Tucker Carlson: Civil War 2 Could Be On The Way

He said it on his show last night.

I agree that the hysteria in this election cycle is off the charts. Blompf is already being labeled a “white supremacist” in spite of the fact that most White Nationalists have long abandoned him. No amount of tweets about the black unemployment rate is changing their minds.

It is an article of faith to these people that Blompf is a “racist” and a “white supremacist” rather than a cynical opportunist and so are his millions of evil followers. Joe Biden is running his campaign which otherwise has no obvious rationale against the threat posed by White Nationalism. Every White voter who is to the right of AOC has been infected by the mind virus of white supremacy.

Personally, I want us to steer clear of the 2020 election because things are getting a little too crazy out there and we are being scapegoated. I think our movement got gang banged by conservatives in the 2016 election and left in a ditch the day after the election was over. It is better for our ideas to slowly percolate among angry, disaffected White voters in Middle America rather than to have this meteoric rise followed by an equally spectacular crash. I don’t want to march off the cliff with the MAGA movement.

If Civil War 2 breaks out, history shows that we should let the woke strike the first blow because our people are slow to anger. The conservative normie won’t see the writing on the wall until the last minute. John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry in 1859 brought about a sea change in Southern public opinion overnight as conditional Unionists were disgusted by radicalized Yankees who cheered on a man who tried to ignite a race war. The triumph of disunion in the South was a knee jerk emotional reaction.

Heed the words of Robert Barnwell Rhett:

“The Union must be dissolved under its present course of administration. It requires no conspiracy to destroy – no exertion on our part to drag it to its dissolution. It goes down with the inevitable weight of its own gravitation, into that dark abyss of anarchy and ruin, where all tyrannies have fallen.”

“Be prepared to meet all the usual troubles and sacrifices of revolutions. For thirty-two years, have I followed the quarry. Behold! it at last, in sight! A few more bounds, and it falls – the Union falls; and with it falls, its faithless oppressions – its insulting agitations – its vulgar tyrannies and fanaticism. The bugle blast of our victory and redemption is on the wind; and the South will be safe and free.”

We don’t have to do anything.

History is running its course. Everyone senses we are spiraling toward something awful. I’ve dreaded it my entire adult life. I sensed it was coming nearly 20 years ago. Once again, there is nothing we can do about it. The conservative normie will only “wake up” as he experiences it.

Note: In light of the upcoming cucking on gun control, it looks like this could be your last chance to purchase a firearm to protect yourself from a witch hunt.

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  1. I was going to get into the Greg “Slow Cleanse” Johnson vs Hunter “Sit out 2020” Wallace debate, but this topic is more to the point.

    White people will have to be forced to live with the Enemy and even that may not be enough; here’s the top headline from Zero Hedge right now: “McAfee Offers Latest Advice For Coming Civil War: “Arm Yourselves To The Fu*king Teeth” – the point being that the idea is spreading and being normalized.

    John Mark, the new spearhead of the movement, has a recent > 1 million view video on how the grassroots right will win Civil War 2. John Mark will, in upcoming videos, outline the alternative to Civil War, namely, Partition. He will also describe a realistic plan for post-America, namely a well-ordered republic based on the best of white America’s past, plus a few changes for the age of AI.

    Everything is back on track after the fiasco of the last 3 years. Yes, feeling good.

    PS televised mind control is very dependent on the electrical grid


  2. The conservative normie will only “wake up” as he experiences it.

    Thus is what Frenz, Thompson and McGuire of FAEM fame have been saying since the 1960’s.

    White folks will haf to be cold and hungry, before they rebel.

  3. Nothing is as it’s portrayed to be. Pure psyche-ops to the brain dead to soften up the target. This is no game taking place. Like I said perfectly normal whites who are thought to resist are the Indian now.

  4. Why doesn’t Elizabeth Warren apologize to the Cherokee tribe for her exploitation of their heritage to get into Harvard? That sounds like White Supremacy in action to me!

  5. Tucker is taking a sudden vacation:


    I think we have to be careful about martyring Tucker, since the temptation is always there as he ‘makes a stand’ against our and american democracy’s destruction (and it’s destroyed already anyway blah blah…).

    Even though they take these conservative personalities off the air for ‘vacations’ whenever things get too heated, it doesn’t mean he’s not being propped up by the higher up’s. My point is he’s not a real martyr. How can he be?

    Why would Fox News have tolerated him thus far if he wasn’t serving (((their))) interests? What Tucker himself thinks about all of it is tough to tell; I think he just likes attention, ultimately. Just remember that he isn’t speaking to build a way out for us but to get us to accept being penned in.

  6. Is accusing Trump of being a white nationalist really a ploy to make people believe he’s for the people who voted for him when in fact he’s the executioner ? Maybe I’m thinking to much in to this.

  7. Like potatus blompf, as well as name-your-fave-woke-con, he isn’t and never was /our guy/. Like any denizen of commercial media, tucker’s a gatekeeper. Take whatever he offers with a bucket of salt (yuck!). FTM, not even Bitchute is bullet-proof…it recently dumped both Vanguard Streaming Network and the Goy Talk Live Archive. I agree that some of their content is toxic, some is amusing, but short of building our own Internet, things like this will happen.

  8. Tucker is always begging the Left to be nice and like the Right. As a matter of fact all pundits on Fox do that. That’s because the right Republicans/ conservatives do not really stand for anything except hatred of Muslims and love of Israel. He now admits class is THEE main problem in America.He loves AOC and will be a Democratic Socialist in a decade or so.His only core value like the rest on Fox is his hatred of Muslims and he and the rest of the right on Fox are just so shocked and outraged that Americans are divided among themselves when he believed [as O’Reilly once said] that after 9-11 we were all united in this great crusade against those evil Muslims!

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