The Wignat Myth

There are some people who are spreading the myth that they were poised on the precipice of power in the Blompf administration until the wignats ruined it for them in Hailgate and Charlottesville.

Steve Bannon blew that myth out of the water in his 60 minutes interview after he was fired by the Trump administration:

“In the 48 hours after we won, there’s a fundamental decision that was made. You might call it the original sin of the administration. We embraced the establishment. I mean, we totally embraced the establishment.”

“The ‘drain the swamp’ thing was — is Mitch McConnell was day one did not want to — did not want to go there. Wanted us to back off.”

Steve Bannon was interviewed by Cernovich and had this to say about the Alt-Right before the 2018 midterms:

“They can go fuck themselves. I don’t give a shit, right? Because they’re irrelevant. What’s relevant is building a coalition here of working-class people and middle-class people who can take the country back. And this is not an ethno-nationalist movement. It’s a civic or economic nationalist movement, and it’s a winner,” Bannon said. …”

As he explained in Bob Woodward’s book Fire and Fury, Steve Bannon had already sold out to the Republican establishment after Blompf won the Republican primary. Reince later became Chief of Staff and immediately began restocking the Swamp.

“I reached out and sucked Reince Preibus’ dick on August 15 and told the establishment, we can’t win without you.”

After he won the 2016 election, Blompf sold out to the donors and started packing his Cabinet with them like Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Andy Puzder who he nominated to be Labor Secretary or Ben Carson who is his HUD Secretary. He held court at Trump Tower in New York City in November 2016 and December 2016 as the checks started flying in from people like Sheldon Adelson (the top donor of his inauguration who simply gave $20 million to pro-Blompf Super PACs in the 2016 election) and Hank Greenberg who is the CEO of AIG.

It is a myth that the entire course of the Blompf administration was changed by one drunken toast by Richard Spencer and one drunken hail by Mike Enoch at the 2016 NPI Conference. The truth is that it barely registered and was swatted away. I knew the fix was in from the minute The Mooch started making public appearances as a member of Blompf’s Transition Team. Follow the money and everything that has happened since the 2016 election makes much more sense.

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  1. This is a classic bad take that is closely related to the “optics” argument. Republicans lose because Paleocons make them look bad to normies. Paleocons lose because populists make them look bad. Populists lose because white nationalists make them look bad. White nationalists lose because wignats make them look bad, and so on.

  2. So if Bannon says something it must be true?

    Two very basic mistakes:

    Trump was not winning by surprise (as if the jews are not in total control of the voting process, the can fake every result they wish). I was not surprised that Trump was winning. The whole MSM narrative was pointing in that direction. Hillary played along with a script that saw her losing. Remember how she suddenly faked health issues when some jews spread rumors about a serious health condition?

    Trump was in the pockets of the jews his whole life. His mentor was the king of sleazy Roy Cohn! When he went bankrupt he was bailed out by a Rothschild banker. He was a reality TV show presenter in a jew run TV show.

    Get a grip. You were duped. And in your vanity you believed you were a king maker with you scribbeling!

  3. Yep you try to tell so called 2nd Amendment good old boys things and they just get that dumbfounded look on their face. For example I told my nephews father in law that t-rump had just nominated a convicted felon (Eliot Abrams) as special envoy to Venezuela and I told him he was convicted for the Iran Contra Affair. The he said Iran Contra Affair? Many Americans are just clueless brainwashed automatons.

  4. It was obvious from the beginning that many who voted for Trump were betrayed. I think Trump was a con early on. He made a mockery of the people who trusted and believed in him despite his track record.

    I remember when the Billy Bush scandal broke, a whole crowd of Trump supporters gathered at Trump Tower to let Trump know that they were still with him. People at that station in life believe in only three things — wealth, power, and preservation at all costs — and they feel nothing for nation or race or soil. Nothing else matters. I have come to the conclusion that this whole Trump vs Them is staged. It is all theater. It’s just another distraction.

