Conservatives Condemn White Nationalism

I’m angry about the collapse of the Mexican border.

Unlike the El Paso shooter, I am not angry at illegal aliens or Hispanics. I don’t blame them for coming here from the Third World. They are not the problem. They are simply poor people who are responding to push-pull incentives in this country which have been created by our political class. They are pawns who are taking advantage of loopholes in the system like “family separation” or anchor babies.

Let’s be honest with ourselves: illegal aliens haven’t created this situation. It is the conservatives who have been entrusted with power for decades who have failed to secure our border. They are puppets of wealthy donors and corporate interests who are deaf to the demands of their base. The whole 2016 election was about the simmering rage over DECADES OF ANARCHY on the Mexican border and Blompf and the Republican Party were elected on a platform of stopping it only to stab their voters in the back. These liars have fooled us hundreds of times with their empty rhetoric.

Here is an El Paso victim who was a random person shopping at Wal-Mart and WAS NOT to blame for the collapse of the border:

Here are some of the worst conservatives who are really to blame for decades of illegal immigration and the collapse of the border:

There is a reason why the Mexican border has collapsed.

Previous generations had no problem deporting illegal aliens. There wasn’t an endless tidal wave of illegal aliens crossing the border. We weren’t being overwhelmed by an endless tidal wave of legal immigration either. No, the reason this has happened is because conservatives have allowed it to happen. Illegal immigration peaked when George W. Bush was president, slacked off under Obama and now is soaring back to record highs. Conservatives are also quietly pushing to increase legal immigration.

If you want this to stop, lashing out at pawns and normal people will accomplish nothing. The conservatives who are the cause of the problem must be discredited, removed from power and replaced by people who aren’t owned by a handful of billionaires who want cheap labor. We have handcuffed ourselves out of fear by voting to reelect these people time and again.

There is no invective about blacks or illegal aliens on this website. They aren’t the ones who are holding us back from solving this problem. It is conservatives who take bribes.

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  1. Needed: Caesar or Sulla to stop the migration of the Mexii. Call 30330. Don Crassus Kushnus Dives isn’t working out. Be a Dictator for a year.

  2. Mr. Wallace,

    I am glad you wrote this. You might be cutting the illegal aliens more slack than they deserve. It is a sin to Steal and to Covet That Which is Not Yours. Those are still the laws of God. Unless someone is starving and has exhausted all their resources they would have no right to steal from others.

    Other than that quite good.

    This French character sure gets around.

    • Illegal aliens aren’t innocent.

      Ultimately, they’re just pawns in a game that our political elites are playing. If our political class lacks the will to assert our sovereignty and enforce our laws, poor people are inevitably going to flood in here. They are a symptom of a greater problem.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        I tend to blame white people for the problems of America. Not for the same reasons liberals do but from the realization that once the USA started to unravel after WW2, whites did not care like they should have. I am aware of the influence of Jews, internationalists, secret societies etc. But if whites would have any courage and wisdom your enemies never could have made a dent against you.

        Moral depravity in the name of freedom did not help either. White Americans should have and always should think more collectively. Extreme individualism makes you fair game.

        • Christina, you are absolutely right! It is a sin to Steal and to Covet That Which is Not Yours.
          Perhaps American Christians should consider practicing what they preach and return Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming to Mexico, and while you are at it, why don’t all White Americans not jump on a boat back to Europe from whence you all came? As a European I just don’t understand the hypocrisy you all show in your relatively young country towards immigrants. You are a nation of immigrants that coveted and stole a country! Have a nice day.

          • Will,

            Well much of the land was uninhabited and Indians had frequently conquered other Indians and wiped them out over the centuries. Either way once treaties are signed etc. then land changes owners. For instance in the early 16th century Spanish explorers traveled all over the Southwest USA and found it almost uninhabited. So by your criteria Spain should still rule most of Texas, New Mexico etc.

            Just about every country on earth has been conquered, settled etc. France is named after the German tribe the Franks. To ask them to return to Germany would be ridiculous just to cite an example.

            Who said Europe would or should accept those people. I recognize that US land now belongs to the United States regardless of how much was settled/conquered etc.

            Mexico only ruled Texas from 1821-1836 and the Southwest from 1821-1848. Therefore saying we get it forever for that reason does not work. The ways of man are that there is a right of conquest. Once that happens it is too late. Otherwise everyone would be busy fighting each other even more than they do.

            America was founded by whites for whites. However, negroes have been citizens for 150 years making the race angle problematic. Other races have been citizens for a while as well.

            The case against illegal immigration is simple. The land is not Mexico’s anymore. Most Mexicans have white blood as well as Indian. So by your standards do we have to leave as well leaving the pure Indians in control?

