Invictus 2020


Augustus Invictus is officially running for president.

There will be people who will find any number of reasons to object to Invictus doing this. The only thing that I care about is that he is on our side. Like actually, really on our side and willing to represent our interests, as opposed to being a mainstream conservative who is nothing but a puppet of a wealthy donor. There is nothing about Invictus that is anywhere near as objectionable as being a collaborator with mainstream conservatism which has declared war on us.

If you vote for Blompf, then you will not be represented in the government and endorse the loss of your free speech and gun rights. You will be voting for Sheldon Adelson’s policy agenda and defining American Nationalism as Zionism. You will be voting for Charlie Kirk’s ideology. We know this is a protest vote and Augustus Invictus is running as our Evan McMullin and that his goal is to cost Blompf as many votes from White Nationalists and the Dissident Right as possible in swing states in 2020.

If Augustus Invictus becomes our next president, he promises to secure our rights, end White Genocide and put mainstream conservatives on trial for treason for collusion with Israel.


Tom Kawczysnki is also running for president.

I’m less familiar with Tom, but he also has our interests at heart.


My friend The Masked Walnut is also running for president.

He is running on a platform of dissolving the Union and Southern independence. I deeply regret voting for Blompf in the 2016 election. I won’t be fooled again.

I would vote for any of these candidates over Blompf. In the end, I will almost certainly vote for one of them. They are all a far better choice than what we have now.

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  1. And in the end it will make little difference.
    I was listening to Matt Forney and he has the right idea. You will not change America from the top. You must work from the bottom up. Start small in your community. Exercise power in small increments on the county and regional level before even thinking of presiding (root word of President) over an entire country.

    • What you are proposing would take decades before it started yielding any fruit. WE DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT.

      This Augustus Invictus fellow looks and sounds like a serious contender. Could he be the Leader that we have been waiting for?

      • He / they will fail unless he / they :

        1. Are Christians.
        2. Have a realistic restructuring plan for America everyone can get on board with and vote into existence.
        3. A CLEAR plan for Confederacy 2.0 including a basic outline of a working constitution.
        4. He joins with others a little older and with more experience … especially economic.
        5. Duke … Hill … ( help me out here … who else ? Come on team. )
        6. He / they get A LOT of funding $$$$

        I read watch and listen to ALL these guys. The weekly Spencer show on YouTube, ( of which there’s none this week, ) is an example. I give them mostly about an 8 to 9 but without God, they’re wasting our time. Intellectualism is all fine and good, but without spiritual WISDOM as a foundation … they’re just “whistling Dixie.”

    • The idea is not to become President, though that is a nice dream. The idea is to take votes from the Republicans, to punish them for being such traitors to their base for all these years. If you vote for them no matter how bad they treat you, they have no reason to listen to you at all.

      A candidate also runs for office so he can get real free speech, the way Americans used to have. Running for office is an opportunity to spread your ideas into the general community. More Americans should do it, now that the corporations are cracking down on free speech.

      • Spahn, of course you’re right. Any small movement of outsiders trying to get power through conventional means will take decades. The major parties control the process, and we’re not represented by anyone in either of them. Eventually clawing out control of a few localities is the most we could hope for right now. I think withdrawing from participating in our corrupt system is a better answer. We should look to ourselves for support.

    • Demographics, Democratic cheating, and r-selected Republican cowardice will ensure the destruction of the GOP. There will be no replacement party capable of providing an effective alternative in the time that remains. Our normie neighbors would NOT vote for a genuine alternative in either case. We can accelerate the process of GOP destruction by losing what remains of our own gutless conservative principles and helping Democrratic nominees, up and down the ticket. Everything else is a waste of time, effort, and money. This way we’ll be doing something effective instead of LARPing at politics.

    • Matt Forney is a retard and has no idea what he is talking about. Nothing in history has ever been changed from the bottom up.

    • America was destroyed from the top down and it continues to be destroyed from the top down.

      You can’t fix it from the bottom up because powerful forces will destroy whatever it is that you built.

      The whole reason people get into White Nationalism is because they realize that a system has been put in place which makes it impossible for them to defend their existing way of life.

      Existing laws and precedents dating back to the civil rights era make it impossible to preserve my local community… a community which is currently fine, but won’t be in 10 years, if current trends continue.

      The culture and the demographics are controlled at a national level, not at a local level.

      Legally and non-violently accelerating the destruction of the GOP is by far the most worthwhile thing we can be doing.

    • Even Hitler started small at an informal social level, then local, then regional, and then gradually clawing more seats at the Reichstag until the communists attempted a coup and got totally BTFO.
      Same with jews, they start small. They show up to your school to get you to sign some BS peition, they form all sorts of special groups and committees to push their agendas. Because that’s how power works. It’s chess, not checkers.
      Btw just because I listen to Matt Forney doesn’t mean I agree with him 100%. But one thing I will say is that he is far more astute and intelligent than practically everyone on the alt-light. The alt-light, which is everyone who isn’t DS or /pol/.

