President Trump Addresses The Nation Over El Paso and Dayton Mass Shootings

There were two mass shooters in 24 hours.

The El Paso shooter was possibly a self-described “American patriot” who was responding to “the Hispanic invasion of Texas.” The Dayton shooter was a self-described socialist, Satanist, Antifa, Democrat and supporter of Elizabeth Warren. The media demanded that Blompf “do something” again like he did after the Las Vegas shooting when he banned bump stock nationalism.

He is doing something:

Let this sink in.

ONE GUY in Texas snapped because he has sat back and watched as over a million illegal aliens have crossed the border and invaded his state. Blompf failed to build the wall. Now he is talking about bringing in legal immigrants “in the highest numbers ever” and changing the composition of legal immigration so that the middle class lose their jobs.

As a result of ONE GUY snapping in El Paso due to Blompf’s failed presidency, he is now supporting Lindsey Graham’s Red Flag Legislation where the government can swoop in and seize your guns on the basis of social media companies and liberal judges deeming you a threat to others.

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  1. I thought I read that the concept of Hate Crimes originated or was popularized in the Soviet Union. And maybe the term Political Correct as well?

    Trump is everything you feared Hillary Clinton might be.

  2. ONE GUY in Texas snapped because he has sat back and watched as over a million illegal aliens have crossed the border and invaded his state.

    Oh, c’mon! How do you know that’s why he snapped? Because of the “manifesto” he supposedly wrote? Give me a break!

  3. 2016 bought us time and it was squandered on foolishness.

    If you are tired of losing, then start pushing hard for Partition.

    It’s do or die.

  4. Seems like another hoax by ZOG.

    They seem not to care any more to make an effort for a believable hoax.

    Will the real Patrick Crusius please stand up!

    This one?

    Or this one:

    The first one looks like a jew. I am completely for disarming the jews!

    But if Trump finds out that Crusius is a jew he will pardon the dead body like he did with the negro boxer.

    • Damn, I noticed that too! When I saw the first images of Crusius, I thought he had a sort of Jewy look, but in the next pictures I saw of him, he appeared to be kind of dusky, like maybe he was partially Hispanic himself. The photos definitely appear to be of two different individuals. How do they get away with that shit? Penn and Teller would be booed out of the building if their illusions were that obvious.

      Meanwhile, the Dayton shooting has not just taken a back seat to El Paso, it is almost forgotten already. Not a single mention of Elizabeth Warren, Left Wing Extremism, or Antifa. The only thing being discussed is White Supremacy and Hate. I wonder if there had been two or three times as many casualties in Ohio as there was in Texas, if we would hear more about Dayton? Maybe if a thousand people had been killed by a Communist in Ohio, we would hear more about it. But, then the focus would likely still be on Nazis and the Klan, regardless of the shooters background or motivations.

  5. Would not want to be the coppers serving those warrants. The Police Unions will Baulk. I used to joke about having the cops kick in doors looking for firearms. In the ghetto. Now? It’s real.

  6. I suggest billions more in free money for Israhell and to prove our loyalty to Jews, we need a war vs Iran…

  7. On the bright side you could have Dawn raids on whole blocks in the Ghetto now.

    Gotta think strategically.

    I’m sure various famous left wing people have guns in their houses too.

    Man this is going to be a Supreme Court Issue. 4th meet 2nd…ignores 13th.

    • As usual, a boomer con (Captain John Special Agent MA) fedposting again

      “Dawn raids on whole blocks in the Ghetto now. … Gotta think strategically.” Ypu forgot to add “MIGA!!!”

      What a joke.

      • No it’s actually improbable. You know it’s not going to be imposed that way.

    • No. In New Zealand the media asked the gangs if they were handing over their guns. They said no, and the police are to afraid of a media backlash to go after the gangs with guns. Now only gangs have semi autos.

      2 people have been killed in “dawn raids” both of them right wingers who made the epic mistake of faceberg posting their views.

      You’re dreaming mate.

      • @Silverdawn,

        Exactly. Whites are going to be forced to form gangs. I know the Kikes are trying to exterminate us – and it’s going to get UGLY – but I don’t think they will prevail in the END.

        We are being forced to become the White Gang. And it’s going to HAPPEN.

    • He’s pretty much perfect, i love him. Wait for 2020 when the Conner Betts start shooting up Trump rallies, then you’re going to see some acceleration.

