Andrew Yang Cries About Gun Control

Andrew Yang was the candidate for folks who wanted off this ride.

Sensing that we are on the precipice of an awful period of American history, I was content to sit back and collect $1,000 a month, to watch the country depolarize and settle down a bit and to put aside partisan differences to tackle a major looming challenge like mass unemployment caused by the displacement of the workforce by automation. I still think it is great that he has brought the 4th Industrial Revolution to public consciousness. I assumed he would compete with Joe Biden for moderate voters.

Yang’s problem is that the rest of the Democratic field is stampeding to the Far Left. Blompf has gone from being a racist to a white supremacist. The Democrats have gone from wanting to pass the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform to giving free health care to illegal aliens and decriminalizing the border. Kamala Harris and Corey Booker are supporting reparations for slavery. Elizabeth Warren has come out and accused Officer Darren Wilson of murdering Michael Brown.

The Democratic Party is racing to the fringe. Andrew Yang has decided for whatever reason to follow the party off the cliff. The danger here is that millions of Republican voters who were skeptical of Blompf in 2016 have gotten used to him and like him now. We pretty much know what to expect from a Blompf second term now. The odds that Blompf will be reelected seem to be increasing daily because for all his incompetence at governing he will likely spend the next four years just sending out increasingly senile Boomer tweets about the WITCH HUNT and PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT.

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  1. That looked like bullshit. You’d choke up thinking of a scene involving your own boys but you’d never cry imagining something that unlikely. What a conman. That’s hysteria.

  2. That was embarrassing to watch. My family owns The War Lord with Charleton Heston. I was trying to imagine a knight crying about a child butchered by the enemy and I just could not. I did not even cry last week at 22 dead Mexicans. I was mad but no tears.

    I can understand male tears under some circumstances but not at the drop of a hat. Can you imagine Emperor Yang in the middle ages as head of a Chinese army facing the Mongols?

    • Saw something on twitter this morning that the El Paso shooter is a Hispanic America, aka not a “white supremacist”. Any confirmation on that not that it matters?

      • more of the same,

        I have heard nothing of that. I do not Twitter.

        Living life, having fun, being part of a large family etc. takes my time. I check Yahoo News once or twice a day. It is usually just about who is a racist and who is not. I do currently look at this site a lot. When school begins I will have to cut back on my Occidental Dissent time.

        Regardless, he said he targeted Mexicans. What latin american would do that? He is going down in history as a white nationalist. The official narrative true or false has done the damage.

        • “What latin american would do that?”
          wow, deny reality much?
          So, do you live in the real world or do you just pick and choose what to be upset about and what is factual, as most minorities do when it comes time to take responsibility for what ones tribe does in a multicultural society such as ours?
          Your beloved fellow mexicans have been brutally murdering each other in their gang wars and various drug wars in california alone for decades…
          Like the 19 mutilated and decapitated beaners hung from a bridge somewhere the other day in your wonderful meh-hee-coh…
          But what “magical latin” would ever do such a horrible thing, right?

          • must’ve been a bunch of white supremacist nahtzees who did the murdering and hanging in mexico last week and who have destroyed LA and california with their gang and drug culture thats useless to white society…typical tribal brown person denying reality and making excuses for your own.
            You people don’t belong in white nations…and thats the bottom line.

          • irate jew,

            My implication was obviously that a latin american is not likely to target Mexicans merely for being Mexicans. That is obvious what was said and implied.

            You are a caricature of white nationalism.

          • IRAte, I suggest ignoring the gobbling cuckaracha. The fact is, she shows her colors even more when the gullible types on here indulge her compared to when wiser ones call her out on her shit.

            Then again, I suppose someone has to clean house every once in awhile. Our host doesn’t seem to be willing to do it.

          • Irate, calm yourself.

            She is asking the right question. What Latino would target Mexicans specifically? You’d think a Mexican wouldn’t have problems with other Mexicans coming over enough to want to shoot other random Mexicans. But the reasons might be more complex in Texas.

