Confirmed: Dayton Shooter Connor Betts Was a Socialist, Satanist, Antifa and Democrat

UPDATE: Speculation about the motive continues. There are rumors that Connor Betts attacked the bar which was known as a hangout for conservative Trump supporters. There are also rumors that his girlfriend was cucking him and sleeping with a black man.

UPDATE: Twitter has taken down Betts account (@iamthespookster) but it has been archived and there are still screenshots.

BIG UPDATE: The Dayton shooter has been identified as Connor Betts and the gang is learning a lot from his Twitter account.

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  1. He killed his sister though, right? I think throws a wrench into the theory he was leftist retaliating for the El Paso shooting.

    • Not necessarily. He may have thought she was “part of the problem,” so that when he finally snapped, she was taken down too. (I don’t claim to know. Just speculating.)

  2. That should relieve some of the pressure against White Nationalists. Or be an excuse for a government crackdown on those outside the accepted belief systems.

    Some of the Left are just as dumb as some of those on the so-called Right. I suspect less and less people are going to continue to call these shootings Fake.

    It was brought to my attention that a few years ago there was a movie about a killer wearing armor who started killing people. My friend did not remember the name of the movie.

    It was fortunate that a quick head shot brought short the damage. Well the enemies of White Nationalism just handed you a gift.

      • Arian,

        That was interesting. But my friend said she thought the movie was called Rampage 2009 with Brandan Fletcher.

        • “In 2003, a film about the incident was produced, titled 44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out. ”

          Might have been rebranded.

    • “Some of the Left are just as dumb as some of those on the so-called Right.”

      Dumb people fill the spectrum of all walks of life.

      I believe some of these shootings are false flags and I stand by that opinion. Sandy Hook (too many unbelievable facts including the school had been condemned due to asbestos). Vegas (I watched a live video of a female cab driver and she said there was more than one automatic being fired and you could hear it on the tape). Boston (the picture of the crisis actor who lost part of both legs being wheeled down the street sitting upright and alert with no path of blood behind confirmed it for me.). Anyone who thinks there is no possibility any of these shootings were false flags does not understand subversion or black ops. Real victims do not cancel out a false flag incident. Some researchers believed they have been occurring for centuries including the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand which ushered in WWI.

      They want our guns and they believe this is the vehicle to turn public opinion against the Second Amendment. Make no mistake about it. The people being blamed for these shootings (straight, racially aware, white men) do not benefit one iota from these shootings.

      People wore armor in past centuries to kill people.

      If your thoughts are formed by education, media, celebrities, and movies you have been influenced. Steven Spielberg even admitted he filmed Schindler’s List in black and white to give it the feel of a documentary.

      What about all these inner city blacks who fire wildly at crowds sometimes killing many get an honorable mention at best. A mass shooter is a mass shooter. I don’t believe the media nor do I believe my government. Both are filled with high-bribed prostitutes who lie all the time.

      • Snowwhitey,

        My point on mentioning Rampage 2009 was that the Dayton shooter might have been copying his actions————disgruntled young man with armor and several weapons killing innocent people.

      • Snowhitey do you think Spielberg knows the Holocaust was fake? He threw out a lot of footage that contradicted the Hoax narrative, from what I’ve read and heard (and common sense).

        Jim Rizoli told me he thinks this was done by Spielberg in cognitive dissonance, as opposed to conscious reflection. I personally can only wonder.

      • Is madame suggesting that the assassinations of the Archduke and Archduchess of Austria-Hungary were a staged event?

    • I suspect less and less people are going to continue to call these shootings Fake.

      If by “people” you mean WN commenters here and elsewhere, lol, not a chance. If they were to stop giving events the most conspiratorial interpretation possible, the entire basis for their worldview would crumble.

      • Silver,

        HA! That was good. And showed common sense. I mean almost anything is possible but one has to go with the most reasonable conclusion or else live in a fairy tale all the time.

  3. This one will go down the memory hole fast just the Garlic festival killer did. The latter had an Hispanic sounding name and looked like mystery meat.

    Anti-Whites don’t care about violence, especially when it’s done to Whites. They only care about violence when they can use it to defame and discredit pro-Whites. Pro-Whites that have nothing to do with using or advocating violence.

