Charlottesville: Two Years Later

“I know that there is no danger in our people being too hot. The danger is the other way. I will keep up the fire, if like a lost hunter in a prairie, I have to kindle it alone, with my gun flint, and watch by the blaze, rifle in hand to keep off the wolves.” – Robert Barnwell Rhett

It has been two years since Charlottesville.

I remember waking up that morning in Virginia. It was going to be an exciting day which I had been looking forward to all summer. Hundreds of people who shared our beliefs from all over the country had come to Charlottesville to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments. It was going to be the biggest nationalist rally in a generation.

The weekend that we had envisioned was supposed to have been like a Woodstock for the Alt-Right. It would have garnered us a lot of publicity and as a social occasion would have given us the opportunity to meet each other in the real world and get to know each other better. The Alt-Right had planned to have a privately organized torch march at the Jefferson monument on Friday night, the Unite the Right rally on Saturday morning and a huge afterparty on Saturday evening.

In hindsight, we assumed a set of rules and conditions that were not operative that day on the ground in Charlottesville. We assumed that because there was a federal court order that allowed us to have the rally that local officials would have been cooperative and it would have gone smoothly. We assumed that because we had cooperated with law enforcement in the months before the event that it had a plan to control the crowds and allow us to peacefully exercise our First Amendment rights. It had not occurred to us that the governor of Virginia would issue a “state of emergency” to shutdown the rally and throw our event into chaos. We assumed that if the mainstream media lied about Charlottesville that the truth would come out because so many people had smartphones and were livestreaming the event.

We knew that Antifa were coming to disrupt the Unite the Right rally. We assumed this wouldn’t be a problem though. We assumed that the Charlottesville Police and Virginia State Police were going to separate the crowds like they had done at the Loyal White Knights rally in July. We assumed that the crowds would be separated in order to prevent violent clashes as had been the case at previous events like Pikeville and New Orleans or subsequent ones like Shelbyville. We assumed that anyone who got violent or took the law into their own hands would be punished for breaking the law as an individual.

This was me filming our dispersal from Lee Park with my smartphone on a selfie stick in shock that all these assumptions were completely unfounded:

I was confident that it was going to be a fun day in a park.

I was so confident of this that I had brought my wife along who I had not allowed to attend previous events in Auburn and New Orleans. I wasn’t concerned about my physical safety either. I didn’t have any weapons on me. I wasn’t wearing any kind of protective gear. I wasn’t even wearing protective eyewear that day. I was fortunate to come out of Charlottesville unscathed.

I will never forget what happened that day and neither will the hundreds of people who went to Charlottesville for the Unite the Right rally. As we were approaching Lee Park to attend the rally, we were funneled by the police down Market Street into a carefully set trap. Antifa and other counterprotesters were allowed to blockade the entrance of the park. Instead of separating the Unite the Right protesters from Antifa and clearing an entrance into the park so that anyone who wanted to attend the rally could have done so safely, the police barricaded themselves and stood by and watched as violence predictably broke out. After the first street fights began, they left the scene and returned in riot gear, declared a “state of emergency” and pushed the protesters and counterprotesters together as they cleared Lee Park. The event was thrown into chaos and groups of protesters dispersed in all directions with small groups of Antifa following them and fights breaking out as people were trying to return to their cars.

The Alt-Right’s plan in Charlottesville was to attend the Unite the Right rally, listen to some speeches and to have a big afterparty. Antifa’s plan was to disrupt and shutdown the Unite the Right rally by any means necessary. The mainstream media’s plan was to portray Donald Trump and the Alt-Right in the worst possible light. Finally, Gov. Terry McAuliffe and the Charlottesville Police Department’s plan was to allow just enough violence to take place so that a “state of emergency” could be issued and the rally could be cancelled. In the final analysis, it was the failure of the police to maintain anything resembling order that proved decisive in Charlottesville which in the Blompf era is only one of many leftwing strongholds that issue stand down orders to the police and treat Antifa with kid gloves.

Nothing was done about the problem.

