Just Because You Are Paranoid…..

Just because you are paranoid … .it doesn’t mean that they are not out to get you.

Some recent mass shootings have caused the usual powers that be to threaten all kinds of new gun controls and red flag laws against conservatives, Southern Nationalists, immigration patriots, etc. It’s not like these same powers that be haven’t been threatening these things every single day for the last 50 years.

We’re coming up on some real nasty anniversaries where things really went bad – it’s the 50th anniversary of the Mason Family ritual murders of Sharon Tate and others. It’s also coming up on the anniversary of the 11 day siege of the Randy Weaver family on August 21, 1992. The Christian White separatist Weaver family was most definitely targeted by our out of control government. The result was “American” law enforcement officials managed to kill a 14-year-old boy’s dog, murder the small boy by machine gunning the boy in the back, sniper assassinating Vickie Weaver holding her young baby and seriously wounding two other adults. Without the very strong support of neighbors and some timely interventions by patriot leaders (Bo Gritz, Jack McLamb) the entire Weaver family would have been slaughtered, their crime was just the patriarch Randy Weaver refusing to become a government informant/snitch against perfectly legal White racialists.

Here is in my opinion one of THE best short documentaries on the Siege of Ruby Ridge:

The Manson Family ritual murders are bit more problematic. I don’t put too much importance into the Manson Family other than to just “notice” that 1969 was a strange, extremely chaotic time. So was 100 years ago during the Bolshevik takeover of Czarist Russia that produced some equally weird mystics and psychopaths like Rasputin and the Jewish cults that ritualistically slaughtered the last Czar’s family. But for those OD readers who are interested (in a sane, careful way) in this subject, you might want to check out James Mason’s book Siege that supports the Manson Families White racialist views and prophesies.

Here’s my recommendation for an excellent documentary on the Manson Family that basically ended the 1960s:

For the rest of us, I recommend living a healthy, positive life, finding positive communities of neighbors that will stick up for you if BATF agents try to run over your cabin with tanks. Also, you might want to avoid ex-con cult leaders who want to manipulate you by forcing LSD on you.

Charles Manson actually was a decent song writer and singer and maybe things would have turned out differently if the son of Doris Day had given him a record deal. Maybe things would have turned out differently if that art school in Vienna had accepted Adolf Hitler as a full time art student.


  1. FYI: the Weaver boy was 14, not 8. I’m not writing this as a comment, just making sure you correct his age in the OP.

  2. The Weaver murders are an early example of the hatred the “US Government” has for Whites. There should have been MASS rioting from Whites – but most Whites don’t know anything about this.

    The Manson lunacy? Styx did a wonderful take on the Manson crew. It was a drug deal gone very very bad. The scum bag Bugliosi made the whole “Satanic” thing up out of whole cloth. The Lo Bianco’s were connected to the sleazy criminal drug dealing world, as well. I don’t think any-one should have been murdered – but poor old Charlie took the rap for a lot of very guilty parties.

    • Not exactly. Susan Atkins, one of the killers, had connections to the Church of Satan, knew Anton Lavey personally( may have dated or screwed him) and often served as nude altar girl for the Church of Satan. Read up on the Church of the Final Process. When Tex Watson (Manson was not at the Tate murders) said he was here to do the devil’s work that is only understandable if you understand the doctrine of the Final Process Church whereby God and Satan are not estranged but Satan is like God’s Prosecuting Attorney dashing out punishment. I read that Siege book by James Mason. I thought it and his idea that Manson was the only legitimate heir to Adolf Hitler was insane. As was part of David Lane’s autobiography whereby he believes his birth (Lane’s) was foretold in Revelation numerology.

      Go see Once Upon A Time in Hollywood for an alternative historical take on the Manson murders!

  3. Maybe we shouldn’t despair just because Helter Skelter/RAHOWA hasn’t started yet. After all, the modern American White power movement didn’t begin until the late 1950s with Commander Rockwell. That really isn’t too long ago! A number of events have to take place first before the inevitable revolution happens. After we experience enough broken promises, abuse, privations, setbacks and disillusionments the fire will rise.

  4. This letter was published in both the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Columbus Ledger Enquirer. Enjoy.

    Federal Bureau of Corruption
    Mr. Wray should definitely know about domestic terrorism since he’s the head of the FBI. The FBI has committed acts of domestic terrorism on American citizens. Need I remind my readers of Ruby Ridge, Waco,and Lavoy Finicum? Or shall I discuss the FBI sniper who shot and murdered Vicki Weaver as she held her baby? There’s more corruption in the FBI than the mafia and they should be considered as an organized criminal gang. In my humble opinion perhaps the RICO act should apply.
    Lest we forget how the FBI conspired to unseat POTUS Trump. Trying to interfere with the rights of millions of voters who elected Trump is a blatant civil rights violation. Where’s the accountability? We the People deserve answers and accountability now!!

