White Nationalists React To El Paso

Here’s a hot take on El Paso:

1.) The Democrats have unleashed anarchy on the Mexican border and over 1 million illegal aliens are expected to cross the border this year and be released into the interior. It’s true that Texas is being invaded. Everyone knows that the border has collapsed.

2.) The Republicans are owned by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and for 40 years have milked the issue of illegal immigration for political gain while doing absolutely nothing to solve the problem which is now worse than ever under Blompf. Public anger about it is also at an all time high.

3.) Condemned by the Democrats. Exploited by the Republicans. Some people who are confronting the collapse of the most basic function of the federal government – defending the states from invasion – are snapping and turning to violence. Their government has failed them.

4.) The political class of the United States has decided to nullify the Constitution and federal immigration laws without the consent of the people. The inevitable result of this plunge into anarchy is going to be violence. It is our elites who have steered the state into these waters.

5.) Pushing the gas on the anarchy at the border while using the power of the federal government to crack down on the disaffected (taking away their guns and free speech) won’t stop these violent accelerationists. Instead, it will further discredit the government and our political leadership.

6.) Once upon a time, there was an elite consensus that we were a sovereign nation with immigration laws and those laws should be enforced. The American political class rejected that consensus as racist and inhumane. Now, frustrated and disaffected people who our elected leaders have broken faith with are rejecting it too and no longer feel bound by our “woke” social contract either.

7.) If our woke political class does not reverse course on nullifying our borders, immigration laws and national sovereignty, I will just say find a good book about the 1850s because we know how this story ends. Look what happened last time the doctrine of the Higher Law was proclaimed.

8.) The fanaticism on both sides is being conjured into existence and stirred up for partisan advantage from above. It is worth reflecting on how far we have come from the stable, relatively homogeneous and optimistic society that we were in the 1950s. It only took a single generation to guide us from there to here and we are not better off for it. We’ve traded places with China.

9.) Speaking of China, why doesn’t it have this problem? Why aren’t the Chinese dissolving their borders, inviting the world to overrun China and declaring war on their own resentful population? It seems highly unlikely that a country so misled by such an incompetent elite at war with its own people will be able to compete with China in the long run.

10.) As usual, the world looks at this country and wonders what the hell has gone wrong with it. Increasingly, foreigners want to more like China and less like the United States. Who can blame them?

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  1. We are Christians. We do not persecute, torment nor kill the weak and the innocent. We defend the weak and the innocent. And if called upon we will lay down our lives to defend the weak and the innocent.

    • A sucker born every minute. Don’t side with another nations poor. Charity begins at home.

      • “Charity begins at home.”

        Amen to that.
        Start teaching White ppl to help Whites.
        Look to Africa, Whites have been pouring charity into that black hole for 500 years.
        The results, worse than ever.

      • Make no mistake, the war is against Christ. Racial antagonism is being promoted and encourages by Jews as part of a greater Jew plan to destroy Christ and Christianity. The temperature is going to be brought higher and higher and if you and others allow yourselves to be led astray by these Jew devils, many many many innocent people will be killed. The Jew plan is then to use guilt. in the same way they have used guilt against us with all their Hitler, holohoax crap, to next turn us away from the merciful forgiving Christ. Can you imagine what this world will be like without Christ? The inhuman cruelty of the Jew would be given free reign to kill torture and maim without discretion. I don’t want to live in such a world.

        • From now on I’m going to call you Church Lady, Browning. You really creep me out, even more than David French does.

          • You don’t think enough. What is the promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people? Every religion offers a benefit as a way to draw people to the religion. It is the nature of all religions. So what benefit does Judaism offer Jews?

            Answer—-The promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people is the subjugation of the non-Jew. Christ was the son of God. The Jews believed Christ to be the son of God. The Jews wanted Christ to meet the demands and expectations the Jews had for their messiah. The Jews wanted Christ to enslave humanity for them. Christ refused and chose to die instead. If it wasn’t for the sacrifice of Christ you would be a slave to ta Jew right now. Should you worship Christ and his sacrifice? It is up to you, but you should know and respect the sacrifice Christ made for you and your freedom. And if you come to understand exactly what Christ did, you can understand why the Jews hate him the way they do, and why they want to destroy him, destroy faith in him and destroy all of his followers with it.

