David Brog: What Bret Stephens Gets Wrong about National Conservatives

National Review:

“Last month the Edmund Burke Foundation (of which I am president) held its inaugural National Conservatism Conference. While we organizers agreed on certain core principles, such as banning those who define our nation in terms of race, we disagreed on much else, from industrial to foreign policy. Defining national conservatism will — like any serious political project — take time, study, and a great deal of constructive criticism. …”

Here are two of the core organizing principles of National Conservatism:

1.) Jews who are ardent Zionists will be the gatekeepers who will define American Nationalism or National Conservatism. This includes foreigners like Yoram Hazony who are on the payroll of Sheldon Adelson and who are big buddies with Netanyahu.

2.) The racists will be excluded.

There is room for disagreement on pretty much everything else from trade policy to foreign policy. This big tent includes John Bolton. It’s owned by Sheldon Adelson anyway, right? The mainstream Right will consist of nationalist Jews like Yazony and Brog arguing with neocon Jews like Bret Stephens.

“Lincoln’s example looms large as we face the greatest threats to our unity in decades. America is unraveling into an unhappy confederation of hostile tribes. Both the extreme Right and the woke Left are seeking to impose a neo-segregation that divides us by the color of our skin. Large regions of our country have fallen into economic despair. Unprecedented numbers of Americans are choosing to numb their pain through drugs or end their lives through overdose. …

For too long we conservatives have cited Friedrich Hayek and other proponents of laissez-faire to justify our inaction. We’d be wise to temper their theories with the wisdom of Hamilton, Lincoln, and others closer to home. Our American brothers and sisters are crying out to us. As their pain increases, so too should our impatience with any ideology that renders us too cold to listen or too impotent to act.”

Yes, the wisdom of Lincoln and Hamilton.

If you loved Rich Lowry’s previous book Lincoln Unbound: How an Ambitious Young Railsplitter Saved The American Dream – And How We Can Do It Again, you will love his next one The Case For Nationalism: How It Made Us Powerful, United, and Free. “National Conservatism” is going to be totally different from mainstream conservatism and will correct all the mistakes of the past.

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  1. National Cohenzervatism will save America by promoting globalism and Zionism. Sorry, no gentiles allowed.

  2. WTF does chosen mean anyways? It means the Jews regard themselves as racially superior to all non-Jew and Jews believe their racially supremacy is Gods will. These people are sick.

  3. Zionist jews (or jews in general) in charge of ideology and political goalposts. What could possibly go wrong?

    All that’s missing is Charlie Keep no and the other grifters at tpusa, and then you’d have MIGA on steroids.

  4. I noticed that in the UK, a neocon group called “The Henry Jackson Society” is trying to do something similar to the “National Conservatives” here:

    Towards a Civic English Nationalism


    Tommy Robinson’s group has been pushing this same line lately, trying to claim that Englishness has no ethnic aspect. I’m sure there are lots of connections between this neocon outfit and the zionist network around Tommy. The blow up over the Tommy/zionist network going full retard and attacking real nationalists is the biggest story in the alt-right in the last couple of weeks and I hope Hunter mentions it to his readers.

    It’s very enlightening to see how events in the UK have been closely paralleling events here. In both our countries, professional zionist activists backed by big neocon money are trying to set up fake nationalist front groups to fight white identity.

    • ATBOTL,

      Churchill was cuck island’s original ziocon. He is/was the shabbos goy most responsible for the disintegration of the West.

      What’s occurring in the jew kay presently is a big karmic fu*k you from the ghosts of the heroes that carried the flag of National Socialism.

      The GD limeys will have to save themselves or perish. The jewnited states isn’t going to save your bacon a third time in the last 100 years.

  5. It’s beyond absurd that the man who moved NR from immigration restrictionism to open borders, free trade and endless neocon wars is now trying to define nationalism. It shows Lowry for the desperate grifter he is.

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