Jared Taylor: The Tragedy of Trump

Jared Taylor has a good take on Blompf.

He doesn’t explain why he has amassed this pathetic record though. The answer is that he sold out to the donors during the transition after he unexpectedly won the 2016 election. The priorities of the Republican donor class and establishment became his priorities. There was no great outcry in the GOP base for criminal justice reform or moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

There is a reason why he has done Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, tore up the Iran Deal, imposed sanctions on Iran, deployed U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia, attacked Syria twice, hired John Bolton as his National Security Adviser, increased foreign aid to Israel, cut off foreign aid to the Palestinians, pardoned Sholom Rubashkin and Ronen Nahmani, sold a fleet of F-35 stealth fighers to Israel, bullied the U.N. over Israel and anti-Semitism, pushed the anti-BDS bill, declared anti-Semitism a threat to U.S. national security and has had the Republican Congress condemn anti-Semitism at least twice this year.

The reason why all this mysteriously manages to get done while the populist agenda of his base languishes in committees is because he sold the policies to Sheldon Adelson, Bernard Marcus and Paul Singer. If those three Jewish billionaires weren’t dropping hundreds of millions of dollars into the GOP, he would be singing a different tune right now on his Twitter account. This garbage called “National Conservatism” under gatekeepers like Yarom Hazony and David Brog is a symptom of the same problem.

It’s true that Blompf is cynically race-baiting and trying to push our buttons in order to manipulate us into getting out the vote to keep this charade going. He is a marketing executive and businessmen who has sized us up and sees us as an opportunity. He wants to milk our movement to get all these things for his donors. What’s more, he has telegraphed on multiple occasions that he doesn’t care about the fallout. We’re just useful idiots who are there to vote for him and absorb the blowback.

What is the benefit to us of all this blowback? Sure, it is riling up White voters, but this isn’t doing anything politically to change their predicament. It is just poking both sides with a stick for pure partisan advantage. As long as the policy agenda is sold to donors, stoking White outrage is pointless. At what point will the GOP stop selling the policies to the donor class? Not until their hand is forced.

It is better to force their hand sooner rather than later.

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  1. The best comment I have seen on Trump here: He pisses on your leg and tells you its raining. Sociopathic conmen all have the same M.O. They promise heaven and deliver crap. When people call them out on it, they gaslight.

  2. Not a chance in hell I’ll vote again for this criminal. Let the highest-ever-numbers of employed browns vote for him since that’s what he so cares about. I do not entertain the “lesser of two evils” bullshit that caters to low IQs. F him and his (((masters))) and cronies and globo-capitalist traitors. Murika isn’t dead way past time to make ready.

  3. no, HW, Drumpf did not “sell out during the transition”.

    stop making excuses for yourself:

    Drumpf ALWAYS WAS a ZOG-stooge. You

    engaged in wishful-thinking. It’ s a point in your favor, though,

    that you saw through Genghiz Yang in relatively little time.

    • No, that’s exactly what happened.

      After he won the 2016 election, he met with the donors and cut them into his presidency. They funded his inauguration. Previously, he had ran as a populist by loaning money to his presidential campaign. Bannon confirmed that he sold out to the establishment.

      “In the 48 hours after we won, there’s a fundamental decision that was made,” Bannon said to Charlie Rose in a “60 Minutes” interview. “You might call it the original sin of the administration. We embraced the establishment. I mean, we totally embraced the establishment.”

      “The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over,” Bannon told The Weekly Standard. “We still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this Trump presidency. But that presidency is over. It’ll be something else. And there’ll be all kinds of fights, and there’ll be good days and bad days, but that presidency is over.”




      • Mr. Wallace,

        This is one of the few times I have to disagree with you. Trump was never yours to begin with. A man with his Jewish obsession could never be. I heard he also was basically pimping out his daughter to black men on the Howard Stern Show. He was pro homosexual from the beginning. Since when do billionaires in a capitalist system care for the common man? The average person may be against immigration but not the rich as a class.

        At an extremely young age i wrote a letter to Political Cesspool at the time of the Republican Convention in August of 2016( I think) spelling this all out. It was moderated and moderated and never saw publication in the comments section like other comments did.
        If it is there now it was only allowed after weeks later when no one would know.

        If I was to tell you how old I was 3 years ago you would not believe it or you would think someone else wrote it. It took me hours to compose.

        As for what Bannon says? That has less worth than a comment section.

        Christina Romana

        • Christina,

          It’s nice to see your wise beyond their years comments again.

          What you wrote about trump is true. Roy Cohn was one his mentors as a youth man. From all his never ending controversies, it’s one jew after another that was a close confidant or ‘fixer.’ Trump’s toxic jewish affiliations continue to pile up with his relationship to convicted pedophille jeffrey epstein who Trump referred to as a “great guy.”

