Responsible Uses of Gun Rights

Oh dear. Some people – usual crazed Antifa, Leftist loon, but also, sadly, at least one White Anglo person who expressed deep concern for our legitimate issues have gone “postal” and slaughtered dozens of regular Americans for… for what? Our 2nd Amendment rights and what’s left of our 1st Amendment rights for free speech, freedom of assembly will be viciously attacked or taken away. I’d like to include this OD classic written by Jost Turner, Viet Nam War Veteran, Northern Californian separatist who wrote very practical advice about the proper use of firearms.

Jost Turner worked briefly in the open American White Nationalist “movement” but he became very disillusioned with the selfish, dysfunctional people in “The Movement”. Jost sought to discover and live authentic, Indo-European religions as practices by Indo-Europeans in India, Persia, Greek areas of modern Turkey and Europe during the last golden age. This article has been edited, recognizing the American negative bias associated with anything related to German National Socialism. I support Jost Turner’s very reasonable, practical gun views – Jack Ryan

Firearms: The Great Equalizer by Jost Turner

Clearly, violations of the laws regarding possession and use of firearms have been responsible for sending more White racialists to prison than anything else. There are probably thousands of different firearms laws in this country, all varying from state to state, county to county and city to city. Most of these laws are blatantly ill-written, but enforced with the fervor of an inquisition. Petty firearms violations were used as the government’s justification to attack both Randy Weaver and the Waco Davidians. Without a doubt, possession of firearms is the greatest danger to White racialists in general, and to Folk-communities in particular.

Nevertheless, we strongly encourage all (White Americans), especially our women and even our children, to be armed and highly skilled in the use of firearms. This is because the country is being invaded by hordes of criminals and gangs from Non-White countries notorious for violence and savagery. Neither the government nor the police are making any real effort to protect the public from these lowly evolved creatures, and so it is quite likely that we all will have to deal with them ourselves sooner or later.

Being armed is very effective against criminals and gangs. This was dramatically proven during the Los Angeles Rodney King riots. Invariably, the mere presence of a firearm was enough to send the rampaging gangs in the opposite direction – actually firing the weapon was unnecessary. This is because criminals ang gang members are by nature extremely selfish, indulgent and really quite cowardly. Hence, they prey only on the weak. However, they do not look on a man or woman with a firearm as “weak prey”. A firearm is really nothing more nor less than a very effective “equalizer”. It makes you equal to virtually any adversary, even a whole gang. Unless their courage is propped up with an enormous amount of dope or alcohol, you can be sure that even in mass these gangs are not likely to stick their necks out after looking down the barrel of a confidently held firearm. Looking towards our dismal future of lawlessness, violence and gang-land feudalism, we recommend that (White Americans) endure the real dangers in order to ensure the safety of their families with a firearm in the home.

The Most Effective Weapon: Your Skill

In general, a rifle is designed for attack and a pistol for defense. Although less wieldy, a shotgun is also a good defense weapon and requires less skill than a handgun to use effectively. Many people advocate the so called “assault rifles” (semi-automatic rifles with large magazine capacities) for defense. We discourage buying assault rifles. They are very expensive, not anywhere near as effective as one would believe, and, legally speaking, they are far more dangerous as virtually every day new laws are being passed restricting their possession. The same can be said of the large magazine capacity semi automatic pistols and “assault shot guns”. Frankly, any simple firearm, rifle, shotgun, or handgun – even a .22 plinker is perfectly adequate for defense. What is important is not your choice of weapon, but your ability to use the weapon effectively! I’ve witnessed it myself: a simple, single-shot weapon in the hands of a skilled marksman is far more deadly than a troop of mediocre riflemen armed with the latest “assault rifles”.