          • Church lady Browning, you are mistaken. You say, “If it wasn’t for the sacrifice of Christ you would be a slave to ta Jew right now.” If you are a murican, you are already a slave to the jew and jewish power.

          • @Church lady Browning — A principled loser, who will not fight the enemy when they present as “weak and innocent”, is STILL A LOSER!!

        • It’s a war against GUNS. Mass shootings go something like this : 1/3 MK Ultra hypnotized brainwashed young white dummy – sent out with A R 15 and a manifesto against non whites. 1/3 fake with crisis actors and all. Both of these are designed to get useful idiot sheeple to WANT gun control. 1/3 are an actual nut case.

          NEVER give up your guns.

      • I know of no white Cristians killing white people, and you dont either. Your moronic vitriol against Christians and Christianity is tiresome…is there nothing else to do there in tel aviv?
        seriously, you and spahnranch are so unbelievably ignorant about Christianity, who white people are and Biblical principles of government [which includes nationalism, ethno-nationalism and segregation btw ] to be laughable were it not so pathetic.
        IF you really care – which you obviously don’t – I would invite you to investigate the matter yourself and see. As it is, clowns like you just set us back and PO people with a brain to the point that they throw their hands up and cease to visit sites like this. Which is probably your intent…

    • Speak for yourself. You are the living embodiment of all that is wrong with the European race.

    • Oh, the poor little innocent invaders coming here to destroy our culture, our future, our language, and our society. Such INNOCENTS! Coming to take our land and push us into the role of minority pariahs while their filthy corrupt gangs and gang-like police rule over the ruins of our vanished country.

      Christians are starting to make me sick with their suicidal, repulsive mewling and blubbering for the hostile alien.

      • Christ-insanity is part of the problem. Get rid of that Levantine mind-control cult and half the battle is won.

    • You want us to “save” the entire “innocent” 3rd world? You want us to give away our lives, our families, and our countries for the benefit of people who resent and hate us?

    • The foundational conservative is conservative by nature – consistently valuing certainty, comfort, and security over change, discomfort, and risk. He finds his niche in any system, reflexively embracing the old, and instinctively rejecting the new. His politics and morality are about preserving that niche. “Muh principles,” my azz! Depending on his country’s history, the foundational conservative can be a communist, socialist, capitalist, or whatever. His morality can be universal or dual, reciprocating or non-reciprocating.

      The foundational conservative is an r-selected rabbit. And we rabbits are going to rabbit, no matter the system or its ideology. When we rabbits adopt the morality of “Doing unto others as they would have you do,” and couple this to “Rendering unto Caesar his due,” then our subservience is willing and unbound. All the Regime needs do at this point is throw in a few monetary incentives (to allay misgivings) and we foundationally conservative rabbits become dependable slaves.

      We foundational conservatives condemn anybody doing anything that could endanger our comfort and security. We armchair quarterback every proposed move involving risk. We are, consistently, no shows at everything that involves effort.

      Politics is low-intensity warfare, having genuine victims. The “activism” of foundational conservatives is limited to expressing concern for some political victims, throwing others to the wolves, bewailing the “unfairness” of it all, and rationalizing our position. We are incapable of forward movement. We LARP at politics, nothing more.

      A movement comprised of foundational conservatives is a non-movement going nowhere. It gives rise to grifters fighting for dominance over a limited pool of shekels. 55+ years of evidence overwhelmingly supports this view.

    • Browning’s first post is ridiculous. The entire O.T. is riddled with the SOLE Entho-tribal conflict against a)those who were NOT YHWH’s ‘Chosen,’ and b) the Elect of God… and their battles. That is why there was a ‘conquest’ of the Promised Land; why there were Kings, such as King David, and why Christ (as ‘David’s greater son’) did not come to abolish the ‘Law,’ but to fulfill it. [ Matt. 5:17] That is why the Church created the doctrine of ‘just war.’