          Trump is the proud grandfather to both of ivanka’s jewish children. It wouldn’t be beneath Trump to engage in disgusting banter with Howard Stern about his princess Ivanka.

          As for Steve Bannon, he’s like a moth and is attracted to the media spotlights. The videos attached to Hunter’s column “Lee Stranahan exposes the grift right” show Bannon’s lack of morals and poor judgment.

          Christina, I don’t believe anyone who is familiar with your insightful commentary would doubt that three years ago that you weren’t already light years ahead of your peers.

          It’s obvious that your family is patriarchal in its structure, and it has served them well. While I wouldn’t tamper with what has been a successful hierarchical arrangement, hopefully the next CEO of your family won’t hesitate to appoint you to be his executive officer.

          • November,

            That was wonderful for you to say.

            I was recently told when I was in Mexico that I would be financed with a university degree paid for by my uncle instead of my father. I thought my father might be irritated but for some reason he was not. The current suggestion is finance or accounting. It will still be a while before I am old enough for University however. I will as well be given a nice gift to go along with me when I someday marry.

            Some advice/criticism was given to me. I was told not to keep repeating a point when someone disagrees with me. Not to take things as personally as I sometimes do and do not write letters in the comment section. Few people wish to read long statements unless they are addressed to someone personally. The advice was given to me when i showed him my comments.

  4. Uncle Jared must be petrified to naming the jew for fear of suffering the sheeny curse. I appreciate Jared Taylor being a gateway for racial realist awakenings, but I’ll take the gruff no BS Tom and John Metger approach to the White cause.

    Blompf was the biggest grifter of 2016, and he still has a lot of boomers in his corner.

    The Blompf/kushner presidency has been so awful that the Obama administration seems like the ‘good old days.’

    • I totally agree with you, November. Terrible Tom Metzger, along with HW, Dr. Hill and Commandant Linder, are the only pro-White activists whom I trust. Unfortunately Pontifex Maximus Matt Hale is being locked up in a ZOG dungeon, otherwise I would have added him to my extremely short list. “Doctor” Daisy Duke is kind of a sketchy character, so I keep him at arm’s length. Matt Parrott is OK but needs to be watched constantly, like a misbehaving child. Lord Jared is a charming gentleman and all of that, but far too interested in maintaining the appearance of respectability. Richard, The 17th Earl of Spencer, is little more than an internet personality, a thinking man’s Baked Alaska, if you will. And Colonel Andrew? Well, he’s got his little kingdom of antisocial male incels and Japanese sex robots to rule over.

      When are we going to start getting fucking serious about fighting for the white race?

      • Spahn,

        I am onboard with all you wrote. Though I would add Dr. Pierce of National Alliance and author of “The Turner Diaries” and “Hunter.”

        Jost of the NS Kindred back in the 1990s carved out a NS commune of several great families in Oregon. Jost was a fantastic scholar, writer, and leader.

        Like yourself, I trust HW, Dr. Hill, and though it was before my time, Commander Rockwell. Art Jones is the last man standing from Rockwell’s era.

        David Duke should relegate himself to being a movement elder statesman/consigliere. Unfortunately, Duke’s ego wouldn’t allow him to move out of the spotlight of being one of zog’s go to boogeyman.

        You ask, “When are we going to start getting serious about fighting for the white race?” There was a graph I saw this year where all the different races were were surveyed for racial indentiy. The White race scored the lowest with 10% holding some racial identity and 5% possessing a strong racial identity. Those numbers are why we haven’t gotten serious yet. Not much you can accomplish when 85-90% of your on folk are deracinated sheep.

        • What makes you think Whites answer surveys honestly?

          OK Cupid discovered how “racist” Whites still are. The vast majority of them say they are okay with interracial marriage but they don’t respond to interest from non-Whites.

          The problem with most WNs is that they are too into what other Whites say rather than what they do.

          Notice the largest cognitive dissonance with affluent White Liberals who are ardent SJWS that have the means to live anywhere they want and the last place they live is a “diverse” area. The louder they advocate progressive liberalism, the further they live away from what they propose.

          Stop listening to what they say; watch what they do. Watch and learn.

          Right now, Whites are doxed into penury and unemployment if they are stupid enough to tell the truth to anyone who is interested, like pollsters. They hate the “N-word” where black people are concerned. They hate the OTHER N-word where so-called people of color are concerned, too and that N-word is NEIGHBOR.

          The truth has become damned inconvenient for Whites and most Whites with two-working brain cells won’t be shouting it in demonstrations. They will lie through their teeth to live White, though. With Trump’s treachery where RAM is concerned and The Charlottesville Debacle, expect Whites Lying on Steroids in Spades.