    Many on this site were very wary of Charlottesville and what we feared would happen ended up being a mild version of what actually occurred. Look at all these shootings. There is no thorough investigation and it could only be because they’re all in on the bigger picture. I now realize Jeff Sessions was probably held back from doing the job we were expecting of him. Trump didn’t defend any of his most ardent supporters.

    Chaos. Divide and conquer. Intentionally flooding Western nations with Third World peoples. The rise of Clown World. All while they rob and rape the entire planet. And, then we get blamed for it. The same thing was done to our ancestors. They’ve been blamed for the actions of the ruling class. Maybe we should be blamed since we never take the time to truly find out what really is going on in our world. We been lied to and manipulated all our lives and it’s taken all our lives to figure it out.

    We play no role in the control mechanism. It simply feeds off of us. There is no way out of this. There is no exit. The light at the end of the tunnel is the train coming at us. Every single time.

    • @Snowhitey

      All of this is tied, on purpose, to the food in our iceboxes and cupboards. Everybody knows this, if only subconsciously. Folks aren’t going to rebel if they’re not sure that they’re going to be able eat another meal, again.

      Food security is the #1 prerequisite for the revolution. If we can still eat, and starve out the oligarchs in their walled and gated enclaves, we win. Otherwise, “Crush the Urbanite” is an empty slogan.

      • The farmers are the first people to smell tyranny because they’re the first victims of tyranny. How many people ever wonder why corporations have taken control of the food supply – from seed to shelf? And, have been allowed to do so? The total control of humanity. Intentional and all the participants are willing accomplices especially government. They all want a seat at the table of globalism.

        Rule#1: If you’re incapable of feeding yourself, you’re a slave.

      • That is why food prices have been held down relatively low in comparison to all other consumer goods.

    • Yes, Snow, and how would most people have the access to this information, especially prior to the advent of the internet? People are learning. Who knows what will happen next? I don’t.

      We need to take care of ourselves, and each other, and find ways to stop playing the (((Elite Game))). We live in this planet, there is no where else to go, so we must figure out how to build our world within this world, and disentangle ourselves for our exploitation and abuse. We must stand up for OURSELVES. No one else will. We must STOP accepting responsibility for the crimes of the Jews and their factotums. We must REFUSE to accept responsibility for any-one other than OUR selves.

      There was a shooting in CA, at that garlic festival. The Jew media is trying to link the responsibility of the poor kid, that did the shooting, to us. The reason I am citing this is BECAUSE this blog didn’t . EXCELLENT! No White sites are blubbering and disavowing. I couldn’t find one White site that even acknowledged the shooting. And now it’s off the Jews cycle.

      I’m certain that the Hebes and their Golem will pull more outrageous and evil deeds, and TRY to blame us. WE need to point out the (((Guilty Parties))) are ALL times. And live OUR lives any way we can. Until it all crumbles to ruin and dust – which is what IS happening with ZOG world now.

      • Denise, the following is IMHO only. It is not intended to insult or bash anyone.

        You’re not going to agree with me but the Jews are one small fraction of the pie. And it is not the rank and file people who are adherents to Judaism, it’s the control mechanism of Judaism. The rabbis, the excessive rituals, the Sanhedrin, and the unknowns above those levels. They are a completely manipulated and controlled group with the control mechanism going far beyond the physical. What controls them? If you study how they are manipulated and who is doing the manipulation, perhaps that will reveal a tiny portion of the bigger picture. Judaism is used to control its adherents and those adherents are used to control other groups. It’s one of the many aspects of the control of the planet. But, so are other religions. You can’t approach a lot of people about religion because they are too close-minded. In our world, beliefs are a stronger bond than blood. Why?

        The same is true of all secret societies. Some probably completely unknown to everyone on the planet except its members. When I state the monarchs and The Vatican are part of the control mechanism, I do not say that lightly. No matter what road I go down, there they are. Analyze them and question their existence. What you hear and what you’ll see are two very different things. Do I think they are the top of the proverbial pyramid? No. But they’re higher than governments.

        I’ve been at this for more than fifteen years and after a while some pieces fall together and the absurd don’t seem so absurd anymore. We are all controlled. We are trained and brainwashed from cradle to grave. We don’t know our true origins or genuine history. We ALL know something’s not right in our world but being close-minded will never get us the answers.