      While we should not, and yet, we have- (((under certain foreign Ethnic interests, contrary to our own!)))) seek to engage in wars with the ‘Gentiles’ (all non-White, non-Europeans) WE MUST DEFEND OUR LAND – laying down one’s life for one’s ENEMY – and the pervert, the Nigger, Chink, Spic, and Injun ARE our Enemies!) is ANATHEMA to a REAL Christian. Browning, your comments sound like those of a graceless, sectarian Prot, who knows nothing, and has not the Pnevma.

      The doctrine of nationalism is suffused within the entirety of the Bible. Browning- you need to read Fraser’s “The WASP Question,” and, what is more, his ‘Dissident Dispatches.’

      Spawn, I joke around with you, but your comment about the ‘Levantine cult’ clearly indicates that you (and a few other assholes on this forum) are as IGNORANT of the utter dichotomy between Talmudism (which is the religion of the ‘Jews’) and Biblical Christianity… and that we cannot disannull the covenant with God and Christ (one and the same deity, but in Three Persons) made by our forebears, and ratified in every colonies’ constitution, before the Masonic attempts to destroy it by the Deist idiots like Jefferson and his ‘All men are created equal’ bullshit.

      You cannot fight something with nothing, and the doctrine of Talmudism/Marxism/Pisslam MUST be fought as if it were the Crusades again. We cannot be a GloboHomoSchlomo ‘neutral’ nation, and expect to win against the Jews. We need to join together and fight them under the banner of Christ the King. And Him, alone.

    • The control system will never allow a movement that works against it to gather steam. It will vilify it, infiltrate it, and make it a patsy.

      Voila! Our reality.

      “Turning man against his brother until man….”

  2. The question now is not whether America will descend into violent chaos, but rather how violent it will become and how organised the sides may or may not be. Do we need any more evidence that the dissolution of the Union is the only chance at White Southern survival?

    • Stephen Mallory,

      Are you discarding all the Whites that aren’t in the south as not worthy of survival?

      • I don’t think Mallory meant that, November. But, as I have said, Charlottesville was our Fort Sumter moment for CWII. This becomes more and more clear, as the weeks go on.

  3. Remember what the late Bob Chapman of The International Forecaster said around 2010? There are about 400,000,000 private weapons in the United States and about 200,000,000 people who know how to use them.

  4. By the way, Switzerland is well-armed because that’s headquarters for our controllers and their wealth. Anything and everything of importance has a base in Switzerland. It has nothing to do with “Live Free or Die” or a people’s Constitution.

    Wake the F up!

  5. Yeah, so why not attack Republican Chamber of Commerce leaders? Attack CPAC ? Attack the Bush family, the McCain family, Attack Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor family. The fa* looking guy named French at National Review? Guns are most probably not practical and very cowardly, though an old fashion American duel would be great.

    Do what I do, challenge family member cucks/traitors to boxing matches, Have a gym bag with boxing gloves at the ready – call out the Mittens Romneys who have betrayed our people, never been in fist fight or a boxing match themselves, yet always sign off on Neo Conservative/Zionist wars, regime changes even all out wars against our kinsmen the Germans and Serbs and now the Russians.

    Again, just show some personal physical courage- learn to fight with fists and boots. AR15 flame outs are for crazy cowards. Might as will go the Rambo route. What idiotic nonsense.

    • Mr. Ryan,

      You speak a lot of truth. It is a shame you are not more appreciated by commenters than you are.

    • Jaye Ryan: Great points all, at least mostly. Like you I wonder why no mass shooter ever goes after the real enemies but just shoots random innocent people. Mass shooters create public relations victories for the enemy. They harm us, not help us. We need committed political activists and citizens for our side, not mass shooters who win psychological victories for the enemy.

      • Don, do you have to hide your wallet whenever your daughter dumps your brown grandkids on you for the weekend so she can go bar-hopping with her slutty girlfriends? You, Ryan and Browning should form a cuckold club.

        • I have a feeling the only boxing Ryan does is with a paper bag. And, after all these years he’s still in it.

    • @jaye Ryan
      Are you some kind of autist that thinks a boxing match will fix our dilemma? Seriously, I think your incested blue blood has made you unrealistic in your demented thinking. Go to another freemason meeting or whatever phycotic secret society you belong.

