National Review: Which Party Can We Blame for Poverty and Crime?

Kevin Williamson:

“Baltimore is . . . not great. It has the second-highest murder rate (“non-negligent homicide,” in the nomenclature of the FBI) in the country, behind St. Louis. It has some of the worst-performing public schools in the nation. The city’s mayor recently resigned in disgrace after a financial scandal. It is 63 percent African American. It is an overwhelmingly Democratic city.

Owsley County, Ky., is . . . not great. It is the poorest county in the United States. It has the second-highest level of child poverty in the country. Almost a quarter of the population under the age of 65 is classified as having a disability. It is 98 percent white. It is an overwhelmingly Republican county.

What does Baltimore tell us about Democratic governance? President Trump thinks he knows. (Kind of weird to hear a New Yorker complaining about the rats in some other city, though.) But we might also ask: What does Owsley County tell us about Republican governance? …”

This is not an entirely unfair question in either case, but you have to be particular about it. …

Owsley County’s median household income is half of Baltimore’s, and its poverty rate is 70 percent higher, but it has a violent crime rate that not only is radically lower than Baltimore’s but much lower than the national average. What’s that all about? Population density? Maybe. The fact that African-American poverty in poor cities has characteristics that are different from white poverty in poor rural areas? Probably. The wisdom of Representative Elijah Cummings? Well . . . “

These are some good questions.

Why is Central Appalachia so poor? Why is Baltimore so poor? Why is Detroit poor? Why is the Mississippi Delta poor? Why is the Alabama Black Belt so poor?

It is not entirely reducible to race. The Mississippi Delta and the Alabama Black Belt used to be two of the wealthiest places in America. Now they are among the poorest in spite of the fact that the racial demographics are essentially unchanged. These areas have always been majority black.

The thing that changed in the Mississippi Delta and Alabama Black Belt was that slavery was abolished by the 13th Amendment. Slaves were by far the most profitable investment in antebellum America. All that accumulated wealth went up in a puff of smoke at the stroke of pen.

The banking and financial system collapsed when the Confederacy went down. The result was a world of landless blacks and planters who lacked cash and credit. The sharecropping and farm tenancy system grew out of these conditions. Free blacks didn’t want to work as regimented laborers in gangs anymore. The plantations fragmented into small plots worked by peons who destroyed the topsoil like they did in Haiti. As the magic of the free market played itself out, the South sunk further and further into poverty while the production of cotton soared to new heights until the whole rotten system came crashing down in the Great Depression. Government intervention during the New Deal gave farmers the capital to mechanize the cotton crop which ended sharecropping between the 1940s and 1960s.

Central Appalachia wasn’t always so poor either. The people who lived there had a relatively high standard of living in the age of subsistence farming until the War Between the States. After the war, Northern mining and timber corporations clearcut the area, bought up the mineral rights and systematically sucked out all the wealth to develop the economy of the Northern manufacturing belt. When coal mining shifted to mountaintop removal, there was no longer any need for large numbers of workers. According to free-market theorists, the entrepreneur was supposed to respond and create new jobs, but as was the case in the Mississippi Delta after sharecropping that never really happened.

It was mining and manufacturing industries that brought the ancestors of all these blacks to St. Louis, Birmingham, Detroit and Baltimore. Those working class jobs eventually disappeared due to changes in the global economy after the Second World War. Once again, the entrepreneur was supposed to respond and create new working class jobs, but in reality those workers were never absorbed into new industries. We just sort of forgot about them and left those places to rot.

You can drive all over rural and urban America these days and what you will find is the proliferation of Baltimores. Whites who have been pushed out of the economy by globalization are getting hooked on meth and opioids. They respond to rising social and economic stress by committing suicide. The White suicide rate was much higher during the Great Depression. Similarly, blacks fall into the underclass economy of drugs and violent crime, but are less likely to commit suicide.

What are we going to do with all these people? Better yet, what are we going to do with the millions of people who are about to join them after the next wave of automation hits? I predict that once this problem hits a critical mass in the 2020s or 2030s the current cope of “the free-market will figure it out” will no longer suffice.

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  1. Jews have made the urbannigger what it is today. And

    Jews have transformed free market capitalism into

    financialized crony-capitalism. And

    Jews have declared open war on Whites in ‘Murka. There’s the responsibility:

    Jews. All of them.

  2. The 2020 election is going to be all about who is the real “racist” and who is the real “anti-Semite”. Will this represent the dying gasp of boomer misrule and treason? One can only hope.

  3. Which party can we blame???

    Answer: The Godless Talmudic Party’s

    Proverbs 14:23 In all labor there is profit, But idle chatter leads only to poverty.

