Chicken Marsala Recipe

We’re closing in on the end of Food Porn July.

This is easily one of our favorite low-carb or Keto recipes.

I love to cook Chicken Marsala in bulk with mushrooms and asparagus. It tastes fantastic with the sauce heated up. As with the Zucchini Fritters and Peel-a-Pound Soup and Roasted Brussels Sprouts w/ Thousand Island Dressing, this isn’t a meal that was a regular part of my diet before I started experimenting with low-carb dieting. It has since become a staple.

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    • Chicken tikki masala is great, I really like curries I make them quite often. Curries are basically just like a Indian stew if you think about it just throw some spices, vegetables, and meat together and serve on rice

  1. I really have enjoyed these food posts for July. As well as the other posts on this site. Thanks for the inspiration, have looked into Southern keto/low carb as a result.

  2. I’ve probably had chicken Marsala sometime in my life but don’t remember how it tastes. I usually know my wine types but I never heard of Marsala wine i’ll have to pick up a bottle next time i want some vino to sip on and to do this recipe of course

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