Democrats: Trump Is a White Supremacist

Are you worried about Blompf losing the 2020 election?

I’m not worried because the Democrats are now saying that Blompf and everyone who is opposed to their agenda is a racist, a white supremacist and a White Nationalist. In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton only condemned the Alt-Right and the “Basket of Deplorables.” She said that only half of Blompf’s supporters were Deplorables. Now all these people are being told they are White Nationalists. This is more polarizing and pushes more people into our ranks than anything Blompf is doing.

Feel free to call me a “racist” and a “white supremacist.” The president is also a “racist” and a “white supremacist” now. Half the country including everyone we are trying to reach is “white supremacy” now. The Democrats are doing more to erode these taboos than the Republicans.

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    • Sunburn: I have often made that sane point! How can we be White Nationalist when there is no white nation? White separatism is a better term because we must separate from what is before we can build what should be. To paraphrase the Bible” Come out from among them all ye my people and be thou separate and apart!

  1. If I didn’t know any better I would say that the dumb-o-kkkraps are throwing the election so that Blormp wins by default.

    • Nah they are trying to intimidate their opponents. Calling a white person a white supremacist in this day and age, is a call for violence against them.

      But like Hunter says, they are calling anyone that disagrees with them white supremacist now. They even called Candice Owens a white supremacist. LOL Shitlibs have always been dumb as rocks. They aren’t tryng to lose, they are just dumb.

    • Alright…pay attention to what most of them are doing/saying because, like amerikwa, only a small slice of them are “woke”. Did you notice what happened to Boer Jack, Dingo Southern’s co-host? Shoah’d…
      Most South Afrikan Whites are as cucked/jewed as most white amerikwans. Their future is Ours.

  2. Why can’t any of these demoncrat faggots ever say Trump is a Zionist supremacist? but instead they finger him as a white supremacist which is so laughably dead wrong considering his long list of betrayals and backstabbings

  3. Andre Wanglin doing another shrunken head take with his recent yes please limit legal immigration sir article at DS I’ve also noticed he isn’t allowing comments anymore in the last few days new rule I suppose, No criticism or commentary allowed maybe? no wonder he sees stalin as a role model samizdat indeed mr anglinstein

    • Comments are still present and vigorous as ever. There are 6 comments on the article you cited; not a hot button topic, but still your assertion “no criticism or commentary allowed” is flat out wrong.

      You’re just too stupid to use Tor.

      Basic IQ test, failed.

      • Calm down ironsides just noticed almost no comments in the last few days jeez chill Who said anything about tor? I don’t use that deepweb stuff it has nothing to do with being stupid downloading tor is not a iq test ffs

      • @Thom – I noticed the same.. at least a couple of days with no comments visible on the normie web. It seemed to coincide with the arrests of sh#t-posters following the Dayton & El Paso shootings.

  4. The only danger in all of this is how the GOP responds to things like this which as we have seen so far is to submit to the left’s demands. This will mean lots more censorship and crackdowns if Trump gets a second term.

    The conservative base will not be in the mood to prove they are not racists if a Democrat is president. They will be too furious over losing their tax cuts.

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  6. This and the recently Tucker Carlson comment describing WN as a “hoax” raises the question whether we play into the hands of the jewish rulers with our little blogs and comments. We seem nowhere near to become a viable political force and only serve the jews as a very convenient scarecrow.

    But on the other hand the jewish problem is very real. It is so mind-boggling that only so few can see it.

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