Charlottesville was blamed exclusively on the Alt-Right while Antifa was exempted from any blame by the Democrats who had their backs. The Blompf Justice Department exclusively prosecuted White Nationalists for attending rallies in 2017. Afterwards, the Alt-Right abandoned street protests and college speaking events altogether due to security concerns over whether local law enforcement agencies were capable of doing their jobs in the Blompf era. The street violence is now purely one-sided and emanates exclusively from Antifa which has been allowed to run wild under Blompf. The violence in Charlottesville and all the other 2017 rallies was also caused by Antifa, but that’s not a story about race in America that their friends in the mainstream media are willing to tell.

The rules have all been changed:

  • We can’t rely on federal court orders to guarantee our rights
  • We can’t rely on local law enforcement agencies to exercise our right to free assembly because of stand down orders
  • We can’t rely on the courts where “social justice” is infecting the legal system and only one side at these events in prosecuted while the other which engages in unbelievable amounts of highly coordinated chronic violence is almost never punished
  • We can’t rely on conservatives or the Republican Party to do anything with power except to present themselves as victims while exploiting our grievances
  • We can’t rely on any platform controlled by Big Tech to raise money or get our message out because we will be deplatformed and demonetized

Two years later, these lessons have all been internalized. We aren’t holding public rallies anymore because local law enforcement is such an unreliable partner and the mainstream media is too dishonest. We have largely shifted from public facing social media to private chats. We have shifted away from having any confidence whatsoever in conservatives or the Republican Party to do anything about Antifa violence or social media censorship. We have shifted away from granting interviews to the media because it is incapable of doing anything these days except pushing political narratives.

A year ago, Jason Kessler held the Unite the Right 2 rally in Washington, DC, but virtually no one showed up because of the concern that it would be another Charlottesville: another police stand down, another example of Antifa being given a free hand to engage in violence, another round of the mainstream media lying and blaming the violence exclusively on White Nationalists, another round of politically motivated arrests and witch trials, another round of witch hunting as attendees are doxed and fired from their jobs, another round of censorship from Big Tech, another round of medical bills, another round of spineless, do nothing conservatives condemning us in Congress and praising Antifa as heroes.

This is a political failure. The reason that Antifa is allowed to run wild and engage in so much violence is because the Blompf DOJ has allowed them to do so while only prosecuting people on the Right. The reason these Democratic cities are allowed to effectively become sundown towns where private militias are allowed to engage in political violence is because there is no oversight from the Blompf DOJ. The reason that there is so much censorship on social media now is because Blompf has done nothing but reward Big Tech with cheap labor, tax cuts and deregulation. In Congress, the Democrats stand up and fight for Antifa while the GOP virtue signals and condemns White Nationalists. Why did the GOP Congress never condemn Antifa violence as it spiraled out of control? It continues to do so without us.

Imagine if this were happening to black people. Let’s suppose that black people were being fired from their jobs, kicked out of hotels, having their bank accounts seized, told that it was immoral to be black and denied political representation. What if the NAACP attempted to organize a political rally in a park and it was violently disrupted by White mobs? What if all NAACP events were being attacked by White mobs which were being fomented by the mainstream media? What would we think of it?

As with the collapse of the border or the deindustrialization of the country, these trends aren’t just happening. They are being allowed to happen because there is no resistance to them. The Left pushes on an open door and the phony Right doesn’t even put a fight. It sits there and does nothing. Then every four years we go out and reelect these failures “to stop the Democrats” or to “buy us time.” Then we feel sorry for ourselves because all these bad things continue happening to us because we have no representation. All it takes is for some GOP operatives to disrupt the movement and throw some chump change to a few people and we are back on board and ready to be f***ed again.

Not me.

I’m not going to go crawling back, desperate and humiliated, to reelect the people who have allowed this to happen to us and who have made things worse than they were in 2016.

I remember what happened in Charlottesville. I will not support a party which is trying to strip me of my First Amendment and Second Amendment rights. There will be a price to pay for it in 2020.

