Confirmed: Ronald Reagan Was a Racist

Listen to this:

I’ve been labeled a “racist” and “white supremacist” by groups like the SPLC and ADL. Unlike Ronald Reagan, I don’t use racial slurs though. I don’t describe black people as apes or monkeys or anything like that. I don’t want to take away their gibs either.

I believe that racial differences exist. I believe it is foolish to pretend those differences don’t matter because winning the genetic lottery matters a great deal in a free-market economy. I’m ethnocentric in the sense that I identify with my own people and take their side. I think it is cruel to tell welfare queens who are born with a < 85 IQ that their predicament in life is their own fault.

Should we disavow Ronald Reagan? If we disavowed Ronald Reagan whose views on race are essentially the same as those of the Chimpire, would we be punching right?

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    • Just like the rest of our “elites”. They know the truth and they still have thrown us under the bus.

    • ATBOTL,

      Reagan’s son turned out to be a homosexual ballerina, and Patty was a leftist that might have burned coal.

      Reagan was also the first MIGA RETARDican president. All those hostages in Lebanon were due to America becoming entangled in Israel’s wars of aggression.

      Mossad had foreknowledge of the suicide truck bomb that destroyed the barracks that the marines were camped in Beirut. Israel wanted goy blood shed by jihadis, so the the American normies would become anti-muslim zionists by extension. Their subterfuge worked like a charm.

      • Ronald Reagan himself was also a homosexual, like all Hollywood actors. Can’t get those roles without doing a free rounds on the Jewish casting couch.

      • Reagan successfully diverted everyone’s attention from the 300 Marines killed in Beirut with his glorious liberation of the tiny, unimportant island of Grenada from evil Cuban doctors and engineers.

  1. I’m not a big fan of Governor Reagan but it’s extremely unfair and arrogant to judge people who were born and raised in an earlier time by the uptight, politically correct standards of the present day. And besides, where’s the lie? Many coloreds do look and act like monkeys.

    • @Spahnranch1969,

      If I had to apologize to the rats for comparing jews to them, then you owe the monkeys an apology for your comparison.

  2. Of course Reagan was a “racist”. He was White.
    “Racist” means White person.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    • Ha! Good catch! I somehow missed that one.

      I share Mr. Wallace’s misgivings about referring to black Americans as “apes” and that sort of thing. Like him, I never do it. To me it just seems like gutter talk, and I’ve never really been into all that for whatever reason (call it “self-righteousness” or whatever you will, I’m just not into it, is the bottom line). I also wholly agree with him that it is cruel to tell persons born with a below 85 IQ that their current plight is their fault, and their fault alone. Nonsense! I’ll have to cite a little Dabney in this vein later when I have more time.

        • I agree, Spawn. A great saint once said: “Love your enemies, BUT ONLY your PERSONAL enemies, and NOT the Enemies of God.”

          That’s pretty much a ‘love your neighbor/racial kin/fellow Christian – i.e., EUropean’ but NOT the Jews, Sodomites, Niggers, and Spics. Becuase they are ALL enemies of Christendom, pure and simple.

          And again, I disagree with HW. He’s a kid, and his desire to ‘not insult’ is not like Reagan’s (my parent’s) generation. We ‘called a spade a spade,’ and if a person is NOT a human (i.e., White/Christian/European) they don’t DESERVE to be given that supreme accolade.

          THEY ARE ANIMALS. they are ‘beast of the field’ as the Bible says.

          • Fr. John >>>That’s pretty much a ‘love your neighbor/racial kin/fellow Christian – i.e., EUropean’ but NOT the Jews, Sodomites, Niggers, and Spics. Becuase they are ALL enemies of Christendom, pure and simple.<<<

            Fr. John,

            I wonder sometimes what kinds of people comment on Hunter's blog. I suspect that we have a number of FBI 'guests'. Their roll would be to cheer on the next Dylan Roof. Maybe to entrap him, maybe not….maybe just wait for one poor demented fool to forget to take his Xanax and watch Armageddon unfold.

