DOJ Launches Antitrust Probe Of Silicon Valley



“The Justice Department is launching a sweeping antitrust review into whether the nation’s biggest online platforms are reducing competition or stifling innovation, a development that threatens to heighten the risks for Silicon Valley in the ballooning Washington scrutiny of the power wielded by companies like Google and Facebook.

The news landed on the eve of an expected announcement Wednesday by the Federal Trade Commission — the other federal agency with a big role in antitrust enforcement — of a $5 billion settlement with Facebook for alleged privacy violations. But if the FTC agreement offered a chance for Facebook to move past a lengthy probe into its handling of users’ data, the Justice Department’s announcement Tuesday showed that the legal troubles may be just beginning for the social media company and its peers.

The DOJ’s antitrust division was vague about its plans, saying it will look into “the widespread concerns that consumers, businesses, and entrepreneurs have expressed about search, social media, and some retail services online.” The release doesn’t mention Google, Facebook and Amazon by name but says antitrust officials are seeking information from “industry participants who have direct insight into competition in online platforms.” All three companies, along with Apple, were the subject of a House antitrust hearing just last week. …”

The Justice Department is going to “look into” social media censorship. Rep. Paul Gosar is introducing the STOP THE CENSORSHIP ACT in the House. Sen. Ted Cruz also wants the FBI to open a RICO investigation into Antifa. Big things are finally happening in Washington.

JUST KIDDING … you can file this away with Blompf’s Social Media Summit, the long awaited withdrawal from the Middle East, the millions of illegal aliens deported by coming ICE raids and Sen. Josh Hawley plan to regulate Big Tech. This is all about creating the optics that the Republicans are “doing something” for their base when everyone knows that nothing is really going to get done.

There’s a greater chance that a UFO will land in my yard tonight and beam me aboard an alien spaceship and subject me to awful experiments than conservatives will suddenly cease to be impotent and ineffective in power and cross the interests of big business and wealthy donors.

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  1. This is nothing but kosher cuckservatism’s version of “3 card Monty.” Nothing to see here but more ADL approved terms of service.

  2. Haha this is retarded they are monitoring the monitoring as social media purges the right thank you potatus blumpf for listening

  3. Republicans like Cruz are anything but weak, impotent or ineffectual. They are agents of interests far more influential and powerful than the electorate.

    Party affiliation is meaningless. Its team red versus team blue. Bread and circus stuff.

    Likely they are no more free to speak their minds than we are. People like Cruz, with a family, kids and an ugly wife, are very vulnerable to coercion and blackmail, and even more so to direct violence. Their high profile makes them more vulnerable. Thats the stick, ever looming in the left hand of ZOG, while lucrative careers free from consequence or meaningful reproach by the common people they victimize is offered with no other precondition than to toe the line.

    Its an easy choice. Carrots or the stick. Animals are trained like this. We are animals. We can be trained like this too.

    People like Ted Cruz never had integrity, or they never would have gotten where they are to begin with.

  4. If social media’s special immunity is stripped away, it will make them crack down on free speech even further. Gone will be the days when you could call David French a cuck on Twitter, because David will sue Twitter for defamation. It could be the end of social media. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

  5. “This is all about creating the optics that the Republicans are “doing something” for their base when everyone knows that nothing is really going to get done.”

    This meme has to be pushed HARD, from now until the next election charade/cycle, to foment discord among Heritage Americans, who are being genocided out of our own country.

    The Sleaze that is “Professional Governance” [ PG] will NEVER do ANYTHING to upset their gravy train.
    Anathema to them all, but especially the Demon-[c]rats.

  6. I want to thank Occidental Dissent, NPI, and many others under this Dissident Umbrella for revealing the fundamental fraud which America is……..

    Many thanks to David Duke for the 1990’s JQ Red Pilling but the last three years have revealed the Universe…..

    The Debate is OVER.

    Anti-Semitism is SCIENCE.

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