MIGA: Sen. Rick Scott Pledges To Be a Good Goy

If you ever see me shilling for a Republican again, remind me …


Rick Scott supports red flag laws to seize our guns.

Maybe it is just one bad apple though?

Jew shill:

Jew shill:

Jew shill:

This is all these people talk about all day now.

Meanwhile, the president has been convinced by Jared Kushner that he is the Moshiach and is handing out pardons to Sholom Rubashkin and Ronen Nahmani.

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  1. The left pivots from Russia BS to the Trump admin is White Nationalist BS. The Republicans respond by becoming more pro Jew than ever, to prove to their leftist tormentors they aren’t Nazis.

    Why can’t Whites take their own side? No other racial group behaves this way. It is SICK!

    • For the rank and file, it’s call psychological demoralization and it’s been a great success,

      As for the politicians, it’s call bribery/blackmail and it’s been an even greater success.

  2. The Jewish media are corralling us into choosing between dying by Zionism or by Globalism.

    We have to forge our own alternative and communicate through whatever platforms we have left. Accepting the false dichotomy of Zionism versus Globalism results in the subjugation by Judah of both Europeans and Sub-Saharans.

  3. What is anti semetic? The two muslims from Michigan and Minnesota are semetically correct that Palestine under Khazar occupation.

  4. If you ever see me shilling for a Republican again, remind me …

    Absolutely! Forge on, brother!; been there, done that, so don’t feel like the lone ranger.

  5. This article begins with some supposed Florida evangelical pastor railing against the jews:


    It’s long; I didn’t quite finish the first half yet. How I wish the title were true, though. Then again, can we trust that evangelicalism or any form of christianity can ever subvert jewish tyranny? The fact that whites are in the mess we’re in pretty much answers that question.

  6. Somebody needs to ask Rick Scott about the Jew hatred for the innocent Christ. Why after 2,000 years do the Jews hate Christ and torment his children with such a ferocious animalistic hatred as the Jews do? Why?

  7. At least the two Jews Trump pardoned weren’t such criminals that they would actually feel sorry for some abandoned stray cats and feed the stray cats. Like the 79 year old woman in Ohio who was hassled so much much by law enforcement for feeding some abandoned stray cats in her neighborhood. Jews get away with murder in this country.

    A 79 year old woman, a NON-jew, whose heart goes out to stray cats, she’s treated like a criminal. In the meantime Jew criminals are treated like they’re something special. Selling drugs, hiring illegal aliens then treating them like slaves, mild crimes. Pizzagate crimes against young children, the torturing and killing children in cold blood, mild crimes ; Pizzagate is predominately JEWISH and mostly JEWS involved in Pizzagate. Nothing ever happens to the Pizzagate Jews, they continue to get away with torturing and killing children. Feeding stray homeless cats, that’s a horrible egregious crime and there’s no good excuse for it. Something is seriously out of balance in our culture.

  8. I don’t want to hear any more bullshit about “American nationalism”. I just want ZOG-USA to fall. Whatever replaces it will be a significant improvement.

  9. This Trump and Republican “Israel Israel Israel ” crap has become extreme and ridiculous. What a disgrace.

      • Maduro is a Socialist. That means Communist. So Rick Scott is praying that the Communist Maduro will be removed. Rick Scott doesn’t like Communists. So how come Rick Scott doesn’t pray for the removal of all the Jew COMMUNISTS the United States?

        Many think Socialism is another word for Communism. That may be true, it may not be true, but Rick Scott thinks Socialism and Communism is the same thing. He prays that the Socialist-Communist Maduro will get removed from office.

        In the meantime there’s Jew Socialists-Communists everywhere in Washington and throughout the United States and Rick Scott never prays for their removal from any of the political offices Jew Socialists-Communists hold in the United States. Jew Socialists-Communists hold many political offices in the United States, including in Florida where there’s a lot of Jew Socialists-Communists who are politicians and hold office on all levels of Florida government, Rick Scott never prays for their removal and he never prays that the Jew Socialists-Communists in Washington get removed from their political offices. Yet another venal warped double-minded politician.

  10. In the old days Semites were desert dwellers. Today, it’s a linguistics group and there aren’t many Ashkenazi in the U.S. or Europe that speak a Semitic language.

    Have you ever wondered why they don’t use the term anti-Jewish? It’s the subliminal messaging of “Middle Eastern origin” where Semitic languages originate.

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