            Stop shooting from the hip like a Boomer and read the words and context of what she wrote. Same with you MPGA

      • It wouldn’t matter. Nicholas Cruz was obviously Hispanic as well, but they called him white because he looked white (of course, he was probably mostly white genetically, but he wasn’t “white”). The idea that this guy was a white supremacist is already established. Regardless, though, he did subscribe to alt-right views on immigration, assuming that his manifesto was real, and he did admit to targeting Mexicans in any case.

        • Cruz was neither White nor Hispanic. Like the Tucson Mall, Columbine HS, Poway Synagogue, and a number of other shooters, Cruz was a

          Jew. Whenever a Jew misbehaves, the Jew mass media calls it “white”.

      • @more of the same
        Read the book American Nations. If the shooter’s family is from parts of the USA called El Norte, he is highly likely to be of mixed Spainish and Indian decent. The Catholic Church controlled those areas well before the Anglos arrived, and under them race mixing occured big time.

        I would not be surprised if the El Norte nation voted Trump and were shooting lower caste invaders from Mexico, since all animals fight and kill to to defend their territory from invaders. Any animal that fails to keep its territory will be killed by other animals or starve to death. For that reason there has never been, nor will there ever be a Brotherhood of Mankind.

    • I could understanding Yang’s crying only if his kids were forced to ride a Chinese escalator. If you never watch Live Leak videos you will not understand this statement.

      • Snowhitey,

        I have never seen a Chinese escalator in action. I will have to check it out.

        • hahaha i am a jew?
          Why are mud people allowed to insult white men on this site?
          Fuck you and your spic tribe of drug dealing scum.

        • From what I could tell, the Live Leak videos indicated a few too many escalators in China gobble up their riders. Some have been maimed or even killed! It’s sort of an inside joke within the comments section there. I don’t have an account and you can’t see the comments anymore without one.

          A lot of videos are uploaded over there and if a news story tape isn’t publicly released, chances are it will be posted over there. It’s a mixed bag though – good, bad, and ugly.

  3. I’d bet my left arm Trump is re-elected in 2020. I didn’t vote for him in 2016, and I damn sure won’t vote for him in 2020, but I’ve been down this road too many times to be fooled by his likes. Y’know, this whole thing is, as I’ve said more times than I care to count, a foregone conclusion. People enter the political arena when they’re young and full of fire in their bellies. They almost invariably screw up because they are inexperienced and gullible. As they get older they come to realize what screw-ups they actually were as youngsters. The damage, though, is already done, but they try to make up for it, creating a bigger problem at the end of the day. You’ll never overthrow the economic system, as a relevant example; this is because there is always a new generation of wage slaves to take your place and out vote you. Total collapse is imminent. Prepare for it if you’re wise. Otherwise be a fool.

    • A collapse is coming, no doubt. I think the severity of it and the timeline are still up in the air, though.

    • IMO the only way Trump will be re-elected is if the Electoral College is corrupt. He had massive support in 2016, but I do not see the same level of support now. I would put 10g on him losing, if I knew what was up with the EC.

  4. A snowball has a better chance in hell than a White person has a chance of ever seeing a grand a month from the usual suspects.

    • Chase has forgiven all credit card debt for Canadian customers. When will they do it for Americans is the big question?

      • What? Why? I had a Chase CC account ONCE in the early 1990’s, and they were such miserable bastards when I was (at that time) unemployed with a Master’s degree, and couldn’t find a job- and all I heard from them was, they wanted ‘their money’!! I vowed I’d never deal with them again.

        Fast forward twenty years, I came to find out my late dad had ALL his money in their banks. I had my name added to his accounts, just in case, while he was so ill; and when he passed, I closed that sucker out asap, and invested it with someone who wasn’t such a SCHMUCK as Chase (oy!) Bank, as a good deed for my poor ol’ pop, who didn’t know or believe in the ‘Jews and their lies.’

        God bless him, he was as clueless about the Kulturkampf, as my mom was aware. Had she been alive then, she would have never darkened the door of that den of iniquity known as a bank.