            How to spot a plant? I think you just look for the most outlandish and stupid commentator who spews hatred on 'Niggers and Spics' who have lived here (in the South) for hundreds of years.

            Your comments get an 'A+' .

            I have to wonder what 'Christendom' you live in. You are obviously not a 'Fr' in any Christian Church. Our Lord has commanded us to teach and baptize all nations (nations means races, stupid!).

            You must be a 'Fr' in one of those new denominations like 'The Church of the Wankers'

            sincerely yours,

            Kneeling Catholic

  3. I’ve been labeled a “racist” and “white supremacist” by groups like the SPLC and ADL.

    I would wear that as a badge of honor if I were you. After the recent purging of Identity Dixie, I kept trying to find a way to restore my previous membership without much success initially. In the process I ran across a couple of SPLC articles demonizing the site and its contributors as all of the above and then some, and doxing them all. I don’t blame anyone for writing under an assumed name or pseudonym, but one of the reasons I stopped doing that years ago was for precisely this reason. Z-man and I are very close to the same age, so we seem to come at this from very close to the same perspective. Essentially, here I am, this is what I think based on my experiences and education, do with me what you will – dox me if you like, who gives a shit?

  4. I have mentioned this before. Is there not a chain of restaurants in the United States called Dos Gringos? That is fantastically racist. On a menu at a Tex-Mex restaurant in Texas a few months ago I saw a portion of the menu that said gringo special etc.

    For anyone to deny that Gringo is a racist word is to be very wrong. It is used with contempt for anglos even at the high levels in official talk in Mexico.. I was shown an article from a few years ago that a Mexican official wrote that the term should not be used in official communication but it was common.

    My grandmother showed me a couple of years ago an American dictionary from the 1950’s that stated the word Gringo was a vile racist word. More recent dictionaries try to pretend the word is not racist or maybe not even insulting???

    The way things are going perhaps the next American dictionaries will try to pretend the word is a compliment!

    I have heard the word often. It is very common even used as slang at times without contempt. But never complimentary.

    • “Racist” is a weaponized word anti-Whites use to demonize Whites on the one hand and to fill us with guilt and self hatred on the other. Call a non White a “racist” and he’ll tell you he can’t be. He’ll tell you “racist” means oppressor, aka White person, and he’s one of the oppressed.

      IMO, it’s a waste of time trying to co-op our enemy’s terminology. Worse, we end up reinforcing it. We should be using our own terminology. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

      • more of the same,

        True enough. I have never known a Mexican or Mexican-American feel guilty over the word or about anything on a collective level. I only mentioned the Gringo connection as a way to emphasize the anti white obsession in the USA. as hypocrisy and hatred. The Mexican official I mentioned above did not feel guilty on the word, he was only cautioning prudence on using it.

        I have thought and said racial slurs on everyone when the occasion warranted it and I never went to confession over it.

        • The word ‘gringo” was used in many Western movies & TV shows from the 1930’s well up into the present. That’s where I first heard the word back in the late 1950’s. There was even a movie “Song of the Gringo” (1936) starring the singing cowboy, Tex Ritter. I never knew it was a slur until I visited Southern California back in the 70’s. I did check a Webster’s dictionary from 1952 & it does say a contemptuous term for an American or Englishman.

    • It’s impossible for a lower life form to insult a higher one. A Mexican beaner could call me gringo all day and it wouldn’t bother me a bit, I’d just laugh. So maybe it is a “racist” term, but it can’t really be used as a weapon against the group it is intended to be against.

      • Powell,

        As I have told others if you do not respect yourself then no one will respect you. The anglo girls I go to school with when school is in session do not like to be called that. We are careful not to use the word in their presence.

        Those who laugh at their degradation deserve what they get.

  5. Like many racists, Reagan spoke it behind closed doors.

    Hey yo Alexandria, how do blacks and hispanics speak about whites behind closed doors?

