Creamy Garlic Butter Tuscan Shrimp Recipe

We’re back home after spending a weekend at the beach with family in Florida.

As a rule, I don’t stick to my low-carb or Keto diet when I am on a vacation or celebrating a special occasion like a wedding or a birthday. It’s usually enough to stick to a diet 80% of the time while spending the other 20% relaxing and enjoying life. Flexibility and giving yourself the grace to forgive a few bad choices in your nutrition in the short term while sticking overall to your lifestyle tends to produce better results in the long run. Your health and fitness level is the product of your choices over an extended period of time. DON’T throw in the towel after falling off the wagon for a few days.

I’m not going to beat myself up over enjoying a few beers at the beach, indulging in that stack of pancakes at Scrambled Egg Cafe in Melbourne, FL or scarfing down that Original Double at Freddy’s. I’m going to settle back into my normal routine. This is what I have on deck for supper tonight.

If you start feeling like shit over a few weeks on a low-carb or Keto diet, it is likely because you are not getting your electrolytes from the sources you normally consume like potatoes. You will start to feel sore and low-energy. This is normal and the solution is to get your potassium level back to normal by finding ways to eat foods like spinach and avocados on a daily basis. This Creamy Garlic Butter Tuscan Shrimp recipe below incorporates spinach and tastes wonderful.

Note: The biggest problem we have in the South is obesity and its related illnesses and this series of articles are mainly creative and tasty recipe suggestions for weight loss. If you are trying to BUILD muscle, then you will obviously need to follow a different program.

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  1. You are what you eat. But choose ingredients wisely or the benefits of selective consumption aren’t benefits at all:

    • I love shrimp but its true alot of shrimp is dodgy or partly contaminated so I do not buy much of it I’m weary of it generally speaking but if you get fresh it shouldn’t be a problem

  2. Yeah, that’s keto, alright….. I saw that yummy wheat, gluten-laden pasta at the end! Yumm. Pasta…

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