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    • THIS. I literally can not describe in words how infuriating it was to see the Alt-Right promote Blue Lives Matter bootlicker SHIT from 2014-2017. It makes me impossible to sympathize with anyone who promoted that until they got their rude awakening at Charlottesville. There is perhaps no better indication that the Alt-Right is full of privileged upper middle class cunts since no poor working class person would have ever promoted that disgusting copsucking shit. Pigs (who murder White people every day) have no place in White Nationalism and that should have made clear from the start.

      • It’s really a shame that the TWP fell apart due to faulty, inept leadership, because an intelligent, proletarian white power movement is a great idea. The NSM is too much of a Jerry Springer Show stereotype to be taken seriously. And the traditional Klan has too much of a stigma.

        • A proletarian movement might have been possible back when white proles identified as such and the regime didn’t have anything close to its current technological capabilities. Not feasible now. Hasn’t been for 45-55 years. Nowadays the proles believe they are yeomen – despite employment dependency, mortgages, leased automobiles, and credit card debt. They are “Middle Americans” now, as the late Sam Francis called them.

          Agree with the “Jerry Springer” examples you’ve cited. However the so-called fascist intelligentsia and their book “clubs”, interviews with CNN, articles on esotericism, and European ‘conferences” are no less a clown show.

    • This is why I have not ever shed one salt tear when a cop is killed buy one of their pet Orcs, or had their life ruined by charges of waaayscism when they try to actually uphold some law that an Orc is breaking.

  1. It was a mistake to put any faith in a state and municipal government so thoroughly corrupted by jews, negroes, and communists. Such entities will never respect the rights of White people. It is nice to think about could have been, in contrast to the shitty clown world of the current year.

  2. You didn’t underestimate your opposition, you didn’t know the government was its leader.

    Red Ice Radio lost all communication and equipment was destroyed right beforehand (you’re talking “Deep State” participation or something similar).

    Patriot groups said the official narrative was a lie.

    Ambulances from jurisdictions too far to not have been planned in advance (south of Richmond) were a sign of what was going on.

    The Chief Commie in Chief of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, was in on the plan. May have been one of its architects but definitely one of its leaders.

    Etc,, etc., etc.

    When the system itself is against a movement, expect the big guns to be drawn. And, that’s what happened at Charlottesville.

    The protesters were the enemy of the state.

  3. “Those who make peaceful protest impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” ~ President John F. Kennedy

    One of the greatest lines ever spoken. I believe that is their goal.

  4. “In my travels throughout the United States, I have found that the first complaint of our citizens is the sorry state of our legal system. They do not complain that the laws themselves are onerous, but rather that their administration is almost universally unfair and unjustified. I have even heard farmers arguing with each other at their markets, each protesting with inverted pride that “Our county has the crookedest lawyers and judges in this state,” only to be met with the fervent response from a farmer representing another county, “Oh, no, our lawyers and judges are a lot crookeder than the ones in your county!”

    Americans recognize that we must have laws, and that we must abide by them, otherwise life would become intolerable. The problem is that law-abiding citizens are usually greeted in our courts with disbelief that anyone still obeys the laws in this nation, and two, that a legal system which is operated by and for criminals has no greater enemy than the law-abiding citizen. The first purpose of law has always been “Salus Populi,” the safety of the people. I write this in a building which has five locks on every door. Twenty-five years ago, the doors were never locked.”

    (c) 1989 The Rape of Justice, Eustace Mullins, Forward (partial)

    Wait til you read the esoteric stuff….. a must read for every American:

  5. It’s a temporary setback, HW. Think of it as our version of the NSDAP’s failed Munich Beer Hall Putsch of 1923. Valuable lessons have been learned and the undesirable elements (e.g., Anglin and Kessler) have been weeded out.

    • Absolutely.

      Our Eastern European pro white Governments did not happened over night. We fucked up for nearly 2 decades until we learned to get the things done.

      And we had long anti liberal resistance experience from Soviet Union.

      Btw, enemy is also not almighty After 100 years, they lost Soviet Union, China, information monopoly because of the internet, their main weapon, miscegenation, failed and entire planet Earth is united against common enemy.

