’t speak for Continental Europeans since I’ve never traveled there nor lived there. Maybe there’s a chance for them to wake up. But among White Americans, well, I guess there’s a reason we got a reputation in Europe for being the place where all the rejects go. Sure, we must have been smart enough to build all those nice things and temperate enough to create all those peaceful neighborhoods, but what does that matter when we are giving away those nice things and those peaceful neighborhoods to third world filth?

      Sorry, but I’m done blaming the Jews for all our woes in the same way that Negroes blame “Da White Man” for all their woes. We’re not victims of the Jews, we are a weaker race that’s been defeated by a stronger race. Charles Darwins prediction from 1871 is coming true in reverse: The stronger race is indeed replacing the weaker race, but that stronger race isn’t the White Race.

      I think it would be a real delight to see the Pro-White Movement actively turn on the race its purporting to save by shaming it into defending itself. I used to hate Enoch and Striker for going after Bug Men, since I consider that to be a tired leftist critique, but at this point, let err rip. Whites need to be made to feel all alone and rejected in this world. They need to feel in their bones that no one is coming to save them. Then and only then will we see what our race is made of.

  4. What an odious piece of filth.

    “Conservative” is actually about the worst insult you can fling at someone.

    Also, traitors first.

  5. All those male conservafags are cuckolds who enjoy watching their wives get serviced by strapping Negro bucks. Unless their wives are Oriental or colored. Fucking disgraceful.

  6. None of these cucks are ever a real he-man. I mean a testosterone laden man’s man. There is always something empty in their eyes. Just like hardcore fairy queers.

    These people are put in positions to toe the conservative line for a reason. The real race realists are always vilified. I ignore everything and everyone peddled by the system. I want renegades.

  7. Whites are not the true target, Christ is. So the retort on any attack on whites should be, “do you mean Christians”.

    • REAL Americans used to think as you do Mr. Browning, “…One of the clearest statements about who really are the Chosen of God comes from Gerald L.K. Smith in his biography, “Besieged Patriot”: “Of course, those of us who understand Biblical and secular history know that the so-called State of Israel which is there now is a fraud and a counterfeit. The true Israel was to grow out of the seed of Abraham into the seed of Mary and into the kingdom of God as revealed through Jesus Christ, and the true Israel is made up of the people who accept and praise Jesus Christ as the Son of God, not those who despise His name and who crucified Him and still justify his crucifixion in harmony with the scripture which reads: ‘They crucify the Lord anew.’” (pp. 162-163)


    • You couldn’t be more wrong. White Europeans of any belief are marked for extinction/dead ends. And you’re too blind to see that modern Christianity in what used to be the West has been turned into one of the tools for that purpose. Nobody’s going after South American Christians. Nobody’s going after African Christians, other than African Muslims.

  8. This Vance character is like a parody of a modern day, politically correct conservative, complete with a bindi wife and a half-caste kid. LOL, What a fag.

  9. A question never asked in any of these “think tank” or “foundation” (e.g. Brookings Institution, Club for Growth, Foundation for Democracies etc.) conferences on their various topics with their various fraud and shyster “Keynote Speakers” is where does the money come from? That and certain other questions are not allowed to be asked and for good reasons, too.

    To ask is to answer, they are frauds and deceivers.

  10. Red state secession and the formation of a National Populist oriented White People’s Republic! The great experience in ordered liberty and individual freedom has failed killed by Liberal Conservatives, free trade advocates, and cultural Marxists. Acknowledging that fact is the only way to move forward just like an addict cannot reform until he admits he is an addict and been previously living in denial. Get off the USS Titanic while you still can before she drags you to the bottom with her! America is terminal. Quit living in denial of that fact!

  11. JD Vance is a hardcore neocon globalist who is being used as a phony spokesman for the white working class. He has explicitly endorsed white privilege theory on several occasions. A big part of Vance’s schtick is is to claim that white people are to blame for losing their middle class jobs, not high levels of immigration or free trade, both of which he supports.

    Vance is all bad and has no redeeming features. If we are looking for someone to bullycide after destroying any creditability David French had, Vance would be a good target. He’s a freshly minted asset that the establishment has invested a lot of resources into building his brand. They plan on him being a major pundit for a long time. Would be a shame if nationalists attacked Vance relentlessly until he became too toxic to wheel out in front of an audience.

    • I genuinely hate those well-scrubbed, corn-fed white conservatives more than I do snarky liberals or even the jews and coloreds. If there ever is another “civil war” in this country it will be between whites. The jews and their pet schvartzes will escape virtually unharmed.

  12. May God damn this traitorous adulterating antichrtistian pig to Hell. In nomine Christi. Amen.

  13. Europe, and not England, is the parent country of America. This new world hath been the asylum for the persecuted lovers of civil and religious liberty from every part of Europe.

    We claim brotherhood with every European Christian, and triumph in the
    generosity of the sentiment.

    Thomas Paine, Common Sense


    ARTICLE II, SEC. 1. “Every white male citizen of the United States, and every white male citizen of Mexico, who shall haveelected to become a citizen of the United States entitled to vote at all elections which are now or hereafter may
    be authorized by law.”

    ARTICLE IV, SEC. 29. “The number of senators and members counties and districts to be established by law, according to the number of white inhabitants,”

  14. As much as I am loathe to say it, don’t forget MARY-Land, where Catholi-schism was given free reign. But it was the Anglo-Irish version of same, NOT the Mestizo/Mulatto perversion- and certainly not the Bergoglian satanic version….

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