El Paso Shooter Confessed To Targeting Mexicans

So, it turns out the El Paso shooting was what everyone assumed it was, but now that has been confirmed by the police. It still hasn’t been confirmed that Crusius posted the manifesto to 8chan.

New York Times:

“The suspect in the El Paso shooting stepped out of a vehicle with his hands up and declared “I’m the shooter” when he was arrested minutes after the massacre at a Walmart store that killed 22 people, the police said in an affidavit filed Friday.

The suspect, Patrick W. Crusius, 21, also divulged to the police that his target was “Mexicans,” according to the document, written by Detective Adrian Garcia of the El Paso Police Department.

While responding to reports of an active shooter on Saturday morning, the document said, rangers with the Texas Department of Public Safety saw a vehicle stop at an intersection near the Walmart. It said a man exited the vehicle and admitted opening fire on customers and employees in the store …”

I will say this about Brenton Tarrant’s fan club.

The violent accelerationist strategy appears to be working. The goal of these mass shootings is to attack soft targets to ratchet up the racial and cultural polarization and negative energy to bring us closer to a violent civil war. This will provoke an overreaction from the state which will affect everyone who doesn’t embrace violent accelerationism. It will have the effect of further radicalizing both conservative normies and more moderate White Nationalists on the Right as well as progressives on the Left.

Blompf is being labeled a “white supremacist” now by the Democratic candidates. Congress is poised to pass some form of gun control possibly even an assault weapons ban which was inconceivable a month ago. The Democrats are moving even further off the deep end on immigration. We’re definitely closer to a civil war now thanks to a handful of nihilistic arsonists who want to burn it all down. They couldn’t have done it though without counting on all the sociopathic politicians.

As the quarterback, Patrick Crusius launched the football and the Democrats have intercepted it and are scrambling to score political points. This was calculated. He knew exactly how this would play out. If he is following the news, I figure he is quite satisfied with himself.

Note: I don’t like war in general.

I’m even less enthused about the thought of a violent civil war here.

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  1. You fumbled that football metaphor, HW.

    I’m not convinced there will be another “civil war” because most white Americans are just too damn complacent. They wouldn’t give a shit if this country turned into another Zimbabwe, as long as they’ve got their internet porn and a bag of Cheez Doodles.

    • I’ve studied the antebellum secessionist movement in depth. You would be surprised how fast the political toxicity level went from 0 to 60. Read Avery Craven on the Blundering Generation.

      • Rather than new Federal Gun Control legislation, why don’t the politicians try out these new laws in someplace like Chicago and see how they work out?

        • @Krafty Wurker

          “why don’t the politicians try out these new laws in someplace like Chicago”

          Because these laws are aimed at Whites in places like Alabama, Texas, Wyoming and Idaho, not at Yankeedom.

          The Judeo-Communists and the subordinate, remnant, Yankee Elite know that Northern Whites will be mostly complacent and submissive, because they’ve been told all of their lives that they are America, and they are the government. They’ve also been told that they “won the war.” Which makes them special and entitled.

          Who are they gonna rebel against, themselves? As they’ve been taught.

          It’s awful hard to overcome your own ego, even if it is for the higher purpose of saving your race.

          Furthermore, they also couldn’t care less about the seething Nigger masses in Chicago, except when it’s time to beat Southrons or cattlemen in Montana over the head with them. Or as an implied loaded pistol aimed at Northern Whites, especially those outside of the conurbations.

          In any case, the Niggers are confined to their urban game preserves in Chicago and other Northern cities, and aren’t much of a threat to the Judeo-Communist/Capitalist rulers. Whites, however, especially in the South and West, are the real threat.

        • I’ve often thought about that myself. To disarm the ‘Fellas in Chicongo it would take Martial Law and a Falluja scale military operation…and that ain’t gonna happen. If you live in Northeastern Illinois and have no Criminal Record, the restrictions on firearm ownership are Onerous…better to be a criminal and buy your weapons and ammo on the street. True freedom…

      • Off topic, but meanwhile, Andrew Anglin has judgement against him today ordering him to pay 14 million to Jewish woman.