Necessities: Training & Information

To become a skilled marksman, you need to fire at least 20 rounds a week form the off-hand position. Handle your firearm often, so that using it is almost second nature. Learn something about human and animal anatomy. Learn where to place your shots to effectively stop and disable any adversary – including one out of his mind on dope. Be aware of all federal, state and local firearms laws. We recommend joining the National Riffle Association. They will keep you informed of all new laws and they are working hard fighting in the federal and state legislatures, as well as in the courts, to stop the flagrant disarming of the public. The liberal anti firearms hysteria is driving the NRA more and more in our direction. We are happy to report that the November issue of the American Rifleman, the NRA’s monthly magazine which circulates in the millions, carried an excellent feature story on the Randy Weaver tragedy, noting his “White separatist” religion with no derogatory connotation. They also endorsed Kirk Lyons multimillion dollar lawsuit of the Waco survivors against the government – and they know full well where Kirk stands! Firearms owners need all the support they can get. The NRA’s information legislative, and legal service are an important asset.

Defense Against Government Attack

While we feel that the growing lawlessness, violence, and gang-culture in this country warrants the possession of a firearm for defense, we do not advocate keeping firearms to defend against the police or the government. It doesn’t matter how well armed you are, you are not likely to win. You might get one or two of them (four in the case of the Davidians), but you won’t last long. The government had an inexhaustible supply of men, ammunition, and advanced technology (the best that tax-payer money can buy). Taking on the government would be like trying to fight a charging elephant with a .22. When an elephant attacks and you only have a .22, your best recourse is to run, hide and sneak away until you are out of danger. Shooting an elephant with a .22 will only make it mad. And if it’s mad, it will be much more difficult for you to get away. As both the Weaver and Davidian tragedies graphically illustrated, shooting it out with the government just isn’t practical.

Violence & Armed Revolution

Beware of those who advocate firearms for any sort of violence or guerrilla warfare against non-Whites, liberals, or the government. First of all, there is a good chance that these individuals work for the government and are interested in sending you to prison. Even if they do not work for the government, it should be apparent that they do not know what they are talking about! We have pointed out that anyone who knows anything at all about revolution or guerilla warfare would certainly be aware that there is absolutely no support for it in this country at this time. Without public support, all violence is counterproductive. This is not theory, it is a cold, hard fact!

Be aware that mediocre strategists always seem to do just what the enemy expects or wants them to do, and the followers of mediocre strategists are doomed to defeat. The government expects you to arm yourselves and be violent. The government wants you to do this. The government would love for lots of new “Order-type” organizations to spring up and lash out in armed violence. In fact, if none come about, the government will do everything it can to create some, as can be seen by the recent government entrapment of White racialist youths in Los Angeles! The government is ready and waiting for armed violence. Don’t fall in to their trap! The greatest of military victories have been won by a disciplined force doing exactly what the enemy never expected – or never thought possible. A brilliant example of this is how the British Colonel Lawrence easily took the Turkish stronghold of Aqaba with a ragged band of Arabs. That’s solution-oriented. A final note on armed revolution: In 1923 Germany was ripe for revolution. A. Hitler had 55,000 registered supporters, professional military officers (even Generals), the active support of hundreds of armed, trained, combat veterans, and public support, the like of which we could not even imagine! On November 8, 1923, he attempted an armed revolution and failed. Think about it. If he failed in such an opportune situation, then why should we consider armed revolution in a country not ripe for it – with no public support, no trained veterans, no leader, no military officers, and no organization with more than a hundred or so registered supporters? Even though in later years Hitler’s support grew and the threat of Marxist take-over increased, he never again considered armed revolution. Instead, like his Marxist adversaries, he carefully build a solid, Folk-based movement which ultimately could not be denied power! This is our task today.

It is our duty to defend our families from an onslaught of violence and lawlessness which the government is allowing and encouraging to proliferate. But as (White Americans), we must do so intelligently and responsibly, training ourselves in the skilled use of simple weapons, while keeping abreast of the changing laws which govern their use and possession. Just as in NS Germany, the next revolution will be a revolution in thought. – Jost


  1. Mr. Ryan,

    Good and practical. Not bombastic. The part on the government and police is especially of worth.

