Live Thread: Second 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate (Round 2)

Hot take:

Yang and Tulsi had a strong debate performance.

Joe Biden was aggressive and dominated the first hour, but seemed to fade in the second hour. Biden had Kamala Harris on her back foot in the debate when Tulsi landed a punch that knocked her out. Yang’s strategy was to focus like a laser on UBI and to come across as the likable pragmatist who is “above the fray.” Unlike Tulsi, he refused to take shots at the other candidates.

Note: Red Ice has live coverage of the debate tonight.

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  1. We’re not on Standard Time HW, we’re on Daylight Time Therefore tonight’s debate should be listed as taking place beginning at 8pm EDT. That’s the kind of mistake I would expect from an ill-bred ignoramus like Fat Man Jones, not from the South’s preeminant historian and public intellectual.

  2. The Great whigger Hope/Dope Gropin’ Joe Biden surrounded by mamzers with lesser whigger betas on the ends.

    The cutest hapa is Tulsi, the stupidest whigger is upstate jew yawkess Kristin Gillebrand.

    Now the debate is fighting the Great Whigger Dope Gropin’-Joe about how GJ is a moderate, how to let in all the beaners cum-cum cum-cum to AmurriKwa to live off the Whigger Mans.

    Gropin’ Joe is the Lone Whigger against the [w]hordes wanting to stay ahead as the front-runner.

    8:07 pm CST

      • Absolutely sickening. No other race seems to have this gene for enthusiastic group suicide that whites do.

        • This “gene” didn’t exist until the (((television brainwashing apparatus))) got off the ground in the Sixties.

          This is pretty much just the result of mass media hypnosis plus govt incentives.

          Take back even part of the newsmedia and the insanity would be broken rapidly.

  3. Criminal jewstice:

    Gropin’ Joe: We must let all them nigger dopers loose so they can learn to read and shit

    Cory the Gay Nigger: Gropin’ Joe passed legistreason in the 1980s, 90’s to put us niggers where wez belong — in jail.

    Gropin’ Joe: Niggers in jail passed under Clinton and Obongo. And Cory the Gay nigger believed in stop & frisking Newark niggers.

    Cory the Gay Nigger: I’m a nigger, a gay nigger, and you have been mean to niggers. The ACLU sez I’m a Wonder Nigger from Newark.

    Castro the Lizard-Greaser: I’ve passed Piglice Reform for San Antone gang-beaners.

    Insleee the Washington State Whigger: I’m a good whigger and have pardoned niggers like crazy.

    Castro Greaser: You let Pig Pantaleo off.

    Baal DeBlazio: I’ll fire the pig that choked fat nigger Garner. Gropin’ Joe didn’t do nothing about it.

    Gropin’ Joe: We turned loose 38,000 criminals, mainly niggers. And Obongo often massaged my prostate.

    Yanger the Great Yellow Hope: Something

    Kristen the jew Yawk Whiggress: Fire Pantaloadfull for killing a pore fat nigger.

    Senatard Hairass: About busing, you were at the back of the bus except you were not. And Gropin’ Joe was nice to the Klan Senatards, who were mean to us niggers back then. Under my reign niggers will run wild, cum-cum, cum-cum.

    Gropin’ Joe: Senatard Hairass as Attorney jeweral didn’t stop anti-nigger racism because she was too busy sucking Willie Brown off.

    Tulsi the Wonder Hapa: The criminal jewstice system is broken. Hairass as Attorney jewrnal was a crooked bitch who laughed at pore nigger criminals in chain gangs.

    Kammy Hairass: I was good for niggers as Attorney jewrnal.

    Tulsi Hapa: You were a real bitch, Kammy.

    Kammy: Not so. Frying niggers was hard.

    8:30 pm

  4. Two minor whiggers on the end (Bennet, Inslee): We love niggers, faggots and other Demmyctwat voters.

    Yanger: I can heal the racial divide because I’m a gook and I have a bag fool of cash for niggers and beaners. Nigger Looter Kang wrote somethang about this shit.

    Castro-Beaner: Drumpf is a racist. And an Orange asshole. I’d give that Whigger Man’s loot to invest in gibs for niggers.

    Gilligoof: I can talk to whiggress who voted for Drumpf who don’t understand how theys’ whigger male spawn don’t get shot because theys’ whigger in Whiggerville.

    Climate Change:

    Inslee: We must panic right now because the Republicans won’t, Neither will Gropin’ Joe.

    Gropin’ Joe: There is no middling ground in my plans for climate change. Evil Orange Racist foiled me and Obongo’s plans.

    Yanger: Us gooks emit a lot more carbon and flatulence than Amurrikwan whiggers.