  4. Has anyone else here actually read the El Paso shooter’s supposed manifesto? Blaming “corporations” and “excessive student debt ” and concerns about “the environment” – sounds like Antifa/Bernie fan to me.

  5. What the Kabal is doing with this alternating between ‘far-right’ and ‘far-left’ shooters is defanging both of their anti-judaism. The right tends to support Zionism but also wants it for Americans and Europeans. The left supports globalism but many factions authentically desire an egalitarian and therefore anti-jewish system.

    The point in alternating between the poles is to avoid either from gaining too much traction against Judah, and to discredit all forms of questioning jewish power.

    Demonizing both the left and the right also helps the rising police state, whose authority is challenged by both sides. Even the 2nd Amendment gets defended obliquely by radical leftists when they uphold the traditional interpretation of the 4th Amendment which requires due process for searches and seizures.

    Last, the radical left is anti-corporation and the far right is also in its own way.

    Da Joos Love $$$

    • I just wanted to say Howdy. I saw that you inquired about me in a post about the incident in El Paso. Honestly, I can’t keep up with Hunter’s frenetic pace. And, I don’t always have, or I am not able to think of, something that I believe will contribute to the discussion. But, I really appreciate that others value my input. I know that I learn a great deal from reading the comments on this site, and I gain solace in knowing that there are many people who have views and experiences that are similar to my own.

      It seems that, once again, we have a Liberal, Psychopath who is responsible for another mass shooting. Yet, the mainstream media is only talking about White Supremacy and Hate. We’ve got to find a way to counter this insidious narrative, even if it means walking down the avenue wearing a sandwich board that says, “Dayton Shooter Was Antifa!”

      I make it a point to say exactly the same things in person that I post on the internet, regardless of who I am speaking with. At times the discussion gets heated, but I do not back down. As the old saying goes, “Die with your boots on.” If we were all as vocal in public as we are online, then maybe people with like minded views would not be so timid about expressing them. Then again, my experience has not borne this out. Usually, those who are in agreement with me remain silent, or they are quietly supportive; practically whispering in my ear. Still, repetition bears repetition, and I do occasionally hear echoes. The funniest thing is when someone repeats something to me that I told them a short time before. I find that to be very rewarding, because I figure if they are repeating it to me, and have forgotten that I am the one that originally told them, then they are probably telling other people too. Maybe, like the old Vidal Sassoon commercial, “they told two friends, who told two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on…”

      • I just tried to plant seeds in a fast food place, as Trump’s speech came on I and another middle aged whitey woman just sat in awe watching. Curious about her reaction, I chatted her up a bit but I’m in NJ and even a ways outside NYC it’s still very liberal. She blamed Trump for the ‘racism.’ I told her about the Ilhan Omar’s anti-white comments and she blanked out and changed the subject.

        Most Baby Boomer women seem to struggle with these issues. I don’t talk to that many Generation X’ers about it for some reason as most are still obsessed with their kids and I guess since they’re my age I’m scared of the reaction, since most in NJ think I’m either racist and nuts for denying that Trump is racist, or just plain old crazy for obliquely hinting that things aren’t all what they seem on TV.

        I’ll say at some point with the Boomer ‘I know you’ll think I’m crazy but I think the government’s doing some of this’ and ‘they want to take away our guns.’

        But only blacks and cops are allowed to have guns here, lol. So I doubt I accomplish much of anything up here.

        Good to talk again, hope all’s safe in these chaotic times.

  6. Things we can deduce from these two incidents:

    1. Leftists don’t follow their own “rules” (anti-gun)
    2. Leftists are half as proficient as Rightists with weapons.

    This actually bodes well for the coming conflict in favor of the Right.

    When someone with some actual proficiency, training or experience steps up to bat… well, it’ll sure be interesting.

    • Wrong, Gunny. Militant leftists may not be as proficient in the use of firearms as you flag-waving, law and order types but they will catch up soon enough. And they aren’t afraid to fight dirty, whereas your side is absolutely terrified of getting hurt, losing your jobs or going to jail. They are going to win and you are going to submissely turn over all your weapons to a ZOG enforcement officer before being sent to the gulag. GOOD RIDDANCE.

