Ivanka Trump Is Quietly Lobbying Republican Lawmakers On Gun Control

Passing a combination of universal background checks, red flag laws and possibly reviving the assault weapons ban when Congress reconvenes in September would be another huge victory for the base like corporate tax cuts, Jerusalem and criminal justice reform!


“Ivanka Trump has quietly been calling lawmakers since the El Paso and Dayton massacres to gauge their openness to movement on gun legislation when Congress returns, sources familiar with her conversations tell Axios.

Why it matters: This is another sign that President Trump might support new gun control measures, despite the opposition of conservatives in his orbit …”

In the 2016 election, we voted for something called “National Populism” and what we got was Gary Cohn and Larry Kudlow in charge of the economy, Jared Kushner in charge of immigration and foreign policy and Ivanka in charge of domestic policy issues like gun control and criminal justice reform.

BTW, if you haven’t heard, Ivanka is Queen Esther now at her Chabad synagogue:

“Members of first daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner’s synagogue call her a savior, Esther, a Jewish queen who steered her husband, a Persian king, away from annihilating Jews.

The nickname for Trump, who converted to Judaism to marry Kushner who is Jewish, is detailed in a New York Magazine piece Monday by journalist Vanessa Grigoriadis, the narrator of the podcast “Tabloid: The Making of Ivanka Trump,” by the magazine and Luminary Media which debuted the same day.

“At their synagogue, at least a few people began referring to Ivanka, the first Jewish member of an American First Family, by a new nickname, that of a savior,” wrote Grigoriadis, who interviewed 60 of Trump’s friends and colleagues. …”

As for the president, he tweets about being persecuted while others govern around him. He recently returned to Twitter after a month long vacation in Mar-a-Lago:

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  1. The can’t beat the Muslims. Muslims have put them in check. These warring people are now setting their sights on whites.

  2. “Empowering women” en masse is no more, nor less, than the destruction of civilization.

    As Anthony Esolen recently wrote at Chronicles Magazine in “Revisiting Suffrage,”

    “Once built, the way from the woman’s living room to the capital bears traffic in both directions, but not equally so. The woman beats a footpath to Congress, and Congress lays down a superhighway to every home in the land, subjecting it to surveillance from social workers, doctors, nurses, teachers, policemen, and evil-minded neighbors. It takes a leviathan to swallow a child and his family whole.”

    Ivanka is a product of a dysfunctional home as well. She and her unsexed ilk are currently engaged in her own version of a Patrick Crusius type mass shooting, which is of course far more dangerous and murderous than a thousand Patrick Crusius’s armed to the hilt could ever be.

  3. I didn’t think it was possible that there was someone stupid enough on Twitter to make Alyssa Milano and Chelsea Clinton look like Hypatia of Alexandria by comparison. But then along came Ivanka, the Feckless C—-.

  4. Hat tip to spahnranch1969…the “feckless C” is just one more goyish tool in the jewish toolbox. What about those “universal background checks”? Are they about to become more politicized than they already are? Will they demand an examination of the gun buyers Social Media accounts? Or perhaps his online activity? If so…could be that I’ve bought my last firearm.

  5. Just don’t freak out or go postal and contemplate mass murder, suicide. Instead work with RESPONSIBLE gun rights people for different gun rights laws and rules for rural areas in Alabama compared to urban areas like New York City, DC, Chicago.

    It’s just reality that the way people live and think in rural areas of Alabama and Pennsylvania simply are not possible in urban areas, university towns.

    When an urban area takes on the demographic realities of the West Side of Chicago, Red Hook Brooklyn when I taught there in the mid 1980s it’s simply impractical or impossible to allow everyone or most anyone to carry guns.

    All kinds of things that work well or OK when the population is homogenous White European, White European American – they don’t work at all when the population is lower class, underclass Blacks.

    The Swedish welfare state worked OK back in the 1970s during the time of ABBA. A similar American welfare state did not work at all in the Chicago Public Housing projects of the 70s and 80s.

    Check out this best every honest Liberal documentary Bill Moyers, the Disappearing Black Family:


    Why is this so?

    Different people, different culture.

    Swedish men in the 1970s didn’t go knocking up 10 different Swedish women and having 20 bastard children being raised by drug using welfare mothers with the bastard boys growing up to be urban gang banging terrorists.

