Joe Biden: Poor Kids Are Just As Smart and Talented As White Kids

Senile Uncle Joe stuck his foot in his mouth again:

We all know what he meant to say.

Those poor, dumb black kids like Kamala Harris are just as intelligent and talented as the White kids, but white supremacy has held them back.

What if Uncle Joe is a closeted white supremacist though?What then? I LOL’d …

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  1. Why the hell do these worthless Irish pricks hate Muslims? WTF have the Muslims ever done to the Irish?

    Answer—–Nothing. The Irish have whored themselves out to the Jews to attack all enemies of the Jews.

    I am a racist. I hate those worthless Irish shit that persecute and torment the weak and the innocent in the name of the Jew. And if you worthless Irish pricks don’t like it you can go straight to hell with your Goddamned Jew buddies. Do you read me you fucking Irish retards?

    • Ah, Robert, not all the irish are whores. And this comes from someone who almost daily deals with the legacy of…irish whoredom.

      I personally rail against Roman Catholicism because it’s evil, and is the root of irish racism and anti-white (for the most part).

      • No some of them are pedo pervs. That worthless Irish prick, George Mitchell got it on with under aged girls. And Mitchell along with McCarrick are the very best of the Irish,Disgusting filth is the best you got.

      • I think it is in he blood. There are far too many Irish playing this get the Muslim game. Why not other groups attacking Muslims? You are just looking for a scapegoat for an inherent, treacherous evil within Irish blood. Inferior by blood,I am saying. Like I said, I am a racist. I hate all races that persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. And I demand the Irish defend and explain their hatred for Muslims. Or else learn to shut the fuckup.

        • What the fuck are you talking about, retard? Alot of groups attack fucking muslims! Then again, I find it kind of odd that you attack another white group but spare sandcoons. I bet your cowardly ass wouldn’t have the fucking balls to walk though a working class Irish neighborhood and talk shit.

          • Are you going to tell me why you hate Muslims or not you filthy disgusting son of a whore?

            And another thing retard, I live with that filth, I know of what I speak.

          • Where I’m from, calling someone “son of a whore” would get your fucking teeth kicked, if you even have any, or get your ass killed.
            But I truly don’t care what a online pissant has to say. Especially one that whines and bitches about the non white muslims and sandniggers being “opressed”. Claim to be racist and yet you come off like a typical goddamn left wing queer.

          • Answer the question you miserable dirty cunt, why do you hate the innocent? WTF have they done to you?

            Your rotten stinking soul depends on it you miserable dirty fuck.

          • I am trying to reason with you, do you know that you stupid Irish fuck? Now answer the fucking question or shut the fuck up you worthless Irish prick. Why do you and your kind hate Muslims?

            You can’t answer and I am going to make shut the fuckup about it just like I did that miserable Irish prick Sean Hannity. You don’t hear Hannity mouthing off about Muslims any more do you?

            You are going to learn retard. You are going to learn.

      • Again I am not looking for a characterization. I am looking for a reason to hate. Do you know what is a good reason to hate? I hate all those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent and unless you can tell me why you hate the innocent, I hate your fucking guts.

        • I don’t know what your blathering about but there’s any number of braindead White people in every White ethnic group, but hating people who are working to destroy your country, as jews, muslims, and other nonwhites are, is an excellent reason to hate them. Muslims are not the enemy of jews. They are their allies in the destruction of White homelands.

          • Find one Irish who does not hate Muslims, just one. You can not. There is a unanimous opinion of Muslims among Irish. Why? If Irish have a mind of their own they shouldn’t they be able to reason with us?

            Secondly, Muslims respect Christ and his teachings. Christ and his mom are mentioned over 200 times in the Koran. Mohammed is mentioned 4 times. The Pope created Islam to retake Jerusalem from the Jew 1,400 years ago. Islam is nothing more than the Popes army to fight Jews. You making assertions with reason. Tell me why are Muslims allied with Jews against Christ? Tell me or else shut the fuck, you worthless Irish prick.

  2. Asian and latino coalition pac oh neat didn’t even knew that existed. Does that mean white people will get a coalition pac sometime soon? Oh right the jews nevermind then

  3. Hey, what about, “We choose truth over facts”? That’s my favorite Bidenism, and the perfect motto for his campaign.

  4. As supposed “Irish retard” here…

    The only Irish I know who’ve “whored themselves out to the Jews” are from the Northeast-East Coast, just like the God Damn “English Enlightenment Yankees” did before, during, and after – all the way to the present.

    Let’s start with your 100% English Oliver Cromwell and then go forward from past to present. Wasn’t it the WASP’s who folded and sold-out each and every one of us by the mid-1930’s? Get a mirror, Loudmouth.

    And a solid hundred bucks says I was a “racist” before you were even born, Mr. Browning.

    “Father, there’s a nigger in your church.” – Gangs of New York

    Do you read me, you ignorant bastard?

      • True Cromwell was a evil bastard and he also genocided abunch of irish as well as letting rothchild family and jews into england

        Also true scorcese newer films suck mostly especially since he did that blasphemous last temptation of christ hes been hit and miss I didn’t care for the departed either

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