    • silver,

      See my comment above to answer your question. Also, an uncle of mine went to an American university in the late 1970’s/1980’s. In his class was a Jamaican girl. She was very nice and told my uncle how gross American blacks were. She said all they ever did was talk non stop racial hatred against whites so vile that she was disgusted.

      He was even invited to a party where it was primarily Jamaicans attending the college. He was pleasantly surprised at how friendly they were. He said the party was fantastic with great food and liquor.

  6. I regard terming Negroes as apes and monkeys is a grotesque and uncalled for insult to genuine apes and monkeys.

    Re: gibs- I want them all TAKEN AWAY. Those Gibs are OUR resources, No mo’ gibs fo’ moon crickets!

    • True, I never cared for referring to blacks as apes or gorillas because apes and gorillas are not only really smart but also mostly non violent So the term rape ape is just gutter talk to me Also fur colour is Not skin colour! my black dog is not a African or a nigg@ to be less politicaly correct

    • Gorillas are gentle, peaceful creatures. Chimps are OK until they get older. Then they become dangerously aggressive and unpredictable, much like your average niggra.

  7. Reagan is no different than most of the presidents we have had in the 20th and 21st centuries. Here is an example for you Goys. Reagan was going to pull the Marines out of Lebanon in 1983 but the israel lobby talked him into keeping them there so the Marines were blown up in Beirut. There are also reports that the israelis knew that it was going to happen

  8. “I think it is cruel to tell welfare queens who are born with a < 85 IQ that their predicament in life is their own fault."

    Does this mean you don't think it's their fault or you just think it's cruel to tell is?

    • “I think it is cruel to tell welfare queens who are born with a < 85 IQ that their predicament in life is their own fault."

      It's even crueler to inflict those with an < 85 IQ on a civilized society. The first thing The Party of Lincoln should have done after emancipating the African slaves should have been shipping them to the colony set up for freed slaves, Liberia. Yes, it would have still been the African hellhole that it is today, but it was and is better than letting them transform the USA into one big African hellhole.

  9. I don’t care for racial slurs either, it ultimately just dumbs you down an you do end up sounding like a hickish bigoted fool. Alot of the stormer/stormfront crowd gets in on this hatefest but I don’t see the need to go out of my way to fuel myself with hate

    • @Thom: Take a stroll through any urban Negro community on a Saturday night, preferably in July or August. If you manage to survive that ordeal you will probably find yourself becoming the biggest nigger hater who ever lived.

      • Don’t get me wrong I hate scum and blacks who act stupid an violent but I Don’t bother with childish slurs or name calling. I’m anti biblical now fr john? Yeah i know the verse you are talking about psalm 139 21 that verse is taken out of context

      • He probably does hate them, at least at some level. The thing is, it’s very easy to feel morally superior when you hear someone raging about nigger this and nigger that.

        For my part, I intensely loath the nigger animal – as much as anyone in history ever has, I bet. But if I were to talk that way in real life, people would tune me out and my friends would tire of me. So I watch my words, and sometimes even make it a point to be friendly with a friendly-looking nigger in the vicinity – just as a cover, in case anyone had any suspicions about me. (It’s surprisingly simple to fool people if you don’t fit their image of what a “racist” should look/sound like.) There must be literally millions of people in a similar position.

    • That’s because you are anti-biblical. “Do I not hate thine enemies with a perfect hatred, O Lord?” – Psalms

  10. Every single person in the world is a racist. Some have the opportunity to bring those feelings forward and others never do.

    You are a racist, I am a racist, everyone is racist. Embrace it and let’s move on.