        Chase should do the same as you mention, Snow, to Americans- and then dissolve the corporation. THEY ARE EVIL.

    • Exactly. No serious person can believe that any straight white men ever actually had a chance of getting a thousand a month.

      And people were claiming that this was a genuine reason to vote for Yang. As if the thousand were seriously on the table.

  5. Damn they want our guns badly, the Bolshevik revolution 2.0 in action. We have despots running this armed nation now, just imagine what an unarmed despot ruled nation would be like? If you love your family, children and friends, never disarm yourselves. While you can, buy as many guns and ammo as you can and hide them well. I for one and can speak for many will not get on our knees and consent to their NWO Orwellian agendas. Our 2a was written specifically for the upcoming chaos our .gov is provoking.

    • your 2nd Am is inoperative and irrelevant. Your so-called “gun rights” depend entirely on your willingness to use the gun to defend them. Thus: a “well hidden” gun is useless. Particularly when the ZOG enforcers break down your door at 3 AM.

      • If you’re woke, friends are very relevant. What’s ZOG going to do, break and grab everybody? Cower and get on your knees pussy… You are a defeatist and irrelevant.
        Maybe you need new friends.

  6. It’s official: Andrew Young is a woman.

    This is what women do when they try to manipulate you emotionally, they start crying.

    They cry so you drop all logic and you say: “It’s ok, honey, we’ll ban guns now, just stop crying sweetie.”

    Disgusting actor.

    Waiting for our 2nd ammendment rights to be defended by a Chinese immigrant.

    • Lol, but while most of what you’re saying rings true, sometimes women cry sincerely. My biggest problem in life is that I’m a ‘thinking intuitive’ on that Myers Briggs test, so I don’t cry when I should. The other side of your comment is such ‘unemotive’ ‘unfeeling’ women are seen as cold, overly-calculating, and evil when we’re just thinking out our stress instead of emoting it out.

  7. “The Democratic Party is racing to the fringe.”

    They’re racing back to the 20th Century, where their ideology lies.

    What do worker’s rights mean, when all of the workers are machines? What is Socialism and Collectivism in the age of UBI? What happens when industrial and banking oligarchs can’t threaten people with starvation and homelessness any more?

    • Excellent point, James. It’s not that Yang and Brad weren’t onto *something(s)*, just that Brad believed too deeply in Yang’s PR campaign…and both underestimate the reach of the jews’ tentacles.

      For the record, I too wonder if Yang’s tears are sincere…

  8. Yang’s tears aren’t facts, but they are cringe.

    I bet the last time dog breath cried was when he was picked last in P.E. class or had to go to prom with his sister.

  9. If the alternative to Trump is someone in that Dem crowd of virulently anti-White kooks and hysterics than Trump has my vote. I recall the presidencies of Bush sr., Clinton, Bush jr., Obama, and in comparison Trump is not a bad option at all. Frankly apart his attachment to Israel, I can’t fault him for a lot. He does the best he can with what he has. Even dealing with tech censorship isn’t a straightforward task because it’s not that simple. An EO is a shaky solution.

    • Freddy Braun,

      Go sell that MIGA snake oil on a more receptive audience. My suggestionswould be the AARP, or handout blompf campaign literature in the adult diaper aisle at your local drugstores.

      Machen Sie Amerika juden weiderf frei.

  10. We see now the wisdom of the Confederate Constitution is allowing only one six year term for president with no re-election. That way you don’t spend half your term trying to ensure you get a second term.

  11. By now it should be obvious to even the most morbidly obese and scooter-bound WAL*MART shopper that the DemonKKKraps are, in the words of John Chickenpooper, Fed Ex’ing the election to Blormp. Let him have 8 years to inflict his buffoonery on the voters. Then they will be ready to elect a “progressive” like Koonmala Harris.

  12. This kind of clownish minstrel show act that was absent from Yang in March/April was one of the things that initially attracted me to him in the first place. I had supported this buffoonery in 2016 with Trump and was ready for something serious and intelligent.

