Travelogue: White People Doing Normal Things

We’re back home after our trip to Florida.

This was the third wedding that I have attended in Florida over the past five years. We have been to three weddings since our own in Missouri. I have been to one in Georgia. In spite of what you have heard on the internet, there are still plenty of normal young White people both within and outside the movement who are doing normal things like getting married and having children. In particular, the normies in our life are doing great and most who have gotten married have stayed married.

It occurs to me that we don’t hear as much from these people on the internet. If you are happy and content with your family life, you are probably not venting about it on the internet. It is the bitter people who are angry and frustrated and who want you to share in their misery who tend to have the biggest platforms. They want you to believe it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a normal family life. There is a large audience for those takes because our culture really has declined over the past few generations. The rest of us try to navigate around it in our lives and make the best out of a bad situation.

Seriously though, we’re not all like the Bagel Boss:

Instead of having the big rallies, we’re doing a lot more quiet networking these days. Looking back on the past few years, the marriages, children and friendships were the most valuable, enjoyable and enduring thing that came out of our years of public activism. We don’t even need to do public activism either to further those goals and drain the toxicity out of the movement.

What should we be doing? I increasingly believe it is this because that is what has stood the test of time. I can put out a steady stream of content to help re-racinate our people by reacquainting them with their Southern identity, culture and heritage. I can give them tips on how to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle. I can network with them in the real world and we can try to match single men and single women who share the same values. I can comment on the news cycle and criticize mainstream conservatism. I can try to help people in my area when natural disasters like hurricanes strike.

What adds value to our movement without subtracting from it? In my experiences, marriages, children and friendships have added the most value. Republican electoral victories have added no value. Frivolous lawsuits and Facebook arguments subtract the most value.

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  1. LOL, you’re at that time in life when you’re attending lots of weddings, showers and christenings, HW. Later on it’ll be retirement parties and wakes.

  2. nothing surprising here. The average White normal lives under the same daily warm shower of Jewbucks that everyone else does. Whites will wake up to the fact they’re being genocided when they’re lined up in front of an open pit with a nigger walking down the line shooting one after another in the back of the head.

    before Trump, I had some degree of optimism about an eventual White Awakening. But the ease with which Trump has conned the Whites into participating in the (((system))) while the (((system))) exterminates them has

    opened my eyes.

  3. Glad you recently enjoyed some family time Hunter. I agree that voting Republican has not helped, and that internet feuding has set us back. Another thing you might try, which will be enjoyable and help our people, is to grow a garden. I grow a very large vegetable garden, larger each year, and have an eventual goal of growing all my food (possibly minus my meat source, as I currently have little land available for pasture). If we all did this, we would have (relatively low cost) healthy food, a measure of independence from the system, and a truer understanding of our ancestor’s lives. Now to find a place to graze a cow…

    • (((MGR))) – Hunter’s not “bragging”. He’s simply sharing what he and his family did this weekend. FYI – in ZOG world – normal life activities for White people are extraordinary events.

      • If you come on these websites, you can get the impression that the real world is totally dysfunctional. ALL women are whores. NO ONE has a normal family life. It is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve goals like marriage and children.

        In my experience, this isn’t true. I wanted to share some good news. The normies in our family are flourishing. Most of the people we know IRL in the movement are flourishing too. The world is going to shit, our culture is shit, our politics suck, but our personal lives are not as bad as it is made out to be.

        • Wait a second, HW – are you telling us the real world is not like the world as depicted by Wigger Anglin and his internet army of misogynistic ‘spergs?????

          • At least in my circles.

            The normies in our life (friends and family) are getting married, having children and are happy and doing well. I’m proud of them. I went to one of their weddings last year. The couple will have their first child in September.

        • That can’t be true. There is no good life in a collapsing culture. If you are a full-blooded responsible male you always have to think about it. You see everywhere the signs of decay. Every conversation is mindless babble at best if you know the score. Every person who is “flourishing” works for the jews and in the end for White genocide. So honestly I don’t know what you are talking about.