    Inslee: The sky is falling, Gropin’ Joe. You need to listen to me because I won’t make the September debates.

    Gropin’ Joe: No more fossile fuel subsidies.

    Kammy Hairass: I agree with Inslee and against Gropin’ Joe who is ahead of me in the polls.

    Kristin Gillygoof: I’ll lead a coonversation on globull warming. The weather is bad. Somethang about JFK.

    Tulsi the Hapa: I’m a Hawaiian Hapa. I actually want off fossil fuels. I don’t need a vibrator.

    Cory the Gay Nigger: As Newark mayor I was against climate change.

    Baal DeBlazio: Niggers have lots of lead in jew yawk and not only from bullets. I’m going in pub[l]ic housing to end lead poisoning by trying to coonvince niglets to stop eating paint chips.

    Castro Greaser-Lizzard: As Secretary of Housing I did something.

    Anderspawn Pooper: Orange Devilman won Michigan. How do you beat Drumpf?

    Gropin’ Joe: As Obango VP I did something. Like let Hillary steal the primaries.

    Kristin Gillygoof: Drumpf did some bad shit. I have rode the short-bus around everywhere.

    Yanger: Gropin’ Joe might be ahead but I’m offering a $1000 bag of ZOGbux. My gookling is autistic.

    Tulsi: Donald Trump won because the politicians were politicians. I’m cute and I’ll end the Afghan War.

    Cory the Gay Nigger: We lost Michigan because the Russkis and Drumpf were suppressing nigger and especially sheboon voters.

    Kammi Hairass: Drumpf lied a lot and won. We need to promise non-whites the White Man’s shit.

    Debate break: 900pm CST

    • Gropin’ Joe: No more fossile fuel subsidies.

      But plenty of subsidies for engine ruining and mileage reducing ethanol. And plenty of election winning votes from states like Iowa, Indiana and Ohio, as a consequence.

      Biden ‘s gonna get the six Yankee states that switched sides and voted along with the South and West for Trump, to switch back and put him in office.

      He’ll do it in part, by promising more and bigger subsidies to the farmers in the Yankee Cornbelt®.

      Anti-White rhetoric and rights for three legged, bisexual Martians don’t fly in Peoria. But union factory jobs and ag subsidies do. Which is why we’ll see his talk change from Left-wing craziness to old fashioned, Northern Democratic Populism.

      A future Biden voter at work in the Cornbelt;

        • @Powell

          I’ve had to use fuel stabiliser and my gas milage has dropped off with 10% ethanol. When I can run straight gas, it goes back up. However, older engines, which most people have, aren’t really designed to burn ethanol mix. If I bought a brand new 2019 vehicle, no doubt, ethanol wouldn’t be a problem.

          Ethanol plays hell with weed eaters, tillers, mowers, chainsaws, etc. All of my friends and neighbours have the same problems. We’ve all had to redo the carburetors after a few months of work. A nasty, sticky, brown gunk builds up in the fuel system. Before ethanol mix, this didn’t happen. Marvel Mystery Oil seems to help, though.

  5. Julian Castro: “The president is a racist.”

    Forget all the free stuff they promise (e.g. free college by Gabbard and Sanders or free health care for illegals by nearly all), this is their 2020 campaign in a nutshell.

    (I am in a place where this is on.)

  6. Can you guarantee raising taxes won’t hurt the economy?

    Castro Greaser-Lizard: To tax is Demmyctwat.

    Tulsi: We need good fair trade deals & end tariffs

    Gropin’ Joe: We must invest in workers.Renegotiate the TPP.

    Baal DeBlazio: I am against TPP and the new NAFTA. Gropin Joe voted for NAFTA I.

    Gropin’ Joe: Yes, yes, yes. I’m easy.

    Bennett Mischling: The tax cuts have helped the rich. I’ll print up more ZOGbux and spend it.

    To Yanger The girleys earn less ZOGbux. Will you give the girleys more money?

    Yanger: I’ll give out 1,000 ZOGbux for the girleys and they won’t even have to suck.

    Kammi Hairass: I’ll fine every company which doesn’t pay niggresses more ZOGbux than male whiggers.

    Kristen Gillygoof: Gropin’ Joe did somethang in the 1980s about child care credit. Like what?

    Gropin’ Joe: Mumble, mumble.

    Kristen Gillygoof: You didn’t answer my question according to the limits of my intellect.

    Gropin’ Joe: mumble, mumble.

    Kammi Hairass: You went back on the Hyde Amendment.

    Gropin’ Joe: I went back on that now because its my turn now.

    Inslee Whigger: Skanks don’t get paid as much. I did a lot of shit as Governor of Washington state.

    9:15 pm

  7. Foreign Wars:

    Cory Nogger: I’ll pull out of Afghanistan.