    Here’s one of my favorite Amren articles:

    “Don’t Write Off the Liberals”


    Lot’s of Liberal Left ways of thinking are sensible in large urban areas – and the Conservative Constitutionalist, Pro Life, Pro Anything goes gun rights – this way of thinking and acting simply doesn’t work at all in big cities with big Black lower class/underclass populations.

    Chicago Liberal elitists including upper middle class Blacks have basically ethnically cleansed poor Blacks off of Chicago’s beautiful South Side Lakefront. Lower class Blacks like to BBQ, hang out on concrete basketball courts, party and harass, terrorize White bicyclists. So Liberals tore down all the concrete basketball courts, made expensive sail boat basins, environmentalist prairie restoration projects and solidified a huge metra train track moat keep Blacks in near lakefront projects from getting to the Lakefront park which was only a 150 yards away. Then the city tore down these lake front higher rise projects, the area gentrified, mostly Black but not exclusively. Only then were new bridges put in to give access to the Lakefront park.

    When you live in a big city like New York City, Chicago or San Paulo, Singapore – you want strict rules regarding crime, guns, hard drugs, pissing and pooping in the street, rats etc. The Libertarian world view where everyone is doing what they want with limited or no government – that’s impossible or worse suicidal. It leads directly to Mogadeshu Somalia Mad Max anarchy.

    I’ve got a date with an international model this week to go to after hours party at one of Chicago’s world class museums. This is one of the benefits to living in or around a big Liberal Demorat city.

    • I’ve got a date with an international model this week to go to after hours party at one of Chicago’s world class museums. This is one of the benefits to living in or around a big Liberal Demorat city -Cuck Ryan

      Is it that transsexual that recently posed for playboy? Any man who brags about dating international models on a political platform is a liar and a dreamer living in a fantasy. That incested blue blood of yours is making your head swell.

    • “RESPONSIBLE gun rights” is an Orwellian term. That’s the incrementalism always leading to total gun control, which hasn’t worked out so well in Chiraq, has it? The thugs get to spray bullets, the law-abiding get to duck and pray they don’t get hit by one. The pigs in Chicongo won’t even look into most shootings or murders.

      But a right that you have to ask for is actually a privilege. The FFL guy I’ve had my firearms shipped to has to call a gummint number, to see if they will allow me to possess my gun. That’s right, I need a federal bureaucrat’s permission to own my gun. So, it can be taken away at anytime. All legal gun purchases are on a list in DC. I’m most likely on a different fed list for wrongthink, so if the two lists ever get matched up, I could be red-flagged. Which is why my weapons, not just firearms, aren’t all in the same place at the same time.

    • Jaye Ryan,

      Did you include your “date with an international model ” to elicit jealousy from Christina?

      Anyway, have fun with Iman or Naomi Campbell. Beware of roaming packs of feral jiggaboos around Grant and Millennium Parks.

    • All his kids were hit with the ugly stick. That party where Trump is feeling up the cheerleaders and Epstein shows up, Trumps hair is dark brown and his eyebrows are bushy like an ape. What kind of a fag dies his hair blond and plucks his eye brows?

    • I think Ivana may be Jewish, Ivanka pre-surgery definitely looks like a caricature of one. But I don’t think Trump was born one.

      My eyes see with perfect clarity but my lying ears betray me all the time. Always have to follow up with an eye check.

  6. I’m delighted to see the return of President Blumph. He’s still monitoring intensely the tech firms I see.

    Tabloid: The Making of Ivanka Trump,” by the magazine and Luminary Media which debuted the same day.

    It is also good to see the wannabe Jewess Ms. VAC-U-FORM whoring for gun control.


    Despite the Democrats, Trump can still lose this election due to the Jewish Mafia he has surrounded himself with.

  7. Yea and people still keep supporting Trump and Voting Republican. The same could be said for Conservatives who supported Bush bankrupting the US. No different really. Many people are brainwashed on Democrats and Republicans. Just the thought of everybody running as Independents would be a step in the right direction for the election / political system. That would help the public look at the candidate and Vote based on issues. Deo Vindice !

  8. “BOOM

    President Trump just signed the biggest gun safety bill in history, but Democrats still claim to be the party of gun safety?”

    -Charlie Kirk, winning the 4D chess game

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