      • Christina,

        Put a sombrero on his head, and have him push a food cart down the street while yelling “Elotes,” and he’d pass for a common Mexican easily.

        • Captain John Charity Spring MA,

          Your name sounds like an English gentleman.

          As for the Jewish aspect. That is a surprise. Usually people like him who crack mention Jews.

      • He’s got forelocks like Disraeli and his bottom lip. Crusius is playing games like Weev.

        • Crusius is a latinized version of the name Kraus. It’s a pretentious German academic name a little bit like Erasmus. There was a professor at Tubingen called Martin Crusius back in the day. The root family name is is Kraus. The ethnic stock isn’t Greek.

  2. If it is this bad now then I wonder what next summer before election time is going to be like. Still I currently am living in a nice anglo neighborhood and I find no hatred toward my kind here. When people are faking I can usually tell.

    I still do not sense any danger to me personally or Mexicans in general and neither does my family. I think I am more in danger of being hurt in a car wreck, especially the way some of my friends drive.

    • We whites don’t wish to hurt Mexicans. What we want is self-determination for our people in our own countries as nonwhite races have in their own countries. This is the only way we will survive as a distinct people. And whites do have the right to survive.

      • Stefania,

        But you gave blacks citizenship 150 years ago and Indians citizenship 100 years ago depending on the tribe. I think Mexicans staying in the Southwest after 1848 became citizens as well.

        You have been a multi racial country for a long time. I have never known any self hating whites but at the same time I have never known any whites outside of this website that wish to take back the whole country for white people again.

        In America existing as a people like the others is one thing but going back pre- 1861 is another. Even partition seems just a dream for you at this time.

        • But you gave blacks citizenship 150 years ago and Indians citizenship 100 years ago depending on the tribe. I think Mexicans staying in the Southwest after 1848 became citizens as well.


          Who are you referring to as “you?” Perhaps you haven’t been paying attention. The South didn’t give blacks citizenship; our forbears fought a defensive war to prevent that (among other self-destructive things) from happening. The radical abolitionists and their idiotic minions in the North “gave blacks citizenship,” we didn’t. As for Indians and Mexicans, well, as I’ve pointed out at least a thousand times in the past, once the federal principle, so integral to the US as the US from the getgo, was overthrown, it was just a matter of time before this country degenerated into the multi-culti cesspit it is today.

          • T. Morris,

            I am aware that Southerners did not give blacks citizenship but the Federals did. The ‘YOU” I was referring to was/is the official policy of the United States. I am mentioning facts not making judgments.

            The South is part of the United States and I have to go by that reality. I do not consider the South separate from the Federal government and I treat the USA as one political unit which it is. Racially, religiously, and ideologically is another story.

        • What you say to Stefania is true, but you neglect to take into account a number of things that have taken place since the historical events you described.

          The frontier has closed and instead of a population of less than 125 million of 85% or more white Euro yeoman producers with significant #s of Blacks and considerably smaller numbers yet of Iberian Criollos, indigenous and Chinese, we are soon to be at 340 million of every conceivable variety of diversity and grifters on the planet. The economic math and the sociology of the whole thing is unsustainable mi cielo.

          • Flaxen,

            A good comment from you. I was only giving the facts of the situation and was not condemning anyone. I consider that it is up to Americans to decide these matters.

        • Christina,

          I don’t hate Mexicans nor do I even dislike them. Many Mexicans have emigrated to the United States without any problem. They have settled into their own areas with no conflict with white Americans whatsoever. What we have a problem with is the numbers. Maybe you don’t think so but we believe we are being replaced. And, of course, it’s not just with Mexicans. They’re from every corner of the globe. When whites were even 80% of the population, it still was not a problem but after that we saw our culture change. Then the politicians and corporations started pandering to everyone else at our expense. Most of them vote opposite of us so why would we welcome that? We don’t like the changes. Why would we want other people coming here when they can be used as a weapon against us? We didn’t vote for this nor did our parents or grandparents.

