Sen. Rick Scott: Why I Support Red Flag Laws


In the 2018 midterm elections, I was persuaded to support a handful of Republican candidates. Ron DeSantis was running against Andrew Gillum for governor of Florida. Rick Scott was running against Bill Nelson in a Florida Senate race. As always, I end up regretting it.

Sen. Rick Scott:

“As is the case with most laws, the devil can be in the details. Whenever we allow the government to take this kind of aggressive action, we must also allow for strong due-process protections. Without due process, the entire legal system can turn into mob rule. Due process is a crucial part of U.S. jurisprudence and basic fairness.

That’s why a judge should determine whether a person meets the red-flag threshold for having a weapon. Any such person must be given the opportunity to plead his or her case before a judge in a hearing that occurs in a timely and expedited manner. If an extreme risk protection order is carried out, the state must re-prove its case after a short, reasonable period. The process should include criminal penalties for those who instigate it with false or frivolous charges.

We must face the fact that our culture has produced an underclass of predominantly white young men who place no value on human life, who live purposeless lives of anonymity and digital dependency, and who increasingly act on their most evil desires, sometimes with racial hatred. …”



Unlike Sen. Rick Scott and Gov. Ron DeSantis, my purpose in life isn’t to serve Jewish donors. What have these two mainstream conservatives been up to since they were elected to office last November?

In the Senate, Rick Scott has condemned the Democrats for not showing up at the AIPAC conference and has spent the last six months fighting “anti-Semitism” and supporting anti-BDS legislation. Now, he is supporting his fellow Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s effort to take away our gun rights. Rubio has done nothing for six months but tweet about his plot to overthrow the government of Venezuela and install Juan Guaidó in power. He has rebranded himself as an American Nationalist.

As for Ron DeSantis, he flew to Jerusalem to sign a bill in the U.S. embassy there with Sheldon Adelson which makes “anti-Semitism” a hate crime in Florida. He was led around Israel by Adelson in a yarmulke where he pledged to give “No Quarter” to anti-Semites as Florida’s most “pro-Israel” governor ever. Since returning to Florida, he has ordered the removal of a monument to Confederate general Edmund Kirby Smith and its replacement by civil rights activist Mary Mcleod Bethune.

It is getting to the point where the “pro-Israel” agenda IS the Republican agenda. They aren’t even pretending to have another agenda for non-Jewish voters.

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  1. Thanks God black males are so well behaved as compared to white males with their evil desire and purposeless lives! Death to the Republican party. America is Lunatic Left verses Retarded Right. A pox on both of their houses!

  2. You don’t have to regret anything, man. I’m telling you you’re participating in a system that is rigged to produce precisely the kinds of results it produces. It simply can’t produce otherwise. You and I and everyone else on the Southern Nationalist side of things can never out-vote hordes of emotion-driven unsexed women, 18-22 year old adolescents, Yankee liberals and their Jew masters, “tru Cons” and equality worshippers of various sorts. Etc. We refer to modern America as “Weimerica” and “Clown World” for a reason. Part of that reason is that the “sacredness” of “one man, one vote” universal franchise could only have been invented by a race of clowns or of demons, or a combination of both. I’m putting my money on that latter – ‘the sons of clowns saw the daughters of demons that they were fair, and they went in unto them and produced their own kind of offspring.’

    As for this:

    We must face the fact that our culture has produced an underclass of predominantly white young men who place no value on human life, who live purposeless lives of anonymity and digital dependency, and who increasingly act on their most evil desires, sometimes with racial hatred. …

    Hard to believe a white guy can be that effing blind and stupid. But again, see the above.

    • Sure, but HW could know by 2018 that the system is rigged, he was an adult “back then” (only one year ago). Supporting any politician in the West who has more than a remote chance to win an election, means at this point supporting a certified jew puppet. So regrets are appropriate.

      • Yeah, but I meant he doesn’t have to have any regrets going forward. I didn’t make that very clear.

    • Change the word white and substitute it with black and you have a perfect description of any predominantly black neighborhood.

      Oh but it’s ok for them to devalue life.

      • SC Rebel: Exactly! “We must face the fact that our culture has produced an underclass of predominantly young white men who place no value on human life, etc.?!” Is this guy serious, or is he just brain dead? Judging by that stupid-looking, “cheeky” smile on his face, I’d say it is the latter.

        To be very honest, I’m sometimes amazed our culture hasn’t “produced an underclass of predominantly young white men who place no value on human life.” It weren’t for a lack of trying, I can guarantee you that. It is true that there is a white underclass who bear these ungrateful marks, but that element of white society pales into insignificance compared to their savage black counterparts. This tells us something about whites and our indefatigable adherence to the rules of common decency in the face of overwhelming odds against us. I personally have a number of friends who, although the world we live in has done everything it can to prevent or otherwise undo the positive influence they and they alone can have on their offspring, do their very best by their kids despite all the odds against them. You simply don’t see that in non-white men. Just the way it is.