          You once said that your wife is a “leftist”. I can’t even imagine how this is possible. Do you treat each other as idiots who are not responsible for their world views?

          • @Gast – I’m an ideologue. Clytemnestra once referred to me as a martinet, on this site, due my relentless Jew Naming. I’m proud of that! I don’t give up. But I still enjoy life. It’s very easy to be consumed by the horror. Don’t allow this to happen. You life is your true gift. Find ways to enjoy the beauty and miracle of your LIFE.

        • **If you come on these websites, you can get the impression that the real world is totally dysfunctional.**

          That’s true. WN movement by its very nature attracts losers, misfits and white trash as Dr. William Pierce himself said several years ago. That’s the reason why many in the WN, alt-right etc. have such dysfunctional lives (when compared to ‘normal’ Whites).

          As you say yourself, the doom and gloom shared constantly over these websites doesn’t reflect the reality of the world. In spite of everything else, the living standards of White people have never been better and are improving.

        • Thank you. As far as culture – we create the culture. We do not have to participate in the current (((corporate-created))) degeneracy and sickness. Our personal lives are what we create. I like to literally walk outdoors, and behold the absolute staggering beauty of the physical world.

      • **FYI – in ZOG world – normal life activities for White people are extraordinary events.**

        In the real world, White people are still the majority in the country and most White people still lead ‘normal’ lives. Many of my friends are happily married and have more than one children. And they ‘enjoy’ their weekends too! It’s not really extraordinary as you and Hunter make it out to be.

        • I’ve been happily married for almost 6 years. I’ve been a father for 5 years. In that time span, I have watched the normies in my family and my wife’s family get married and have children. They’ve tended to stay married. My cousins have children who are in high school now. In the movement, the vast majority people of the people who I know IRL are also married and have children. I’ve attended several of their weddings. I have watched them have their first, second and third child.

          If we were to poll the people who read and comment on this website, I suspect the vast majority of them are married and have children as well. They hate what is going on in our politics and culture, but generally speaking they are doing well in their personal lives. The discourse on WN websites seems out of sync with this dominant pattern. Even in WN, most people are not aggrieved incels.

  4. Thank you, Hunter. This is the thing to do. Take care of OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER. Build families. Build lives. We are un the Age of Kali Yuga. We are here to live, and re-shape the future. Our future. Well done.

  5. The ability to travel extensively, even within the continental Untied States, is a luxury that most working stiffs can’t afford to indulge in. Even taking the family to the local amusement park requires them to save up for the excursion. Eating healthy is difficult with a limited budget on a modest income without the aid of food stamps. All of the fresh vegetables and fruits that are touted as being essential for your well being are priced higher than the less beneficial alternatives, whereas the opposite used to be true. Single people, which an increasing percentage of us unfortunately are, often cannot consume these items before they spoil. And, preparing them in small quantities frequently presents a challenge.

    You can label me a pessimist, and maybe point out, perhaps with some justification, that I don’t possess the proper amount of motivation to claw and scratch my way to the top in a dog eat dog profession. You can also rightfully claim that I lack technical or mechanical skills that would enable me to rise above the pack. But, I have always had a job, and at times, I have worked at two or three of them at once. The field that I’ve been employed in during the better part of my life is one that has been in existence since before the Birth of Christ and it provides a necessary service. It is only recently that the job ceased to permit those who are employed in it to purchase so much as a pot to piss in.

    So, if you want to call me embittered, angry or frustrated, then you would certainly be correct. I hope you enjoy being on vacation. The best I’ve been able to do lately is to take my recently widowed mother out to eat and to a local museum or event, and give her a little money each month. I don’t begrudge anyone anything, but there is a large percentage of us who have some very legitimate grievances.