  6. Do you know who went after Eustace Mullins the most because of his research? Khazars. He believed they were also responsible for the deaths of both his parents through constant intimidation and disruption sometimes via the FBI.

    Not Sephardi

    Not Mizrahi


    Mullins always had an acknowledgement, something like this, in his books:

    “I extend heartfelt thanks to the staff of the Library of Congress, the curator of the John W. Davis Collection at the Law Library of Washington and Lee University, and most especially, to the staff of the Law Library of the University of Virginia (and indirectly, to Thomas Jefferson, who sponsored this splendid university) for their painstaking cooperation in making this research possible. My sincere appreciation to Bill M . for his valuable guidance in the preparation of this book, and to my correspondents throughout the United States who have sent crucial material for my research.”

    Until a Khazar, Senator Herbert Lehman of Lehman Bros., had him permanently booted from the The Library of Congress.

    And then there’s the matter of what the Khazars did to his mentor, the American poet Ezra Pound.

    Is there a pattern here?

    • Don’t get too carried away with that Khazar business, madame. It’s a distraction! For all intents and purposes they are just as jewish as the Sephardi and Mizrahi.

  7. Agreed Hunter, Trump will likely lose 2020 due to large swaths of his base staying home on Election Day.
    Even if he somehow manages to get re-elected, he’ll be the last Republican President EVER.
    Demographics + math says so.

    What we do in the meantime will determine our individual fate. IT is coming indeed.

  8. I will vote for some local GOP’ers that I know. But National elections? The JewOP bootlickers need to hustle off to Trump Heights ASAP.

  9. One of the bigger problems in Charlottesville was the failure to stay on message after the event. There was still a lot of normie support even after the event. The support evaporated only after people broke ranks and teamed up with cuckservative grifters to attack attendees as “feds” or “bad optics” rather than continuing to direct criticism in the proper direction, at the government and law enforcement.

      • Col. Anglin seems oblivious to the fact that disparaging all white women as roasties and worthless whores is an outrageously egregious example of bad optics, HW.

        • Anglin is well aware of that. The “optics” argument was never in good faith. It was just a wedge used by GOP hacks to cleave the alt right and drive people back behind dlumpf and the republican party for midterms.

        • It is as you say for the most part, but I do have to laugh at much of it. He has women much better pegged than you do, especially when they are not regulated by cultural norms or traditions as it is now. That they vote is an unmitigated disaster for the Nation; that cannot be argued with. Optics matter, but were getting past that now. We need tuna that tastes good, not tuna with good taste.

        • There is a 4chan meme that shows a bunch of pictures of Nationalists from around the world and asks “Where are all the White women?” Not there, not there, not there either, and then it shows a bunch of refugee welcome signs and it says “There they are!”

          It’s obviously a demoralization meme, but there is truth in it. If it’s not mudsharking or virtue signalling, it’s feminism and LGBT shit. Most young White women are trash today and their only value is in their eggs.

          Sad truth, but I doubt the majority of them are salvageable. Some may wake up by the constant violence and harassment they will see increasingly focused in their direction, but I think the real racial bottleneck will stem from the failure of women in general at resisting social corruption.

          I don’t think Weev and Anglin are far off in their harsh rhetoric. I can easily see a future ethnostate plagued with the problem of a Californian migration style revolution of liberal values being brought into the ethnostate to accommodate Women’s rights via liberal White women and their beta simps fleeing the destruction of their homes.

          The strict alternative to that would be a bizarre situation where the state would have higher quality people, but more males than females.

          That future is going to require some harsh decisions to be made for what works best for the people. Personally I think there should be a two-tiered citizenship between women who are /ourgirls/ and women who can’t fit the criteria.

    • And my alma mater Vanderbilt University like Duke University are no longer Southern Universities. The Vanderbilt Chancellor is a @*$&@$ stereotypical Jewish Liberal Leftist, anti Southern, anti White. This #*$&@ was once a leftist law professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

  10. HW,

    Your recollection and lessons learned from zog’s strategy are spot on.

    We must move on from ever being complacent. Though our numbers are small the zog and zogbots fear us because we have something they do not-the truth.