      • Agreed. He’s lost it totally, what little he ever had. First he had an article praising the Gunsmoke TV show for “calling out racism” and having racists punished. Then he said he’s going to find a female bean goblin to mate with and produce half-goblin spawn.

        Now he things that the angry, desperate human animal, tormented beyond endurance by gaslighting, invasion, dispossession, oppression, and loss of all hope, needs a “boxing match,” ignoring the age-old conflagration and ethnic feud which is ALL of human history.

        Time for a mint julep and a rocking chair on the porch where he can sit mumbling quietly in his delusions.

        I don’t like the situation one bit and wish it were otherwise. But boxing matches? What’s next, suggesting the crumbling of the Roman Empire could have been averted with a game of checkers?

    • Good advice, but I don’t think we really know what is behind these “AR15 flame outs”. Most 19-20 year olds have never considered much beyond their next tinder post and pizza slice. It could be the resulting pathology of the Frankfurt endless march or MKULTRA type shit.

      • Why is everybody overlooking the Big Mammoth in the room? I will bet dollars to doughnuts that the one thing in common all of these kids have is NOT ideology but Ritalin or some other psychotropic drug that was supposed to make hyperactive boys be quiet in class and at home.

        They started doping these kids in the late eighties or early nineties. I remember because a man I was dating was upset that his ex-wife insisted on putting their two sons on that stuff and there were already bad reports of the effects of it when the boys hit puberty. She had remarried an older man, they moved out of the jurisdiction of the original divorce court and he was powerless to stop it because he was unable to afford a lawyer to file in an out of area court.

        I am dating myself, but we had lunch and a couple of recesses to encourage physical activity to break up our day when I was a kid. If that failed, there was corporal punishment and God help you if they had to call your parents. I have heard that the kids these days are like penned veal. They have eliminated recesses where kids could run out their energy. They were never that good about super nutritious school lunches, but many schools serve fast food.

        If what I remember the worried father I was dating told me about the eventual effects of Ritalin, then the violent behavior by Millennials is just beginning, especially since it is aggravated by all the anti-White male propaganda and the discrimination against them.

        We know that Big Pharma is behind the opioid crisis and yet opioids are still freely available. Why is it so hard to believe that those who are poisoning middle aged Whites with opioids aren’t poisoning their children with Ritalin?

  6. The Rio Grande froze in midsummer and the Mexican horde poured into the empire!

    Look to your own defenses.

  7. The Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh may be seen as a Gavrilo Princip kind of moment once this is all over. Look to your own defenses. The southern border collapse years ago.

  8. “The political class of the United States has decided to nullify the Constitution and federal immigration laws without the consent of the people. ”

    Because the political class (Rulers) are contemptuous of the majority of the citizens. Their only loyalty is to themselves and to a foreign country.

  9. This is ALL the FAULT of ZOG, and their minions. If Orcs don’t want to get shot – they can VAMOS. The Invaders BRING disease, crime and poverty. FYI – ANY orc country is far more violent than White America. So cry me a river of cerveza.

    • But madam, those Messicans are Catlicks, so as fellow Christians we are obligated to love and care for them. We are all members of the Adamic race, while the jews, you see, are descendants of Cain. Remember the story of the jewboy who sold his birthright to his brother for a bowl of oatmeal?

      That is what eunuchs like Browning actually believe.

      • Spahn,

        I remember watching the Michael Moore “documentary” ” Blood in the Face” in a movie theatre, and sinking into my seat as some religious moron was slapping himself onscreen as proof that Whites were the real chosenites because their faces became red when they were smacked on the cheek or were capable of blushing with embarrassment .

        All this crap about being the real tribe of Israel is ridiculou.

        • “All this crap about being the real tribe of Israel is ridiculous.” Here again, you, too have taken the Talmudic kool-aid, and learned your Jewish Lessons well, NPC!