          • Wanted to add that Whites are picking up what comes naturally to the Semites. With the Jews, its Kol Nidre, with the Arabs, its Taquiyah. Whites are slow studies, but they are learning how to be disingenuous as our “Fellow Whites.”

            I am a lot less pessimistic than the rest of you here about the White race. They are not as brain washed as you may think. Pay more attention to what Whites do rather than what they say, especially White Leftists. Some right-learning Whites don’t call them Disingenuous White Liberals for nothing, that’s for sure.

          • Excellent points here, Clytemnestra, especially about whites answering honestly. I think it takes very close intimates to be truthful these days.

            Last night I hung out with a couple white women young Boomers and neither could even be honest with themselves. They whispered about having to live around the jews in NYC. Everyone is so afraid to speak openly.

            Then the same woman told me the islamic women she’s friendly with out in the Michigan area are ‘really nice actually.’ Yet they wear hijabs, she admitted when I pressed her a bit.

            Some of the women are probably decent folk, but there are also those who just show one side of themselves to some whitey woman they work with and then another amongst their own people. And there are deft maneuverers among them who are absolutely manipulating the whiteys.

            I didn’t ask if this one woman lived in the same neighborhood with the hijabesses, but I highly doubt it.

          • Clytemnestra,

            Your correct about Whites exercising caution when being surveyed/polled by academics and the L?ggen Presse.

            Though I would say that they were being intentionally vague and indifferent goes back prior to Charlottesville. One of the reasons the jewsmedia got the 2016 presidential election wrong was due to Whites not admitting their intent to voting for Blompf.

            Yes, you’re absolutely correct about people’s public and private opinions.

  5. He really did nothing for Southerners / White People. The Democratic Party is more liberal than ever and all about Race Identity Politics. Maybe the Republicans finally figured out and now care about White People? Nope. The People should read more into things. The Republicans never talk about White Identity. The race talk from Republicans is always about the melting pot. Everybody becoming Patriotic Americans. That will never work. The Republicans are really just promoting the forced integration of the races. We already know that was a bad idea. Deo Vindice !

  6. “When are we going to start getting fucking serious about fighting for the white race?”

    I’d sure like to know the answer to that.
    Will it ever happen ?

    • When we put it first, ahead of Christianity and America.

      As long as those paradigms come first, we will disappear.

  7. Lots of complaining here but no viable alternatives offered.

    For now, no push to seize guns. Some conservative court appointments in the lower courts. Businesses and individuals are benefiting from the tax cuts though the economy is probably going toward recession which was already baked into the cake.

    I’m not sure why deportations are down though Trump has encouraged Mexico and Guatemala to do something. It’s too bad we can’t just send them home like other countries.

    Trump’s best public service so far has been crapping on the media with the ‘fake news’ mantra. The race issue is purely media driven, so one favor is how laughable the term ‘racist’ has become. It simply can’t be taken seriously anymore.

    I like to read this sites take on Trump as well as Amerika and other places. It’s simply a mixed bag with Trump. Too bad that (((they))) have a lot of power over things.

    • I guess we’ll just follow your advice and re-elect Blormp. In his second term he will build the Wall and deport them all. Then he will send Crooked Hillary to jail.

      You and your kind are part of the problem.

  8. The supposedly mexican young woman on here (who knows what internet trolls lurk) has asserted that anglo men set the age of consent at 9 or 10 dating back to the founding of the US, both in the North and the South. She cites Wikipedia for this fictional factoid.

    Jews run Wikipedia, as most know. They control the editing and the final content published. They’re allowing liars and jewish psychopaths to plant this ridiculous propaganda to make the anglo people look bad.

    The notion that my men would ever gather behind such violence towards children is absurd on its face. White european men are the most upstanding and principled in the world and the societies they’ve built have been more humane than any other in history.

    I once wrote a paper on divorce in colonial New England and was edified to learn about how enlightened and pro-women’s rights the legal system was. Pedophilia is the province of the jews and the latins, NOT my beautiful nordic men.

    Fuck your Roman Catholic depravity, Christina Romana Latina Luciferia Licentia Lying Loser

    Ironsides called you a vile filthy gobbling cockroach and no wiser words have been spoken on this site that’s becoming a catholic cesspool.


    • MakePieGreatAgain or should I say The Ghost of Mary Phagan,

      Great plan. Let’s further divided our people by which Christian sect they adhere to.

      Lutherans vs Catholics. Anglicans vs Baptists.

      Clausewitz himself would be in awe of such tactical strategy.

      Honestly, who gives a crap about the validity of Wikipedia. It was a joke from the start.

      Divorce in colonial New England? When the family units needed to be their most cohesive because their very survival relied upon assisting each other without hesitation against attacks by savage indians, starvation, and inclement weather. Divorce under these trying circumstances was/is a non-starter. That you would care about such an esoteric topic is telling of your own feminist moorings.