  2. You know that Matt Forney is a piece of shit…but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  3. Although I agree in principle with the first commenter, I must say that Invictvs is imho, /our/ greatest orator. It makes me glad that he will be part of the National conversation.

  4. We’ll not change `Murica from the bottom, either. The idea that a local emphasis might work is smoke ‘n mirrors intended to inspire hope, book purchases, and. Donation$. Heck, 99% of us are too afraid to meet each other for coffee. What makes anybody think we can broach topics outside the realm of safe thinking with our normie neighbors? One slip up and we`ll be red flagged/SWATted. Next is the demographic problem. We simply haven’t time to build a genuine movement from the ground up. Dump is the last GOP president. Those other guys, mentioned above, are meaningless pikers. The enemy doesn’t care about our protest vote/non-voting. Central control of communications, surveillance, and forensics technology is another huge hurdle. No, the most we’ll do is blog and bitch until removed from the Internet. And we WILL be removed.

      • “We need to build a moderately conservative, pro-libertarian, pro-constitutional third party movement starting in our local communities.”

        In other words let’s not do anything.

      • The tiny minority that tried it failed because we conservatives are short-sighted, indolent, authority-worshipping, r-selected rabbits looking to preserve our safe niche at all costs despite the massive evidence of demise that surrounds us. Why? Because deep in his heart every conservative rabbit believes the enemy will make an exception for him if his groveling is sufficiently obseqious.

  5. Mr Invictus has put in a lot of work for our guys. He has my vote and I believe he deserves our full support.

  6. Hunter writes:

    “If Augustus Invictus becomes our next president, he promises to secure our rights, end White Genocide and put mainstream conservatives on trial for treason for collusion with Israel.”

    I respond:

    No. If you don’t have a competitive horse in the race, then don’t put your $, hopes in the horse race. This Augustus Invictus doesn’t have a snow balls chance in hell of even being competitive in a single GOP primary – just makes us look like losers and our issues look hopeless.

    Go find some other campaign where we/you are competitive – a mayor’s race a county board chairman’s race, a sherif’s race, governor’s race.

    Hell, we haven’t had a populist, pro Southern Southern governor since George Wallace!

    This leads directly to good people dropping out of society, not participating in public life, falling in to paranoid, Biblical End Times *#$&@$. Christians have been falling down in to this doom and despair End Times thinking and acting since the time Jesus actually lived.

    Say yes to life!

    Start a charity for struggling young White mothers. Support a life White folk band. Get in to some Eastern European sports and art.

    Life can be good.

    We don’t have to give up on life.

      • Jack has been consistent on this: If you can’t win first time at something, give up, don’t try. Better to pour all your sweat into Jewish controlled parties like the Republican Party, so they can prosecute us for heresey against the Religion of political correctness, after they take power. 😉

        In this case, us winning would be getting just enough votes to stop the Republicans taking power. It would only take 1% or 2% of the vote to ruin their day, since the votes are getting so close now.

        Keeping the Republicans out of power, would be the measure of our success.

      • I live in Chicago. The senior mayor Richard J Daley was our mayor from ~ 1955 – 1975. He and those in his organization won every single election they contested. In some elections where Richard J Daley was up against some Lib Leftist Jew, Mayor Daley would win 98 out of 100 precincts.

        Mayor Daley and the Chicago Irish new how to do politics, how to relate to regular people, how to recruit competitive candidates, now to play….

        To win.

        That’s winning as opposed to always losing.

        “Don’t make no waves, don’t back no losers”

        That was the motto of the Chicago Daley organization.

        Our White kinsmen in places like Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Italy and Mother Russia are doing very, very well, they are participating in politics and playing to win.

        They are winning.

        Why in God’s name do we want to do the exact opposite? Why do we want to embrace losing? Why do we want to waste our time our $, put our hopes and dreams for our children in candidates, causes that are guaranteed to lose?

    • “Start a charity for struggling young White mothers”. -Cuck Ryan

      The ones who are traitors to our race with half breed simians? Or the ones who go out club whoring? Or the ones who thought they could do better and took half of the husbands wealth through divorce ending up with the children destroying their lives watching their mothers fuck every dick, spic and nigger?

      @Cuck Ryan are you autistic? Did you eat lead paint as a fatherless child? It’s no wonder Brad gives you free will on his blog, you both seem to have the most ridiculous ideas.