          There are many white Americans in Mexico right now but they are not a threat to the culture because their numbers are relatively small. I don’t want to see Mexico become “Anglo” anymore than I would want to see the United States become non-Anglo although I believe we have already passed critical mass. I am sure that if civil war comes, many whites will flee to both Canada and Mexico. I don’t think Mexicans will be very welcoming if the numbers are large.

          Mexicans and others are being used by the globalists to destroy sovereignty and national culture. If this nation gets destroyed by civil war then you will see other nations fall like dominoes. Mexico may not resemble Mexico in the not too distant future. Mexico will also be flooded by the movement of migrants. They are rearranging the chessboard. The entire chessboard. However, they have to destroy the strongest nations first which are the white ones.

          • Snowhitey,

            I thank you for your lengthy reply. I do recognize that your enemies are probably the enemies of all of mankind.

            Also, I recognize that Latins are the ones for the most part entering the USA en masse. I believe that we are around 24% of the population with blacks being about 12.7%. Estimates differ a little but not much.

            In the USA it will not be everyone against whites but a free for all once it falls apart. Right now politically it is everyone against Whites.

            Anyway, an excellent comment by you. Unless I missed something I believe I agree with all of your statement.

    • Christina,

      The radical demonRats have painted a target of concentric circles on the back of trump and his supporters. So you’re correct to wonder what the carnage is going to be during the 2020 campaign season.

      I suspect that unhinged neo-marxists will cause much murder, mayhem, and chaos at trump rallies. In 2016, mayhem and chaos ensued at several of trump’s rallies in “blue” cities and states. Now that the irresponsible anti-white media and politicians have ratcheted up the propaganda of bloodlust, 2020 looks to be a very bloody and violent affair.

      In regards to your friend lack of drivers acumen; no texts=no wrecks.

      • November,

        The American murder rate is a lot lower than in the 1970’s/80’s/90’s but it seems out of control due to the constant reporting. I think modern police methods with cameras everywhere prevents a lot of crime as well as apprehending criminals who otherwise would be repeat offenders. If a person is in a city always recognize that you are being filmed.

        We do not let anyone text and drive. I read that is just as dangerous as being drunk behind the wheel.

        • Cristina,

          Deaths by homicide might be lower than they were in the 60s and 70s due to the advances in medical trauma care, so fewer people would would have died 40 or 50 years ago survive being shot, killed, or maimed today.

          One consistently busy trauma center in Chicago had to go on “bypass ” ((it was at capacity and couldn’t handle anymore incoming patients) due to Mexican, Puerto Rican, and black gang violence on the city’s west side. These poc weren’t shot by the anti-white media and politician’s boogymen (White Spremacists and/or White Nationalists). The perpetrators of this bloodshed was poc on poc ghetto and barrio rivals fighting over territory.


          Some cities use disingenuous classifications for murders (i.e., death investigation) to allow the politicians and police brass to falsely claim that the murder rate plunged. It’s like calling someone “developmentally delayed ” instead of regarded.It just two words with the same meaning.

          Official sources are only as honest and accurate as the people compiling the data.

          • November,

            That is a component I forgot about. The experienced and excellent hospitals in the USA along with good infrastructure, ambulance services, and helicopters to transport the hurt.

            Also in large cities probably a lot of murder victims are not found and counted statistically.

          • It’s literally all about genius tier surgeons and advances in technique. They’ve masked the carnage for 3 decades. Also ambulances are so well equipped and the crews so professional that they prevent 10,000s of deaths now.

          • November,

            According to an article Gun Violence in America Wikipedia it stated that 1.4 million people in America died due to firearms between 1968-2011. This included suicides. Since several times as many people are wounded compared to killed that means 3-4 million wounded in that time frame. These are war figures. If I would have read these figures from a civil war going on in a less advanced country I would not be surprised.

