Review: The Lion King (2019)

I enjoyed the remake of The Lion King.

My wife loved the original movie growing up and insisted on us going to see the remake. We almost never watch Hollywood movies because of the pozz, but this was an exception because it expressed healthy values and sentiments about being rooted in a particular place.

The Lion King is set in the “Pride Lands” of Africa in an animal kingdom ruled by lions, but it is a children’s story about kingship, tradition, duty, identity and stewardship of the environment. The plot of the movie revolves around how the King of the Pride Lands, Mufasa, is murdered by his evil anti-social brother Scar, who seizes power with the help of immigrant hyenas and establishes a despotism that ruins his country, and how Mufasa’s son, Simba, is driven into exile only to return to reclaim his rightful throne after rediscovering his true identity and shaking off his carefree, nihilistic existence.

During his exile from the Pride Lands, Simba falls in with Timon and Pumbaa, a meerkat and a warthog, who are normies whose philosophy in life is “hakuna matata” or no worries. They’re not bad people, but they really aren’t a good influence on Simba’s development either who is destined for greater things because he is of royal birth. After seeing his father Mufasa in a vision who tells him to “remember who you are,” Simba remembers his true identity and understands what he has to do, which is to challenge Scar for supremacy of the Pride Lands, drive out the immigrants and restore the balance.

Simba returns home and leads a revolution with the other animals which restores his line to power over Pride Rock. He takes Nala as his queen and the movie ends as it began with the birth of his son who is presented before all the animals as the rightful heir to the Pride Lands.

Note: Is The Lion King a thinly veiled reactionary allegory about white supremacy, anti-Semitism and the pitfalls of liberal democracy? Lions shouldn’t feel guilty for being lions. LOL …

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  1. In other words it’s an exact CGI remake or the cartoon. *yawn*, w/e, seen it, cool story bro.

    • Yeah, I didn’t see much of a difference.

      It has a positive impact on my wife growing up. I would have taken our son to see it, but he wouldn’t have sat still through the movie.

  2. What is your favorite film set in the South, Hunter?

    Mine is Son of Dracula (1943), although directed by a Jew, a Romantic and beautiful film set Louisiana.

  3. I remember in the earlier cartoon version the Lunatic Left roared with psychotic rage and denounced it as a “Fascist Flick” because Simba on assuming the throne expelled all Hyenas from the land making it exclusive all lion Ethno-State. David Duke even did a broadcast on it!

  4. I was a couple years too old for Lion King when it first came out and way too old for it now. Even when I was a kid I though Disney movies were girly.

    My faves were:
    Kelly’s Hero’s
    Where Eagles Dare
    Jason and the Argonauts
    Conan the Barbarian
    The Wild Bunch

    To this day I still want to fight an army of skeletons and Federales on some ancient ruins… with a Maxim gun, and a Winchester 1897. Feel free to steal that movie idea Heebs!

    • Jason and the Argonauts is one of my faves too.

      Disney occasionally made some fun movies like Davy Crockett and Johnny Tremain.

      • The only Disney movie I really enjoyed as a kid was Robin Hood, the cartoon version where he was a fox.

        On a side note, all of the Harryhausen stop-motion special effects movies are dynamite. The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Clash of the Titans, Valley of Gwangi.

    • Disney was decent back in the good old days. It all started to go downhill after Walt died and the jews took it over.

  5. I haven’t seen the original lion king in years probably watched it 30 times when i was a kid Scar is basically hitler is how I remember it. I remember a few years ago on pol they said lion king has alot of creepy symbolic cultic anti white theme in it I vaguely remember but its worth revisting

    Completely disgusted by this stupid live action remake tho anything with seth rogen john oliver, or beyonace is reason enough not to watch it Oh and disney are a bunch of white hating disgusting heebs who don’t deserve a cent of my money

    • Scar = Totalitarianism = Hitler is the post-WWII brainwashing everyone got. Even on GOT when the Dragon Queen came off her spool, there were a lot of Nazi themes as the backdrop of her speech.

      Totalitarianism existed long before, existed during, and continued long after Hitler, but they weren’t wearing Hugo Boss uniforms and putting on fancy spectacles.

      Even though the movies tried to equate Scar with Hitler, who wanted to expel all non-nationals from Germany, totalitarians like Scar want to import non-nationals over the objections of the nationals. Big difference!

