BREAKING: 8Chan Owner Denies El Paso Shooter Posted The Manifesto

Big, if true:

It is still possible the manifesto is real, but it could have been originally posted elsewhere and copy and pasted to 8chan.

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    • Back in the day we were told to carry extra magazines in the cargo pockets of our trousers. Inflate the photos 250% and look closely at the cargo pocket on each leg. Part of the flap of his left leg pocket is up. He’s got something with a rectangular shape in that pocket. Now look closely at his left hip, beneath the shirt. The rectangular shape on his hip beneath the shirt is the size of a magazine pouch, probably capable of carrying one or two 30 rd magazines. Can’t say for certain that he carried extra magazines, because the photo is small and grainy, but he was carrying something. So, like Alex Jones of InfoWars Mr. Health Ranger, in my opinion, has close to zero credibility.

      One magazine in each cargo pocket and one on his hip = 90 rds. Add to that the element of surprise, deafening noise and customer shock, close distance, and general clusterfuckery after the shooting began, then it’s not hard to believe Patrick was able to shoot 50 people.

      The r-selected blight wing should toughen up and snap out of its Stockholm syndrom. (It won’t, though) If all of us were perfectly behaved little angels the enemy would stage this shit. Why? Because they know we’re the only race on the planet that can be guilted into self-doubt, inaction, and racial suicide.

  1. Digital separation en route to physical and political separation.

    We don’t just need our own internet, we need our own sovereign nation.

    I propose using mantras to train our consumer habits; like the litany against fear in Dune, or like praying.

    When a white person is wanting to meditate or contemplate: just recite the names of the platforms that are friendly to us: bitchute, gab, etc etc.

    As I have said before, the Jews have one trick and one trick only: the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis: they control your vocabulary then they control what you can think and ultimately what you can do.

    Like a magic spell. Like hypnosis. Break the hypnosis by saying the words. Especially “Partition”. If you say it, then you will think it, then you will do it. It really is that simple.

    Babies learn by saying before thinking, you should know this with your own child. They say a bunch of “gibberish” and you reinforce the ones that have meaning to you. Only later do they understand. Only much later can they do.

    As with playing piano the same as with nation-building – after all it is the same basic neurons; you start off by pressing a few keys. They you play a simple song: Old MacDonalds. Then a more challenging composition. Then you are at the Philharmonic.

    The same with the 14 words. Now we should be talking about maps and money and laws and foreign policy; it makes the doing of the deed possible, a prerequisite you could call it.

    You will never get it unless you first say it.

    SAY IT!

    • You’re not far off with the language and self editing assertion. My cognitive schema test is this:

      Fire off the word – NIGGER!

      The cognitive gymnastics required to make anyone say “the N-word” instead of just saying nigger is astounding. Especially among people who don’t bear blacks any serious antipathy, yet don’t particularly like them and would never actively choose to associate with them. This type is truly indicative of social engineering.

  2. Here’s some food for thought:

    1. Patrick Croscius is half Jewish. He was defending the illegal immigrant invasion of Texas, not Western civilization or White Nationalism.

    2. Conner Betts was an antifa supporting, satan loving socialist that supported both DSA Sanders and anti-white neo-Bolshevik Warren.

    3. Both Croscius and Betts actions would have been applauded and condoned had they mowed down defenseless and innocent Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, Yemenis, or Iraqis while serving in the IDF.

    • 3. Both Croscius and Betts actions would have been applauded and condoned had they mowed down defenseless and innocent Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, Yemenis, or Iraqis while serving in the IDF.

      They would be, if they’d mowed down working class White folks, too.

  3. Does it matter if most mass shootings point to deep state phyops? Does it matter if this manifesto is bogus? No, they own the narrative and will never tell the truth!
    Amerika is doomed until people wake up to the fact we’re owned by the inhabitants of a little shit strip of land in the ME called Israel.
    I often wonder, how can the synagogue of satan have so much power on our earth? Maybe satan is jewish?

    • And all the world marvelled at and followed the beast So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast saying Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him? Revelation 13-4

      Satan doesn’t need to be Jewish he could be I suppose but Satan was a cherub a high ranking angel

  4. Even if Watkins manages to prove that there is tampering with code and timestamps normies won’t care. Truth is like a whisper and lies are screamed over the mass media p.a. system. The objective was achieved and the narrative is reinforced, the eternal scourge of the “lone white gunman”.

    P.S. The first “lone white gunman” was Charles Whitman at the University of Texas Austin clocktower. But, the more significant figure would be Lee Harvey Oswald who shot Kennedy from the Texas Book Depository. John F. Kennedy being the most significant President connected to the “Civil Rights Movement” since Lincoln. It goes without saying that the Kennedy assassination is the CRUX conspiracy in America. The current media focus being cast on one man in particular – Patrick Crusius.

    Hmmm… Crusius, crucis, crux.

    Def. – Proto-Indo-European (s)ker “to turn, to bend”

    Crux f (genitive crucis) third declension

    1. Wooden frame on which criminals were crucified, especially a cross

    2. (derogatory) gallows bird; one who deserves to be hanged.

    3.(figuratively) torture; misery

    Words have meaning and these events aren’t coincidences or random senseless acts of violence.

    • Perhaps the Persians/Iranians were correct after all. Amerika is the Great Satan and Israel is the Little Satan.

      Most of the the world realizes that the USA and Israhell are the most belligerent countries on earth.

      The only things remaining that’s “exceptional ” about Amerika are the its self-righteousness and its ability to mesmerize over 300 million people that it’s the “good guy” instead of the villain.

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