    P.S. Our own government is guilty of domestic terrorism.

    • The agent who shot Vicki Weaver was Asian and not only was not punished but given a major promotion!

  5. “On August 9, 1969 I was sitting in the shallow end of my sister in law’s swimming pool in Beverly Hills when she received a telephone call from a friend who had just heard about the murders at Sharon Tate Polanski’s house on Cielo Drive. The phone rang many times during the next hour. These early reports were garbled and contradictory. One caller would say hoods, the next would say chains. There were twenty dead, no, ten, twelve, eighteen. Black masses were imagined, and bad trips blamed. I remember all of the day’s misinformation very clearly, and I also remember this, and I wish I did not: I remember that no one was surprised.”

    -Joan Didion

  6. I’ve watched several documentary videos on the siege at Ruby Ridge, and I agree with you that the one you linked to is one of the best. Imho, it is THE best. I’ve seen it many times, and never tire of watching it over again.

    Ruby Ridge happened sort of “under my nose” when I was a young Sr. Airman and Sgt. in the USAF stationed at Elmendorf AFB, AK. At the time my fellow “patriots” (the better part of whom were of Southron extraction and truly patriotic) and I had more immediate and pressing matters to attend to, or so we thought. Namely the first Gulf War and its aftermath.

    I’ll never forget when the Weaver story really hit us up close and personal: it was during the Waco siege, when many of us – myself and my compatriots – began to openly question what sort of government we had (stupidly) enlisted to serve. I doubt not that the 2019 military would have deemed us “traitors” to our government for openly pronouncing our hostility to it and its actions at Waco and Ruby Ridge. But that was then, and this is now. At that time, believe it or not, we even had many of our commanders and higher ranking NCOs in our camp. I was one of the first in my unit to start looking for an early exit following these events. My commander told me (privately) he perfectly understood where I was coming from, and was mostly in agreement with me. There was also the issue of serving under Clinton and “don’t ask, don’t tell,” but that was just a sideshow issue at that time; the real issue had to do with Waco and Ruby Ridge, et al. …

    • T Morris,

      Thank you for sharing this personal story with us. I hope to meet you some day in person, protect privacy of course, you are a great and noble man.

      • I’d be honored to meet you in person, Sir. Email me at selfgovwliberty@gmail.com. I don’t give a hoot about protecting my identity. That used to be a thing for me; it isn’t anymore. Most of my kids are already raised, etc., etc. If the fedgov thinks it can overcome or overwhelm my influence as a father over my kids, it has another think coming. Here I am exercising an influence moderns think virtually impossible considering all their work the past 100 years. Put me in prison if you like: I’ll exercise it in spades from there! Basically I take the same position of Randy
        Weaver – I don’t give a shit anymore….

    • L

      Lots of important people including the current leadership of the Russian Orthodox church has made this charge. I agree it’s not a proven fact, but the overwhelming Jewish leadership of the Bolshevik Communists and the Jewish role in Red terror murder of Russian nobility (including parts of my family) lead me to include this. Bolshevik Communist terror, the murder of the Russian royals, Russian nobility, the mass starving of Christian peasants in Ukraine was overwhelmingly Jewish organized and Jewish led.

      Here’s a source for the charge of Jewish ritual murder of the Czar’s family.


      The head of Russia’s Orthodox Church is launching an investigation into whether the last Czar of Russia, Nicholas II, and his family were victims of a ritual murder carried out by angry Jews in 1918, Church leaders revealed in a statement Tuesday.

      “A large share of the church commission members have no doubts that the murder was ritual,” Father Tikhon Shevkunov, the Orthodox bishop heading the panel, told The Associated Press.

      Russia’s top investigative agency has also said it will conduct an independent probe into the theory.

      Nicholas II, his wife, and their five children were executed by a Bolshevik firing squad on July 17, 1918, less than a year after a communist revolution unseated the monarchy and launched a civil war in Russia. The Russian Orthodox Church made the Czar and his family saints in 2000.

    • “L”- ‘Can you give me a source that proves the czars family was murdered in a Jewish ritual? Sounds made up.’

      How utterly ignorant most Americans are!
      Robert WIlton’s book on the Jewish takeover of the Russian Nation by Jews; http://mailstar.net/wilton.html

      the work of the crazy ‘monk’ on ‘realjewnews.com – http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=644

      And the work of Dr. Matthew Johnson – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApuMysM8PQw

      are three witnesses that prove inconclusively the Deicides are COMPLETELY at fault over the REGICIDE of the late Saint/Czar Nicholas II.