      • spahnranch1969,

        He also had armor. It was just fortunate that he was killed so quickly with a head shot. His equipment meant he was better prepared for mass murder than the El Paso shooter. He had the potential to do more damage than Texas man.

      • @sphan
        Who’s side are you on?
        They, Us, Them.
        I’ve taught Marines to hit targets at 500yds with IRON SIGHTS dipshit.
        I’ve killed deer out to 800yds on hunting outings in Montana.
        All the leftist have to do is ratchet up the violence and we get to respond in kind.
        The only flag I’ve ever waved is the flag of the Confederacy.
        You know jack shit about strategy, tactics and it shows.
        You’re probably half my age and I’d whip your ass and plant your nazi flag in your ass, all the while supporting your right to be a nazi because I agree with about 95% of what you believe.
        But you? You’re to stupid to realize that and talk shit to someone who’s capable of doing more for OUR cause than you ever will.

        My advise, sit down and shut up while the adults are talking.


          I have elicited from you the exact response I was hoping for. Thank you.

          • And you have proven your exactly the classic millennial underachiever I pictured you to be.
            5 foot nothing that grew up worshiping the local 6 foot plus skins that actually had a set of balls (back in the 80s)

            Heil basement dependopotumus!

            Stick to shitposting. After we men win the war, if you’re still alive you can clean our quarters and fetch water. Then you can tell War stories of how you were in the shit. We’ll play along ok?

  7. I believe the Navy Yard mass shooting was genuine. And he went after the people he believed was responsible for his plight (although,there’s a chance some were innocent – my point is he didn’t go down to a mall to seek revenge on people who definitely had nothing to do with it).

    “My ELF weapon.” ~ Aaron Alexis (extremely low frequency)

    • I don’t pay any attention to ZOG propaganda, madame. But sometimes I turn on the jootoob while eating so I don’t have to listen to all the disagreeable chomping and slurping noises I make. I find the PBS Newshour helps with that, especially when Judy Woodruff is the anchor.

  8. I don’t agree with this Connor Betts fellow politically but he was willing to give up his life in order to fight the enemy. How can you not admire that?

    • Exactly brother, exactly. The levels of cowardice from the right is astounding. These people want us dead and for some reason right wingers want to “negotiate peacefully”

      What a fucking joke.

    • How do we know this wasn’t a sudden epiphany? Triggered perhaps by seeing his sister with a black? And concluding that White Genocide was finally coming home? An honor killing?

      In any event, this whole ti-t-for-tat blame game is UnAryan. We simply need to separate.

  9. This why globohomo, antifa their jew allies etc are winning. They never denounce their extremists, unlike yourself who rolls over when the Tarrants and Crusius happens.

    The entire right the last 2 days have been “i’m not violent please don’t judge me” and now you’re getting no reaction from the left trying to point out this antifa martyr.

    This is a sickness and you all need to stop it.

    If you’re that much of a coward just shut your mouth about it.

  10. These shootings suck, I’ve lost many friends in shootings. What can anyone do about it.

    It’s gotten out of control.

    • I remember thinking when I was young how great 2020 was going to be…all the great advancements we were going to have. Well, it’s 2019 and all it looks like is that we’re headed straight to hell.

  11. The guy was clearly livid at the Black MAGA White Supremacist Fascist Nazis who were banging his sister and girlfriend…….

  12. Every single one is either insane, stupid or suicidal to premediate a suicide “mission”. Dying is not winning. That’s why.

  13. Could be this is how the “civil war” shakes-out…anyhow, kudos’ for a superlative effort,HW!

  14. Don the CONKIKE looked like he was drugged. Or had a gun held to his mis-shapen head. For those of you on Twitter – post pics of Daddy Cruscius, with the YUUUGE Star of Satan behind him, on DonBerg and Jarvanka’s Twitter feed.

  15. FYI – these (((shootings))) do distract the Gullible Goy from the pattern recognition of untermenschen, resource devouring, civilization wrecking nightmares like Baltimore.

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