  11. Several points to make:
    1. this ‘racial remark’ recalls an episode in a series called Madame President with the same them and almost exact plot of hearing/seeing an old tape. Is TV inspiring reality? Also, one wonders if audio has been spliced and remastered. It was the case in the trial of Edgar Steele, the lawyer framed by the government for a phony murder attempt on his wife, and audio evidence proving his innocence wasn’t allowed.
    2. if what they said was true: I don’t care. Africa is a mess because of its people, and now it’s war between whites and muds. As Alex Linder said on VNN, it’s team white versus team Jew. We have to choose sides.
    3. Lebanon: when I lived in Boston in the 80’s, we were flooded with Lebanese refugees, and I worked with many as security guards, all bright, intelligent men. Some actually walked around the ruined barracks where the Marines were killed. They explained to me that the America was attacked because it chose sides. When the Americans were neutral, they were left alone. Many of these Lebanese were Christians, and they had little enthusiasm for Israel interfering in their country.
    4. Gringo. For Christina Romana. It is an insult, but Americans aren’t too offended. Maybe it’s like us saying ‘wetback’ to you, but the word is historical. I think it comes from a Greek origin. Some Americans believed it came from Mexicans hearing Americans (in the Mexican War) singing ‘Green Grow the Rushes, O’, and corrupted it as ‘gringo’, but this isn’t true. I have to correct older Americans on this all the time.
    A term used for Mexicans then was ‘the Dons.’ Any less insulting? I’ll let you judge, Christina.
    A more interesting term is Malinche. This was, as you know, the woman Cortez used as an interpreter when he invaded the Aztecs. I understand it is a very insulting term in Mexico, used to mean a race traitor, and Mexicans are very firm on La Raza.
    The question is if Malinche is really that bad. She did assist Cortez, but would Mexico had done better keeping their terrible religious life and human sacrifice? After all, Cortez got a lot of help from Indians ready to toss off the Aztecs. Cortez, i understand, is still reviled in Mexico. So, Christina, if I call you a ‘Malinche’, have I insulted you?

    I might add I care less and less about ‘official’ news. When the supposed Democratic candidates started speaking Spanish instead of English, they showed what a lot of Malinches they were.

    Christina, when you mentioned Dos Gringos restaurant, it reminded me of a chain here in the 60’s called Der Wienerschnitzel, offering pseudo German food. A German visiting here said they got it wrong: it’s DAS Wienerschnitzel instead of ‘Der’. But that never stops us Americans, we of ‘Donut’ instead of doughnut.’

    • Dargason,

      A thoughtful comment on your behalf. I would of course be on the side of Cortez over savage Aztecs. Most of the soldiers in Cortez’s army were Indian allies who had a grudge against the Aztecs. Without the Spanish conquest the Indians would be pagan savages. I am glad I am Catholic.

      If anglos are not offended by Gringo then they have no self respect. Those who do not respect themselves are not worthy of respect only contempt.

      • I doubt any white is ever going to feel racially insulted by “gringo.” Whites lack racial unity, but they don’t lack racial awareness. Even the biggest PC faggot whites are keenly aware of the racial differences between themselves and other races. Indeed, this is exactly why anti-racist whites are so “sure” that there’s so much “racism” among whites – because they assume virtually all whites feel racially superior to non-whites, just as they themselves do (if they’re honest). The main difference is that anti-racist whites are willing to go to heroic lengths to fight those feelings, and to treat people fairly regardless of race. But the idea that they’re going to feel racially insulted by some little indio calling them “gringo” is just too silly for words.

        Nonetheless, even if a white doesn’t feel racially insulted by “gringo,” he may well still feel offended that someone had the gall to use that word in his presence. So you’re quite right that this is also about self-respect. Still, some racial insults can be used in a friendly, non-threatening manner, so it’s understandable that some whites might take a given instance of “gringo” as a joke – just as some hispanics do with “beaner,” in certain contexts. (But no black is really ever going to laugh along with a white saying “nigger,” – that just stings them too much.)

        • Silver,

          Thank you for replying to me. Every white I know is insulted by the term. Granted my personal experience of the anglo–(roughly speaking defined as English speaking whites) is limited to young whites in California and Texas.