          • will Dove, It was whites who created the states you mentioned. The infrastructure that exists today is because of whites and would not exist if had not been for whites. We white people of European descent created this country, and we do have the right to keep it for ourselves. Mexicans created Mexico, where they do NOT wish to live. But they still have a country to call their own even if they choose not to live in it.

            As for claiming that you are a European, how can you tell us whites to “jump on a boat back to Europe from whence you all came” when you know very well that Europe is being invaded by Muslims who have absolutely no claim to the land themselves but who will take it if they can get it? Also, we can’t just emigrate to Europe. The governments there are so anti-white (like you are) that they want nonwhite immigrants.

          • Will Dove,

            I forgot to mention that you have a reasonable indirect point in that many people on this website seem to think that the English/Americans sailed to the atlantic coast and then over the cenuries rode and walked and conquered it all the way to the Pacific coast and yet somehow did nothing wrong in the process.

            But it is irrelevant at this point.

          • Balls. California was paid for fair and square, and TX was taken through WAR started by the Orcs. Run along and fellate your Paki boyfriend, homo.

          • Will Dove,

            From the view on this side of the Atlantic, things aren’t going too well back in the ‘old countries.’ Get your own houses in order, before you begin to arrogantly offer your unasked for suggestions.

          • Insanely idiotic and brazen in your naivety will dove, Great suggestion dipshit but how exactly would whites just go back to europe? how would this process even work? Juncker and mama merkel just recently told the eu that europe will become blacker and more Islamic just to piss off the racists and right wing in europe

            Nice op ed from that retarded spic in forbes magazine btw that article totally isn’t biased or filled with lies or anything I’m all for giving up Arizona (its basically 85% mexican at this point anyway), commifornia, and parts of texas in exchange for illegal immigration to stop but we both know that isn’t gonna happen

      • Mr. Wallace,

        Could you please give me your definition of White Nationalism? I know it means different things to different people, but since I am on your website I need to know.

        It becomes difficult if not impossible to support or condemn something unless I know exactly what is meant. If it was previously officially defined I did not catch it. I know some of your beliefs just not all.

        • I believe I am qualified to speak on HW’s behalf, miss. He would like to see the establishment of a Greater Confederacy, or Golden Circle. This is a plan that would absorb northern Mexico and much of the Carribean into a reconstituted CSA. He also wants to reinstate slavery, corporal and capital punishment, eugenics and strict anti-miscegenation laws. HW regards himself as another Napoleon III or Emperor Maximilian.

          • spahnranch1969,

            Well, i think northern Mexico belongs to Mexico and should remain so.
            I have no objections to a reinstated Confederacy—anything that weakens US is good
            I would not want slavery reinstated
            Capital punishment—Yes
            Corporal punishment—Yes. I myself have had to kneel on rice and my calves have been strapped. It has been almost 2 years since that however
            Eugenics is openly studied in Mexico. A recent eugenics study was sponsored by the Mexican government
            Miscegenation laws?—The Catholic belief is that it is a temporal issue. If the State bans such marriages then the Church abides and does not perform them. It is in your ball court to decide
            You mean hail his Imperial Majesty Hunter Wallace? I think Queen Christina sounds better!

        • @Christina Romana

          “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.” -David Lane

          There’s a big difference from White Nationalism to White Supremacy that some people put into the same box. White people have been so brainwashed with the likes of David French, Ben Shapiro and its ilk and follow these nitwits as they were big brained philosophers. But the big brainwasher is the jewish owned media, our racial enemy for millennia. Everything the Protocols of Zion has printed has come true. This war between the jew and gentile is thousands of years old and of course they have their shabbos goy secret societies that put the jew on a pedestal with zionism.

          What we Whites fail to do is cut the head off the snake. We have in the past but it keeps coming back stronger when we let our guard is down. We’re not voting our way out of this. The republican and democrat parties are on different roads but the destination is the same.

          • General,

            Well that was a reasonable response from you. I believe every race has a right to it’s own identity and to exist. America has been multi racial in citizenship since 1870 I think. Existing however is considered different than retaking a country for exclusive use.

            Enacting such a policy in the USA would be difficult. What would you do with blacks for instance? Bribe them to leave? The ones leaving would be rich by African standards and would be very useful in Africa due to their knowledge.

            Or someone like my grandmother? She was born in the US legally in the 1930’s. In short Latins who were born in the States and have been citizens for awhile.

            Just a few questions I have.

      • “Here is an El Paso victim who was a random person shopping at Wal-Mart and WAS NOT to blame for the collapse of the border…”

        HW, drop your Evan-jelly-goo Altruism, and realize (like the Left says) that, in a war, there is ‘collateral damage.’