    Tulsi Warrior Hapaess: I’ve actually been there. So’s my hubby. I’ll pull out yesterday.

    About Iran

    Yanger: Trump rejected Iran deal. We need to be nice to Iran. And we need to give everyone 1000 ZOGbux per month.

    Bennett Mischling: Gropin’ Joe voted to invade Iraq.

    Gropin’ Joe: When the war turned bad I chickenshitted out.

    Tulsi: We were all lied to. Saddam had weapons of ass-destruction. Trump is still in Afghanistan, probably humping the prime whore-pussy there.

    Baal DeBlazio: We need to stop the Iran war.

    Fagot Nigger Lemon: Trump got away with a lot of shit.

    Kammi Hairass: Trump needs to be lynched.

    Corty the Gay Nigger: We need to impeach Drumpf yesterday.

    Castro Lizard-Beaner: Yes, impeach Trump

    Baal DeBlazio: We need to impeach Trump but at the same time give the AmurriKwa Piss-pul get a reach-around from taxing the rich.

    Bennet Mischling: Mitch McConnel will ass-rape us Demmyctwats on impeachment in the Senate.

    Castro Greaser: Clinton didn’t get coonvicted. We need to impeach Trump. Congress can fart and chew gum at the same time.

    Bennet Mischling: Juan Valdez Castro can fart and chew gum at the same time. That greaser can father muh Holohoax survivor baby cum September when I won’t be in the debates.

    9:30 pm debate break.

  8. Gropin’ Joe: No more fossile fuel subsidies.

    But plenty of subsidies for engine ruining and mileage reducing ethanol. And plenty of election winning votes from states like Iowa, Indiana and Ohio, as a consequence.

    Biden ‘s gonna get the six Yankee states that switched sides and voted along with the South and West for Trump, to switch back and put him in office.

    He’ll do it in part, by promising more and bigger subsidies to the farmers in the Yankee Cornbelt®.

    Anti-White rhetoric and rights for three legged, bisexual Martians don’t fly in Peoria. But union factory jobs and ag subsidies do. Which is why we’ll see his talk change from Left-wing craziness to old fashioned, Northern Democratic Populism.

    A future Biden voter at work in the Cornbelt;

  9. Jake Yapper: Closing statements — Biggest losers first

    Baal DeBlazio: Us Democrats will tax the hell out of the wealthy. We need Socialism for the poor not rich.

    Bennett Mischling: Donald Trump is really fucking up ZOG. We need to save ZOG. We must all cum-cum cum-cum together like dogs under one whip, jewnited.

    Inslee: The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Join me & Turkey-Lurkey at Foxy-Loxy’s processing plant and end using fossil fuel use and cook us up in solar ovens.

    Krissy Gillygoof: Donald Trump is bad, very bad. And I can change this by beating Trump by Sheer Whiggeress Pussy-Power. I cum from upstate jew yawk and lied until Swillery left me her Senate seat.

    Tulsi the Wonder Hapa: Like I told the General, we need to pull out. We need to stop the wars and make sure niglets are not drinking from lead pipes.

    Castro the Lizzard-Greaser: Greasers and niggers made AmurriKwa Grate. If you select me you all will fart through silk, except whiggers.

    Yanger: The robots are cumming. Cum-cum, cum-cum cumming. And so we need to give every Amurrikwan $1000 ZOGbux to spend on love dolls and shit.

    Cory the Gay Nigger: Detroit looks a lot like Newark. Probably because of all the niggers in town. The AmurriKwan Dream is under threat. We need to all love each other and I’ve popped a load of Viagra for that reason.

    Kammy Hairass: As Cali Attorney General I was mean to sex perverts. Donald Trump is a sex predator who has bought an awful lot of high priced whore pussy and paid off jews to cover it up and put beaner-babies in cages. I will wipe off and win.

    Gropin’ Joe Biden: Four years of Drumpf is a wakeable nightmare, sort of like the Obango Administration. We need a senile whigger who can win. So you need to vote for me, not them other pinko faggots and niggers.

    9:50 pm Debate end

    • Pastor – yours is the BEST commentary on the WORLD! Thank you!

      Russia! Iran! Invite the entire political establishment of Murka to Israel – and nuke Israel. Thank you.

      • Nope.
        He sounds like a grade school child dropping random profanity and childish taunts in an attempt to sound “grown up” to impress the other kids. In doing so he feeds into the stereotype of pro-Whites as being vulgar, uneducated, mouth breathers. He lacks the self-awareness to recognize how foolish he sounds.

        It’s almost enough to make me ashamed that we share the same Christian name….

        • Don’t let your bowtie get out of crease, Texas Maiden Aunt Gamer.