          All the latins I know believe it to be insulting, including an Argentinian friend. Of course the word is not always used with contempt just slang. Like my grandmother said the word nigger was used almost all the time in Texas and the South, most of the time matter of factly without anger or hate until deep in the 1970’s.

          I also agree with what you said about the term Beaner. I find it funny. Some of my Mexican/Mexican-American friends do not. For instance an Anglo I know said I was the second best looking Beaner he had ever seen. Being a girl I was pleased, and then being a girl I was irritated and wondered who was number one!

          • I also agree with what you said about the term Beaner. I find it funny.

            If you can laugh at and not feel insulted by ‘beaner’ then you should be able to understand how a white could laugh at and not feel insulted by ‘gringo.’

            I understand that hispanics believe the term to be insulting, but only the individual on the receiving end can know whether he actually feels insulted or not. If someone does not feel insulted, it seems strange to insist that he ‘really is insulted, but just doesn’t know it.’ The best you can do is claim he should feel insulted, but if he insists that he doesn’t, that about settles it.

            (Did you ever find out who was number one?)

      • In the old days Mexicans were referred to as Greasers. But I’m not sure if it was because they had jobs greasing the axles of wooden carts or because they were just naturally greasy in appearance.

        • spahnranch1969,

          My parents and grandparents are well aware of the term. It was the swarthy oily appearance. The terms beaner and wetback we sometimes jokingly call ourselves but never do we call ourselves Greaser jokingly. It is too descriptive and insulting.

          Normal people routinely used it. I read a children’s book a few years ago written by Edgar Rice Burroughs I think, where the main female calmly called Mexicans greasers without emotion or hate. i was surprised but not angry. That was a different time and society.

  12. Dargason,

    Some added details. Calling me “Malinche” means nothing to me. I am not Indian. If I was I would still support Cortez. My religion is more important than race.

    The unjust use of a slur is wrong since it is sinful to needlessly insult another human being. It degrades the person who utters it and the person who receives it. Also, if someone really cares for their race they would not want it to be unjustly insulted even if they are not personally offended themselves.

    I do not get the German restaurant example. Gringo is a term of disgust and it is known as such. The use of Der instead of DAS sounds like a mistake rather than a deliberate racial insult. It is not comparable.

  13. Did AOC, the spicy commie socialist latina actually say poor whites? This is sadly more then blumpf has done so far for us tho I hardly consider her a ally of whites. Waiting for some yid like max boot, ben shapiro or wolf blitzer to call her a white supremacist now that she is talking about poor whites. This doesn’t fit the (((white privilege))) narrative

    • True revolutionary lefties such as Rep. Spicasio-Cortez do seem to have concern for all the poor and disadvantaged, whether they be black, white or brown. That’s why I have some respect for the Far Left but absolutely despise so-called conservatives.

  14. I wasn’t implying Der Wienerschnitzel was a racial insult…just the usual American ethnic bumbling.
    It’s hard for me to take Gringo as an insult, as it is used so often in westerns and the like, and almost sounds a bit dignified. It’s hard to take insulting words against whites seriously. Honky? Whitey? As Harold Covington said, there are about six insult words for whites, but almost thirty for blacks. Says something.
    And, as many note, nigger is the nastiest terms blacks use to insult each other.

    Cortez could never have conquered Mexico without the help of his Indian allies, and, as one writer put it, he and his men’s fervent belief in Jesus Christ, which protected them against evil.
    I do deplore the destruction of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) by the Spanish, and the destruction of their codices, but that’s what conquerers do. It must have been a very beautiful city, despite the horrors of the
    Aztecs. My Mexican friend always said the problem was the Aztecs needed more time to straighten themselves out. As Octavio Paz said, Mexico may be Christian, but in the basement the old gods are still there.

    I know in Guatemala, the Indians prefer to be called naturales. To say Indio is a bit crude. What I gather from Mexico is that they consider the Central Americans to be a bit down the ladder from them.