      • And here I thought High Yella Kamala was the perfect candidate to hasten the destruction of the Jewnited States. She couldn’t do half as good a job as Trump is!

  8. Much better to ban certain weapons than the “Red Flag Laws” which will most probably include anybody that gives a negative film review to the feminist remake of Ghostbusters (that was what got Milo banned from Twitter).

    Certain guns are just not practical for hunting or self defense. If you want to possess military guns you need to be part of some type of organized military with officers, not some loner.

    What’s wrong with a 12 gauge shot gun and a 38 revolver for self defense, shot gun marriages?

    Certain areas of our country need all kinds of behavior restricting laws and just customs:

    East St. Louis
    deranged crazy people homeless camping places in LA

    These people can’t even poop responsibly, think it’s wise to let them own AR15s?

    Sensible gun control works OK if it is packaged with birth control, immigration control.

    Again, Singapore and Japan are safe, clean, very homogenous societies. Little Children can safely take public transport in Tokyo and nobody has to walk around with AR15s, AK47s to protect themselves or their families.

    We have to get out of this “Ma Constitution, Ma Guns, Ma Ma Ma everything. Start to become part of a successful community, where healthy, intelligent people that share common heritage and culture work together to help each other.

    Kindness means loving your own kind.

    OK, this week’s news is depressing, more bad news, bad things to come. Let’s make the best of things.

    And most all OD readers know what I recommend in such situations….

    Take up a whiter form of partner dancing – ask a pretty young woman to dance. The man leads, the woman follows, great things happen when this is done.

    • Absolute cuckery, are you seriously telling readers here these red flag laws will be for homeless people pooping on the street?

      Who the fuck is this guy Brad? This is an actual fed/kikepost.

      Just roll over goyim go dancing LOL.

      The most subversive shit ive seen on the blog. I’m starting to think its been compromised.

      • To answer your question:


        I’m stating my observation about different types of people living in big cities like homeless camp areas of LA, rough, slum areas of Chicago, New York City, Baltimore and just sharing my observation that these populations are very different than stable, healthy, sane middle class White areas or still homogenous White European nations like Switzerland.

        Gun rights and gun laws that work OK in homogenous, all White areas of Switzerland or rural areas of North Dakota and Wyoming don’t work in the South Bronx, Baltimore, the favelas in San Paulo Brazil.

        OK, this should be obvious to any sensible White person who’s ever lived in both places or who has ever taken the time to learn about these places, get first hand experience of those of us (Me) who’ve done things like be a public school teacher in Red Hook Brooklyn.

        The idea that letting the population of Red Hook Brooklyn (in the 1980s it’s gentrified since then) have full access to any and guns, let the population do what they want with sex, porn, recreational drugs – that’s insane.

        And our country now has population of 300 million + and growing, increasingly a population that closer resembles India and Brazil more than it does the country of the Northeast and Southern Atlantic Coast when the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment was written. Plus as I’ve explained many times here and on the Political Cesspool – the US Constitution and especially the Declaration of Independence were deeply flawed from the Get Go. They don’t mention race, mass immigration, alien control of our media, usury, fractional reserve banking all of the live or die, die, die problems we now face.

        Our huge mega cities do not resemble the nation/people of Switzerland. Those “Patriotards” who insist we’re just the same as Switzerland and must have the same gun laws as Switzerland are just not paying attention to reality.

        So NO, of course I don’t think these Red Flag laws will target homeless crazy people in LA to take away their guns, they will target people like us. So we have to deal with this.

      • Silverdawn, I never would have thought such levels of faggotry were even theoretically possible.

    • Why don’t you go join Antifa? You’re a White-hating POS who has no place on the right. Fuck off.

    • @cuck Ryan

      Do you pay Brad to write ridiculous articles giving you carte Blanche on this platform? I wasn’t sure of the true definition of fedposting, now I know.

  9. If you want a civil war keep chiseling away at the Second Amendment.

    He’s a globalist. He wants a seat at the globalist table right next to Jared and Ivanka.

  10. Remember those patriot groups that served as peacekeepers in Charlottesville and came back and said the official narrative is not what happened? Many were furious. Well, they know what’s happening. This buffoon of a president is not working out so well for us.

    Remember, everything has to appear as being organic – in origin and in response – and not a conspiracy.

    Government, media, celebrities, corporations, and NGO’s all in unison “White Supremacy Must Die!”

    Looks almost like a Hollywood script.