    Jim Goad said that antifa has been the establishment and jews storm troopers since the 1930s in the USA. Gangster (((Meyer Lansky))) had the judicial system’s blessing to attack and kill German Bund members onsite with impunity.

    Antifa’s aims are to maintain the status quo of the Judaic empire. That’s the obvious reason they haven’t been held accountable for their crimes.

    Personally, the highlight for me two years ago was the Virginia State Police helicopter crashing and burning with no survivors. Karma.

  11. The WN movement is co-opted controlled opposition. The majority of the people in WN are not normal people they are either degenerate, criminals, mental ill, anti-social, or agent provocateurs. There is simply nothing to do at this point but watch the civilization crumble and burn.

    • But without some kind of support network consisting of fellow white activists you too will crumble and burn, no?

      • I’m not a “White” Nationalist anymore I’m a right-wing Anarchist. I burned out on the movement and the cause. Im only interested in my immediate family and friends.

  12. Every White Person who attended Unite the Right should be Proud……

    I wish I could have been there.

    Big Regret.

    The saddest thing to watch is all the fracturing since then.

    We White People are a highly diverse people amongst ourselves.

    So much enmity, jealousy, animosity, backstabbing, cut throat competition, and internecine warfare.

    Some of this could easily be reduced.

    We just need LEADERS.

  13. Mr. Wallace, you are telling the Truth. I watched your live stream and even one BLM leader on the Left slipped and told some of the Truth during or not long after the rally was shut down (but his video explaining how he had driven 100s of miles to Cville to shut the rally down and he claimed victory can no longer be found).

    Keep telling the true story. These liars on the Left will lose the argument one day when righteous people come to power.

  14. Excellent write up Hunter.

    I was tempted to go to the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA but decided against because I knew the authorities, and Antifa, the lying press and Cuckservative Inc would not be fair. It’s the same reason I didn’t go to the UIC Trump rally in Chicago that was ended by rioters. I’ve gone to many street demos where I thought things would be better and they were.

    We can do successful street demos – like we did in League of the South protests against Tyson Foods.

    Lots of things to learn about what makes for our successful and disaster street demos.

    1) We have to control our side – have very strict rules about how people act, what they wear, what they say to Reds, Antifa, the media.

    2) Protect individual privacy, with so many smart phones our activists can and will be doxed.

    3) Do basic paid media and earned media. Do follow up with thank you notes etc.

    We simply can not do events like Charlottesville where everyone and anyone supposedly in Dissent “Unite the Right” is invited and encouraged to show up in costumes and carry scary guns.

    Thanks to everyone who did have the courage to stand up for our people and defend Confederate statues and Confederate Graves – you were/are such brave people.

    God bless and God protect us in these terrible times.

  15. What I always found intriguing was that Kyle Hunt of “Renegade” (why he is such an anathema here and elsewhere, btw.?) warned on his Twitter account (which was still existent) not to go to Charlottesville since this a major psyop would be staged there which would burn the whole movement. How could he knew? Is he an insider? Or can he read ZOG’s signs better than you when they try to lure you in a staged catastrophe?

    • He knew because he comes from the northeast, Massachusetts specifically, and then possibly lived in NYC for awhile. His girlfriend/wife did, and I think he says he worked in Seattle or the northwest somewhere, maybe San Fran, for awhile.

      Kyle looks like a guy who would be named Kyle Hunt. That is, leaning heavily germanic/viking/angloish. It doesn’t take that much to figure out what’s up if you fit that description and have any self respect, and live/work/study in those locales. The plots and connivances of the jews become pretty easy to read and even predict.

      So he was just forecasting what was obvious to ‘aryan’ survivors of the seats of judeo-roman power.

      As for his alleged anathematization, I can only add that ‘the movement’ features pervasive denial of the methods and reach of jewish power, and that the extremes Renegade takes things to, including but not limited to their intolerant reactionary manner (they constantly ban anyone who even civilly questions anything on there), contributes to this supposed dynamic.

      • I am not a big fan of Kyle Hunt. He pushes some weird stuff (flat earth, Taylor Swift is a tranny etc.) but he has his strong points also (looked through Trump earlier than the other “leaders” (recte: blog writers), sees that most shootings are staged).

