Trump Urges House Republicans To Support 2 Year Budget Agreement

If the deal is good enough for the Pentagon and Wall Street, it must be good enough for the rest of us. Blompf has learned his lesson after losing the shutdown fight.


“President Donald Trump chose the pragmatist over the rabble-rousers.

In deciding who would lead the White House in budget and debt-ceiling negotiations with Capitol Hill, the president learned a lesson from his embarrassing government shutdown earlier this year: Brush aside the budget hawks in his own party, including acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, and focus on minimizing any drama heading into an election year. …

“The president asked Mnuchin to negotiate a deal. And Mnuchin went to Pelosi saying, ‘How much is it going to cost me to get a debt limit increase past the election?’’’ one former senior administration official said sarcastically. “He doesn’t care about the cost. Wall Street is happy. The defense folks are happy. That’s good enough.” “

$738 billion for the military in FY 2020. This is the most bloated military budget yet. This budget is all about ending the Obama military cuts which were negotiated back in the Tea Party era. As for immigration, there are no “poison pills” in the agreement to prevent the Democrats from signing off on it. Business as usual in Washington will continue through the election.

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  1. Blompf could’ve kept his two main promises during the shutdown: built the Wall by using defense funds, and draining the swamp using the bureaucracy’s own rules (30 days into a shutdown, the president can start shitcanning the red tapeworms, which would’ve allowed him to decimate the deep state’s bureaucratic army). Instead, he inexplicably gave in with no incentive to do so. He had a golden opportunity to fulfill the promises that got him elected, but he cucked. That was all the proof anyone needed that Potatus was a weak fraud.

  2. I’m at the point now that all I can say in favor of Trump is that he’s not Hillary Clinton. Maybe that’s all we were going to get. He’s just a generic Republican now. Even Trump’s tweets have become boring– just self-aggrandizement, Israel-worship and threats which he never carries out.

  3. When I see a military budget of $738 billion all I can think of is how much good we could be doing with a goodly portion of that money AND STILL have an awesomely powerful defense-orirented military like, presumably, the neo-South will have. You can buy a lot of top of the line Sukhois for what one POS F-35 costs is all I’m saying.

  4. This is like the omnibus that Trump signed but twice as worse!

    At least Trump is good on Protectionism and the Democrats are so far left he I’ll probs get re-elected in spite of the quibbling of Oriental Dissent!

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