Trump Addresses Turning Point USA Conference

Blompf is moving the Overton Window.

Far from legitimizing the Alt-Right or White Nationalism, he is legitimizing and promoting Charlie Kirk. He is identifying Israel with the United States. He is inciting his base against “anti-Semitism.”

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  1. Congresscritter Omar recently dined at one of my favorite places in Minneapolis. The reaction to her from patrons, if Faceborg comments are anything to go by, was totally supportive. Even sympathetic. The poor thing was bullied by Trump, after all. The metro area outvotes the rest of the state, and the 67% white 5th District (Minneapolis, basically) sent Omar to Congress, and white-girlfriend beater and fellow muslim Keith Ellison there before that. The metro also made Ellison our state attorney general, even though he’s a proven white-chick smacker.

    Blompf will get nowhere in Minnesota if he can’t get the Mpls.-St. Paul area, and he never will. The whites here are self-deluded lefties proud of their multicultural leanings. And even though we use paper ballots here, there were vote fraud shenanigans in the midterm. The white-haters have a lock on this state, and won’t be giving it up anytime soon.

    • It’s why we left the state. The psyche in Minne-SNOW-ta is utterly cucked, but what is worse, it is DELUSIONAL. Even the conservatives there, are utterly fearful that ANYONE would call them a ‘racist’ so they deny their own race, heritage, and religion (Scandinavian Aryan Lutherans) at EVERY CHANCE.

      And they are some of the NICEST people, if they let you in their little circles. But the emptiness of their minds is as nerve-wracking, as their love of the Nigger.

  2. If the squad’s comments were strictly anti-White Trump would have never noticed.

    The turning point was 1965.

  3. Minnesota is a weird state – a lot of Swede blood up there and look at how f-ed up Sweden is socially and culturally.

    • Swedes will need to be quarantined in the future. They are the epitome of the genetic liberal egalitarian. Their kumbaya idealism supersedes their common sense.

    • Swedes were insulated for far too long. It made them soft and extremely naive. I hope they can learn and make corrections before they cease to exist.

  4. The Conservative / Republican platform in 2019 is “Being Gay is Ok if I get my Tax Cut” and that’s a good reason why I’m a Nationalist and stopped playing the game. We can get more done by being true with our Christian beliefs, Traditional Values, and fighting for White Nationalism. Deo Vindice !

  5. Too bad Charlie Kirk won’t die in the sands of Persia or Arabia defending po’ lil’ Ezrahell …he leaves that to his dumb goyim cousins to fight and die for (((Trump)))!

    Death to (((Murica))) can’t come soon enough.

  6. Does Trump really believe that “Israel, Israel, Israel, Holocaust” is the winning strategy for 2020?

  7. Making the best of a “crisis”- LBGTXYZ Activist eliminated in St. Pete – sadly, Russia, NOT Florida.

    Amerika’s take on that factoid:

    “Honest conservatives favor tolerating LGBT as long as they keep their activities quiet. Instead, we have LGBT as a political force on the Left, which means that people are pushing back against the mandatory indoctrination with gay marriage, crotchless pants pride parades, and drag queen story hour. This will end with more violence than ever before against LGBT, which is unfortunate but predictable because they became allies of the international State and its agenda. That means that people who detest this agenda also now detest homosexuals and transgenders, even if having been disinterested before. We see the virtue signaling every day where people signal LGBT support as a way of saying that they are the “good people” and not those horrible inbred trailer-dwelling hicks. In the meantime, most people in the center are becoming alarmed at how dogmatic and rigid the Left has revealed itself to be, and these are the people who are going to just walk on by if they see someone carving up an LGBT activist. ”

    Either way, the Right wins. And sodomites meet their deserved ends. [ Rom. 1:31] Now, if only YHWH God would do the same to the Christ-killing Jews…. [John 8:44, Rev. 3:9]

  8. The other “conservative”, Tulsi Gabbard, she’s supposedly opposed to Uncle Sam’s wars in the Middle East, she just voted the way the jews wanted her to vote on BDS and Israel. She’s [ supposedly ] opposed to Uncle Sam’s wars in the Middle East but she’s not opposed to the jews’ war against the Palestinians and she’s not opposed to Uncle Sam financing the jews’ war against the Palestinians, a war which is based on alot of JEW LIES and is really a Genocide of the Palestinian people. That Tulsi Gabbard is not opposed to, lying phony b*tch. Just another lying phony b*tch in Congress.

    She’s supposedly opposed to Uncle Sam’s wars in the Middle East but she’s not opposed to Uncle Sam financing the jews Genociding the Palestinians based on alot of jew LIES. In the meantime she makes a big stink how much she loves and respects NON-Whites, while supporting a Genocide of NON-Whites.

    Everyone in Congress makes a big stink about how much they love and respect NON-Whites while they fully support a Genocide of NON-Whites. They’re against the Genocide of NON-Whites — UNLESS the jews are the ones Genociding NON-Whites, then they’re ALL FOR IT. Including the majority of NON-White lawmakers, they also support the JEW Genocide of the NON-White Palestinians.

    Tulsi Gabbard, along with most everyone else in Congress, they support the JEW Genocide against the NON-White Palestinians so much they don’t mind flushing the First Amendment down the toilet in order to show their support for the JEW GENOCIDE of the NON White Palestinians.They even flush The Bill of Rights down the toilet to show their support of the JEW Genocide of the NON-White Palestinians. Tulsi Gabbard knows who butters her bread and she’s another phony “conservative”. The only things the “conservatives” are interested in conserving are JEW LIES, they’re certainly not doing anything to conserve The Bill of Rights. They’re actually flushing The Bill of Rights down the toilet.

  9. More about Tulsi : Immediately after voting to CENSOR those of us who are opposed to US-Israeli government policies Tulsi is now crying and complaining because Google is CENSORING her, and she wants to sue Google for CENSORING her ; And this crying and complaining about CENSORSHIP on Tulsi’s part comes immediately after she herself voted to CENSOR everyone and anyone opposed to USrael ZOG government policies.

    As per Tulsi, it’s morally okay for her to CENSOR who she wants to CENSOR but it’s not morally okay for anyone to CENSOR her. It’s moral and it’s legal for her to CENSOR whoever she wants to shut-down and silence, it’s immoral and it’s illegal for anyone to CENSOR, shut-down and silence her. Yet another two-faced double-minded hydra-headed snake in Washington.

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