VDARE: Charlottesville Two Years Later: An Alt-History Of What Should Have Happened

How could Charlottesville have been handled differently by the Blompf administration? Charlottesville Survivor at VDARE has a worthy take for the two year anniversary. The Republican donor class and worthless conservative grifters have ruined this administration.


“America is in the midst of another Ruling Class-orchestrated Moral Panicafter El Paso, this time aimed at suppressing all debate on immigration, two years after the Democrat mugging of the August 11-12 2017 Unite the Right rallies in Charlottesville VA. (Dayton, of course, has gone down the Memory Hole). But we would not be in this mess if the GOP, with the partial and, let it be said,  honorable exception of President Trump (who unfortunately has not shown the same instincts about El Paso), had not fallen into a characteristic defensive crouch since August 2017. Hence this Alternative History.

Personally, I find it interesting—and infuriating—to have seen with my own eyes something that will go down in the history books and know those books will be full of deliberate lies. Thus leading Democrat presidential contender Joe Biden literally began his campaign by invoking the Charlottesville rally in 2017, showing the extent to which this event has turned into mythology, at least for the Leftist hysterics who now dominate his party.

Yet it didn’t have to be this way. Since we’re dealing with mythology, let’s think about what President Trump could have done. …

The investigation is focused on whether Mayor Signer or Governor McAuliffe conspired with the police chief to shut down the rally in advance. Spokesmen for both denied comment. “We believe the police followed specific orders to let the situation escalate to a point where the rally could be shut down because of violence,” said a DOJ spokesperson. “The question now is—who gave those orders?

In response to questions from reporters about whether he is targeting Democrats, the president said he simply wants “the independent investigation to proceed without any interference.” …

Since the ill-fated 2017 rally, the federal government has also investigated so-called “anti-fascist” groups, or “anti-fa.” Since President Donald Trump’s inauguration, these groups have been increasingly active throughout the country and until recently, relatively unchallenged by federal law enforcement. The DOJ’s efforts were mostly condemned by progressives, but many were silenced following the widely videotaped attack on journalist Andy Ngo in Portland, Oregon. Video shows Ngo set upon by masked attackers while local police did nothing.

President Trump immediately announced a federal investigation into the Portland city government. “Can you imagine if people in red hats did this?” the president asked reporters. “Can you imagine if this happened to a Democrat in any red state? It would be the biggest story in the world. It would be the biggest crime since what happened to that actor, what’s his name, on that show. But seriously, Chicago is really MAGA country, believe me.”

The President was especially angered by the alleged attack on members of the United States Marine Corps by supposed Antifa in Philadelphia. “Where are the Democrats on this?” asked the president. “Where’s Keith Ellison? Where’s Nancy Pelosi? Where’s Maxine Waters? Where’s CNN—you know CNN loves these guys.” [Liberals cheer as Antifa violence escalatesby Andy Ngo, New York Post, July 17, 2019].

The Department of Justice also announced that 69-year-old Willem Van Spronsen, a Dutch immigrant, was peaceably detained on charges of planning to attack on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility. Department of Homeland Security officials claim they found a manifesto, incendiaries, and a semiautomatic, unregistered “ghost” AR15. Gun control groups have refused comment. …”

Blompf has had countless opportunities to go on offense:

He could have came out swinging on Willem van Spronsen launching a terrorist attack on an ICE facility in Washington and declared Antifa domestic terrorist organization.

He could have had the DOJ investigate Portland over chronic Antifa violence.

He could have demonized and gone after Terry McAullife over Charlottesville.

He could have hammered Elizabeth Warren over the Dayton mass shooter supporting her campaign, but he let it drop off the radar screen like it never even happened.

There is no reason why he has to endorse Charlie Kirk and every piece of shit cuckservative running for Congress.

Instead of being neutered by Mitch McConnell and embracing Paul Ryan’s agenda, he could have continued the campaign against them.

Why on earth has he put Jared Kushner in charge of immigration policy?