      BYW, IMO Nordics are the White race’s version of white dwarf stars. Not too bright but hot.

      The last religion that I subscribed to was Wicca. Have at it krone.

      • November,

        Well said. I knew IT was Genie/Ghost of MP etc. The foaming at the mouth hatred was so bad I actually laughed. Bad acting on IT’s part. Probably done to make the site look Hateful since no sane person could view that garbage and not be repulsed.

        There is a chance IT really is deranged. If so websites such as this better start calming things down. You are under enough pressure as it is. If that Texas shooter had a White Nationalist agenda….

        • Screw off you pathetic swine.

          Your vermin swarthy goat*ckers should stick to your own animal kind.

          Seriously, did you really think citing Jewpedia about nordic and celtic men was going to work on here?

      • Keep at it Paisanos.

        The fact is, November, that preying on children is more prevalent in your culture.

        You should stop following us around if you don’t want to get along with us, since we’re the ones who founded this country. And if you think you’re scoring points of any kind against me with my men, consider logic for just a moment. It’s another faculty unpracticed in your kind. Feigning outrage at my correcting of some obvious Hasbara troll when I defend my men from her isn’t exactly a smart strategy, now is it?

        I don’t hate the native southern europeans. But you’re not us and worse is you can’t even bother to try to pretend to be us.

        And yes, the Nords are not just scientific geniuses.

        Take your issues to the troll lying about my beautiful people.

        • You’re the troll that is proposing division among Europeans based on religion and ethnicity. That is the endgame of a agent provacateur.

          Also, why so many usernames? Genie, Mary Phagans Ghost, and currently MakePieGreatAgain. Does your superior Nordic mind believe that no one can see through your charade?

          BTW, I am only part Mediterranean. Fortunately, my Western and Eastern European DNA has been able to keep my Norwegian autism at bay.

          Go back to trying to lure lost children into your home in the woods with the promise of gingerbread .

          • You consistently encourage an anti-anglo hasbara troll because it whines like some lost ingenue. Grow up and see what she’s here to do.

            Many mediterraneans aren’t european, so you contradict yourself, seemingly missing my point on purpose. Worse, your mediterranean culture has always tried to subvert and subjugate mainland Europe, so it’s unclear why you think there isn’t an inherent division between the Judeo-Roman culture and the mainland European one.

            The Romans were ephebophiles and pederasts. That isn’t some kind of a ‘charade.’

            If you can’t deal with the truth, then don’t come on this site. If you need to cling to such a sick anti-european empire, then go do it somewhere else.

          • MakePieGreatAgain,

            The very foundations of Western civilization sprung from the Mediterranean cultures in Greece and Rome.

            Your mind is so focused on pedophillia, it make one wonder if that isn’t your Jungian shadow breaking through to your conscious self. Is there something that you wouldn’t like the world to know about your predilections? Hmm.

          • Typical jew tactic – turn jewish cultural depravities into some aryan trait…only try to pretend the issue is in the individual as opposed to the group.

            Christina stated such a disgusting lie about our people, and is obviously here to subvert our nationalist agenda, yet you try to project her filthiness onto me.

            “The very foundations of Western civilization’ did not spring from the Mediterranean cultures in Greece and Rome.

            The foundation of modern statehood formed during the early Middle Ages, after the Romans officially left. It was this period of germanic reclamation that founded Western, as opposed to Mediterranean, culture.

            That’s why our culture didn’t tolerate Christina’s perversions – it’s not our race’s way.

            @ Whiteys

            Please note here how this poster, November, tries to constantly back up Christina’s attacks on us and attempts to lasso us into her and his degeneracy. Even if November is ‘white’ italian, he brings along the disgusting north african elements.

            We simply cannot absorb these people.

  9. The GOP is a bigger threat to Whites than the Democrat party on the simple basis that it’s jewier than the democrat party. The GOP is effectively an Israeli pipeline into America. All we’ll ever get with the GOP is anti-Europeanism and philo-semitism. With the DNC we also get anti-Europeanism but at least they aren’t willing to start stupid wars for Israel.

    It doesn’t matter if Trump is a liar who conned White voters or whether he was simply shut down by the powers that be when he got into power. At the end of the day, he’s of no use to us, and his loyalty to our worst enemies is a threat to us. Kushner and his ilk are in charge, and if we’re to get them out of DC we need to get Trump out first. Not a single White Nationalist should vote for Trump in 2020.

    Electoral politics are over. Voters have no say. What’s happened since 2016 is concrete proof that America is a Jewish tyranny. We need to seek other ways forward.

  10. So agent Taylor comes out too to play into the false narrative that Trump is a “racist” or even a “WN”. Boring and predictable. He should stick with his “uncle Jared” act.

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