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  1. This documentary is priceless! I haven’t busted a nut laughing my ass off in a long time just watching someone in real life disintegrate who truly deserved it.
    This definitely should win an award for biggest e-celeb bloopers.
    BTW who are the (((managers))) to these e-celebs?

  2. I remember when I was told to dislike Jordan B Peterson and like Baked Alaska.

    Could anything more illustrate the failure of the alt right?

    • I met him in New Orleans.

      I remember how pissed off I was with his friend Mike Tokes who was cucking to Black Lives Matter at Lee Circle. Tokes is now wearing a yarmulke in his Twitter avatar.

    • Except kid rock is not talented either its a shame that piece of trash got famous because i’m still baffled how he got famous his music is shit imo cucked alaska is the ultimate grifter of the alt right

    • Godzilla,

      “That photo though…”

      At least we now know that Cernovich is ‘pitching,’ and Baked Alaska is ‘catching.’ The only thing missing are matching rainbow MAGA baseball caps.

  3. Another fraud heavily promoted by fellow grifter Andrew Anglin back in 2016. I knew there was something really off about the MAGA movement but it didn’t occur to me until recently just how Jewish and fake the whole thing is. At least leftism openly declares itself hostile to whites, Trumpism pisses on your leg and tells you its raining.

  4. HW,

    I know this thread is dated by now, but Jefferson Lee tonight on The McSpencer Group referenced your tweet about the Baked Alaska documentary.

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