NY Times: Trump Is Addressing White Anxiety

New York Times:

“Two forces convulsing American politics found each other at President Trump’s rally in North Carolina this week: a sense of anxiety among white voters about their standing in a country that is growing more diverse, and a politician intent on stoking those worries.

Surveys show fears among some white people that they are losing status in America, and those holding such views are increasingly aligned with the Republican Party. These voters perceive anti-white discrimination. A growing share say the nation risks losing its identity because of openness to foreigners. And many are concerned about what it will mean when non-Hispanic whites lose majority status, as demographic projections suggest will happen around 2045.

A large if not majority share of white voters, and a majority of Republicans, say this change will threaten American customs and values — a prospect that they say makes them anxious, even angry. …”

Is Blompf stoking White grievances? Absolutely.

The GOP sees White grievances over immigration and changing demographics as a political resource to be exploited to push their foreign policy and economic agenda. They don’t really intend to do anything substantial to address those grievances. It’s more like they want to exploit a drowning man for as long as they can get away with it to get more tax cuts and things for Israel. These people look at the electorate, size it up and are good at figuring out which buttons to push to enrich themselves.

If you are happy getting used by Sheldon Adelson to advance the MIGA agenda, you will probably vote for Trump in 2020. Every other word that comes out of his mouth these days is about Israel.

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  1. Spahnranch1969 is correct. We do need a virulently anti-White POTUS that promotes reparations for jiggaboo sand provides free healthcare to illegal immigrants.

    It’s the only thing that will wake the slumbering normies from their CivNat hibernation.

    This shit show is just getting started. A ziocon war with Iran and a Harris administration could be the breaking point of national unraveling.

  2. what we want is a hard Left white house and congress…as many hard left dems as possible…that way we just might get single payer healthcare, and also, the Dems may try to pass anti-white laws, which SCOTUS would almost certainly strike down, even if the Dems pack the court…but the laws might trigger white proles into action…doubtful, but possible…i personally think we already lost…but at least we can maybe get single payer

  3. Trump had my support in 2016 if nothing more that for a big FU to Hillary and the Democrat party. He’s done nothing substantial to garner my vote in 2020. No wall, no reduction in immigration, Prison reform, Israel this, Israel that. When I point this out to my “conservative” friends they accuse me of being a sellout. Their blinders are on so tight, it would take a crow bar to make them see a sliver of light.

    No matter what Trump does, he’s lost a sizable portion of his base. As such, it really doesn’t matter as we’re all on borrowed time now until the debt bubble bursts. CW2 and WW3 are just over the horizon. My kith & kin are busy preparing and enjoying “the good ol days”-because we’re in them folks.

    I’m voting to crash the system from here on out. Far left democrat/socialist/commies. Screw conservatives who have conserved NOTHING. Some people are making lists.

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