    • Eating healthy on a limited budget is possible – provided you know how to cook. Most Americans these days don’t, and eat out or eat fast food or microwave TV dinners for most meals. You can buy a bag of spuds for $2. Onions, garlic and tomatoes for cents. Big bottle of cooking oil lasts for ages. Make your own bread and pancakes with flour.
      My mom said that all the women she knew of her mother’s generation growing up (born in the 1920s) were fabulous cooks – and they had little money to work with, and a relatively small array of ingredient choices. I know few American (or even Western) women (or men) born since 1970 who can really cook well. Fast food and restaurant culture is so pervasive (and expensive).

      However, simple cooking skills are easily learned – there is hope!

      • I have some limited cooking ability. Laziness could play a part in my careless diet, but other factors effect my eating habits as well. At least, I’m height/weight proportionate and I have enough strength and stamina to meet everyday demands. And, I’m mean and ornery enough to overcome most obstacles that present themselves.

        I’m hoping that one of the pretty Weather Forecaster ladies will consent to marry me and will keep me in the manner that I am accustomed to. I am very low maintenance, I don’t eat much, and I am as loyal as a faithful canine. Then, I can practice my cooking, while working on my projects and making my first million dollars.

    • Are you a prostitute?

      Only half joking…trying to figure out what you do for a living.

      • No, my business is the second oldest profession. But, it may have originally come into existence in order to provide for the oldest profession.

  6. Cowtown: Your story is a reminder that us whites should be doing a lot more to help each other out, even though we try our best to maintain the appearance of dignity and independence through rugged individualism and such-like. Whites are very altruistic, much more so than all the other races combined, but that altruism seldom goes to where it’s really needed, viz., among our OWN kind.

    • Yes, this is a note that I have been sounding for nearly two decades. I have often tried to encourage friends to stop donating to whatever third world charity they’re supporting, and instead, look for someone nearby who needs assistance. I try to help my mother and my friends when I am able. But, you’re right, White people will go above and beyond to aid some foreigner or minority, but they seem to show nothing but disdain for their fellow White man who is down on his luck. The fast food worker (for example) is the least respected individual on the planet, whose job is considered inconsequential and meaningless. That is, until your hamburger isn’t to your liking. Then, suddenly they are very important. And, despite what people seem to think, it’s not an easy job. I’ve never worked in fast food, but I see that they have to put up with a lot. Rude and messy people, grease, inept coworkers, nasty restrooms, etc… I try to be as polite as I can to those underappreciated and under paid employees, not just because they are serving food to me, but because they deserve to be treated with a modicum of dignity instead of being derided for having a less than lucrative position. Having said that, if the place is being run by Beavis and Butthead or Kool and the Gang, then I usually make an abrupt about face without placing an order.

      I was brought up with the antiquated idea that if a man went to work everyday and earned an honest living, then he could afford to live a modest lifestyle. That is no longer the case. Now, anyone who works in a service industry is considered to be a loser that should have gone to college, so they could make more money and look down on everyone who doesn’t have as much as they do. Most affluent Americans have a genuine “let them eat cake” attitude about their fellow countrymen.

  7. Without supportive families, no matter your attributes, you won’t make it. We’re dependent on each other for our success or failure. We tend to forget that.

    Of course, being from a solid family doesn’t always help. Which is why everyone needs access to safety nets. But that doesn’t take away our obligation to help those who need it. A basic problem is that government has replaced family and community in the area of mutual assistance. We’re becoming more remote from each other, more focused on satisfying our own desires and immediate needs.

    There are no answers in politics. Politics only divides us, anyway. The elites only use and exploit us. Turn away from the society that wants to keep you depressed and controlled, feeling isolated and defensive. Try to build the community you want to live in, no matter what you’re told you’re supposed to want. Make something healthy and good out of the evil and sickness that surrounds us.

    • King of EVERYTHING – politics does matter – but we have no control of national politics, or financial systems as of now. We must build within the reality we are IN. Build from the ground up. And that’s OK- that’s what we DO. That’s what we are doing.

      We will do this really well.

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