    Yang was just this nerdy technocrat with a long list of interesting policy proposals that was so refreshing. Most of all were the warnings about the future for working class Whites whom Trump had never mentioned nor lifted a finger for since he was elected. Until the first debate, most of Yang’s tweets and speeches were less cringe than Trump’s or Charlie Kirk’s with tolerable levels of what you can expect from any mainstream candidate these days.

    Now he has joined the minstrel show act of 2020 to compete with the biggest clown of all – Trump..

    With the exit of Yang into clown world that is it. We are going to have to endure this nonsense all through 2020 with zero intelligent options and certainly zero populist options. All that can be done at this point is to mock the entire election nonstop.

    • Yang didn’t have a chance anyway, since he has no charisma. This is a cry for attention from a failed campaign that is about to disappear.

    • Agreed. Yang stopped being that “Geeky Asian friend that sees himself just an American” to a woke POC Asian-American.

      I went from black pill in 2014, to white pill in 2016, back to black pill in 2018 and now I’m beyond that in 2019. Things went from bad to promising to bad again only to go apocalyptically bad in 2019. At this point, it isn’t even slow decline, it’s rapid decline where pretty much everyone agrees we’re all fucked but we don’t have the slightest hint as to when it will be other than soon.

      If Yang ran a centrist bid, he probably would have beaten that idiot Blompf and be able to slow manage the collapse, in a sense that people with their eyes open could make mitigating moves to prepare. Between Blompf’s threats against the internet, willingness to cuck on the 1st A and 2nd A, and global sabre rattling and the Democrat’s going full Anarcho-Tyranny, America, and therefore the world is on a precipice.

      With the exception of a black swan event, America could collapse in a year or it could collapse in 20 years, and the only thing we know is it will. Hard for a working man to prepare for that.

  13. The 2 Party System is a Joke. The far left and the far right will never get anything done. Libertarians are extremists. Anarchists are nuts. Communists and Socialists are extreme. We need Third Party options. Yes we have the Constitution Party, Libertarian Party and others. The American Freedom Party. However this country really needs a moderate conservative political party. The Reform Party was the only hope for that under Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan. We’ve been missing that option for years. The Reform Party now is just whatever. Has little support and random candidates. I think a moderate conservative Reform Party is really needed. That would stop crazy things like this from happening because common sense people could leave the D and the R and have a party that focuses on what’s right for We the People. Deo Vindice !

    • @Brian Pace

      The 2 Party System is a Joke. The far left and the far right will never get anything done. Libertarians are extremists. Anarchists are nuts. Communists and Socialists are extreme.

      They’re also obsolete political relics, entirely irrelevant and outdated in the 21st Century.

      They may be able to delay or prevent the 21st Century from happening in the former United States. But they won’t be able to, in the rest of the World. Which has already left them behind politically and ideologically.

      Socialism isn’t even much of a thing in Europe anymore, because the automation of industry is proceeding apace and on schedule. Nobody is going to fight for the rights of machinery. Also, technology is making 19th and 20th Century labour and economic politics irrelevant.

  14. Absolute cringe. No real man sheds a tear for anything less than his direct family, or his people. Yang is off the charts worse then Blompf, who never shed any BS tears. HW, you really need to re-calibrate your political senses.

  15. I appreciate the need for moderation, but it seems public comment is very restricted here. Too bad, I thought this forum was not controlled.

  16. Now Andrew Yang is fat-shaming Trump. The attention seeking imbecile thinks that this may somehow work. When I look at all the loser alternatives, Trump looks better and better everyday. Like HW I wanted to believe and give Yang a chance but he’s almost as bad as the rest of these Dem weirdos. Can you imagine a White man, let’s call him Michael Mulligan, run to be the leader of China or Japanese? Me neither. Asians aren’t that insane; they would die from laughter at the very idea of some pretentious foreigner telling them how they should live and wanted to rule over them. Only westerners are this nuts.

  17. yang is anti-white and anti-gun. he also isnt going to win. I thought you were over the yanggang shite Hunter? it’ll be trump biden or maybe bernie in 2020

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