Tucker Carlson: The White Supremacy Hoax

There is an obvious flaw in the “Donald Trump is a white supremacist” conspiracy theory.

White Nationalists are not supporting Blompf in the 2020 election. In fact, most White Nationalists are angry with him right now for failing to deliver on any of his populist campaign promises. The mainstream media labels everyone to the right of AOC a “racist” and “white supremacist.”

There are very few actual white supremacists left in America these days like the Founding Fathers. There are far more disaffected White populists who identify with their own race, who aren’t self hating liberals and who are just sick and tired of being browbeaten by the “mainstream” and who have decided to reject it as intolerable. Some of these people are separatists. Some of these people are nationalists. All of these people are basically alienated and comfortable with their own whiteness.

As we shall see later tonight, the “white supremacist” has been gone from American politics for so long that we don’t remember what they sounded like anymore. I typically spend my days with one foot in the past and the other foot in the present. I will show you what a real white supremacist sounds like for you can better recognize them in the future and spot the difference.

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  1. off topic Mr. Wallace..
    what was the most surprising in the carnage against the Mexicans in US days ago is that the Mexican Aryan supremacist Chechar approved the attack. Against his own volk!
    And the perpetrator not only wasn’t a “blue-eyed blond” gentleman (that Chechar worships) but Mr. Crusius shows even less “aryan” looks than many Mexicans.
    It seems that as long as the perpetrators are named Crusius, O’Brien, Cornfoot, Cantwell, Bigelow, etc., and the victims named Gonzalez, Ortega, Sanchez, Jiminez, Zapata and so on, the mexican aryan supremacist will endorse such massacres.
    A Chechar’s friend from the time he visited Britain some years ago, some astonishingly dumb “aryan” named Walsh tried to break up the relationship days ago, the Britistani Aryan viciously insulted Chechar, and called the absurd of some “mexican boomer” that writes about the “aryan” dire situation.
    Chechar accepted the humilation and insults because the bully was an “Aryan”, posted a photo of some “aryan” mexican uncle from the 1960s, and declared that since he’s not a Catholic and doesn’t watch football, he doesn’t consider himself a Mexican!
    The thick Aryan Walsh refused the explanation. hahaha
    Too funny the Aryan world.

      • I work with farming in South America, so most of times I have no access to the internet. Then when I want to know what is going on with the world I turn to the BBC World Service in short waves.
        On Monday the BBC was blaming the attacks on white nationalism, “hate,” Trump and gun ownership. They interviewed a hysterical female with a 11 year old voice and a pastor with a tired and a bit trembling voice.
        The tired and a bit trembling voice adds credibility I suppose
        The pastor blamed white supremacists, guns, video games, but defended Trump.

        • IF these shootings are real the authorities already know the real reason why these young men are flaking out. It’s too bad the Investigative Reporter has, to all intents and purposes, ceased to exist.

          I will bet dollars to donuts that all these young men, regardless of ideology, had one thing or even several things in common. Most probably were raised by a single mother. All were probably diagnosed with ADHD when they were young and their guardians were prevailed upon by the school authorities to put them on Ritalin or some other type of psychotropic drug so that they would behave in school.

          Years ago, people were starting to notice that some of those taking these drugs were exhibiting psychotic behavior as they got through puberty. This was noticed back in the mid-nineties. Boys were being administered this poison back in the late eighties. I don’t think they’ve stopped.

          The schools have pretty much eliminated recess where active young boys can run off any excess energy and the kids are stuck in school like caged veal.

          Add the video games and all this political hyperbole and, there you go.

          • Most mass shooters haven’t killed for political reasons at all, so this makes sense. Politically-motivated mass shooters have been increasing in number, though.

      • I went through this on a different thread. I’ve come to the conclusion that Crusius probably goes clear back to some Roman name. I’ll say again that he doesn’t look white to me.