    • Thank you Christina. I am glad to know that I have at least one loyal reader that listens to my advice.


      I know that your soon husband to be will get a great young bride… provided she learns to cook and doesn’t expect original love poetry every single day.


      Take care C.


      • Mr. Ryan,

        I do some cooking under supervision. I am not engaged.

        I am no expert on Mexican gun laws but I believe the following to be true. I was told this. If there is anything in error feel free to instruct me.

        There is one gun shop and it is in Mexico City. It is controlled by the Army. Military weapons are generally forbidden. Pistols such as .38, .357, and 40SW are allowed. I do not know what SW stands for. Pistols such as 9mm and .45 are forbidden. They are military calibre.
        Rural areas allow carrying of long arms but not military rifles. My uncle has a fine collection.

        There is a Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Mexico but it is way stricter than the US. Thank God! You may say that our murders are higher than yours therefore our gun control laws are not working but that would be simplistic. If millions more Mexicans had guns our murder rates would be even higher. What works in one country for one people does not mean it works everywhere. People are not the same. I imagine the Hispanic crime rates in the USA are higher than Anglo and Oriental crime rates. Laws are for the common good not every individual incident.

        For instance 95-98% of drug related killings are against criminals, police, and soldiers not the common man. So guns would avail us nothing in that case, just more accidents, suicides, and crimes of passion. Do you realize how jealous Latin men are?

        • Good Afternoon Christina,

          The Mexican guns laws sound very reasonable. I could definitely live under these laws. SW stands for Smith and Wesson which is a gun manufacturer.

          Christina writes:

          “What works in one country for one people does not mean it works everywhere. People are not the same. I imagine the Hispanic crime rates in the USA are higher than Anglo and Oriental crime rates. Laws are for the common good not every individual incident.”

          I respond:

          This is most definitely true and seems rather obvious to me, but somehow it escapes the minds of people like Thomas Jefferson (Declaration of Independence) and ex Beatle John Lennon.

          So many things that can be sampled, and handled by high IQ White college students, simply can not be handled by lowest class/caste Blacks, Mestizos, mountain Muslims, Algerians in French slums etc – things like MJ, porn, violent TV shows, free spirited public schools with boys and girls in the same class, in same bath rooms etc.

          Christina you really do sound great, be careful if you keep showing interest and respect for my writing I might try to come down and ask your uncle and father for permission to court/marry you.



          • Mr. Ryan,

            That was very flattering. I am currently being steered toward several Mexican possibilities. But nothing serious anytime soon.

            I know John Lennon was a Beatle but what did he say on guns?

            I still cannot compare to the raw beauty of my Argentinian friend. I asked my girl friends what relatable to Americans do I look closest to. They thought and did research. They are fascinated through me with this site.

            So they found someone called Jordana Brewster in a 1995 Youtube clip lasting around 6 minutes. A soap called As The World Turns 1995. Pause it around 2 minutes and 40 seconds and that is much like me. I am a little bit lighter however.

            That girl dresses tacky. I mean overalls??? If a person is working on the farm okay but not in the city.

          • Hi Christina,

            I did look up the Soap Opera clip of Jordana Brewster – she does look very beautiful and charming indeed. But, in all honestly I can’t stand soap operas. That’s a real chick thing. This Soap Opera has some handsome young blond Anglo guy ( I used to look like that) expressing all his feelings for the young girl and how just wanted to be with her and…. I don’t do that kind of stuff. Never have, never will. I hate to see some healthy guy or boy forced to grovel in front of some woman/girl, cry. Real men shouldn’t do such nonsense. If we do get married you’re going to have to go out somewhere to watch these soap operas or what do they call them in Latin countries telenovelas? 🙂 I must say Christina you are a real charmer.