          The Belief that the ’10 Lost Tribes’ of Ancient Biblical Israel are the genetic heirs of the Europeans, is FAR LESS UNBELIEVABLE, than the fantasy that a bunch of Khazarian Turks are the ‘real’ [sic] Chosen People. More and more, the Jews’ lies are falling apart, and yet, it’s people like you who refuse to submit to Christ, and acknowledge that God is Adamic, and therefore, WHITE.

      • Spawn, STOP YOUR BULLSHIT! Once the Roman Communion schismated from the REST OF ORTHODOXY in the 11th Century, SHE CEASED TO BE A LIVING PART OF CHRISTIANITY!!! This is standard history, that both Anglicans, Protestants, and the Orthodox Church agree on. Rome herself (under siege by the Jews) capitulated to the ‘spirit of Antichrist’ over fifty years ago, with Vatican Ewww….

        And there are myriads of honest, Anglo Catholics who LOATHE what the ‘Multiculti Synagogue of Satan’ has done to the REAL Church.

        So, take that Monopoly card you keep playing about Spic Lics being our ‘brothers,’ and find another way to ‘pass go, and collect your $1000. a month.’

  10. Look on the bright side. Soon immigration will make things so bad that people will prefer to stay in the 3rd world.

  11. By the by – I don’t think this is going to generate the sympathy for the Mestizos that ZOG is going for. I think the general reaction will be “Go BACK, Orcs”.

    • I think you are right. I lost a sale to a white woman today because she claimed that if the delivery team were wetbacks she would not allow them in her house. She then told me a place that used to sell fine furniture was probably bought by jews because the furniture was built like crap now. I have never been happier to lose a sale.

  12. What’s your frame of reference? Are you seeing the world as going insane? Then you need to pull yourself away from the quickly-descending insanity spiral, before you go down with it. If you see the nature of man as being warped, those not looking to change their thinking will remain warped. They cannot be saved from destruction. You can only save yourself.

    I’m adapting Max Stirner and Yang Chu as a philosophical lens through which to see the world. Not to withdraw from it, but to gain a more honest, healthy perspective that bolsters the individual willing to go to a different level of perception. Not a higher or a superior level, but a different one. One thing I’m starting to understand is that Creation is supposed to be a mutually-appreciated experience between Creator and Created. Seeing life experience through lenses chosen by others keeps you walking into walls already built by mechanisms of conditioning, and limits what you’ll be able to see and understand. Levels of complexity only get in the way of clear vision, so I’m not saying get to higher intelligence. I’m saying to lose all the notions that keep you serving the interests of others.

    History is the study of how elites tried different methods of control, and we’ve been influenced to choose which of those boxes we think is the best one to go into and close behind us. Ideas and beliefs only have the life we give them in our own minds. Choose your own path, as much as you can. There are plenty of drones willing to serve the hive mind. I’m going off to live the rest of my life with as few shackles around me as possible.

  13. Your no. 3 seems a little “out there” to me, with all due respect. It would take a virtual lifetime of getting knocked down and kicked around to develop that kind of deep-seated anger minus a much more immediate cause and influence a lot ‘closer to home,’ so to speak. I say again that he is very likely the victim of a severely dysfunctional home, is essentially and for all intents and purposes fatherless, and has been medicated by psychotropic drugs since he was a small boy. If this turns out to not be the case, I’ll eat my hat.

    • T. Morris,

      In the photos of the Sandyhook shooter, Dylann Roof, the California Garlic fest shooter, and the El Paso shooter there’s an unmistakable presence of psychological damage in the affect presented on their faces.

      Of the eyes are the windows to the soul, some of these young mass mudering shooters were already walking time bombs with short fuses.

      • November: Yep. And what a surprise (!) to find out Patrick’s “father” was a self-absorbed drug-addled absentee dad during his son’s formative years. Shocker! Even more shocking to know that he (the “father”) learned to meditate and conjure up evil spirits in his bedroom closet during his years of self-directed “recovery.” In his book he tells a story of receiving a phone call from Patrick’s twin sister needing a ride to a friend’s house. When he asked why their mom couldn’t take her, the daughter answered that mom had up and gone to Oklahoma and left the kids at home alone. They were 13 at the time. In response to this news he apparently thought it a good idea to stop into an electronics retailer or some such and attempt to steal a computer harddrive. He was caught by management, arrested, and spent the next several days in jail, according to the story. During which time the kids were left to fend for themselves since their mother apparently had more important and pressing business to attend to in Oklahoma. I’ve learned virtually nothing about Patrick’s mom, but his dad is obviously a damn lunatic who ought to be forever locked up in a 6X6 padded cell, just as I had suspected.

