BOOM! ICE Raids Result In 35 Arrests

After all the hype, a whopping 35 people were “detained” by ICE:

New York Times:

“More than 2,000 migrants who were in the United States illegally were targeted in widely publicized raids that unfolded across the country last week. But figures the government provided to The New York Times on Monday show that just 35 people were detained in the operation.

President Trump had touted the raids — called Operation Border Resolve — as a show of force amid an influx of Central American parents and children across the southern border. After postponing the raids in June, Mr. Trump said ahead of time that they would take place last week.

Two current Department of Homeland Security officials and one former department official also confirmed to The Times that an enforcement operation would take place around mid-July. …”

That will show ’em.

We’re officially stronger on the border now than the Dems!

Note: Given the choice between “progressive liberalism” and “conservative liberalism,” the latter is inept and ineffective to the point of being useless from a nationalist perspective. You’re better off staying out of politics, hitting the gym and reading a good book in 2020.

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  1. I heard they are paying over $750 PER NIGHT to house taco turds.
    I know of White seniors living on less than $750 PER MONTH.

    Oh, I forgot, ” White people don’t know what it’s like to be poor” Bernie Sanders.

  2. 35 deported! All this winning, I’m exhausted from it. MAGA (MIGA?) 2020 is strictly for entertainment, get all the laughs you can from the campaigns but HW is correct, do something useful instead of getting involved.

  3. no, not deported. Just getting (((lawyers))) and heading for Immigration Court. Maybe a dozen will – eventually – be deported. Of those, 11 will be back across the Trump-vaporized border in 15 minutes.

  4. For a comparison Obama deported over 3 million, more illegals than Bush II and Trump combined. MAGA Obama!

    • More of the same,

      And there wasn’t the online censorship and deplatforming, until Blompf/kushner became POTUS.

      Winning! MIGA 2020!

      • I’ll be nice, a lot of these Mexican guys who do the building site thing and mechanics etc most of them just save the cash to build a house in Mexico and leave after 10-15 years. They buy a horse and pickup and grow some crops. I’m trying to figure out the logic of some of this regarding Trump. What he’s got to do is stop the demographic tidal wave that will wash away statewide majorities of whites. This can include pajeets and asians. Mexicans do keep their heads down and often return where the dollar they earned goes a little farther to have nice life back home. Asians and Pajeets don’t do that. They are a different threat.

  5. Perhaps ICE will raid Aquafil in Cartersville, Georgia as I’ve been informed they employ illegal aliens which is against Federal law.

  6. The abjectly corrupt Democrats that rule Columbus, Georgia didn’t care about separating me from my family under Terry vs. Hamrick caselaw. Banning someone from a jurisdiction due to their political beliefs would definitely be a violation of the 8th Amendment. Meanwhile, there are illegal aliens in Columbus, Georgia and zero have been banned. Of course, the corrupt powers that be don’t mind the tsunami of new Democrat voters because they escape diversity by moving to a white flight area. Diversity is for the hoi polloi not for the elitist bourgeoisie. Thy name is liberalism thy name is hypocrisy…

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