            So the comments on here about how good American Doctors are at surgery and treating bullet wounds are true and not only saves lives but keeps the statistics lower than otherwise by concentration on the dead not the dead and wounded.

            And no I am not going to wade into the great American Gun Control Debate.

            As an aside Mexico has had 43 lynchings so far this year against criminals with many more being killed by angry citizens. Naturally, the government seems more outraged about this than gang violence.

          • Christina,

            During and after every war America has participated, medical advancements in treating trauma caused on the battlefield improves significantly. The techniques learned in war zones by first responders (Navy Corpsmen, army medics, and Air Force Para-rescue personnel), and surgical teams are disseminated to their civilian colleagues.

            AI, lasers, and automation are making impossible surgeries in the past possible now.

            As you’re fully aware, many of the cities in the USA are war zone due to POC.

            I read somewhere that if you removed all the index crimes perpetrated by POC, the crime statistics for robbery, sexual assault, murder, aggravated assault, arson, and aggravated battery would be in the range of European nations. It would make sense because without POC, the USA would be a multiethnic European country.

    • Next summer, I’ll still be living within a fifty-mile radius of Milwaukee with no hope of moving further away.
      I’m triggered a. f.

  3. In lefty logic, just preferring your own white culture, implies it is ‘best’ for you, thus ‘supreme’ for you, thus you are a ‘white supremacist’ QED

    Timeline of these recent eventful days:

    On 23 July, 2019, US Attorney General & ‘former’ CIA agent William Barr, was speaking at Fordham University:

    « Barr concluded his speech by stating that he anticipated “a major incident may well occur at any time that will galvanize public opinion” » leading to legal demands for end of privacy, ending encrypted communications etc

    On the same day, 23 July 2019, FBI Director Christopher Wray spoke to the US Senate, where he surprised many by saying that, “The most persistent threats to the nation and to U.S. interests abroad are homegrown violent extremists (HVEs), domestic terrorists …”

    Five days later, on 28 July, there was the California Garlic Festival ‘mass shooting’

    Six days after that, on 3 August, there was the El Paso Texas Wal-Mart ‘mass shooting’

    Followed in turn within a few hours, on 4 August in the early a.m., by the Dayton Ohio Peppers Bar ‘mass shooting’

    Leading to mass calls for more repression just as US Attorney General Barr had anticipated 12 days earlier

    And apparently the big security solution to identifying pre-crime, knowing whose guns to confiscate etc, is product offered by a company called Carbyne911, its board of directors led by Ehud Barak the former Israeli prime minister

    “The Chinese government uses a smartphone app very similar to Carbyne as part of its mass surveillance apparatus”, says Ms Whitney Webb on Mint Press News, connecting a lot of the dots here

    • Reminds me of the speeches that Paul Wolfowitz was making before 9/11 and new Pearl Habor event. Creepy as fuck isn’t it? Is he on camera for these speeches?

      • Captain John,

        Cohencidentally, right after 9/11, disgraced retired navy admiral John Poindexter of Iran-Contra infamy was ready and waiting with DARPA’s “Total Awareness Network” later changed to the somewhat less ominous sounding “Total Information Network.”

        This government domestic surveillance apparatus amongst others made a laughing stock of the Fourth Amendment.


  4. Any serious whiff of a civil war and it’ll be Franco-style military rule in five minutes flat (Stan McCrystal, anyone?). I don’t see the American Left resisting like the Spanish Left did in 1936.

    • This is my biggest fear if things escalate further.

      Normiecons will back a military dictatorship to preserve stability – and nonwhite demographics. And they will especially choose a junta over a white republic under the current moral paradigm.