        • T. Morris,

          The elder Croscius was a disciple of the Brazilian faith healing charlatan “John of God” that Oprah Winfrey brought to fame back in 2010.

          Jo?o Teixeira de Faria is the real name was f “John of God.” Recently, he was arrested in Brazil for suspicion of sexual abuse, and over 300 women from around the world have contacted local prosecutors to accuse him of abuse so far.

          Dont be surprised, if the public isn’t informed of the conclusions of Patrick’s toxicology report. The lunatic fringe neo-Bolsheviks and “Big Pharm” have a lot riding on suppressing the role any psychotropic drugs may have influenced Patrick’s homicidal action.

  14. So did he really think murdering a bunch of innocent people at a mall would stop the US from becoming a Latino country? What a fool, in addition to being evil minded. The writing is on the wall; when all media pundits and politicians whether Left, Right or Center, make a point to give a Spanish pronunciation to Spanish names and words, when this has never been done for any other language group of immigrants, when Central American countries are emptying out, and not a word about proper vetting or placing any Latin American country on a travel ban list, when migrant kids are coming over in droves and being sent throughout the interior of the country to foster facilities and adoption by Spanish speakers, then its just a matter of time till the US is predominantly Latino; meaning we will all be speaking Spanish and what will remain of our Anglo heritage will be our government structure and Constitution. Like the Norman conquest of England aive the parliament government structure to the majority who were Anglo-Saxons , but the Anglo Saxons insisted on speaking their English, the[majority] Latin Americans will insist on speaking Spanish, and the rest of us will and are already are complying.

    • What do you propose we do about the mestizo invasion and the criminal regime responsible for allowing it, old lady? Get on our knees and whimper for mercy?

    • Can we call this the revenge of the Aztecs? As Yockey pointed out far more important than who wins a war is those who win the peace after the war.

  15. The Democrats and Republicans are no different now. The Democrats are for Illegal Immigration because that equals future Vote. Not only Votes but literally a Democratic super majority in the near future. The Republicans didn’t care about the Southern Border until Trump won the Republican Primary. He talked like a Nationalist / Populist on the campaign trail. He still does. However he and the Republican Party will never do anything about Illegal Immigration because of the Chamber of Commerce. That’s the reality. When a Republicans talks about the Border…..it’s all Talk. What that Republican is actually doing is Propaganda….has no interest in securing the Southern Border. The American People should stop being idiots and realize the 2 Party System doesn’t care about our People and Western Civilization. Deo Vindice !

    • Are they trying to change the demography of Texas from red to blue by any means necessary prior to Trump’s re-election?

  16. My comments here yesterday were censored predictably. I hope people should see for themselves the truth about the “Dissident Right” and most of the scum who claim to be pro-white on the Internet. People like “Lion of the Blogosphere” who attacked the shooter for being a “prole loser”, and this wasn’t some “heh heh ironic” comment, they have a long history of attacking “prole whites” on that blog. When it comes to Jews however, that blog passionately defends Jews and Israel against “leftist antisemites” and claims the evil antisemitic left is using the “fake palestinians” to deligitmize Israel. FUCK THEM.

    Also, the blogroll on that website is mostly composed of “pro-white” blogs run by literal kikes. Half of the alt-right blogosphere is led by LITERAL FUCKING KIKES trying to convince Whites they are based fellow white people who should be supported against the “barbaric low IQ Moslems” and the other half go along with this. The few good people on the alt-right need to ostracize these people, COMPLETELY, and let them know that classism, pro-capitalism and pro-Zionism are absolutely not accepted, nor is being Jewish. All of these should be considered absolute no-nos.