  7. Manson didn’t ” kill the 60s.” LBJ did by signing with the Civil Wrongs Hart-Cellar Acts into law. The Texan also nominated the first negro (Thurgood Marshall) to the SCOTUS, and thus making one of the nine seats black forever. Clarence Thomas fills the designated ‘black seat’ currently.

    Bull dyke Janet Reno was the U.S. Attorney General that unleashed zog’s assassins on both the Weaver family and the Branch Davidians.

    When tyranny comes to America it will be under the guise of anti-tyranny.

    • No. He was a a drug dealing pimp for (((Hollywood))) and other popular cultural elites.

      Charlie was the Jeffery Epstein of his time. He would provide underage runaway girls to Southern California pedophiles in exchange for rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.

      Thanks to (((feminism))) and “no fault ” divorce laws, families were being torn apart. The girl/young women that joined Manson’s family came from well off families, but they were discarded by a society in turmoil, which made them easy pickings for a charismatic ‘father figure ‘ like Manson.

      In the present day, negro pimps acquire their ” snow bunnies ” the exact same way, as do jewish pornographers in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

  8. Thanks to the commenters who found typos, inaccuracies. We fixed them. It’s important to always publish the truth, from our point of view.

    The Truth is the best propaganda.

    • Yeah manson wasn’t ourguy he was a cia trained new age guru who pimped young girls out to musicians and actors He smoked and drank but never took lsd himself he only dosed it to the girls and family members he brainwashed

  9. I wonder if the popular Science Fiction TV show the X Files which is about the FBI was created to make the FBI look good since it began in 1993 right after Ruby Ridge and Waco.

    It focuses on aliens and conspiracies to keep their existence secret instead of real life conspiracies and situations.

  10. Christina,

    If you recall, many members of the fbi including its director were conspiring with “The Cigarette Smoking Man” and the super secret “Syndicate.”

    Perhaps Scully and Mulder were supposed to be viewed as heroes in search of the truth, but most of the federal government’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies were often depicted as antagonistic to them.

    “If you can appease a person’s conscience, you can take away their freedom.” – Cigarette Smoking Man

    • November,

      True. Through TV reruns I had watched a few dozen of the episodes from the first couple of seasons. I like the show but I had wondered if it was a damage control TV series. Perhaps at the time it was thought provoking on everything that was happening in the 1990’s that went beyond alien cover ups.

  11. Hitler did something much more important than just being a painter. He showed what a healthy society could look like.

  12. But for his apocalyptic cult, Manson would be thought of today as a Jeffery Epstein type, pimping out girls to important people.

    I recommend living a healthy, positive life

    Speaking of which, in a little more than two hours, I meet the g/f’s parents, sister and her husband for the first time — She’s bringing me home to daddy. It should be, well, it’ll be. Something.

    • Hey that’s great Countenance. Countenance is a great example of an American man who has used his knowledge and idealism, lots of which he received here at OD and gone out in to the world and made a difference for our kith and kin. He’s also living a healthy, positive life which now apparently includes good relations with our women folks.

      Isn’t that a lot better than dropping out of society, becoming a loner, hermit paranoid about supposedly all powerful conspiracies? I think so.

      I strongly encourage our readers to watch and rewatch the two documentaries referenced here about the Siege at Ruby Ridge – the heroic resistance by the Randy Weaver family and the other documentary about the Charles Manson family and the end of the 1960s. Examine real history and learn from real history. What worked and didn’t work from our perspective? What should we do now from an intelligent, identitarian, race realist perspective?

      • Our sector does need to do a lot of soul searching. My recommendation has been to sit down, get out a piece of paper, divide it into four columns. The first column is what we’re doing proactively that is spot on and yielding good results. The second column is what we’re doing proactively that has okay but disappointing results considering how much effort we put into those things. The third column should be our unforced errors. The fourth column should be that which is going wrong for us and is not our fault, but things we can avoid if we can help it.

        • So many of our problems just can’t seem to be corrected. The problem is just old, old American people stuck in ruts, stuck in counter productive ways of thinking.

          It was like White lower class Southerners being “Yellow Dog Democrats” for ~ 130 years. 1850-1980. Their daddies were Democrat their great grand daddies were Democrats so by God, I’m a Democrat!

          These stubborn old Southern folks just couldn’t get it in to their heads that times had changed. That the Southern Democrats of yore were not the same as the Jessie Jackson, Coleman Young, Marion Barry, Jacob Javitz, Ed Eisner, Norman Lear Democrats of the present.

          It’s the same problem with 1980s Reagan Republicans that wasted the 1980s fighting the Russians, backing Afghan Mountain Muslim Jihadists against our kinsmen the Russians and demanding that Russia….

          “Tear down that wall”.

          And all the time we desperately needed to be building our own wall agains the mass 3rd world invasion, the walls against the Criminal Black welfare underclass.

