Trump: Fredo Is a Red Flag!

I wasn’t planning to chime in on this.

You would think the president would have better things to do than pick fights on Twitter with CNN and FOX News anchors. The Mexican border has collapsed on his watch and all he can think about is his feuds with Chris Cuomo, Shep Smith and Anthony Scaramucci.

Look at how Blompf floats the idea of using Red Flag Laws to strip his political enemies of their gun rights. Now, he is obviously joking here, but still we are watching a bedrock inalienable constitutional right which was sacrosanct during the Obama presidency being transformed before our eyes into a political privilege.

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  1. Rush Limbaugh will spent an hour talking about this as this is a nickname of his for one of these useless brothers.

  2. Could you imagine Nixon or Eisenhower behaving like this while they were president? What an embarrassment that orange fool is. His jew masters surely must’ve bailed his ass out of bankruptcy court numerous times, so now they own him.

    • Eisenhower was a genocidal maniac who murdered Europeans on par with his Soviet comrades. I’ll take Blompf’s ridiculous tweets and globalist ass-kissing over that any day. You might want to do some research: “Hellstorm”, “Gruesome harvest”, and “Eisenhower’s Death Camps” are a good place to start.

      • @ MPO,

        My thoughts exactly.

        Eisenhower and Churchill couldn’t satisfy their hunger for dead German men, women, and children.

        Churchill’s anti-Teutonic pathology began during World War One with the starvation of German civilians after the war ended.

  3. If only this stupid guinea (which is the actual pejorative anglos call italians (well, italian is sort of its own pejorative really) had to deal with real discrimination and attacks…

    What a pathetic, fragile weakling. Can dish it out but can’t deal with the most minor slights. Very typical of italians.

    Guineas are jews’ #1 ally in the northeast. Judeo-romans, always remember. Without the disgusting guineas around, the irish catholics wouldn’t be half as corrupt and insane.

    • More bullshit about x group,it s always the irish,the germans,the slavs,the whatever, and Judeo-Romans?what kind of ridiculous oxymoron is this?.No wonder we are losing to 0 qi apes.

      • Philip,

        Notice that the feminist abomination capitalized judeo but not Roman. Hint. Hint.

        That pos hates Mediterraneans, and is too stupid and ignorant to acknowledge that Western Civilization was birthed in Greece and Italy.

        The lion’s share of the Renaissance masters were from Italy be it in art, literature, , science, music, or engineering.

  4. MakePieGreatAgain is a kike troll. All it ever posts is divisive, feminist, and never anything about preventing White erasure and promoting White well being.

    Since I am against censorship, let the post-menopausal krone rant and rave like the yankee banshee it most certainly is.

    • Thank you for you support November,I always refrain from posting messages,but the constant trolling caught my attention and I could not take it.

  5. Bitch-slap this Fredo punk, and he will almost instantly revert to his proper role. Where I come from, the mere threat of “I’ll throw you down these stairs” would have elicited a physical response that would have had him thrown down the stairs before he knew how to react. It is hard for me to believe men have become non-men in the short span of forty years. My father would have thrown Fredo off that balcony in a heartbeat, and not thought anything of it. I would do the same, but sad to think most of us woudnt’.

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