        Start thinking as the Left does, if you wish to win this war. “Gentle as doves, goes along with wise as serpents.” That’s why the old flags had a snake on “Live free or die” and “Don’t tread on me.”

        We can be magnanimous to everyone (except the Jews) AFTER WE WIN THE WAR. Ecc. 3:8b

    • David French has to stay out of the house and find something to all day while his nutty, slutty wife is getting “serviced” by a team of sweaty, muscular Negroes.

      • Spahn,

        Do you think the mandingos remove their socks, before they make Mrs. French ‘airtight?’

        • November,

          You wrote a good comment to me on not judging white nationalism by some of the comments. You are correct as usual. So I have asked Mr. Wallace what his official definition is. Based on his reply I will then know what I really think of your movement.

          I forgot where you wrote it. There has been a lot of activity on this site since the shooting and I have killed most of the day on here.

          • Christina,

            Yeah. The last 24 hours of unfolding events had the ability to cause emotions to sprint ahead of cool deliberation.

            I needed to take a walk earlier with my dog while listening to Beethoven’s 6th Symphony to clear my head.

            On my upcoming walk, I’m thinking of something by Bach.

            Have a pleasant rest of your evening.

            P.S., if it makes you feel any better, when I first started posting on OD, I was accused of being not only jewish, but a homosexual Jew boot. Hahahaha

  3. I get a feeling that the Rubicon has been crossed here. After Trump in 2020…they are are going to massacre the right literally.

    After 2024 if he wins we might actually have these people in full retreat.

    There will be violent leftist retaliation for these shootings directed at the mainstream con’s I think. So strategize for that scenario. Don’t let the crisis go to waste.

    • Crenshaw, Shitpiro, jewess convert Ivanka, and the other kosher cuckservative ziocons have absolutely no problem with Israeli jews ethnically cleansing innocent Arab (racial sub-group) Muslims (religious group) from their ancestral homeland.

      Hypocracy is the lubricant of political intercourse in zog’s clown world.

      • Jewish Hypocrisy is only such, once you realize that Jews are NOT God’s Chosen.

        That insight comes from one place, only – the witness of Jesus Christ as ‘King of the Judeans.’ (note, I did not say, ‘King of the [sic] Talmudic ‘Jews’)

        To the Talmudics, they actually think they are ‘doing God service’ as the Gospel has Christ saying of His (and therefore, our) enemies. This has been going on for 2,000 years. Don’t you think it’s time we ENDED IT, once and for all? Because all scripture and prophecy was concluded at Pentecost, and a NEW COVENANT has REPLACED – yea, even SUPERCEDED the faithless talmudics as the People of God…. FOREVER.


        • Father John,

          That was well said. And yes the last deposit of Faith was given to us 2000 years ago. Since then even Church approved visions are considered Private only. I believe in Fatima but no one is required to believe on pain of sin.

          Yes. The sign over Jesus at the crucifixion does say INRI -Here lies the King of Iudea. A lot of people do not seem to know that.

  4. If French and Shapiro want to conduct an exterminationist insurgency against young white men they are doing exactly what accelerationists wanted. It won’t end well for the framers of such a policy either. Iraq would look like picnic. Its fucking insane. All policy makers have to do is get rhetoric about White Priv and self loathing history lessons struck from the curriculum and most of this problem goes away.

  5. I like what Richard Spencer wrote about French:

    “What Would French Do or Say is a good way of recognizing what is utterly fake, stupid, and harmful.”

    Truer words have never been written.


    What in the hell did Twitter do to the comments? I used to be able to directly click on the comment made by the poster to see the replies. Now when I do that and return to the thread I find myself at the top of the page. This is like Yahoo. Diversity improved that as well.

    It appears that diversity reared its ugly head here with these so-called “improvements”.

  6. Hard to believe grown men and women can be that effing stupid! I mean, you sometimes expect it out of kids and young adults, and can therefore give ’em a pass, but this David French fella et al is old enough to know better. Evidently they’ve never heard the old adage my father taught me when I was no more than nine or ten years old – “never assume nothin’; to do so makes an ASS out of U and ME.” He also told me to withhold judgment on a matter I have scanty evidence for until such time as ample evidence informs the judgment. Good advice all around! David French, grow up you perpetual adolescent nitwit!

  7. No one saw that one coming from conservative, inc shills, huh?

    I bet they didn’t even ask for the prerequisite 30 pieces of silver.

  8. French is neurotically obsessed with the ‘Alt-Right’.

    Somebody seriously got under his skin……

    The guy is probably graded as Upper Middle Class.

    For contributing nothing useful at all to Society…….

    It would be beneficial if French and the rest of his ilk were to lose everything and become bankrupt.

    We can help by not clicking on their websites and by demoting the entire GOP out of office…….