      BTW Brad this is a start that could get some motivation but it takes fiat money to do it. Where’s it coming from, Sheldon Adelson? Lol…

  7. Hunter, are you familiar with the saying, “What you areshouts so loudly that I can’t hear a word you’re saying”? That’s “optics” in a nutshell. In the language of management theory, optics is a “hygiene factor” — its presence doesn’t lead to positive satisfaction (or is even noticed), but its absence is quickly noticed and quickly causes dissatisfaction. Eg the presence of bathroom facilities on a job site doesn’t make anyone love his job more, but their absence can quickly make that job hellish. In politics, good optics doesn’t make your message more attractive, but bad optics means the very people you want to reach don’t even bother listening to you or get the wrong message completely. How the hell this isn’t obvious to you is one of the wonders of the age.

    But yeah, yeah, I know, I know. You’ve “had this debate” and convinced yourself you won it, so carry on, son, carry on.

    • Optics is a code word for respectability.

      Isn’t it odd that the radical left are not lectured by concerned Jews, about the importance being respectable?

      Revolutions are not respectable, they are rude.

  8. It took Adolf Hitler around ten years “To get shit started!” for a lack of better words. Point is he got VOTED in and changed stuff from the TOP down. We don’t have any charismatic leaders currently. Do the fuckin people math sheeple.

    • JC,

      We also don’t have Post WWI Germany conditions here.

      It seems that most people require something very drastic to happen before they wake up.

      As long as there is internet and tv operational, for instance, the masses will support the status quo.

      No, the only thing we can do is strengthen our family and community bonds as much as possible before the inevitable destruction of this republic is fully realized.

      It’s going to get very bumpy from here on out. The mental and spiritual strength to endure this is paramount to our survival.

    • What % of the 1933 population in Germany was jewish? What % was black and mestizo? So much for voting in a glorious leader…do the math!

  9. I’ve watched and listened to this Presidential Candidate for a while……

    He’s highly Socially Intelligent…….

    He’s not a Megalomaniac…….

    He’s Educated, Experienced, and Disciplined…….

    He’s a Leader who is widely respected in this Movement……

    He cares about the Victims of Injustice……..

    From Nick Fuentes’ perspective, he’s a bit Crazy……..

    But, that’s an Endorsement……

    This is a huge WHITEPILL.


  10. I’ve worked on both the David Duke and Patrick J. Buchanan presidential campaigns. Canidates need to obtain a defined threshold number of signatures to be placed on the ballot in the primaries from each state that they’re running.

    You need to get thousands of additional signature beyond the minimum requirement because the establishment will challenge any names they think are invalid, and they have teams of lawyers ready to pounce at a moments notice to block any canidate they find unacceptable.

    I don’t think it needs mentioned the media will be hostile.

  11. As much as I would like to vote for one of these guys as an F U to the orange tyrant, doing so is self doxxing, with basically unquestionable veracity, (given that you provide your driver’s license to the ladies running the polling station), as a white nationalist.

    You may as well forget having a job if you do this because your voting info isn’t private.

    Once we reach the point that this could actually work, CNN will be releasing a list of voters voting for invictus, like the Trump donors that just got doxxed. Think I’m overthinking it? Don’t be a dipshit. Open your eyes. We have no rights if we can be shown to be WiteNats. Period.

    There are only two candidates that can win. One has R next to their name, the other has a D. If we want positive accelerationism, register as a Dem and vote for the D-bag. This will do more to send a message to the orange dissapointment, more to keep him from winning, and will be far less personal risk as you get to use the Donkey as a mascot for social camouflage.

    Sorry Augustus. I love what you are doing, but you are doing this for yourself not us. We don’t benefit from your increased personal profile, because you can’t win as an insurgent in a rigged system. You only expose your base by trying.

    Want votes from my kind of autist? Run for governor of a state that could actually lead a secession movement.

    The federal government has basically no legitimacy remaining either foreign or domestic. Consider the optics facing China, as it relates to Hong Kong. That could be us. People would sympathize with that. Best case scenario you win a national election, then have to govern a largely hostile population, that isn’t even White. Why the hell would you accept a lose lose proposition with no chance of even losing the way you want to? Its a dumb idea on any level.

    Not so for the state level. Don’t be selfish. Consider what you are asking real people to risk, for a guarantee of failure. Hong Kong. I’d support that.

    There are less costly ways to get the same thing done (in terms of the cost to the race, and our people in the here and now.) They just don’t build your profile as an e-celeb.

    Not trying to be a dick, but, at this point I’m innoculated against self serving faggotry.

    After Andrew Anglin, Trump, Dick Spencer and Cantwell, I’ve seen about every variety of stupid ideas there are, and guys sticking meth in their butt to top it off. I’m a cynical man. I have no more tolerance for audacity, austentation or sillyness in muh personality cults.

    Give me practical, or give me beer. Anything else is a waste of resources both human or financial that we simply can’t afford.

    Nobody will read this anyway. Im getting tired of saying what makes sense, six months before everyone else in this wild hayride gets around to the same obvious conclusions simply because a bunch of eceleb kids are holding the reins. Im too busy and getting too old for this crap.

    Smarten up. Or get the fuck off my lawn.

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