    • I can see “Franco-style military rule in five minutes flat”, only the left will be in charge…

  5. This has ALL the hallmarks of a False Flag, courtesy of our lovely Globalist Criminal Cabal of (((Intelligence Agencies))). Didn’t this Mischling shoot more Whites, than any -one else?

    • Crusius is a German type name latinized. The root name is Kraus. That should set off alarm bells. Kraus means curly. It’s a stereotypical Jewish name in European history. Rosalind Krause is perhaps the most famous bearer of the name in American culture.

  6. The Civil War showed that the central state will not give up control of its territory. However, there are parts of the country that are known to be friendlier to one side or the other. US cities have their own versions of “no-go zones.” I anticipate a future of de facto secession where we’re united by medicare and social security, and little else. Uncle Slam will just be a doddering old man handing out checks to whoever asks for them. We’re another empire fading away; the imperial bureaucrats will hold onto a small vestige of power through controlling the national currency, but little else.

  7. I wonder what card in the deck was cruscious’ trigger? Was daddy a traditionalist and chose the Queen of Hearts, or did he go with something unique to activate his son’s deadly mission?

      • Looks like a “new ager” type. Many of them revere that symbol for whatever reason. There are actual jews who are whiter looking than Patrick.

        • Most but by no means all new age gurus have Jewish ancestry. Crusius is just a latinization of Kraus, which in German means “curly” or “curly hair”. It’s 50/50 that the shooter has Jewish ancestry. Name looks psychopathic narcissism. I’d wager five bucks something turns up to confirm this. The hair and the fleshy lips. It’s cartoonish. He also fails to mention Jews in the manifesto. That’s kinda weird given the literature and stance he’s supposed to have taken.

      • @Denise

        Ms. Denise, read Gideon’s Spies. The Mossad maintains a network of safe houses and agents all across USZOG.

  8. He looks like Benjamin Disraeli and he’s even got the curly forelocks on his head. Ffs this guy is playing games like Weev.

  9. Before a civil war can begin, the Respectable Conservatives of the GOP will jail as many pro white dissidents as they can and disarm as many whites as they can, because siding with anti-whites is the Respectable thing to do.

  10. I think it’s too early to give credit to violent accelerationism.

    No civil war has sparked yet, instead all we’re seeing is backlash against the pro-White movement.

    White normies won’t rise up if the bulk of State repression is directed against WNs.

    “I’m not a WN, so these red flag laws and WN database provisions won’t affect me” is what most White Americans will say.

    To be frank, some of these violent accelerationists seem too eager to have our movement completely crushed by the State.

    “If you’re not ready for the AltRight to be treated like al-Qaeda, then you’re a cuck” was a common sentiment expressed on Gab shortly after the El Paso shooting.

    Never mind the fact that al-Qaeda has infrastructure, anti-aircraft weapons, funding from rogue Saudi princes and oil sheikhs, and even friendly countries that host them.

    We have none of those advantages. If we tried to form militias and stage an ISIS-like rebellion right now, we’d be crushed in a nanosecond.

    No civil war is coming anytime soon. Most MAGAtards have openly professed allegiance to Trump even AFTER his Red Flag proposal.

    “If Trump implements Red Flag laws, then I’ll be an outlaw supporting Trump” was stated by one such MAGApede fanatic.

    These people won’t be on our side. And even if a Democrat takes power, most of them won’t rebel.

    Our movement isn’t strong enough or popular enough to even contemplate such action. We have no choice but to play the long game, and accept the fact that we’re going to be unable to prevent White minority status in this country. Our emphasis should shift from preserving a White majority to White survival. And the less heat on our movement, the better.

    • This shit sucks bigtime. I don’t know what to do aside from typing. It doesn’t matter in the long run ’cause I won’t be around for the worst of it. The only advise I would offer to young people is: quietly embrace the Balk’ if you can.

    • @Supreme Kommandant — Best take in this entire thread … You are one of the few living in Realsville.

  11. An important thing to bear in mind. Texans know the difference between Tejanos and Messican invaders.

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