  6. You ever gonna do a review of stranger things hunter? I recently finished watching the 3rd series of it I enjoyed the 1st and 2nd series alot more but by the 3rd it was starting to get pozzy especially the interracial tween relationship of the black kid and the annoying redhead girl

    My jewdar went off like a lighting bolt watching it tho I’m convinced at least half the cast is Jewish then again thats par for the course

  7. I’m going to have to go ahead and counter-signal you Brad, there was nothing healthy about the original Lion King. Like everything the Jews produce it had poison mixed in, and that makes the whole product poison in my opinion. The theme was deliberately “Afrocentric” to put maximum distance between it and the original Disney animated features that were based on European folk-law. The musical score was composed by a flaming homosexual. The voice actors included degenerate colored “comedians” like Woopie Goldberg and Cheech & Chong. All this for a product aimed at children. The story itself was lame and uninspiring and the art style was a direct rip-off of The Jungle Book.

    As ideological National Socialists we need to be fanatics, and the best way to express fanaticism is to abstain from literally ALL Jewish entertainment. I have not been to a movie in 20 years and I don’t miss it one bit. Whenever I hear about a “re-make” of some 80s classic I know I can safely avoid it because you can guarantee the Jews will ruin it with the disgusting values of our current culture. They simply cannot help themselves, a healthy message is forbidden. Even the 1980s was degenerate in its own way, it’s just that things have gotten so bad now we tend to look back at those years as some kind of golden age.

    We must not think that we are depriving our children of precious childhood experiences when we prevent them from being exposed to Jewish controlled entertainment. People will always remember their childhood fondly no mater they did. Childhood is a critical time when a person’s world view is being formulated. The Jews know this and that is why they cram so many unhealthy subliminal messages into entertainment intended for children. Protecting children from all Jewish messages is vital.

    • There is always subliminals in anything Disney. Kids are always the primary target. We can’t be changed but they can be molded.

    • You might be right, but I believe you are overlooking another element. The movie that Disney produced was Aladdin. They were going to produce another movie with Afrocentric themes and Black characters, but there was non-stop griping about the Middle Eastern protagonists being too light, so Disney darkened them in the re-release. Then there was non-stop griping about something else. So Disney scuttled what was on the boards and decided LIONS as animals couldn’t offend any SJW. There was still minor grumbling about the sinister brother of Mustafa having a black mane, but overall no real griping.

  8. Straight-out question for you, Hunter —

    Are you a federal informant, or have you cooperated with the feds regarding other pro-White people?

    Do you, or do you not, support and/or associate with, communicate with, or befriend the known federal informant Christopher Cantwell?

    • 1.) No, that’s absurd.

      I live in rural Alabama with my wife and kid.

      2.) I’ve been on Cantwell’s show three times. The first time to talk about Weev and the subversion of the Alt-Right, the second time to explain why I was opposed to the GOP in the 2018 election and the third time to talk about Yang Gang. Anyone can listen to those podcasts and see what was discussed which is the posts on this blog

      • @Hunter – That podcast you did with Cantwell about the GOP (2018) was one of the most memorable discussions I have listened to out of the vast number I have consumed, by the entire spectrum of content creators.. You knocked it out of the ballpark, and clarified my thinking on some things.

  9. Watched the trailer. How can you enjoy such a movie if you are older that eight years? If you look at a list of highest grossing films you can only conclude that the project of infantilization has been completed. No wonder how the political discourse and the psyops become dumber and dumber.

  10. Simba in the original Lion King gave birth to a daughter not a son. Hence the even more pozzed up sequel.

  11. Apparently no one here is aware of the fact that the whole Lion King story was STOLEN from a 1960s Japanese cartoon series known as Kimba. Pff, jews…always making obscene fortunes off of other people’s work.

    • Didn’t even know that spahn, will have to watch it sometime to compare and to see how similar it is I like old manga and retro anime its the new anime I can’t stand

  12. Speaking of weev anyone find it funny or interesting that the voice actor for simba childish gambino name dropped weev in one of his rap songs a few years back? It really is a small world after all

  13. Every year, hundreds of TV series, videogames, films, books, comics and other forms of art and etertainment are released and published. Heck, we might say thousands.
    There must be some of them that aren’t poz abominations and SJW propaganda, we must promote those exceptions. We are in the midst of a culture war and we can win it.
    It isn’t just promotion, sooner or later we’ll have to create, to infiltrate cultural industries and academia and subvert them like our enemies did in the past.

    If you cannot kill the beast, tame it.

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