        The one advice I’d give to anyone who is extremely curious is to be extremely open-minded. Be willing to accept the possibility that almost everything you believe is not true or has only small grains of truth. Analyze, analyze, analyze.

        I’ve been a critic of Richard Spencer but when I saw the YouTube video of him debating a German journalist, I realized he gets it to some degree and probably more than he lets on. He referred to the U.S. Military base on German soil as being part of the control of the German nation. Bingo.

        Does anyone ever wonder why all military bases are on ley lines? The world we can’t see plays an enormous role in the world we can see.

        Symbols probably don’t rule the world in our sense of the word “rule” but there is no doubt they’re a language in and of themselves.

        • There will always be some kind of a ruling elite madame, even in a meritocracy. The problem is when that elite is comprised of hostile, parasitic aliens, as is currently the case.

          • Actually I don’t follow David Icke any more than you do. I have watched some videos and that’s it. However, I think there’s a message in there.

            Eustace Mullins thought it was possible that an intelligence agency was leaking info to Icke. So, he didn’t think it was fantasy.

  5. “was changed by one drunken toast by Richard Spencer and one drunken hail by Mike Enoch at the 2016 NPI Conference.”

    It destroyed the alt right though (which ultimately will be a good thing).

  6. Do any Alt-Right or White Nationalist groups have an actual vision that takes into account some kind of compromise?

    Do they have feasible short-term goals and plans in place?

    When left to their own devices, do they tend to grow more exclusive and vitriolic or do they put a premium on building bridges in order to grow their numbers and influence?

    I see Bannon’s lust for “a civic or economic nationalist movement” to be no less short-sighted, juvenile, and unworkable than a strict ethno-nationalist movement that treats every Western nation as a monolith and some kind of offshoot of a Nazi propaganda camp. In the 21st Century, the Hitler approach to building up a nation to combat Globalist vampires makes about as much sense as does the idea that $$$ is culture and culture will always be the same just as long as the $$$ is the same. Frankly, I’m not sure which approach is dumber.

    Bannon can continue to run his mouth about racialist politics and ethno movements to try to signal to the string-pullers that he’s not a racist. But the fact remains that Bannon was dumped on his ass and brushed aside after he[Breitbart] helped reel in a good portion of the populist vote—that was his purpose, not his input on protecting society. Bannon wasn’t the guy getting fucked in the ass by Trump and his handlers. He was more like the used condom that was tossed aside after he served his purpose. They knew all along they were throwing him away.

    Now it’s a little over a year before the 2020 election and Trump and Bannon are back to sucking each other’s dick. This was all predicted. Maybe Steve “The Human Condom” Bannon can take one more load for muh economy.

    This is theater, not an actual Nationalist movement.

  7. Yeah, but Spencer didn’t have to start leading “Hail Trump” – might as well have been acting from a bad Jewish script.

    • Let’s never do anything, jaye. Because someone might get hurt or get into trouble. How many hours every day would estimate you spend hiding under your bed or behind your wife’s skirt, cowering in blind terror?

  8. It’s not enough to point out that the mainstreamers have been wrong or even to move forward after winning the debate with them. It’s instead the case that they played upon deep frailties in the culture of the pro-White movement, frailties that persist and still must be addressed, by any leaders worthy of the name. Hence, even now, after some reassuring decline in the mainstreamers’ credibility, the discourse is not where it needs to be.

  9. Instead of concerning ourselves with something that Paddy O’Bannon said or didn’t say about the Alt-Kike we should be organizing and preparing for Civil War II. The so-called “presidency” of Dronald Blormp has shown what a joke ZOG has become.

  10. The word “optics” destroyed the alt-right, that and their deeply foolish belief there will ever be a political solution. Rivky Vaughn, Weev, TRS, Anglin, they killed the alt-right on purpose because they are controlled op. Spencer, whether controlled or not, is not a winner, he is a hack, and Heimbach forsook a great talent to bang his best friends wife. The cause was true, but the movement never was.

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