    • French got trolled to hell by the alt right, but the guy is a gutless zionist warmongering shit with no ethics or morality on his own faith as a christian. He is a self hating white he worships the state government not god he might as well become a bolshevik He adopted a black girl to show how virtuous he is he is a phony

  9. Matt Walsh, who is inferior to Kevin Walsh, is sounding almost as deranged as I do lol.

    Anyways what’s funny is that back in the 90s a lot of “National Review type” conservatives claimed to be critical of legal immigration, whereas now they can barely oppose illegal immigration. Legal immigration is the main vector of white genocide and conservatives haven’t even pretended to oppose that any time recently.

  10. White supremacist …………really ..pleaseeeeeeeeeee not even close, there has been no signs of white supremacists going back decades .The ONLY white supremacists you hear about are the ones Soros pays to play the part of white supremacists , there is no REAL white supremacists around and everybody with a brain knows it.

    White Nationalists …….what does the color white have to do with being a nationalist ? NOTHING , Nationalists come in every color , it should be mandated by law that anybody seeking higher office be required to be a nationaist.

    That means you put your own country first and foremost NOT every other country on the planet first and foremost .

    • (…)”what does the color white have to do with being a nationalist ? NOTHING ”

      You’re wrong. Nationalism has EVERYTHING to with “skin color,” or ethnicity or race.

      A “nation,” by definition IS a specific ethnicity. Don’t take my word for it, look for yourself.

      White Nationalism is just wanting to live in a specific geographic area with nothing or close to nothing
      but other white people. It’s a broad definition, but I think that’s basically it.

  11. Jordan Anchondo was a race-mixer with multiple baby daddies. I’ll have to ask forgiveness for not feeling too much when I saw her story on NBC.

  12. One thing we won’t see after Dayton– scumbags like French and nearly all those with mass media access in this country will NOT call for getting rid of Antifa as they called for going after so-called white nationalists.

  13. The (((elite))) and elite are making a fatal mistake.

    They are not allowing any release valve on the massive steam boiler of the White male American.

    They should have allowed Charlottesville to go ahead. People who are allowed to demonstrate blow off steam. If we formed a political party to represent our interests, that would defuse 99%+ of White desperation, fear, and rage.

    As it is, they don’t want to concede even a piece of the pie to us. They can’t even let us have a faction in their multiethnic empire to ensure we aren’t screwed over totally and to preserve our culture, way of life, people, and some semblance of a future.

    Instead, they want total control and to deny us everything. We are supposed to be mute, forgotten, utterly submissive serfs of our new braying brown masters who will decide how EVERYTHING is run.

    Not leaving us even a piece, they will end up by losing everything. “Want all, lose all.”

  14. I’ve pretty much accepted that it will take the hand of God to turn things around. Call me blackpilled, I don’t care. Come 2060 we’ll have 28 states that are still majority white. There will be places to run to. I look at white liberals and realize I’d rather not live with them or under their control in some yankee white ethnostate. It’s a shame the only racially conscious whites live in heavily black areas. Anyhow, Deo Vindice.

  15. By the system de-platforming and deleting their Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube accounts they are only radicalizing them further because they now have no outlet with which to dissipate stream. If the system was smart they would realize that. They wont just go away because you ban them from social media. They go underground! The reason this happens because the social communitarian spirit in modern America is non-existent. Most people do not even know their next door neighbors and sit in stone silence on a subway whenever a person is killed right before their eyes. Non-whites still have a strong sense of social community and racial identity. White people do not. Not only is modern liberalism to blame for this but so is color blind conservatism. A pox on both of their houses!

    • Heartland,

      Don’t forget to put a pox on colorblind liberation Christian theology that preached “We’re all God’s children ” bullshit. They’re responsible for infecting the left with egalitarilitarism in the 19th century and the right in the middle of the 20th century. Those mislead congregations of sheeple begat today’s multicultural and multiracial embracing Whites.

      Obviously, Jewish subterfuge in popular media and culture sealed the deal.

    • Denise,

      Correct me if I am mistaken, but the elder Mr. Cruscius appears to be speaking in front of a huge star of david.

      The plot thickens.

      • Indeed. Looks like that to me, too And Cruscius is not a “White” name. And the (((shooter))) looks like a retarded yeshiva student.

  16. (((Daddy Shooter))) follows every lefty in Murka. Including the jew Marianne Williamson, the jew who led a prayer for White People to apologize for all of the sins against Negroes. She is a Jew devil. Listen to the “prayer”. It’s a Satanic invocation. This starts around the 20:28 mark

  17. It’s getting really wierd in the NBC coverage. The U.K. claims to have effectively banned guns. Yet it is Wall to Wall coverage of the shooting stuff.

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