        Nevertheless, I find it weird that nobody ever mentions him. HW mentions everbody (Linder, Johnson, Anglin, Parrot and even more marginal figures) except Kyle Hunt who seems absolutely isolated. This could well be intentional. Sometimes I wonder whether all “leaders” are agents and that this is the reason everybody is deeply flawed. The awoke goy hops from “leader” to “leader” and in the end gives up in disgust.

  16. I was planning on going, because I was expecting some good speeches, but more than that, I wanted to network among our sector. And, I was going to bring the sticks along, thinking I could get a good Sunday tee time at one of the prominent courses in or close to C’Ville.

    Then July 19 happened, meaning my brain was in something of a zombie state that day, and it would not be until the middle of November, when I regained functional coherence, that I would be able to take in all that happened, and come to the obvious conclusion.

  17. Hunter and other dedicated OD readers and commentators. Let’s consider suspending the OD blog and put on our thinking caps and discuss what should be the future of OD. We’re reached an impasse and we have serious enemies and traitors that are working now to further marginalize us and push us in to that category of outcastes, dangerous crazy racists with guns – that can and does lead to Randy Weaver type outcomes.

    There are enough very bitter and despairing White folks who’ve been in the Alt Right, American White Nationalism for awhile and everything seems to be failing, so enough of these folks do in fact fit the system’s narrative of the dangerous White racist, crazy loner type who’s contemplating mass murder, suicide or even Mason Cult, End Times Bible SH#*&$.

    That’ can’t be us.

    Let’s consider suspending OD and putting on our thinking caps – where do we go from here?

    I see some options that are sane, practical – things like The Benedict Option, Amish with sensible firearms (See Jost Turner), become ex pats that basically live in the Eastern European Christian world.

    Also understand that a lot of the folks whispering in your/our ears to get and use a lot of military guns to fight a war with the Government are actually working for the government or the SPLC, CNN, Huffington Post etc.

  18. I find it really interesting that this little essay fails to mention that someone FUCKING DIED during this rally. Heather Heyer- killed at the hands of you people. If one of yours had died there we’d never hear the end of it.

    • Heather Heyer was manslaughtered largely do the activities of her allies. In case this is serious, the streets were blocked by antifa who were attacking everyone, even when they were supposed to be dispersing. The leader of redneck revolt threatened Fields, and Fields panicked trying to get out of there. When he was attacked, he tried to speed out of there and since the nearby street was blocked off, he was only allowed to go on in one direction. He went at a decent speed trying to get through while being attacked, but not a murder speed, and he ended up hitting a couple damaged, parked cars obscured by Antifa crowds of people who probably fled them.

      If Antifa didn’t attack Fields, threaten Fields, or blocked the streets and did what they were told to do and disperse, Heyer would have been alive to eat another bucket of the Colonel’s finest the next day but the actions of the day, and her participation in them, caused her death which one could still place blame on Fields for manslaughter maximum, but I personally think legal fault should lie with Police themselves.

      She doesn’t deserve to be mentioned because no one went to UTR with the intent of killing people from our side. At best you could find that idiot Cantwell with his hoard of guns he was crying on saying he wasn’t afraid to use them to defend himself if Antifa tried to shoot him. A very real threat considering the Left is batshit and have all the machinations of power and their mommy and daddy’s money to protect them from the consequences of killing someone.

      If one of our guys died it would have been memory holed. Just like how the Dayton shooter was an Antifa being memory holed while Patrick Crusious or whatever is invoked to this day as a “White Supremacist” even though the guy was simply an anti-Mexican American Nationalist.

  19. WNs need more foot soldiers who will put down their game controllers, get off their couches, and risk something for their race and their future.

    Real leaders need numbers in order to lead and organize without looking over their shoulders every waking minute.

    So, ya, if you want leaders rather than a series of limelight seekers with feet of clay, you/we must organize – that is, all the common men and those of their women who will join them.

    50,000 WNs in Charlottesville and it would have been different.

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