    • Dargason,

      Well I am not going to beg anglos to resent being insulted. That is your affair. But we know it is insulting to you and it is used as such. It lowers us to say it. That is my main concern. The fact that Hollywood uses it in movies is a negative recommendation.

      Cortez and the Spaniards would have ultimately conquered the Aztecs. The Spanish Empire was too powerful and aggressive to be stopped for long. The destruction of the City was primarily the work of Indian allies who hated the Aztecs. Nor do I care.

      And yes, there is a certain coolness toward the Central Americans. I would say more but we are live and on the air so to speak. I also do not care for many mestizos. Mexico is a Catholic in name only country.

      My last word on the Gringo word is this. Someone once said –“Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.” So if you do not mind being racially insulted remember this——–I do. So do not insult my race even if you do not mind being insulted yourself.

    • And, as many note, nigger is the nastiest terms blacks use to insult each other.

      Blacks don’t use “nigger” to insult each other. Among blacks, nigger is a term of endearment (like “buddy” or “dude”), although it is pronounced “nigga” (ie, without that distinctive “er” sound at the end). Colorism – discrimination/preference based on skin tone among blacks themselves – is rife in the black community, but if a lighter black wants to insult a darker black on this basis, he is not going to call him a nigger.

      It’s possible that some black hispanics make regard “nigger” as insulting among blacks. Only based on conversations I have read on the internet, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans tend to refer to American blacks as “Aframs.” (I have no idea whether they say this in real life; I suspect they don’t.) It must be tricky for them. Some of them are clearly, unambiguously “black” in American society, but would not necessarily be considered “black” in their home countries.

      Over time, with ongoing immigration (sigh) and racial intermixture, I think America will eventually adopt “latin house rules” with respect to racial classifications. I hope this happens. Politicizing the distinction between black and non-black seems to me a more promising political cleavage than white and non-white. Too many whites are just way too hopeless and afraid when it comes to standing up for their own racial interests. But if they see evidence that everyone is in on the game of making and defending racial distinctions, then they might feel encouraged to take part themselves – that is, to explicitly pursue their racial interests, instead of falling back on the usual proxies like crime or welfare etc.

      • Silver,

        The term Beaner is a term I was considering non insulting. If it is the moral equivalent of the term Greaser then yes I would be insulted. I asked the oldest member of my family in Texas and she had not heard of the term. The Mexican Americans I asked do find it offensive. The Mexicans Nationals I know have never heard of it. So it could be that I was as naive over the term and it’s intent as some people are over the term Gringo. That was a good point you brought up.

        As for the other part? That was funny. Yes I know who is the fairest of them all at our school..

      • “Nigger” wasn’t originally intended to demean the Africans who were brought here. It was used to describe their origins at the time which was either Nigeria or Niger. Both countries are very close to each other and the Africans have a similar appearance.

        It was the behavior of their descendants that turned it into a racial slur. And it was the behavior of those same people that necessitate rebranding themselves from “Niggers” to “Nigros” to “Negroes” to “Colored People” to Black” to “Afro-Americans” to “African-Americans” and now, “People of Color.” Although now, these “people of color” like to label themselves with other, equally obnoxious “people of color” to give themselves camouflage. Much like Jews likes to label himself as White when they are misbehaving but they are Jewish in private or when they do something praiseworthy.

        Beaner wasn’t originally an insult. It was a nickname the Anglos gave Mexicans due to their diet which consisted of a lot of beans. For some reason, rice was equated with the Asians. With how much Mexican food is part of the Anglo-American diet these days, I’m surprised that people still use that term to describe Hispanics. I knew one group of Americans that went to Europe, dined on fine European cuisines and were jonesing for Mexican food the moment they debarked from the plane when they landed in America.

        • Clytemnestra,

          That was interesting. I get tired of beans. I love French food. French pastries are sweeter than Mexican pastries and taste better to me as well. From what I can tell other European food looks really good as well.

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