  4. Mr. Griffin, as to concerning the last paragraph, what happened to your promoting Yang? I must have missed where you announced your position change.

      • The juden and deep state elite sabotaged both hopeful dem centrist candidates, Tulsi and Yang cause they caught on that white people and right wingers liked them

        Also recently tulsi who was the only anti war candidate is now all of a sudden is now anti bds We now only can pick from a socialist commie jew, a new age occultist jew, a gay , a wacky touchy feely boomer, emotional half black Jamaican bitch, some no one has heard of and blumpf the orange man so yeah… Clown world election 2020

  5. Yep. The abolitionment of slavery is most responsible for all of this. That, and its logical outworkings. If the emancipated slave was to be truly emancipated, then he of course must be given an equal share in the government of society. And in order to prepare him for this equal share, he must be educated in Yankee-directed common schools, since of course evil Southerners had neglected to attend to his education for purely malevolent purposes. This plan was destined to failure from the gitgo (duh!), and here we are. Likewise the attempt was made by the Yankee, and still persists today, to over-educate lower class whites, who have all kinds of starry-eyed ideas put into their empty heads and are devastated when they cannot achieve their goals and aspirations. As you’ve pointed out before, the Old South was socially organized under the principle of hierarchy and inequality, as well as any sane society should be. The Yankee destroyed this superior system when he overthrew the Constitution and subjugated the South.

    Prof. Smith over at the Orthosphere wrote a good article about “false education” or over-education awhile back. See the comments as well:

  6. It’s in the sub saharan negroid genetics to chimp out and cause mayhem and destruction. Just look at africa.

  7. What this whole debate about Baltimore has missed is that is is actually Trump country which is extremely poor and falling apart. The Democrat liberal strongholds are actually doing great as the managerial and investor class lives in those areas.

    As usual this debate is nothing more than a race bait for election purposes to see who comes out on top as the least racist. It has nothing to do with actually solving our crumbling winner take all economic system in America

  8. Which political party?

    Tammany Hall Democrats or Whig Republican Federalists who were secretly bought by The Bank of England/Rothschild and Sons? Or was it the Aristocratic Abolitionist Cucks who believed that the noble black man would set up a fully functional civilization adjacent to ours granted his much appreciated liberty?

    I think we all know the answers.

    But the real question is how much money do you need to be insulated from these policies? How much material wealth is required in order to avoid having to physically interact with human detritus? Where does one go to avoid the innovative solutions of Codex Alimentarius, DARPA, or The Tavistock Institute?

    Clearly blacks are an excellent weapon against whites, but, they have an even greater feature. Once they complete their cancerous and parasitic mission – having been artificially elevated beyond their natural capabilities. Their own natural instincts towards incompetence, violence, sloth, and corruption will be allowed to flourish.

    • Codex Alimentarius. Never heard of it, so I looked it up. It’s a UN-related operation regulating all the food we eat. No wonder our food is so nutrient-deprived and damn near poisonous. China is the country in charge of the committee regulating Pesticide Residues, to give you an idea of how well our welfare is being looked out for by the kakistocracy.

      I’ve now got even more incentive to get the hell out of the urban area I’m in, and move to the country and grow my own food. Personal attachments keep stopping me from moving, but the info I keep finding on how screwed up food and water supplies are by our “caring elites” make me want to get the hell away from urban areas yesterday!

  9. “But the real question is how much money do you need to be insulated from these policies? How much material wealth is required in order to avoid having to physically interact with human detritus? ”

    Enough to live in Monaco or Switzerland.
    A couple millions.

    • No matter how wealthy you get, you still have to breathe air and drink water. Billions of wretches untreated shit flows downhill into the ocean every single day.

      A villa in Monaco doesn’t escape this feedback loop. The least of us affect the best of us.

  10. I notice that Williamson, a Semitically Correct fag, refers to coloreds in his article as Africoon Americans but doesn’t call white people European Americans. Why is that? And does he really believe that the differences in crime rates for white rural areas vs. black urban ghettoes is solely due to which political party is in office? Isn’t Williamson also the same no-talent who trashed working class white voters during the 2016 campaign? Exactly what group of readers is the National Jew Review intended for?

  11. We discredited the cuckservatives, but now our most immediate obstacle to progress is DR3. We have to launch an ongoing campaign to target conservative DR3 thinking and rhetoric.

  12. Both political factions are to blame for what happened to America’s cities. the liberals because they refuse to admit what the niggers and spics actually are like, and the so called conservatives with open borders, ‘free’ trade, wanting to jail as many people as possible, wanting to cut social programs to start wars and give tax cuts to billionaires.

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