The list of missed opportunities is endless.

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  1. “The investigation is focused on whether Mayor Signer or Governor McAuliffe conspired with the police chief to shut down the rally in advance.”

    All three are Carpetbaggers, and Virginia has a Reconstruction government. That’s why things like this happen in an ostensibly Southern city, in an ostensibly Southern State.

  2. Watching the Establishment turn 9/11 into the War into Iraq……

    Watching the Establishment turn Hillary’s defeat into the Russian Witch Hunt…….

    Watching the Establishment turn Charlottesville into Pearl Harbor 2.0…….

    I don’t believe anything the Establishment tells me about WWII or the ‘Holocaust’……

    Or WWI…..

    Or JFK’s Assassination……

    Or really anything.

    They essentially lie about EVERYTHING.

    I’m very thankful for the Dissident Movement/Alt-Media because it’s provided me with so much useful information to sift through critically, reorient my worldview, and better approach REALITY.

    When I think about James Fields and the absolutely absurd 500 year sentence it stirs Fedposting Demons inside which are better kept repressed……

    But, I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  3. Uncle A was aware of the deceit and the subterfuge the jews used in controlling the narrative. He called it The Big Lie.

    Repeat a bullshit story until normies believe it to be true (e.g., WNs are domestic terrorists and the UTR rally in Charlottesville was a “White Supremacist ” riot).

      • Clever brian but bakula doesn’t appear to be Jewish his Wikipedia doesn’t say anything besides him being czech he does have a partial likeness to epstein but like a better looking less evil version of him

  4. How is star trek enterprise? I saw it while i was scrolling through netflix the other day but it just look meh to me. I’m not exactly new to the star trek fandom but all i’ve watched from the tv shows is some episodes of new generation and some deep space nine and most of the early 60′ 70’s trek and the only trek films i’ve seen are star trek omp, search for spock and generations Its a good theme tune probably the best one I heard since the music from Search for spock

      • Bakula is hardly shatner or stewart captain material but the asthetics of it look kinda off to me then again how could it be bad as voyager was? Now they are ruining the franchise again with star trek discovery tho i haven’t seen that either

          • Star Trek: Enterprise was so awful that even the sexy and buxom Jolene Blalock couldn’t keep me from changing the channel.

            Morgoth recently did a whole video on the multicultural, multiracial, multispecies leftist pipe dream Star Trek’s core philosophy is.

    • Enterprise was basically commie propaganda, like most talmudvision shows. They had a story arc about the evil “Earth Firsters” that didn’t want aliens immigrating to Earth and interbreeding with them (as if they could; as Commie Carl Sagan said of Spock, “You could sooner mate with a petunia”); there was another story arc about evil aliens helping evil Nazis. The clip is from the two-part episode that takes place in the “Mirror Image” universe, where the “goodies” are all “baddies.” It’s all garbage; I watched as much of it as I could stand back when it was on broadcast TV, which was enough to know that I didn’t want to watch any more of it.

      The original Star Trek, which debuted when I was 12 years old, has always struck me as a kind of arrogant humanistic reverse-allegory of the Tower of Babel. Sort of like, “This time, we’ll make it work, in spite of God.” To my knowledge, nobody has ever noticed that aspect of it but me.

      • I agree about the reverse tower of babel thing you mentioned the original star trek was more horror in space then sci fi the show changed drastically after the films with new generation and deep space nine.

        I like star trek despite its baked liberal multicultural utopia crap but you are right its very left wing I often side or sympathesie with the villians mostly Now my interest is sort of peaked with enterprise didn’t realise it had such a long run 4 seasons.. just found out about not to long ago have to check out that morgoth video thanks for the replies

  5. Terry McAullife was jesuit trained at georgetown like trump was jesuit trained at fordham. this is the real jq. jews are just useful idiots that help them.

    • Sort of a bad jew cucked take harold Jesuits are bad sure but they don’t control the jews they work hand in hand

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