Trump: We Need Millions Of People To Come In Legally

Just a few minutes ago:

Note: Don’t forget they need to come in LEGALLY in the highest numbers ever.

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  1. His is really batting a perfect score his week with the election in full swing. Gun control/confiscation and now this statement wanting to flood us with millions of immigrants (again). This is not a man acting like he wants to win.

    The people who jumped back on his bandwagon a few weeks ago over Al Sharpton look like fools.

  2. Speaking of “yobs” gringos’ won’t do…like Roofing. My White next door neighbor, a married millenial with young children needed the roof on his house and garage replaced. He hired a local contractor, but who did the work? Foreigners…dark-skinned Spanish speaking foreigners. Were they “legal”? God knows, but you can be sure the work was done at a “bargain” price. That’s where we’re at folks…

  3. I think Americans will do and have done any kind of work if they have to and/or the pay is reasonable. If that means Americans would have to pay more for a product then so be it.

    The idea that money and profits drive everything and that the world is essentially one country with different states/districts is highly destructive. The idea of a country is that you treat it’s citizens to the benefits of your society. That is true rather they are talented or not. Like a family they are yours to care for.

    Unrestricted capitalism is evil just like unrestrained socialism. There is a happy balance between profit seeking and loyalty to it’s citizens. Most of these profits will end up in the hands of the few anyway.

  4. Any one still thinking of a “Slow Cleanse”?

    (Where you have to control the government without break for 50 years for it to work!)

    Or are we going to get serious about Partition?

    (It’s a trick question, the John Mark centric movement is already there!)

  5. The United States will not live to celebrate its Tricentennial. Its terminal. It has HEV (Human Equality Virus) which does to a nation what AIDS does to a body in that it weakens it to the point it succumbs to some political aliment that would prose no problem to a healthy unaffected nation. its too late for a cure. All we can do is quarantine ourselves from it as it goes through its death throes which are probably decades away but well within the lifetime of any child now born.

    Perhaps White Haven would be an excellent name for a post-American (Actually post-United States) Ethno-State!

    • Perhaps White Haven would be an excellent name for a post-American (Actually post-United States) Ethno-State!

      White Haven is the name of a small town in Eastern Pennsylvania. It’s 98.39% white, with a couple of Native Americans and persons of Asian descent, and zero blacks. It is said that the community was named in honor of its most prominent founder, Josiah White, but I think we all know that had White’s surname been, say, Black, instead of White, White Haven would still be named White Haven. Ha!

  6. It’s notable that despite the fact the Democrats are a minories-majority party, the 3 candidates having nearly all the poll numbers between them are all older white people – Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren

    It’s almost as if the minorities themselves feel, that old white people are the best, most reliable source of gibs

    Early prediction: The Dems will nominate the youngest of the above 3, Elizabeth Warren, still ‘only’ in her 60s, this also making up for the ‘woman should have won last time’ need

    And her running mate will be person of colour, Latino ex San Antonio Texas mayor Julián Castro, married with two kids … VP needs to be non-white, and Castro is a much smarter choice than the three black guys … for one thing, Castro will help sweep Texas for the Dems and ensure victory against a failed Trump, and Hispanics are more important than blacks for the Dems

    Re the black guy choices, Corey Booker is seen as possibly crypto-gay, Wayne Messam is too minor & unknown

    The other black, anointed successor to Hillary, half-Jamaican, half-Dravidian Kamala Harris, has imploded once Tulsi Gabbard reminded all the blacks and Mexicans that Kamala was a po-po PROSECUTOR … sending 1500 to jail just on pot charges locally whilst Kamala laughs about smoking it, and Kamala supervising the jailing of 120,000 blacks & Latinos all across California when she was AG … the minorities well understanding that, despite minority crime, prosecutors jail random people for sport and don’t care who is really guilty, which is why minority crime continues … For minorities, a presidential candidate needs to be a ‘community activist’ etc, not a ‘prosecutor’

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