          • Mr. Ryan,

            I do get tired of gun enthusiasts touting Switzerland on guns. If Switzerland was a state of the United States they would be considered to have some of the toughest handgun laws in the United States of America.

            According to Wikipedia Switzerland has the highest firearm homicides in Western Europe. Following statistics are per 100,000 people Article was Firearm homocides by country


            On the other hand one could say that most countries with as many military rifles in civilian soldier hands would probably have way higher rates than that. Can you imagine Brazil with legal military rifles everywhere? So Switzerland is not doing as bad as it could be. Gun enthusiasts should give the whole story when discussing Switzerland and guns however.

            My unofficial opinion is that Switzerland should keep their current laws. They recently passed European Union compliant laws to toughen their gun laws.

            They better be careful.

          • Mr. Ryan,

            I forgot to mention that the girl in that As The World Turns 1995 video is way more snotty toward a guy than I usually am. I did not find her charming in the slightest.

            And she is only reasonably pretty. My hair is a little bit lighter. Since it is the summer it must be owned that I am almost as dark as she is. She does look a lot like me no doubt about it.

            I am obviously no poster girl for white nationalism.

        • “What works in one country for one people does not mean it works everywhere. People are not the same.”

          I hope you say this to as many white idiots as you can.

          • Powell,

            I tell my friends that I believe there are 3 ways in the USA to reduce crime.

            1) Group discrimination where certain types/races of people have no or limited gun ownership——Impossible in today’s America

            2) A very authoritarian regime that reduces or destroys traditional American values—-Until recently I would have thought impossible but now?

            3) Swift breakup of drug/criminal gangs with death for murder and rape. Crack down heavy on factors that influence crime. Promote moral decency etc.——An obvious solution but impossible in today’s America.

            A book written by a Pro-Gun person called the —The Cowboy, The Mounty, and The Samurai agrees that gun control can work in America but it needs strong social and govenmental controls.

            I am personally in favor of trying option number 3 above before the others. But the government does not seem interested in this option.

    • Agreed. Jost Turner was a one of a kind, unique man – noble in the truest sense of the word. His relatively young death seems very strange to me as Jost led a very healthy life. He was something of a father to me, always calm and able to see current events clearly and rationally, where so many, most of “our people” react with emotion and long held prejudices, envies, hang ups etc.

      I was hoping to meet his widow and his children, they responded once on Stormfront but I never heard of them again. I think it’s because Jost warned them never to have anything to do with American White Nationalism.

      • Jaye Ryan,

        Jost is deeply missed. Just the other day, I wrote with admiration about his legacy,

        It’s in these turbulent times that one can feel the void of Jost’s absence.

        This could be very well the ‘calm before the storm.’

  2. In the famous words (written by a jew for a negro criminal) can’t we all just get along?
    LOL we are all on the same side here and we all play for the same team…
    It makes no difference what anyone does in their daily life or types online, they will come for our guns and we will hand them over or face the gulag.
    Hell, we will all probably end up in the gulags anyways at least with your gun in your hand facing the ZOG storm troopers you still have a choice in how you are going to die.
    My guess would be that keeping the goyim alive to suffer endless torture and starvation would be their end game strategy and ideal ending for all proud and decent white European people, Aryan or not.
    They hate our genetics and hate Christianity and will not stop until they are both irreversibly and totally destroyed.
    We are getting close to the end.
    I’ve never heard anyone say this or mention this before on this site, so i will:

    “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    • I understand your feelings. But it’s a mistake to go with the idea that the end of the world is coming next week and some all powerful government will be kicking in our doors and dragging us all away to Gulags next month unless with use military guns to wage war on everyone even remotely working for the government.

      The key is…

      Community. Have friends and neighbors that know you and will stick up for you.

      Whatever you do, don’t look, dress or act like the Hollywood bad guy image of the loner, racist, hater, crazy guy. Have some fun. Get to know some young couples with cute little children that trust you enough to be with their children.

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