  11. “it would provide grants to states that pass red flag laws”

    This is how they brought in diversity and multiculturalism…. promotions, grants, bonuses, tax breaks, and all the other goodies criminals can dream up.

  12. “BREAKING: President Trump has instructed the Dept of Justice to propose legislation for those who commit hate crime mass murders to receive the death penalty – @OANN”

    This will only mean white people.

  13. If Trump hasn’t proved all elections are rigged, you are incapable of seeing through the brainwashing.

  14. This whole thing stinks! You see all the MAGAtards on social medis supporting Drumps proposals, clapping and cheering for their own demise. Absolutely insane!
    How come there are so many witnesses to the El Paso shooting saying there were two or three shooters and nothing on MSM about it? Someone on YT did some digging on the victims facebook accounts, most if not all had no friends on that platform. Something isn’t right about these shootings. We still haven’t heard the end result investigations to the Las Vegas shooting.

  15. Blompf is the stereotype of a Yankee tyrant, and Ms. Lindsey Graham is your cartoonish southern copperhead.

  16. The jews have been conducting mass shootings since Sandy Hook, most of the mass shootings have been hoaxes with crisis actors. Trump knows this yet he goes along with the jews and pretends the mass shootings are real and pretends it’s White Americans doing the mass shootings. He’s so concerned about Americans losing their lives violently at the hands of White Americans, he tweets about that and he gives speeches about that. He has yet to tweet and yet to give a speech about how he mourns for the Americans who died at the hands of jews on 9/11. He knows 9/11 was done by Israel with the help of alot of Jews living in the United States, he’s perfectly fine with that. He only gets concerned about violence when the jews conduct a mass shooting and want us White Americans to take the blame and Trump is more than willing to play along with the jews and blame us White Americans — for mass shootings he knows damn well are conducted by jews and the jew Deep State. He knows damn well the jews are behind all the mass shootings since Sandy Hook but he blames us White Americans for all the mass shootings, bastard. Something like 2,977 people were killed by JEW SUPREMACISTS on 9/11, the great majority who were killed were Americans. Trump doesn’t have anything to say about JEW SUPREMACISTS killing Americans, and he fully well knows that it was Israel/JEWS/JEW SUPREMACISTS who did 9/11, not one word condemning JEW SUPREMACISTS who killed so many Americans on 9/11.

  17. You know very well who these “red flag laws” will never be used against. The exact same people “hate crime laws” are never used against.
    Anti-Whites aren’t against firearms.
    Anti-Whites are against White people owning them.

  18. If I didn’t know any better I would suspect there is a coordinated effort afoot to disarm and silence white Americans (through hate crimes, hate think, hate speech), so that endless streams of brown people can be brought into our country without encountering any resistance whatsoever.

    • Until they need us to fight the Iranians and the Chinese … then it will be no stop, rah rah Jew$A! Jew$A! …. sing it with me, “I’m proud to be an’ a Murican where at least I know my place, and I won’t forget the men who died, who gave my birthright away … ”

      Welcome to the dying days of Weimurica..

  19. Sounds like more website shutdowns are on the way. The “most censored site in history” is already down.

    • It’s kind of irrelevant atm, if they aint getting shut down they like this site are shutting themselves down with hardcore moderation tip toeing through the tulips.

      The kikes have complete control of the internet we are phasing back to only cable news days. They just make up whatever shit they want and force feed it to the unarmed and stupid masses.

      Conservatives got Mao’d by a “hundred flowers campaign”, Mao invited dissent and welcomed it, then figured out who every dissenter was and proceeded to kill every last 50 million of them. This was ONLY 60 years ago.

      That’s you Trump supporters. instead of “hundred flowers” it was “build the wall”. You got 1 year maybe 2. Yeah laugh..

      You’re actually all going to die, history tells you this.

  20. I agree with Striker that we have probably until 2021 (if Potatus is reelected) to prepare until the full blown mass arrests of “Nazis” and “anti-Semites” begin. Trump currently talks about those things, but not loud enough that the low-information normies (the people who think Trump is cool because the media says he defends white interests, and they don’t pay attention to actual politics) will realize he has abandoned them. As we get closer to election time the focus will shift to ILLEGALS, CARAVANS, LEFT WING MOBS again.

    And if he gets enough people to reelect him, then with his second term is when it really all hits the fan – a massive nuclear war for Israel, the death penalty for saying “kike”, banning of all guns, shutting down forcefully of all “antisemitic” and “racist” opposition and so on.

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