  3. ZOG doesn’t seem the least bit interested in trying to help all those angry, alienated young men out there, some of whom will eventually become so despondent that they will commit violent, desperate acts in hopes that the world finally acknowledges their existence. Instead ZOG demonizes and threatens them, thus ensuring more mass-shootings. Very well then, so be it.

  4. Disgusting but highly predictable with the republicucks nothing quite says American nationalism like a undying and mandatory fealty to Israel

  5. Rick Scott is another example of the worthless politicos here in Dixie, that have to be replaced in office with Southern Nationalists.

    Voting can’t change anything because we have nobody to vote for.

  6. Trump didn’t change once elected. The Jews were always his goal.

    Does Sheldon still make appearances at mission control?

    Most politicians are controlled (the ones with influence) but the Jew-controlled ones are the most brave. Having Jew backers means never having to say you’re sorry.

  7. I haven’t said it in a while but Martin Armstrong calls American civil war by 2032. By the way, this is one area I disagree with him. I call it by 2025.

    By the way, dear Martin has been another victim of the Khazar bankers. I believe he spent seven years in the slammer for not surrendering his algorithms. American justice at its finest.

    U S A ! U S A ! U S A !

  8. Next time I am voting against Scott and DeSantis. I will not vote for another Khazar Zionist-controlled whore. Now, let’s find the rest of them.

  9. Does anybody wonder why most of the ‘crazedwhitemale’ shooters don’t really look white? Why they’re all suspiciously part something-not-quite-white?

    Almost all the times an actual whitey type man is cast as the boogeyman with a gun it’s when he pops off on jews. Most other times he doesn’t look like a real whitey.

    This is to throw off whitey men’s antennae, which tend to pick up plots against them when they’re obvious, but not when they’re camouflaged by some mystery meat-mixed ‘white male’ face forward. When whitey man doesn’t see the reflection of himself in the ‘racist nazi homicidal maniac,’ he doesn’t see the plot.

    The jews know you better than you know yourselves, and that is pathetic.

    • I am suspect of all these mass shootings especially when they are a linchpin for MORE gun control! The shootings that become really suspect are always twofold. Demonize whitey while getting everyone’s guns.

      I follow some remote viewers and they predicted the Walmart shooting and the Gilroy Garlic festival shooting BEFORE they happened. They hit their targets quite often. Remote Viewing is used by the federal government and has been for decades (see Ingo Swann). Sleeping people don’t have a clue.

      Interesting but none of the four picked up Dayton.

      I’ll post it if they predict another shooting. I’ve only been following on Patreon for a few months. It’s a paid subscription. I am a big woo woo fan. You can dismiss it all you want but it exists.

      Every single thing is a frequency including you! The secrets of our rulers revealed.

  10. Demonize and disarm White people, all part of the anti-White end game. Traitors like Scott are more despicable than the Jewish masters they serve.

  11. I wonder if the Jews clear out all those BIG dreams on those little pieces of paper every night from the fort’s wall. My God, the laughter must be deafening. Pray on goy, only my dreams count!

  12. A judge doesn’t have to make sense. Blompf has allowed judges to interfere with implementation of his executive orders, which is blatantly nonsensical and anti-Constitutional. The latter term has no meaning anymore, of course. These new laws are obviously targeted towards Europeans, as no gangs with people of preferred pigmentation seem to worry about losing their guns. This is another step towards total behavioral control of whites, done with the knowing help of some of our own people. Gov’ts are there to protect the interests, money, and power of people who aren’t us. Stop looking to participate in and legitimize institutions set up to divide, exploit, conquer, and destroy us. Get away from and around gov’t control as much as you can.

  13. Silly me. Last November I was very worried that they’d steal the election from Scott and DeSantis.

    Old habits die hard but I’ve finally learned my lesson.

  14. I find it interesting that he states that there will be a penalty for a false report or accusation. This hasn’t worked too well with #metoo has it?

    One notorious example of this is mattress girl. Her charges were proven to be completely false, yet nothing happened to her.

    I also find it strange that these “conservatives” who used to be very skeptical of leaving too much power in the hands of judges are now suddenly #arentjudgesdabomb.

    Each morning I keep hoping that this is all just s bad dream and normalcy will return.

    Sadly that hasn’t happened.

  15. What a cowardly, dishonest, vile piece of ****. The deepest part of Hell is reserved for traitors. Remember come election day: NEVER again.

  16. Cuckservatives are the White boomers and other patriotards mirage in the desert. They think the GOP and conservative, inc. are an oasis but it’s only a delusion.

  17. Republican senator Martha McSally, who calls herself a ‘survivor’ ‘coerced’ by a track coach when she at 17 decided to sleep with him (clearly NOT any form of coercion) and ‘raped’ by some military higher-up she refuses to name, is grandstanding in Arizona around the supposed ‘domestic terrorism’ aka ‘white supremacism’ threat that both parties seek to weaponize:

    NY Democratic senator Kirsten Gillibrand recently promised to get the Feds to infiltrate ‘white supremacist’ ‘domestic terrorist’ cells:

    This is something defiant whites will have to contemplate…how to deal with the federal government’s powers regarding any type of defense of white people’s basic rights – under either party’s rule.

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