          Would you like some smelling salts after such blows to your delicate sensibilities?

        • “Oh, the vulgarity! EEEEEK! Sometone said n-nigger! I’m frightened, Mildred! Hold me! And I think I wet my diaper, too!”

          What a repulsive limp-wrist. Texas should be ashamed at producing such a pansy.

          Even Churchill wrote about “nigger kingdoms,” and the official police report on the Black Dahlia said she “had no use for queers.”

          Man up, fool.

          • Denise, Ironsides, you got to understand Texass Alt-kike Lamer the gamma incel Finckbot.

            This little critter has been tasked by Rabbi Baal Finck to chase after me on Brad’s blog. The gamma-incel Finckbot got itz orders.

            Reminds me of when this Aussie poofter with gender-identity issues showed up to fight with me back in Feb 2010. Self-righteous, smarmy, winner of the “Scarlet H” for hypocrisy it left us all wondering whether it had a pole or a hole under itz tail so we all demanded to look. It begged off but loved to show up as a girl in its avatard over on Rabbi Linder’s Virtual Colostomy Bag BBF and at jewronomo Pisser-Possum’s Cherokee Piss-Pul Mamzeries. it called itself Obadiah 1:18, after the Bible verse about Edom being burnt to a crisp. We called the perverted critter “Oba-gender-bender-pissers-poofter-possum-666”. Obie-gender-bender for short.

            All was well until Obie-gender-bender gave the Cherokee Sephardic melungeon itz real name of Robert Hancock working in a Mitsubishi warehouse in Melbourne. Then in June 2013 Obie-gender-bender turned on Brother Gary, who admitted to being 2% Souix when Jeromy Visser was at least “25% Cherokee, lol, what of it.” Brother Gary was the only one who gave the Pisser-Possum a plane ticket and ZOGbux to collect Bridget Da Idjit and four lil pisser-possums in Seattle and take them back to Atlanta. Brother Gary gave out money, Obie nothing but smarm and so Obie-gender-bender was going down. Never cum between a Great Bowel Movement Tard and ZOGbux from ZOGtards. Obie-gender-bender got outed and now is a Lone Mamzer on the former Two & A Half Mamzers Forum, i.e.

            This critter is a gamma incel because it has nothing worth while to say, assumes that anyone wants to listen to it, and is nothing but a stalker with a mission to whine about how it can’t stand to read my posts here on Brad’s Blog. Oh well.

            What this Democrat “debate” was about is clear. Senile old Gropin’ Joe Biden is the last whigger Boomer who can stand against Trump. The younger muds and mongrels have no other options than to call for the declining whiggers to hand over what they got in terms of retirement wealth for niggers and beaners and gooks to coonsume, but they need to have the gliberal whiggers gladly hand it over. If there are no gliberal whiggers left, then right-wing whiggers will go out shooting, destroy the diminishing margins necessary for the survival of most all ZOGlings and in the civil war / collapse there will be nothing left to loot or even eat.

            What will save The Whigger Race is a collapse in which 80% of the whiggers and all of the jews and muds die of war, pestilence, famine and the fact that there isn’t a whigger infrastructure left to support 7.5 billion worldwide or a third of a billion in the ZOGland.

            Which is why the cry for “unity” to keep it all running — for a while. What to do when it all falls apart? Who knows !!! The jews and muds can’t maintain the System much less keep it running enough to support them. This “Demockracy” is merely a show to keep things running as long as possible.

            My making fun of these tards was easy once you know what they really want and need. Their lies and evasions are certainly not new but rather threadbare and moth-eaten now towards the end . . .

            But getting back to this gamma incel Texass Alt-Kike Lamer: What does it coontribute to Brad’s Blog or anything? Nothing! What to do about it? Nothing, except doxxing it if it does somethang stupid like letting us look under itz tail.

            A likely Finckbot. Definitely a gamma incel too chickenshit to go postal.

            Hail Victory !!!

            Pastor Martin Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  10. Just when you think that this country cannot get any worse – it does – on an hour-to-hour basis – it is Kafkaesque in its grotesqueness.

  11. Thought Yang was done for but he sounded strong here in the debate of jewshills and tards. His diss of reality star loser and jew shill bronald blumpf was a good jab he needs to talk more like this. ‘ubi is neither right or left its forward’ was another good highlight

  12. I am starting to think that a Gillebrand-Castro ticket and administration might be the best one to bring things to a head, so to speak. This might be the most anti-white ticket possible.

    Kamala Harris is also truly awful but is not likely to be much different from Obama.

    How about this Booker character? Maybe Warren’s the one?
    So many of the others are boring and likely to disappear soon. DeBlasio is a real piece of work, but has little chance. Hell, New Yorkers were ridiculing him and his prospects

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