Trump: Al Sharpton Is an Anti-White Con-Artist

It feels good to be back home.

Blompf is attacking Al Sharpton this morning over the Baltimore row:

All right.

We know he is simply playing games. It is election season again.

It is time to throw out some rhetorical red meat to the base, yank our chain and push our buttons. It is time to wave the bloody shirt again about about social media censorship, Third World shitholes like Baltimore, Antifa, illegal immigration. Nothing is going to be done about any of these issues but we have to excite the White working class voters and keep them interested in the 2020 race.

The current debate on Twitter is whether Blompf is “moving the Overton Window” with his race baiting and dog whistling or whether he is just calling plays from the standard GOP playbook. There is nothing really new about the race baiting. Republican presidents have been cute in going there while maintaining plausible deniability since Richard Nixon’s time. Nothing has ever come of it.

Regardless of whether Blompf wins or loses, we know he will pivot away from it immediately after the election. Either he will lose and go home to New York or he will be reelected and shift to moving forward with new items on the donor class agenda. This is what happened last year after the 2018 midterms with criminal justice reform in the lame duck session. Scary Antifa was just a ruse to get Republican voters to turn out at the polls and was forgotten about after the election.

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  1. It’s quite interesting to see it as a game. It’s gratifying that he’s actually used he word “whites” but you know it’ll amount to nothing.

    • Jew-stooge Drumpf is the most anti-White Prez so far.

      Obama deported illegal shitskins at 3X the rate Drumpt has, while

      Drumpf is letting illegal/legal shitskins into the country at 3X the rate Obama did.

      and the White dimwits who vote for him still do not have a clue.

      • Haxo Angmark,

        Normies by their very nature are low information people. That’s one of the reasons that they’re still cheerleading for the (((GOP))).

  2. How do these geniuses think the GOP got the South the dump the Democrat party over a period of 50 years? They think that just happened organically?

    It happened from decades and decades of constant race baiting from the GOP on top of and this was the big one – pandering to religious issues with the moral majority etc. Quite frankly the race baiting was a lot bigger in the 70’s/80’s than it is with Trump.They were actively and openly courting groups like CoCC in those days. Trump wouldn’t be caught dead openly courting the alt-right and showing up at their events.

    Hell even Bill Clinton pandered to the confederate flag in the 90’s trying to win them back. Worked too.

    • Quite frankly the race baiting was a lot bigger in the 70’s/80’s than it is with Trump.

      In the 70s integration was still new and libtards could get away with claiming it’s going to take time. Back then, you actually had to be racist to be called a racist. Today, it’s basically enough to just be white. Or to be white and challenge something a “person of color” is babbling about. In this highly charged atmosphere, it’s much more significant to be seen as standing up for whites.

      Anyway, what was the race-baiting in the 80s? “Welfare queens”? Willie Horton? Jesse Helms’ “hands” ad? Hardly what I’d call “a lot bigger.”

  3. The fact that he even mentioned “whites” is indicative that he doesn’t believe race is a social construct.

    These capitalists are pathetic.

  4. He actually used the racial designation “White”. He’s only cited Whites once before. He Tweeted about the slaughter of Whites in South Africa. The Jew-I-tariat chimped out – and that was that. Until now. It is election season. He would have to arrest and prosecute EVERY member of AIPAC for treason, and shove every illegal out of the country, and restore the 1790 standard for American citizenship and obliterate Israel. Then I’ll vote for him.

  5. All good theories as to why Trump is doing this. Maybe he is trolling the left? Every time he criticizes minority incompetence the press cries ‘racist’ even though he makes no mention of race. Maybe he can demolish ‘racist’ as anything meaningful.

    One good thing Trump did is discredit the media with this ‘fake news’. This alone is a great public service on his part, along with his considerable faults.

    • He doesn’t have much of a choice.

      What is going to rally his supporters with? Jerusalem? The tax cuts? Criminal justice reform. He can’t give them anything but tweets.

    • Excellent observation. The same thing is true about that worthless Democrat candidate from 1988 against the equally worthless George W. Bush I, M. Stanley Dukakis. Check it out. Go to Google images and look. Dukakis’s head is at least three sizes too big for him. Maybe Dukakis and Rev. Al were defects from the same idiot factory.

  6. Sharpcoon once refered to jews as diamond merchants and interlopers. He also described the queers as homos. Funny how the liberal establishment has not only apparently completely forgiven him for those indiscretions, they also gave him his own show on MSNBC!

  7. Aside from the fact that Trump resembles an orangutan and Sharpton an emaciated gorilla is there any real difference between them as far as lack of character and likeability are concerned? Just two typically big – mouthed, self – promoting assholes from New York.

    • It’s truly a mystery as to why the NYPD haven’t had to fish sharpton out of the East River wearing concrete shoes.

      Years ago it was revealed that sharpton wore a wire for the Feds in his dealings with the new york mob.

      La Costa Nostra isn’t what they used to be.

      • I’m sure the IRS would have a field day going through the accounting books of Sharpton’s National Action Network. They could probably put his ass away in a ZOG penitentiary for 25 years. The same goes for Reverend Jesse’s Rainbow Push Coalition. But of course that’s never going to happen. Maybe it’s because of black privilege, but I think they are both working for the Feds.

  8. This is the first time Trump has said White. He even capitalized it like a White Nationalist boss, and said Al Sharpton hates our race.

    For those who understand memetic warfare, this is a historic development.

    Even if he is only out for himself, we should encourage this kind of behavior. If Trump uses anti-White, ordinary Whites will follow suit and will go on the offensive. We are teetering right on the edge of another Fall of the Berlin Wall moment.

  9. It is very far from clear what a Trump/donor class loss in 2020 will accomplish.

    If Trump loses, it means a radical Democrat that is far worse than Trump on every issue that people complain about will take over the levers of power. Conservatism will not be destroyed, there will be no meaningful populist agenda enacted and no reduction in Jewish influence on foreign policy or the wider culture.

  10. I don’t think the possibility that Trump might wage a war on Iran in his second term is a good reason not to support him. I care about what Jews are doing to us, not what Jews (via their American proxies) are doing or might do to the Iranians.

    The far right continues to waste far too much bandwidth giving a shit about the Syrians, Iranians, etc..
    Why should anyone care? They have done nothing to reciprocate the American far right’s support. In this respect, the Syrian and Iranian leadership have a lot in common with Trump!

    • Lew,

      I think you’re posting on the wrong blog. The one you’re looking for is

      You can freely wave the stars of david and stripes with the other MIGAtards and not receive any pushback.

      Btw, Iran doesn’t have any laws against holohoax revisionism and won’t put you in prison for questioning its validity, and Assad’s Syrian Army defended Christians in Syria against jihadis bought and paid for by Israhell and the jewnited states.

      Hopefully, the Islamic Republic of Iran develops a hydrogen bomb to force the axis of zog evil the back off.

      You know the old Arabic saying about the enemy of my enemy, right?

      Death to the Great and Little Satans.

  11. There is nothing really new about the race baiting. Republican presidents have been cute in going there while maintaining plausible deniability since Richard Nixon’s time. Nothing has ever come of it.

    Your skepticism is warranted, but you’d have to be tone-deaf if you can’t detect a change in the tenor of the racial rhetoric. I don’t see any cucking or backtracking or apologizing or trying vainly to explain that “it’s not racist,” do you? It’s more like “Sharpton hates whites, fuck him.” Imo, such rhetoric obviously helps normalize the concept of whites caring about white racial interests.

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