  2. The Left celebrates the murders in El Paso, there is a look of glee and excitement on their faces as they condemn “white supremacy(sic)”. Facts be damned, this crime helps the Left’s narrative so it’s all good from their evil perspective. Their ultimate goal is unrestricted power and amnesty, immigration, pre-crime surveillance, seizing property (guns) etc. all advance that evil cause.

    If the Constitution helps their cause they will invoke it. If the Constitution hinders their cause they disregard it. The end justifies the means.

    For the first day the guy in Dayton was a “white supremacist” and it was all good for the Left. Then the nasty truth came out that he supported Pocahontas, Bernie the Communist, he described himself as a Satanist and was part of the Antifa group. Down the memory hole he went, we don’t know him from Adam now, shut up and get back to the white supremacist narrative.

    • The (((msm))) and the congressional whores that don’t represent us “memory holed” that it was a “Bernie Bro” that went on a politically inspired mass shooting rampage during the GOP’s baseball team was practicing back in 2017.

      Anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size understands that our anti-white opposition will lie, deceive, and manipulate the narrative to fit their pernicious agendas.

  3. What encourages me is that people aren’t backing down, they are doubling down.

    I will be concerned when we stop encouraging each other.

    All of their power is literally a mind game (that is dependent on a functional electrical grid I might add)

  4. White supremacy means wanting to rule over non-Whites which is true for most Jews but not most Europeans. (The Non-White slave trade was Jewish) The founding fathers were separatists.

    Jewish supremacists who look White want to control everybody.

    Most White Europeans are separatists and want to be around their own kind so their race can continue to exist.

    In general White Europeans believe in Nationhood which is Christian and most White looking Jews believe in Multi-Racial democracies for White European Nations which is Talmudic Judaism.

    Even most people who are half Jewish embrace Multi-Racial democracy.

  5. Trump is showing flags at half staff until the 8th of August. 8th day, 8th month. Get it? H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, so thats HH, Heil Hitler. Oh you!

    What the Democrats should do is take the Republicans to court and get discovery on where all their campaign financing is spent. I know they have long had paid astroturfers embedded in the WN community to con WN into supporting the Republican Party. They want our support, so they can get open borders, tax cuts for their (((billionaire donors))) and to change laws in their favor. That is the real “white supremacist” conspiracy in America and it goes all the way to the top of the Republican Party.

  6. USrael ZOG wages endless WARS against NON-White countries, all of the endless WARS against NON-White countries based on JEW LIES ; All of USrael ZOG’S endless WARS against NON-White countries based on nothing but JEW LIES results in the MASS KILLINGS of MILLIONS of NON-Whites.

    And this USrael ZOG that KILLS NON-Whites in COLD BLOOD on a regular on-going basis and the MASS KILLING of NON-Whites and the destruction of NON-White countries based on nothing but JEW LIES gets USrael ZOG morally indignant and morally outraged that maybe there’s some Whites in America who don’t love and respect NON-Whites to-the-hilt.

    And ALL the big-shots in USrael ZOG, including in Hollywood and in the media, they all know that the mass shootings are Deep State psyop shootings. Fake shootings of NON-Whites whereby NO Non-Whites are killed or injured gets them outraged, REAL MASS KILLING of NON-Whites by them in all of their WARS against NON-White countries all based on JEW LIES doesn’t get them the least bit morally outraged or in any way morally indignant.

    The MASS KILLING IN COLD BLOOD of NON-Whites in their WARS based on nothing but JEW LIES , that they all fully support. Fake killing of NON-Whites in their Deep State psyop shootings where NO NON-Whites are killed or injured, that makes them morally outraged.

    We are ruled over by very sick deranged people, if you can call them people. There’s something inhuman about them. But whether they’re human or not, they’re definitely inhumane, as they lecture us White Americans about morality — they themselves don’t have a moral bone on their bodies. Everyone involved in USrael ZOG : They all have the spirit of murder about them.

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