David French: America Must Occupy The Middle East Forever

I would like to begin with a quick trivia question: Can you remember, off the top of your head, when was the last time you were triggered by a True Conservative hot take from David French? In my case, it has been less than 15 hours since his last article in Time magazine.

National Review:

“Let’s begin with a quick trivia question: Can you remember, off the top of your head, when the most recent significant jihadist terror attack in the United States occurred? It came almost two years ago, when an ISIS-inspired terrorist truck attack in Manhattan killed eight innocent people and wounded twelve. Since then, there have been plots and plans, but no significant attacks.

This is a remarkable achievement, especially considering the scale of the challenge the United States and our allies faced at ISIS’s height in 2014 and 2015. A jihadist army had seized territory the size of a nation-state, it was recruiting new followers from Europe and the United States, and it was executing and inspiring attacks and plots, at scale, in cities across the globe …

So it’s entirely understandable that Americans might believe ISIS has been defeated. It’s entirely understandable that many Americans sympathized with Donald Trump’s desire to remove all American troops from Syria, and are just fine with his ultimate decision to reduce American forces in Syria by more than half, to roughly 1,000 troops.

Perhaps it’s time to rethink that withdrawal. …

The inspector general’s report should serve as a reminder that America can’t afford to allow its enemies the space and time to regroup. Some Americans may scorn the idea of “forever war,” but the obligations of national defense are perpetual. We cannot relax our vigilance because we are weary, and we cannot take our recent successes as a sign that the war is won. We cannot let the political pressures of the present lead us to repeat the deadly mistakes of the recent past.”

The obligations of national defense?

Over a million illegal aliens are expected to cross the Mexican border this year virtually unopposed and David French is pearl clutching over calling it an invasion. We’re going to be spending $738 billion in FY 2020 on a military that can’t be used to secure our own border.

How many people have neocons killed in their wars on the other side of the world for Israel? If you added up all the innocent people who have died as a result of their policies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Libya, how many people would it be? That’s the reason why we can never withdraw from endless wars and invest in our own country. It is because of the ocean of blood that has been spilled in the Middle East and Central Asia. The moment we pull out it will be open season on our local collaborators.

If it hadn’t been for our steadfast opposition, we would have already plunged into a war with Iran by now for Sheldon Adelson. If Blompf wins in 2020 and doesn’t have to worry anymore about reelection, the missiles could start flying at any moment. All it would take is calling him a moron.

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  1. Build your own border Goys. That military is paid for with Jewish billionaire’s taxes it belongs to Schlomo.

  2. The last part with the glasses was good. I almost did not catch it. The National Review acts as if the United States won the war in Syria instead of the Syrian Army with the help of the Russians.
    America was a deliberate hindrance in the war not an asset.

  3. The US has killed more than a million people in the past 16 years to please jews and the PR servants of jews like David French. A high percentage of them were civilians. Estimated deaths from the US bombing of Mosul (Iraq) — 40,000. In Raqqa (Syria) — 9,000. Both cities flattened. Major war crimes. The invasion of Iraq and occupation of Syria are also war crimes. The Christians of these countries have suffered immensely and are at risk of being eradicated. And this shithead French wants this to go on forever.

    • Mestigoit,

      Consortium News on 4/25/2018 states that 2.4 million have been killed in Iraq since 2002 due to America and 1.2 million in Afghanistan and Pakistan due to the American invasion of Afghanistan. And this is only those 2 countries since 2002. This ignores the 1991 invasion of Iraq, the Serbia bombings etc.

    • WE are nation wreckers, too!

      Just in my lifetime Vietnam… Afghanistan… Iraq… Libya…Syria…. and all the unknowns we never heard about. How many have we destroyed financially? Just ask John Perkins. How many coups/regime changes have we engineered and executed? Everyone knows about Iran but what about all those nations in Latin America? Did we miss even one? Africa? And the general population gets blamed. Maybe we should? We send our sons and daughters to help, don’t we?

      N A T I O N W R E C K E R S!

      The dead – soldier or civilian – is the worst of what our country does overseas. But, how about the looting? Do Americans know that U.S. soldiers loot the nations, too? American soldiers looted Iraqi museums – stealing artifacts – for what? How many women have been raped by U.S. soldiers? I am near the boiling point and have actually toyed with the idea of renouncing my citizenship and fleeing to some remote place. The trouble is everyone hates Americans because of our ruling classes – both political and moneyed. Our homeland has been destroyed from within and no one wants us. What a great f*cking time to be American!

  4. That’s right Mr. French. Keep aligning yourself with the forces of Satan while swearing you are a servant of God.

    For when Jesus comes back, He will say to you and your ilk:” I tell you, I do not know where you are from; DEPART FROM ME, ALL YOU EVILDOERS.’-Luke 13:27-NASB

  5. Egghead is one ugly, mangy dirty-assed skanky whore. Bu the Jews love him. Such filth only a Jew could love.

  6. The Megachurches are losing members, and the young people aren’t interested. These are the last types that believe the likes of David French. Perpetual “Blessing” of Israel is getting old.

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