Elizabeth Warren: Michael Brown Was Murdered By Officer Darren Wilson In Ferguson

This was another huge gift to Blompf.

I’m starting to think Blompf might be reelected at the rate his opposition is disqualifying itself:

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    • Hard to say who is trying to lose the election by stupid and ignorant statements the most, the Democrats or Trump.

  1. This is bad for anyone who considers themselves a 3rd positionist. A Trump win is the worst possible scenario. We are going to get amnesty and immigration acceleration and an iran invasion in his second term. The Dems have to know this is a mistake for the general.

    • Interesting. I wonder if some of these democratic presidential contenders are being influenced to push their party and other candidates to the far left as a means of making sure Trump gets reelected. It also makes it easier to believe his hollow dog whistles actually mean something.

  2. What they ought be doing is trying to figure out how Trump got six Northern states to switch sides and vote, along with the South and West, for him. But they’re too blinded by their arrogance and their own propaganda and lies.

  3. Haha what a dumb bitch Michael brown unarmed? funny joke pocahontas its not like brown didn’t resist arrest several times and strong armed the store manager

  4. If you’re a white politician and you race bait the blacks by denigrating all your fellow whites with your “All whites are violent Racists against blacks” meme and always trying to sound like you’re a radical black panther and you have a plan to defeat The Man, that fools the blacks into thinking that you’re one of them and they get real excited over you because you’re “one of them” and they go out and vote for you in huge numbers like they went out in huge numbers to vote for Obama and then you win The Election!

    “ALL whites are violent racists against blacks EXCEPT me I love blacks so vote for me I’m the one and only whitey who loves you blacks!” I’m not black but I imagine white politicians race baiting blacks by constantly denigrating all whites — except themselves of course — and always trying to sound as if they know exactly what’s it’s like to be black is a huge turn off to blacks. I think the blacks call it “fakin’ jacks”, or something like that, 🙂 .

  5. Living in their own macabre fantasy land.

    The (media) lies all the time, why shouldn’t eceryone , especially when it’s popular?

  6. A little known fact, Pocahontas is originally from Oklahoma. Maybe she was dropped on her head in a tornado.

    She looks like one of those kids in school who would remind the teacher to give the class their homework on a Friday afternoon when the teacher was about to forget. She has the frightening look of a religious fanatic except that she looks, sounds and acts like an atheist.

    • “Beware of all those in whom the urge to punish is strong” – The Nietzsche quote… (Wasn’t it on this forum where I read it just a day or so ago?)

  7. They are in a stupid contest. It is a Stupid Contest…seen the Debates? The Gentle Giant Ape,brown, clearly attempted to and intended to kill Wilson with his own service weapon. Warren is a dangerous lunatic. Lunacy never kept anyone out of the Senate, nor out of the Presidency for all that. There’s ample evidence of that on Twitter. Lizzy got mass murderer Bett’s vote and his money, apparently. ‘Nuff said…

  8. Warren is originally from Oklahoma. But she’s lived so long in Yankeedom, that it has corrupted her, and warped her thinking.

    • She was corrupt, corrupt, corrupt loooong before she conspired with the scumbags at Harvard to lie and cheat on the Indian (feather, not dot) thing. She claimed to be an Indian (feather, not dot) in 1986 when she applied to the Texas State Bar (much later apologizing) which was long before she was a senator. Even notoriously Left Wing Wikipedia reports this even after cleaning up her bio as much as possible.

      She has been consumed by ambition from a young age and will do and say anything for personal advancement. She saw her best opportunities at corrupt Harvard and she took them. Harvard ticked off the diversity box and Pocahontas got her tenured position at Harvard Law from which she launched her malodorous political career.

  9. Liberal Asheville invokes ‘restorative justice’ in the Christopher Hickman case:


    Hickman was the white cop set up by the black drug addict Johnny Rush, who played a bait and switch one night to get Hickman to arrest and batter him and then sued the city for $650,000. It’s another way for the communists to circumvent due process, as the prosecutor bargains for a guilty plea (3 counts, at least two felonies) in exchange for commuted or very light sentence with no record. Whites will have to bow down before the Jew’s vibrant magistrates, and non-whites will be allowed to essentially walk free for very real violent crimes.


    We are truly on the edge.

    • Yeah, it’s all over twitter. The only thing that surprises me is that it took this long for him to meet with some “untimely” death. Just a coincidence that he knew where all the bodies are buried.

  10. Warren is not stupid. She is EVIL and power mad all the way through. She will obviously say and do ANYTHING to obtain power. She is a sociopathic MONSTER. She would gladly kill us ALL to gain office. I political office, that is a temporary position, ans it’s willing to tell grotesque lies about the most serious and dangerous issues. It doesn’t a shred about the mayhem and suffering it’s willing to create, and glories in it. It’s a dangerous BEAST.

    • i just saw that…he was 66 years old and faced 45 yrs in prison…4+5=9 which is an upside down 6…i know gematria is a stretch for all the geniuses on this site, but its EVERY SINGLE TIME…
      This kikes not dead, just hanging out at the beaches in Haifa or off to one of the pieces of land in our world that the MIC/NASA are hiding with their fake CGI “pics” of our earth.

  11. On another note but actually not. It’s just most people don’t know the connection between Jeffrey Epstein – and the people like him – and the insidious evil that rules the world and blackmails government, corporate leaders, and other people of influence.

    “This development follows the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York’s move Friday, unsealing thousands of documents, “in which Virginia Roberts Guiffre … said Epstein forced her to have sex with powerful men, including former Maine Sen. George Mitchell, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Prince Andrew,” Fox Business reports.” – Breitbart 8/10/19

    And, now he’s dead. He didn’t even survive 24 hours. Suicide? I doubt it. He has close friends in very, very high places. Oh, wait a minute, does he have dirt on them?

    People on this site had troubling swallowing the Jewish influence in our country so I don’t expect them to believe that Satanists reach the highest levels of power in the world and that pedophilia and other forms of extreme depravity (human trafficking, human organ trafficking, drug epidemics, etc.) is what controls us in their grips. In no particular order:

    The City of London/banking cartel
    The Monarchs
    The Vatican/The Ninth Circle
    The Khazarian Mafia/Israel
    The Kabbalah Influence

    and….. drum roll please…..

    The Pentagon.

    Yes, I am also going to add elements within it. I mean the Pentagon was hit with a missile on 9/11 and not one general or member of the Joint Chiefs or anyone else in the Defense Department uttered a word. They also go along with the Holohoax, don’t they? Blindly following orders you think?

    The media and Hollywood are connected to all of it.

    ….. and only the Lord knows who and what else.

    Evil surrounds us. Don’t sell your soul like they have. But, did they ever have souls?

    Where up against a monster. No wonder it’s been so hard to defeat. It’s why the bad guys always seem to win. Or, get away with it.

  12. Yes, the main threat to America are WhItE SuPrEMaCiSTs and White Nationalists. Not completely morally corrupt Elites.

    Epstein, the Jewish billionaire investment banking pedophile with verified connections to Israeli intelligence, was murdered in his jail cell to ensure that Americans never find out how rotten to the core our Establishment is.

    I’m not sure what being on suicide watch means in NYC correctional facilities but I would venture that it probably involves live circuit cameras watching his cell.

    Let’s see the taped video of him committing suicide. Or somehow and someway, someone slipped him a cyanide pill through prison security.

    Or the correction officer watching him went to take a leak and came back 5 minutes later and Epstein was dead.


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