    As it is, the majority of white nationalists, or at least those who can afford to own a website, are trash like this. Here is an actual quote recently posted on 4chan by a white nationalist: “I’d rather live around rich, educated people of any race than disgusting degnerate poorfags”, referring to poor whites. Do you understand why I’m angry? And these people aren’t ever going to change, so there can only one way they will eventually have to be dealt with.

    • To be fair, working class Whites are a pretty mixed bag. A good portion of them love drugs, try to figure out ways to get money from you, and don’t really respect what you ask of them. They’re also needlessly dirty.

      4Chan isn’t really a good metric of your average White Nationalist anyway. Don’t be so angry

    • Whining, moralizing, punching right at the white underclass victims of diversity and their tactical mistakes, and flying to Europe for “conferences” is all the grifting, shekel-grubbing “leaders” of the Dissident Right are capable of doing. They offer no plan, no network, no hope. There is opportunity here. However, this opportunity requires out-of-box thinking, organization, and a bit of money. Do we really need to wonder why Jews are striving to grab hold of this non-movement and steer it safely toward Jew-safe territory? I don’t. They are afraid – not of guilted, Stockholm-syndromed white rabbits misled by indolent, unimaginative grifters, but of a properly-led revolutionary movement that could cause them an awful lot of trouble.

      If candidate Trump was serious about his program he could have asked for 50-60 volunteers from each red and purple county in the US. A “boots on ground” army of 150,000+ political soldiers would have been the result. The organizational potential for such an army – in matters social, political, legal, above- and below-ground – would have been stupendous. Instead Trump met with the GOP elite, relied upon the NSA to secure his back on election day, and tweeted. And now an amusing, “polarizing” Jeb Bush is all we have.

      The present state of affairs comes to an end in 2020/2024, if not before. There isn’t much time.

      Just my opinion.

  17. I’m going to take a frozen, ice cold take out of the freezer. These mass shootings are having their intended effect of desensitizing the population. I can’t even be bothered to care. The last racist shooting I have a visceral disgust for was the Dylan Roof. Maybe because he shot a handful of kindly elderly black folks wanting to teach him about the Bible.

    El Paso McLovin here is a bitch pure and simple. He even states that it’s better to go after “soft targets” even if they have a lesser impact according to his manifesto if it is indeed his. I’m just sick and tired of it all. Every shooting is a socially awkward creep killing people in a store, religious center, or people walking down the sidewalk.

    We’re going to get every far-right leader condemning it, every media figure blaming it on us, and society will get excited to consume next mass killing.

    We all know how to fix it:

    Study the underlying causes for the killings and try to improve quality of life for people in similar situations.

    We all know what the ruling elite wants to do instead:

    Take away guns and speech from people in similar situations those making them more miserable.

    There really isn’t much more to say or do at this point. Unless the government is willing to fight against its own tenants (Champagne Socialism, Crony Corporatism, Endless Immigration and Feminism) we’re just going to have more mass murderers coming out of society’s most vulnerable class; poor ugly White males.

    • Roof shot anti white blacks who were having an anti white black lives matter meeting not a bible study.

    • “The last racist shooting I have a visceral disgust for was the Dylan Roof. Maybe because he shot a handful of kindly elderly black folks wanting to teach him about the Bible. ”

      The blind leading the blind. As if a bunch of Niggers have ANY grace to teach a white boy the Things of God. The Word of God- the Church of God- is clearly both the White race’s possession, as well as our own creation. What language is the LXX written in? The NT? Where where the Ecumenical Councils held? All of it, European.

  18. When a Muslim kills; the media screams “terrorist attack”, the deliberate “murder of Americans”, an “attack on America”.The media is referring to the el Paso perp as “the suspect”; when it’s a Muslim, he’s “a terrorist”,when its against Muslims, the perp is called an “alleged shooter”.The crime in el Paso is being called a” mass killing”, a “mass murder”[PBS} not like in other massacres, a “mass shooting”. The Ohio massacre is being down played; PBS ended its program by saying it is NOT a bias crime, though no one knows the motive and there were a lot of Blacks there and most killed were Blacks. Trump did go against the narrative by calling these crime as an attack on America. Not sure that gores over well if the perp is not Muslim.

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