Live Thread: Second 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate (Round 1)

My take:

The moderates (Bullock, Hickenlooper, Ryan, Delaney) spent the debate taking on the progressives (Bernie, Warren). Marianne Williamson won the debate. Steve Bullock is the only candidate who doesn’t want to decriminalize illegal immigration and give free health care to illegal aliens.

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  1. I cannot bring myself to watch or listen (I cut the cable) to these scumbags. Not one of them is even half decent. (Gabbard is good on one issue and horrible on all the rest.) It will be free health care and amnesty for all illegals, slavery reparations, govt medical for all, white privilege crap, bring back school busing, Trump is a racist, etc. Screw them all.

    • The whole debate was neo-liberal vs. hardcore progressive. Populism was not represented at all which is why Marianne Williamson won the debate – at least she says off the wall interesting things.

  2. A national healthcare system would have been a great idea and perfectly constitutional. But we can’t have health coverage for all AND 30 million wetbacks illegally feeding off of welfare. Needless to say that proposed coverage would primarily be for the wetbacks and paid for by middle class gringos.

  3. Already starting in with the “we have to fight Trump’s racism” routine. Sanders looking commanding so far. I expect he’ll survive the night.

  4. Warren: “You wanted my opinion but LET ME TELL YOU A STORY about this Joe Blow American who cares about his health insurance–DON’T LAUGH AT ME!”

    What a long-winded shrew. Glad she got some ridicule.

  5. I gave a dollar to Marianne Williamson’s campaign and I already feel I got my money’s worth. Just so delightfully airheaded up there. She’s the voice we need on that stage.

    • I am pretty sure Anglin is some kind of agent (Trump shilling, Weev etc.).

      BUT: One can not deny that he is a good writer (a complex ability which requires quite a bit of depth and knowledge) and that he is pretty funny. And one cannot accuse him of being lazy.

      But his over the top effort in humor leave often a nihilistic aftertaste with me.

  6. How many of the Democratic candidates are “fellow white people?” I count Sanders, DeBlasio, and Williamson. Any others?

  7. It is sort of like having Bryan Reo (affiliated with William Finck, your friend on League of the South) gloat about how they were going to use the federal and then Lake County Ohio Courts to render me penniless, and destitute back in August 2014 on Finck’s own forum:


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    • Good lord, you write like a grade school child.

      And I bet you wonder why very few (if anyone) take you seriously.

      Do you still make a fool of yourself on News Guy’s podcast?

      • Calm down Texass Alt-kike Lamer Finckbot.

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  8. Everything should be looked at what is best for European Americans even if it isn’t much.

    If your worldview doesn’t evolve around what’s best for White people then you are causing harm to your own people whether you understand that or not.

  9. I am noticing an uptick on (((Conservatard))) sites in going after prominent Negroes. Like Al Charlatan. Oh it’s still all “Race doesn’t matter I love GOOD Darkies!” etc – but…..the Jews are signalling to Whites that we don’t have to pander to every single Negro on the planet. Most – but not all.

    I wonder why…..

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