          Just imagine the perspective of Vladimir Putin the last Russian KGB station chief in East Berlin when the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Russian empire, sphere of influence ended (hopefully it’s coming back) in Central and Eastern Europe.

          Looking at that Documentary I posted about the Charles Manson family killing the 1960s. Theres a short segment of then California GOP Governor Ronald Reagan with a pole up is arse going Conservative ape sh** that some young people at the University of California had a gym dance where they were playing rock and roll music and showing psychedelic slide shows and, worst of all

          Young people were dancing!

          And we wonder why we almost always lose our young people to liberal Leftists!

          This was back in the 1960s when the state of California was overwhelmingly White Anglo. And that was the stupid sh** these Reagan Conservatives were thinking about!

          Remember when Reagan’s Secretary of the Interior James Watts (sp?) made a huge public protest against the Beach Boys band being invited to play at the Reagan Presidential inauguration? Ronald Reagan’s wife Nancy Reagan called him out for being a completely out of it old fart.

          When you look at things from an intelligent, neutral perspective, a lot of times I think our people really don’t deserve to survive and live good lives here in North America.

          • Mr. Ryan,

            I can not say officially if I think Anglos deserve to thrive in the States of the Union. But I can say that the other races in the United States have no right to hate you and yet sponge off of you while they insult you.

          • James Watt was such a retard. He was quoted as saying trees were a source of pollution.

            How in the hell he was ever nominated let alone confirmed as the Secretary of the Interior is mind blowing. But the Reagan administration wasn’t exactly renown for their intellectual rigor.

            Bible thumpers and their fire and brimstone holier than thou mentality will not win over the youth of any western nation, but instead fuel their natural rebellion to do the opposite. It’s like these dinosaur RETARDicans never heard of or understood reverse psychology.

  13. Thank you so much for the kind words Christina. You are a real charmer.


    Right now I kind of hate my own Anglo people, especially my family – what incredibly cowardly cuckservatives and the worst PC Lib Leftist academics. Plus they are all so super successful in this terrible system – and all cowards of the worst kind. They are too cowardly to take public transportation in Chicago or any city, yet they mouth off about not having anything to do with RACISM, they have hundreds of books about history on their shelves but they are blind, deaf and dumb about current live or die historical events going on now.

    I talk with European Latins like you or Europeans from Central Europe – everyone is so sensible, not Anglo White Americans.

    F#*$($+#*$ idiots, plus they all seem not to have any sense of honor, they refuse to defend our people when we are threatened or insulted.

    You say the other races in the US don’t have a right to hate us or sponge off of us, but I see the main problem is that my Anglo people are just cowards and refuse to ever stand up to bullies.

    But thanks again Christina.

    How’s that supervised cooking going for you?

    • Mr. Ryan,

      Thank you. I cannot imagine being at odds with my family such as you appear to be.

      My older sister and I continue to learn and experience the joys of cooking. It is cleaning up that can be painful. But we have several younger brothers and sisters to help.

      • Christina,

        Have you even done one of those DNA tests (e.g., ancestry.com, 23andme.com)?

        If so, would you mind posting the results?

        There are some kooks on this site that seem to believe that you’re either a Jewish troll (ridiculous) or some burro riding Zapata Indio.

        Though, I don’t think your results would satisfy your haters.

        • November,

          I have never had a DNA test. We have been told by great grandparents etc that as far as they are aware we have no Indian blood. To do such a test gives information to these companies. Also if it somehow came back that I was 3-4% Indian I would be considered a mestiza on this site. Even though I have known anglos with 12% American Indian blood who are socially considered white and would be considered so by white nationalists to the best of my knowledge.

          The kooks on this site have to be individual/organizational/government agitators. They are so ridiculous and extreme they have to be deliberately making this site look bad. As you are aware no normal decent person could read their statements and be favorable toward white advocacy with such representatives.

          One of my grandfathers is 75% German. The rest of my blood would be Spanish from Mexico. So that would make me 19% German and 81% Spanish. My grandfather was born and raised in Mexico as a Mexican citizen. That side of the family has been in Mexico since the 19th century.

          If I was an Indian it would not bother me any. And I would say so. They would be my people and that is that.

    • J. Ryan,

      Since some of your family members are in the (((financial markets))) and possess personal libraries with hundreds of books, may I suggest that you present each one of them this book by Milica Bookman a Serbian economics professor on demographics and economics.


      Here’s a review of the book American Renaissance did of it back in 2007. You’ll have to scroll down pass the book reviews on Madison Grants tomes.


  14. I agree with our friend @Denise regarding Styx’s take on Manson. The narrative of Helter-Skelter was a complete fraud, it was a drug deal gone bad. Too many people had too much to lose if the truth got out about what really happened.

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